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Donald Trump is in hot water
right now for apparently using his office
for his own political gain. And while we’re still trying
to digest the details of his call
with the leader of Ukraine, we’re finding out that he
may have done it more than once. NBC News has just confirmed
that The New York Times reported that President Trump has asked
another foreign leader– this time it was the prime
minister of Australia– to help investigate
his conspiracy theories around the origin of the now
complete Mueller investigation. From that New York Times story,
quote: President Trump pushed
the Australian prime minister during a recent telephone call
to help A.G. William Barr gather information for
a Justice Department inquiry that Mr. Trump hoped will discredit
the Mueller investigation. Yes, it is now being reported that after the Mueller report
was released, Donald Trump asked
Australia’s prime minister to help him get information
that would discredit Robert Mueller’s report. And if it’s true,
this is bad for two reasons. One, because it would mean Trump
has been using the presidency as his personal
vendetta machine, and two, it also means
he’s been using world leaders as his personal errand boys.
Think about it. Just running around
to world leaders like, “Ukraine! “I need you to investigate
Joe Biden and his son. “Australia! Help me discredit
Robert Mueller! “Spain! I want some of those
little pies you guys make “with the…
with the meat in the middle. “Yeah. These scandals
are making me hungry. “Can you just…
the little ones? Em-pa-na-das.
I want those ones.” (laughing):
So… so what started as a scandal
about a call to Ukraine is now snowballing bigly. And I don’t know…
I don’t know for certain how Trump is dealing
with this shit, but judging by the 87 tweets
he released over the weekend, it doesn’t seem like
he’s taking it well. And I get it.
I mean, not only are Democrats trying to impeach his ass,
but now polls are showing that every day
more and more Americans are in favor of proceedings
to impeach his ass. But luckily for Trump,
there’s a group of supporters who will never leave his side, and those are
Republican lawmakers. The president didn’t do
anything wrong. We’ve all seen the transcript.
There’s nothing there. I’m glad
President Trump continues to look into that interference
so it doesn’t happen again. When I read the transcripts, I see two leaders… having admiration,
not intimidation. What do you make
of this exchange? President Zelensky says, “We are almost ready
to buy more Javelins from the United States
for defense purposes,” and President Trump replies, “I would like you to do us
a favor, though.” You just added another word. -No. It’s in the transcript.
-He said, “I’d like you -to do a favor, though?
-Yes. It’s in– It’s in -the White House transcript.
-When I read the transcript… That is the face of someone
who knows he done (bleep) up. (laughter) ‘Cause I love how
he pounced on the journalist ’cause he thought
he had a moment, like, he thought he
was gonna exonerate Trump. All he did
was make things worse. He’s like, “Though!” Guys like,
“Uh, he said, ‘though.'” “Oh. (chuckling) Okay.” It’s almost like,
“If my client is guilty, then how do you explain
this knife?” They’re like, “That’s the murder
weapon we were looking for.” “Ah, what knife?” (laughter) Now, look, man, it’s no surprise
most Republican lawmakers are standing
with President Trump, but what is a little surprising
is that they’re arguing that not only did Trump
not do anything wrong, but the real bad guy here is the one who reported
the crime in the first place. Who is this whistleblower?
What bias do they have? Why did they pick
this whistleblower to tell a hearsay story? I know the difference
between a whistleblower and a deep state operative. This is a deep state operative
pure and simple. Rotten snitch.
I’d love to whap him. I want to know all about him. I want to know what kind
of dogs they have, how many marriages they’ve had, if they have a DUI. I want to know if they’re
a partisan. I want to know everything. I want to know
his childhood nickname. I want to know his AOL password. I want to know if the hairs
on the back of his neck stand up
when you lightly whisper, “Hello, handsome” into his ear. I want to know it all. So, yes, Trump supporters
are desperately trying to figure out
who the whistleblower is. And that person is, clearly,
in a very precarious situation, which is why lawmakers
and journalists are now saying
it’s imperative to protect this person’s identity
at all costs. No one wants it slipping. Nobody wants
the identity coming out. So for more on this,
and what’s being done to protect the whistleblower,
we go now to our senior
White House correspondent, Roy Wood, Jr., everybody! (cheers and applause) -Hey, Trevor.
-Roy’s live in D.C. -Roy…
-Mm-hmm. The whistleblower is under
intense scrutiny and there’s concern
that their identity may be leaked by the press. What is being done
to protect them? That’s exactly right, Trevor. Certain details about this
person’s identity have already been reported
by The New York Times, but I spoke
with him this morning, -and there’s an important…
-Wait, wait, wait. H-Him? So you’re confirming
that it’s a man? Trevor, gender is a spectrum,
okay? We don’t know how he identifies. Well, you– Well,
you just said “he” again. All right, damn, it’s a man,
all right? You got me. It’s my bad. It’s my bad.
I gave you that one. But I can tell you this
about the man, Trevor, he’s scared. I could sense it. I looked deep into the blue eyes of this 6’4″
brown-haired gentleman… and he’s terrified. Terrified that some
careless journalist would reveal his identity,
or her identity. You already told us “his.” But what else
did you guys talk about? Oh. Uh, well, we talked about
the Ukraine call, of course, and we talked about the fallout
from the complaint. Oh, you’ll like this. Uh, baseball playoffs
are starting. He thinks the Brewers
are gonna make a run. He’s a big Brewers fan since he grew up
outside Milwaukee. God damn it, Roy! What? I just said Milwaukee. I didn’t say which state. R-Roy, you need to be–
you need to be more careful. You could be putting him
and his family at risk. Nah, don’t worry
about his family. I spoke to his wife Marsha,
she’s straight. (laughter) Marsha’s fine.
She’s got her hands full. It’s bird migration season
and she’s one of the world’s
leading researchers of the yellow-billed cockatoo. She’s practically the
Jane Goodall of that species, but that’s– Her name’s not
Jane, her name is Marsha. Roy. Roy. Roy.
You realize right now you’re narrowing it down
so much. Please try
to be less specific, okay? Oh, and ignore her
accomplishments, Trevor? She’s just as much a hero
to their son Kevin, Jr. as her husband… who, as we know,
needs to remain anonymous. Roy. Good, God.
Kevin, Jr.’s father, Kevin, Sr. is counting on you to keep his identity a secret. Whoa! Whoa! Trevor. You’re gonna blow his cover. Do you have any idea
what it’s like to be holed up in a Holiday Inn on the outskirts
of Arlington, Virginia? I got to warn him.
I got to warn Kevin. 7-3-0-4-2-7… Hey, Kevin.
Yeah, yeah. It’s Roy. Yeah, get Marsha and the kids;
your cover’s been blown. -Trevor blew your cover. -But,
Roy, you’re just giving it– That’s enough.
Roy Wood, Jr., everyone.

