Trump’s first 100 days: How could the Democrats respond? | IN 60 SECONDS

Well, Democrats may have an intention of resisting
Donald Trump on a lot of issues in his first 100 days and in the first two years of his
administration. They don’t have the votes to effectively stop
him, at least not in the House of Representatives where they’re at one of the low points they’ve
had since 1928. They have enough votes in the Senate to sustain
a filibuster, but as the outgoing Democratic leader, Harry Reid, pointed out, he changed
the filibuster rules for lower federal court nominations, and there’s nothing to stop the
Republican majority from changing them for Supreme Court nominations, which one will
be on tap, or on other issues. I think an interesting point is whether or
not the Republicans can move ahead on immigration and can peel off some Democratic votes here. And also on infrastructure issues. The Democrats say they want to build more
infrastructures, so does the president-elect. Will some of them go along with a package
that he will put in that might get away with certain obstructions? We’ll see.

Maurice Vega

11 Responses

  1. popular vote only matters as influence for electoral state vote. Overall popular would require trump to be a libtard in states that have many like california and new york

  2. If the republicans get rid of the filibuster. They will eventually cry about not having it when the democrats take control of government sometime in the future.

  3. When the democrats unilaterally changed the filibuster rules they created a two edged sword which can hurt them as much as they expected to us it to hurt republicans.

  4. Filibusterer is a powerful tool, but it is limited. Immigration reform is generally a bipartisan idea, but there are a lot of partisan parts to it. Trump's claimed idea for a wall is going to cost $20B and may not get conservative support. Same thing with infrastructure, liberal love spending tax money to build stuff but conservative support? All these things are about the details. Trump has ran on a protectionist ticket which means less trade meaning less need for ships, but Trumps claiming he wants to build shipyards as part of infrastructure. Which, btw, is not infrastructure. Infrastructure for shipping would be things like dredging sea ways and locks. Building non military shipyards is no different then building car plants. Nothing but crony capitalism.

  5. They can't respond. The Republican party controls all of these for a reason, the majority voted for them. Any attempts by democrats to hinder or cheat go against the will of the general public. Their hypocrisy on the recount is a perfect indicator. If a coup attempt is made, there will be a civil war.

  6. Hey AEI, good job on not sounding completely bias.  As bleak as the next couple of years look, there are some okay points made in this video.

  7. trump first 100 days did alot better and many more things than obama ever did. Only thing obama cared about was making gays trans people and other freaks normal going againt the word of god in which he lied and later made fun of in public. trump had and stil has alot of messes left over from last few presidents clintions and bushes included in their own agenda. the real reason trump is threated by people like katy griffith and others because he not part of the plan of the secret sociteys. look at hillary clintion thank god she didnt get voted in how many videos has people seen glitching out like a program not working right on you tube. few facts is trump not a puppet like rest of them he has a big mouth to get the point across instead of nodding yes and agreeing. he dont just yes to what trending what ever is popular at the time. America usa at this rate will be untied satan of america. Trump wants to bring back old values back and the lazy confussed gender netruel gay trans people and people know they have to work instead of bottom feeding of working people.

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