Trump’s 3rd Weekly Address: His Latest News

My fellow Americans this week our hearts are with the people of Louisiana and Mississippi. Families have lost their homes businesses and livelihoods after devastating tornado swept through many many communities. My administration will make sure they have the support that they need and really desperately want. We’re going to take care of them. It’s remarkable to see Americans across the country come together to help families rebuild their lives. That is the beauty of the American spirit. There’s nothing like it. There’s a great spirit all over the country and that spirit is what we will need to rebuild America. To— as that said so often make America great again. On Tuesday I was pleased to host at the White House, the CEO of Intel who announced that Intel will invest seven billion dollars in a new manufacturing facility in Arizona creating thousands of new American jobs.that’s what we wantdoamerican jobsandgood jobsIntel decided to move forwardwith this project because they know we are totally committed to lifting the regulatory and tax burdens that are hurting American innovation and companiesin factwe were in the processright now of working on a major tax reform that will massively reduce taxeson our workers and businesses we want tomake it much easier to do business inAmerica and that’s what we’re going todowe’re going to make it all so muchharder for companies to leavethey’renot just going to saybye-byeand fireeverybodythere will be consequencesI wantAmerica to be the great jobsmagnet of the world but we can’t do thatif we don’t stop the wasteful rules andexcessive taxes that make it impossible for companies to compete every hour ofevery daymy administrationis focused on creatingjobs for our people andI mean good jobsmore jobs better jobshigher paying jobsthat’s our mission this week i also metwithsheriffs andpolice cheese fromacross the countryI pledgeto them that we would standwith the incredible men and women of law enforcement and sotoo willour greatnewattorney generaljeff Sessionsmy administration iscommitted to your securitywhich is whywe will continue to fight to take all necessary and legal action to keep terroristsradical and dangerousextremists from ever entering our countrywe will not allow our generoussystem ofimmigration to be turnedagainst us as a tool for terrorism and truly bad people we must take firm steps today to ensure that we are safetomorrowwe will defendour countryprotect ourConstitution anddeliver real prosperity for our people godbless you god bless america have agreat week

Maurice Vega

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