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President Trump’s trip to the
West Coast. Yesterday, the president
popped into California to host some fundraisers,
talk about housing issues and stock up on edibles. But easily the highlight
of his trip was getting to visit his favorite child–
the border wall. WOMAN: President Trump took time
from a fundraising trip to visit a chunk of border wall
in Otay Mesa, California. He met with several construction workers and was invited
to sign the wall, which he did, with a Sharpie. He boasted about the wall
calling it, the “Rolls-Royce”
of border barriers. It’s designed to absorb heat,
so it’s extremely hot. The wall is, uh… You won’t
be able to touch it. So if they’re gonna climb it,
they’re gonna have to bring hoses and waters,
uh, water. And we don’t know where
they’re gonna hook it up, because there’s not a lot
of water out here. If you think you’re gonna cut it
with a blowtorch, that doesn’t work,
because you hit concrete. This wall can’t be climbed.
This is very, very hard. We had 20 mountain climbers. That’s all they do.
They love to climb mountains. And this was the one
that was hardest to climb. And so begins season one
of Mexican Ninja Warrior. (laughter) (applause and cheering) I will say,
if you forget the xenophobia and all of the racism,
it’s pretty cute how excited Trump gets
about his wall, right? He reminds me
of little kids bragging about what they’ve built
out of Lego. Have you ever seen them? You know, they’d be like,
“It’s super strong. “And this is for the policemen,
and they can’t break it. “And this one shooted
the lasers. And there’s a booby trap
for when the Mexicans come.” (laughter) It’s also funny how Trump
signed the wall with a Sharpie, like he’s worried we’re not
gonna know who built it. Like… This man is so insecure. No other president physically
signs their accomplishments. Like-like, Abraham Lincoln
didn’t go up to the slaves like, “You’re free!
Now hold still! Hold still. There you go.” Now, the problem for Trump is
that sometimes his enthusiasm
actually gets him in trouble, because he gets carried away and he says secrets
that he’s not supposed to. One thing we haven’t mentioned
is technology. They’re wired
so that we will know if somebody’s trying
to break through. And you may want to discuss that
a little bit, General. Sir, there could be some merit
in not discussing it. Okay. I like that. -That was a great answer.
-Yeah. I’ll just tell you,
they’re wired. Okay? They’re wired. Again. Tell me that’s not adorable. Trump is so excited
about the wall that people have to stop him
from explaining its weaknesses. He’s like,
“There’s a door that opens. “If you cut the wire right here,
you cut the right one, “but we won’t tell them
it’s the red one. We won’t tell them.” And kudos.
Kudos to that guard. He’s just so slick. “Uh, there could be some merit
in not discussing that, sir.” That is the nicest way I’ve ever heard someone say,
“Shut the (bleep) up.” (laughter, applause) That’s what that was. (applause and cheering) We should… we should all start
using that, right? Yeah, next time
you tell your boss that your missed work
for a funeral, and your co-worker’s like, “But
you said you were at the beach,” you could be like, “There could be some merit
in not discussing that, Bob.” (laughter) All right, let’s move on to an alarming new report
about air travel. If you have a flight coming up,
you may want to be careful about what you drink,
’cause a new study looked at the water safety
from a dozen major airlines. And those airlines
with the cleanest water are Alaska Airlines, Allegiant,
Hawaiian Air, Frontier and Southwest, while the dirtiest water
is found on board Delta, American, United, JetBlue
and Spirit Airlines. That might surprise you, right? The study suggests sticking
with bottled water on planes and avoiding the coffee
and tea. You can also use hand sanitizer instead of washing your hands
in the bathroom. Yes. Turns out if you’ve been
drinking water on a plane, your bowels may be in danger. And honestly,
this was surprising to me, ’cause I always knew
that the water in the bathroom wasn’t
for drinking, right? -You use that to wash your feet,
but… -(laughter) I didn’t know that the water they serve you
can also be dirty. Like, how does it get that bad? Like, do they take the
hot towels from business class and squeeze the water into cups
for economy? Is that what they do? You’re just like,
“Hmm. What-what is that taste?” “Sir, that is the taste
of success.” (laughter) And that list was
pretty interesting as well. You’ve got Alaskan at the top, and then all the way
at the bottom is Spirit Airlines. And I know, I know some people
think Spirit should be ashamed that they’re number ten,
but to be honest, I was impressed that they
have water on their flights. Yeah, normally,
the only refreshments on Spirit -are your own tears of regret.
-(laughter) Spirit Airlines. Our water
is the least of your problems. (laughter, applause) And finally… tomorrow is September 20, the big day when everyone
is supposed to raid Area 51. -(whooping)
-And although this thing just started out as a joke,
it turns out they might actually
find something. NEWSWOMAN: The U.S. Navy
now confirms UFO videos made public
by The New York Times and a UFO research group
back in 2017 are the real deal. Images of that rotating thing
captured by U.S. Navy aircraft. Sensors locking in
on the target. Commander David Fravor
saw it firsthand during a training mission,
describing it: like a 40-foot-long Tic Tac. The ability to hover
over the water and then start a vertical climb
from basically zero up towards about 12,000 feet and then accelerate in less
than two seconds and disappear is… something
I had never seen in my life. The Navy says it still doesn’t
know what the objects are, and officials
aren’t speculating. Holy shit. I hope that’s a UFO,
because if it’s a giant Tic Tac, -that’s even creepier.
-(laughter) What, a giant Tic Tac
just flying around in the sky? But do you guys understand
what’s happening here? The U.S. government
is officially confirming– officially–
that in 2017 the Navy saw a UFO. And I hope,
I really hope it isn’t aliens, because it would be a really bad
time for them to visit Earth. Yeah. Can you imagine?
They’ll land and be like, “Take us to your leader,”
and we’ll be like, “Uh, sorry,
he’s signing a wall right now.”

