Trump Wants Neverending Impeachment Trial

Let’s go to our next call from the four, four,
three area code. Who’s calling today from four, four three. Hey David. How’s it going? This is a Lando from Baltimore. Hey Lando. Hey, uh, so I’m, I’m a little confused, uh,
going into this, uh, Senate trial regarding impeachment and I was hoping you might have
a little more info since I had trouble exactly Googling it. So, uh, I’m hearing that, uh, Mitch McConnell
and Trump are arguing about how to proceed with the trial. And what I’m hearing is that, uh, Trump wants
to extend it as long as possible and Mitch McConnell wants to get it over with as soon
as possible. I’m not sure if a source on that, but basically
my question is, does Trump have the power to do that? And what are you expecting out of this? Impeachment trial beyond just what we’ve already
seen in the house. Obviously Republicans are going to be how
they are Democrats going to be, how they are weak and Republicans are probably going to
be very aggressive. But I’m just curious what your expectations
are and how that’s gonna play out. Work from tries to extend it. Does he have the power to do so as the person
under, uh, you know, impeachment? No. So Trump, Trump does not have the power to
decide how long the trial will be. Now the thing is true, Mitch McConnell listens
to Trump on a lot of things. So if Trump says to Mitch McConnell, I think
it would be politically better for me. If this thing goes on and on and on, then
Mitch McConnell might acquiesce to that and say, or maybe gleefully would just go along
with it and say, yeah, we’re going to make this thing really long. Let’s, uh, let’s do it. But no, Trump does not have the power to decide
how long an impeachment in the Senate that is filed by the house is going to be. Now as far as what the impact would be, this
is the question I’ve said before, I don’t see any path to the, uh, to a conviction in
the Senate, there are 47 Democrats, 45 plus two independence. You need 67 to vote to convict. Where are you getting 20 Republican votes? I don’t see it. So therefore it becomes just a PR calculation. Who benefits from a longer versus a shorter
trial? What can Democrats do in the trial versus
Republicans to help their cause in 2020 and to hurt or help Donald Trump in 2020 in his
reelection that it’s going to be a circus in that sense. And I w we’re still waiting to hear what the
parameters are going to be in the timing and the scheduling. Gotcha. So just in your try to consider, I know you
have other colors, but just in your opinion, what is the potential longest that, that Mitch
can drag it out if that’s what he’s directing? I don’t know legally what he can do. I don’t know legally what you can do. I think it would be very hard to justify it
laughing more than a month. And my understanding is that right the, that
initially the Senate is keeping their January calendar clear to account for the possibility
of the trial. I don’t know of any way that it goes longer
than a month and I would assume it’s a couple of weeks. Thank you. Okay, cool. Thanks so much subscriber, longtime listener. Appreciate your honest opinion. I hope you have some happy holidays and thanks
for taking my call. Thank you so much. I appreciate it and great to hear from you.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Democrats are not weak it's a party truly made up of individuals … Chase in points when Mitch McConnell said the house of Representatives needs to get back to work ….. Our House of Representatives has has sent 270 Bills to the Senate since January 2019 til now plus all the oversight and these impeachment proceedings …. The Democrats have been been aggressive getting the job done…. The callers statement that the Republicans have been aggressive is lacking something …oh yes violating the oath of office the all took and supporting this fucking con man

  2. This whole thing is a joke to Trump, he loves the spot light! Keep his brainwashed supporters thinking that he is been mistreated and the saga goes on.

  3. Trump might say he wants a drawn out trial, but, first of all, nothing Trump says means anything, because he's a pathological liar, and he could reverse himself within the hour; secondly, he most certainly does not want a long trial, and already Lindsay Graham has stated that the strategy will be to make the trial as abbreviated as possible. Because a longer and more embellished defense would give the Democrats more opportunity for testimony from a wider variety of potentially damaging witnesses. Trump knows this.

    When Trump says he welcomes the trial, he's doing what he always does. He's lying, and he's bluffing– to convince his base again about the entirety of his pathetic claims that he says repeatedly, without end, to continue to reinforce his cult of confidence.

    He's terrified of a prolonged trial that would include testimony by witnesses not heard from by now– such as John Bolton, Don Mcgahn, and others who've stayed away.

  4. Let's face it: when the senate votes to not remove Trump, either after a long process or a short one, the argument from Republicans will either be "well they knew right away that the impeachment was bogus so that's why he wasn't impeached" or "they didn't leave a stone unturned so how could Trump have done anything wrong if they didn't find it after all that time?"