Maurice Vega

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  1. So here we go agion the Democrats going win the election for trump due all thus crap. Havent they been trying get trump even before he took office

  2. The root problem with Trump is that he has not integrity, no morality, no conscience. Committing crimes is just his usual modus operandi. Glad it finally caught up with him. I hope the judgement will be swift.

  3. So this whistleblower is a deep state operative, but the Fast and Furious whistleblower from Obama Administration was a great patriot and a hero? Hypocrisy and bs all day. Fortunately, Karma is a great equalizer.

  4. Trump even using his position to gain political advantage when he attended howdy modi is was there modi was supporting by saying all Indian should must vote trump

  5. Most Republicans suffer from a disease called TBS, Trump Bullshit Syndrome! Caused by Drinking too much Kool Aid! Only known cure is: 🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸

  6. "Nobody knew Abraham Lincoln was a Republican". No, you didn't know. "Nobody knew health care was so difficult". No, you didn't know. "Nobody knew you could hire a private investigator to do what I've been asking world leaders to do, for slightly less THEN BILLION DOLLAR FIGHTER JETS, without anyone recording it. Now…wait, what now?"

  7. These guys remind me of my then (now 45) 2-year-old son blaming his misdeeds on the Cookie Monster. Too bad the followers of these blokes are so in love with their "alternate facts".