Maurice Vega

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  1. I saw a ufo in perfect clarity 9 years ago. This is old news to me. They didn't interact with us then and they're not interacting with us anytime soon if at all. We're just a science experiment to them.

  2. they are wired…Electric conductivity? Maybe you can measure changes in that for very Little Money when someone touches the metal

  3. You should be grateful to have president who cares about his country…. Not like in Europe where our government is trying to kill its citizens because of white guilts…. Do Arab people have that filing i do not see that My country was occupied for 500 years during that time all Christians were persecuted from each family one son was taken for slaves and an army and women were raped on the day of their wedding because (Beg Turkish ruler of one region was entitled to the first wedding night) if you don't know history then you are bound to repeat it.

  4. Extreme Trump Voice (talking about the aliens): OH no! not more illegal aliens! build a wall! build a big space wall! but first let me sign it

  5. That diarrhea you got when you returned home from your trip was from the plane you took not the country you visited. Shit hole airlines.

  6. They never mentioned it was NEW WALL. He got his wall people. His campaign promises being kept. Love him or hate him he got his wall.

  7. Trump visits the wall after raising 15 Million in CA, signed it with a sharpie and sips on a coke with a red TRUMP straw…..hahahaaaaa ahh this is comedy.

  8. Doesn’t anyone find it odd the Navy acknowledged UFO sightings days before Area 51 raid?
    “Here, aliens are real. See? Now you don’t need to look for yourselves.”
    …. suspicious

  9. I thought he was going to tell us that immigrants have already jumped over the wall. I’m guessing it probably is not possible

  10. Erm, climb the wall after dark? Wearing gloves and the blackest black hoodies to shield from the drones and wielding wire snips just in case. Is it you? I Think It Is!
    credit to Trevor

  11. I like how Trevor conveniently forgets to mention that Trump raised more money in 1 DAY than Kamala Harris' campaign did in 6 MONTHS. In California too. Trump now has more money raised than the rest of the democratic field COMBINED and more than Obama did in 2012.

    Don't listen to the media, Trump is looking really good for re-election especially with the factionalization of the Democratic Party.

  12. What about under it. Or around it? 😂😅 Or what about getting ladder and going over it? Or getting a rope and climbing over it?

  13. This clown says “The wall is too hot, you can’t touch it” RIGHT AFTER HE LITERALLY PUT HIS HANDS ON IT TO SIGN IT WITH A FUCKEN SHARPIE that alone is reason enough to impeach if we’re being honest

  14. Mr.trump , u think people are not smart enough to build ladders that are taller than your damm walls or dug tunnels to pass thru your wall , or ram thru your wall ?

  15. UFOs are literally just Unverified Flying Objects, this could literally be anything. Unlike what some people believe they are not a sure fire indication of Aliens visiting it could ecen be the most silly thing and as long as it is unverified it counts as an UFO 😂

  16. Now I'll make billions and billions on personal stelth drones. Fly over and send it back undetected by radar or sight.
    Built in Mexico, sold in Mexico.
    Thank you for making me rich!

  17. Some aliens ignoring the fundamentals of physics?
    Well, then we need to replace our study books with what aliens have in their classes. Don't u agree?

    If you don't have solid proof don't put yourself in a position to be responsible.
    People do have strange sensory abnormalities.

  18. So ignorant bragging about a hot wall. Wow are American's this STUPID! Then casually releasing confidencial information.

  19. I wonder how long before someone posts video on YouTube showing themselves climbing over it. If it hasn't happened already.

  20. How come Trevor doesn’t know anything about the drug traffickers? Why are you a reporter then? The Mexican cartels use dead childrens bodies to smuggle drugs in!!!!!

  21. If you think about it, water on an airplane has to be store in a tank. How often do you think they change those tanks? Also note the ice also comes from here, so maybe get your soda with no ice.

  22. Obama would be so disappointed if we had to beg him to take the wheel when aliens arrived. Trump would start a space trade war.

  23. All walls can be climb, how much did he profit on this wall. He should have shut the f…k will be a contest who can climb the wall, Mexican will be rich all of them. Will be lined up.

  24. There has been a long history of military pilots seeing strange things, they called them Foo Fighters back in WW2. We now know that it was just completely overtired pilots hallucinating.. (The same who saw 'gremlins' on the wings) during WW2… and there's a logical explanation now. And it has nothing to do with flying tic-tacs. We just need to figure out the logical explanation.

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