    Reality doesn't matter anymore, especially not to Trumpists.

  5. You are lying to your viewers implying there is any fight for them at the top. There is none. It;s all a lie. Tell the truth.

  6. I think Trump has proven that he can pretty do any damn thing he wants to and none of those lawless cowards will stop him because they are all power trippin' and don't give a fuck as long as they keep getting paid by us and corporations.

  7. I used to love watching his show but honestly every Republican. Comes on and makes a slick disrespectful comment he lets it slide!

  8. Hope the Democrats don't allow Trump to bully them anymore, at least that's how it seems to have been for the last 3 years. Trump does and says what he wants to any and all! This needs to end, can't imagine how he will leave the white house without his kind of drama…

  9. I agree if the Senators want to play that game Keep Impeaching him. Lindsey Graham and Turtle Mitch said they will work with the White House Lawyers for Trump so then Keep Impeaching Jim and the make sure you vote for him to be removed.

  10. The house can file or not file the articles once he's impeached. They could send the articles over to the Senate in time for elections in the fall if they wanted.

  11. He just wants material and a target to direct the hate towards. He cant win unless he gets his loonies to all focus on a target. That's why he needs dirt on his opponents. Bernie would clobber him since he has no dirt.

  12. Where ffg o they get 20 Repub votes? Send those politicians home for the holidays, sit back and watch the daily crap Cheeto Face spews on the nation and world. If I was sitting around the holuday meal table it would be hard not to pop a mental fit screaming meltdown of, "Gee Uncle john, is he really the moron you want running the country you're living in?" The world platforms are just laughing in our faces.

  13. Whichever it is the fact that Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump are essentially working together to rig the Senate Trial is disgraceful.

  14. someone should offer Trump a television series, he’d rather do that than be president. he could leave, save face, and turn followers into fans. and his ego could be fed.

  15. It will die in the senate sadly. The republicans dont care that Trump breaks the law. They only care that the President IS a REPUBLICAN.

  16. Well I hope the imaginary friendv named Zippy pulls his hair punches his face to make him look like him. Dumb clown.
    No matter how you look at it drumph 37 doctors said your not mentally fit to run the country. Thats a lot of doctors! Wake up call. Vain freakazoid!

  17. Bosnia is done no more Medujordia because your a big fat liar! You mentally screwed up Xavier and my adult parents
    Yes im very angry at you. Bribes extortions
    How many quid pro quos and then you lie with the ashkenazi jews on taking out bennu asteroid! Can lies get any greater in your self absorbed mind?! People are saying your a Clone! Clones have no soul think like a machine.
    So if you have no soul . Your dead right!?

  18. My life is a never-ending series of "hustle" jobs," yard work, car problems, health insurance woes, barely being able to pay bills, struggling with anxiety/depression, and a hopelessness for the future, despite having a college degree and working most of my life. Meanwhile, all of these turds in DC (the biggest turds of all being this a-hole in the White House and his family) engage in their never-ending corporate kleptocrat supported honor culture nonsense–aka "impeachment"–where nothing will be accomplished, much money will be spent, much carbon will be produced, much careerism will be engaged in, and none of us, none of us, will be the better for it. Thanks for nothing, you jerk-wads. All of you are so off your rockers that you will not have a clue when the next crash occurs, and that will happen. Off to another day in the Matrix.

  19. I think from the whole first bunch of crap with Russia and even though there was at least 12 indications of obstruction of justice in part 2. So he sees himself getting away with this and all kinds of other crazy crap he's done. If Trump tries to stand up to Mitch McConnell and they have a disagreement. Then Trump does not understand Mitch McConnell right now holds Trump's life in his hands. That's one hell of bargaining chip. The only thing there is to do is sit back and let these people do their work even if some of it is complete bullcrap. I would imagine for some reasons Trump might want to drag it out. The reason why Republicans don't want it drawn-out. they are afraid that longer it goes on the more of them are getting caught up in this. I have no idea how we could possibly have so many house members and Senate members even some of the Democratic side tied up with all this shit. It's really hard to imagine during the whole process of him against Hillary. I would think any Democrat with a brain ,would know she would be the worst possible candidate to run against Trump. Trump was able to use the very tactic that has happened to him since he became president. if Hillary gets elected there will be trials and they'll be investigations that will go on forever. well let's start putting solid term limits in let's start making it so if there's a government shutdown they don't get paid. Let's maybe thinking of amending the Constitution and adding a fourth pillar of government. People jury selected or something in that manner. If you get selected you have to take an IQ test you have to take a couple Civics classes and your job will be over sight of our government. Offer up a team of lawyers @ their disposal for questions they might have. now nobody in government would know who these people are except for the people who are on the top secret committees. If they can't reveal who they are, they would become much harder to compromise. Then start working on getting rid of K Street. Get rid of giant CPAC money! At what point in time where we the people is the largest words on the Constitution. When exactly are we going to take that power back. I just don't get it, can there really be this many uneducated Americans or citizens that don't even care. how can anybody out there that has a family, they might have a daughter in their family. how can they accept that he went on TV and said if she wasn't my daughter I would be dating her what father says that!!!! Somehow we went from being, The Shining beacon on the hill. To the laughing stock of the world. it's almost like we're living the definition of insanity. I really wish everybody wakes the hell up.