  8. So what you are saying is that EVERY US President in the History of the nation should be impeached because they engage in foreign policy? Morons

  9. YOU GUYS ACTUALLY BELIEVE THIS….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! TRUMP 2020 and ps. more americans dont want impeachment Trevor…or should i ask your writing staff since you seems to just be a puppet!

  10. If Trump is not guilty,there will not be a hundred of tweets lashing out viciously at the Whistleblower,Adam Schiff and all others

  11. You just starting to find out that US has been telling other governments what to do and what to say ? For decades US Presidents have been ordering European leaders. So I guess if ordering a foreign leader is a crime then all US Presidents from the past should be locked up. How about Biden blackmailing Ukranian President? He said it himself and it was recorded and showed to the whole world….. I am from Europe, so I don't give a crap about Trump or any other US politician, but I hate hypocrisy…

  12. People are so stupid! If this guy is a CIA agent, all these idiots demanding to know who he is, as if they're going to pounce on him, better think twice, because he's bound to have a few connections and friends of his own who might cause them to wish that they were in a witness protection program.

  13. King Donald‘s monarchy is under threat by those elected to serve him! How preposterous! Didn’t he promise enough cakes for them to eat?

  14. since the russiagate was nothing but CIA hit job, I can fully understand Trump trying to get behind it. They are doing it again with the ukraine call. From me its all right, because Trump being a pig on a countless number of other occasions and I'd be happy to see him go, but you need to see things as they are. They've been trying to fling dirt at trump for over 2 years with no real outcome but a massive embarassment of muller report which did not find anything they investigated for. With democrats being dishonest, noncredible tools calling trump a spy, while approving his overbloated military budget, lmao.

  15. Trump is right about Joe watch the video russia release out about ukrain and the vice president this story is bad for Joe and obama,you think Trump is stupid wait tiil you see. Trump is right ukrain story is bad for Obama People lm sorry but this time Trump is right.

  16. Using world leaders as his personal errand boys 😅

    2:44 – 3:03 🤣🤣♥️

    Loved the Roy Wood, Jr. sketch

  17. Obviously, this man has been breaking one law after another even before this so called presidency ! What a fucking mess !

  18. It’s sad but… then again… let all those who would revolt against the country identify themselves. They still hunt Nazis for being complicit to this day… they just need to officially organize… he could inadvertently send America into the Utopia.

  19. Conspiracies are so crazy except when they all start coming up to be true … I thought they weren’t true but a lot of stuff is coming to light … people should wake up

  20. It's sad that when they said Australian leader I thought "which one?". Seriously it is very troubling. From a very concerned neighbour. 🙂

  21. Fun fact.. Even google shows up all as "alleged" lol. Google define: Alleged < Now look at how even Trevor is stating it like fact with the mass media. SOLD.. We can't allow this behavior in a nation on ANY SIDE. This is beyond stupid, and you can get banned from places using the R word it deserves. When people accept ignoring details, they become a herd, and stampedes of herds can be EASILY controlled. I.G Nazi Germany..

  22. Stephen Miller is 34; maybe he is born with it, maybe it is what happens when you are filled with hatred and bigotry 😀

  23. You forgot 2 other whistleblowers…..Snowden and Manning….and Assange who published leaks from whistleblowers. All bad guys according to USA

  24. I want to know if the hair on the back of his hair stands when you say in his ear hey handsome 😂😂😂😂😂

  25. It's sad that the majority of the republican party seems to be in lock step with him. It's as though their afraid to alienate the cult like following of Trump.


    Apparently, no journalist or politician has the balls to say this

  27. During the election, few believed that Trump would actually win, but turned out he did.
    Now the impeachment, few believe that Trump will actually be impeached, now let's go and see.

  28. Seeing Trevor & Roy always makes me happy. They both seemed a little awkward to me when they started but they have grown into two of my favorite comedians in late night. You go guys!

  29. The whistle blower's name is Kevin Senior! Trump and the Senate Republicans are on their way to Milwaukee right now.

  30. Mark Levin reminds me of the Republicans back when they were trying to impeach Bill Clinton after his affair. "We wanna know what color was her underwear??" "We wanna know who came onto who?!" 😂

  31. US presidents have been using military for personal gains…Those actions caused millions of deaths around the world…Why nobody impeached those monsters?

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