  20. I asked before, but unless you're living in la la land it's almost guaranteed that trump has already or will commit another major crime/ethics violation in the near future (not to mention the ticking clock that is his rapidly declining mental state) so it seems like republicans would want to get it over with asap so there's not another huge gash in an already open wound. Normal people see his entire presidency as just an endless pile of accumulating garbage, but his base just sees all these various "episodes" as being done and "survived", like there's a reset button for having not yet been held accountable.

  21. To all the impeachment tards, Congrats on ruining 2020 and giving trump the biggest crutch for his base possible. Also the British election is very foreboding, also chenks ongoing media crucifixion provides anti Bernie ammunition for everyone. Should've stuck by their endorsements or not endorsed at all, now the headlines are rolling because perceptively it's and admission of guilt on some level.

  22. After the Judiciary Committee hearing, I was disappointed that no Democrat said the following:"Bill Clinton argued that a BJ was not sex, and that was considered a lie. From the sucking noises made by my republican colleagues, and using their logic, Donald trump just had the best sex ever…even after 3 wives and many more stormy lovers."

  23. Greetings from Europe! I guess the only way he is not gonna get acquitted is that he calls on witnesses not knowing they gonna hurt him…

  24. And Trump will get what he wants!! The turtle is coordinating it with the pumpkin. Meanwhile Graham is in Qatar being interviewed by a national tv host who knows the constitution better than Lindsey!! Lindsey states “I already know the outcome and how I’m gonna vote!” Shocked a Qatarian national tells him he needs to be an impartial juror, to which he laughs!!! Can’t The presiding Supreme Court Judge dismiss some of these prejudiced senators/jurors??? WTF!!!

  25. Here's an interesting nugget: conviction only requires a majority vote of Senators present at the time of voting. Ostensibly, Republican Senators who find themselves between a rock and a hard place could "boycott" or sit out the vote, citing protest for the proceedings or whatever they think will be politically expedient without having to record a permanent vote exonerating Trump.
    The question is, what is the path forward for the GOP if Trump is removed from office? Could the potential for Republican candidates like Haley or Romney help Republican Senators convict this president, who has become such a liability (in the wake of Syria, for example?)

  26. The Senate sets the rules for everything in an impeachment trial, that includes approving whether witnesses can be called and approving each one. The way Trump would get the long "show" trial he wants is to call every witness he and the conspiracy nuts want. Hunter and Joe, every Obama administration figure, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi etc.

    This would put Collins, Gardner etc. on the spot with all of these votes for crazy CT shit. They do not want that. While that stuff would make Trump and the tards happy it would turn off lots of college educated suburban women. Which is pretty much the whole race for someone like Gardner. So McConnell wants a short trial. McConnell has shown himself to be spineless about pretty much everything but he really likes being majority leader so who knows.

  27. "Trump Wants Neverending Impeachment Trial"
    Of course he does, this has been his mode his entire life, the man is a compulsive drama queen.

  28. Let Trump have is long trial so there's more time to shoot himself in the foot. He's not going to convince anyone outside his base that he is innocent, but he might turn some more reasonable voters against him. Or we get really lucky and he starts trying take down the rest of the party with him so much that they turn on him.

  29. What is absurd is that what is right and wrong has nothing to do with this. It's entirely independent on who has more votes in the Senate. Basically it's like saying if there's 51 votes to 49 then a murderer who clearly killed someone, gets found not guilty because he's friends with half the jury.

  30. Good or bad coverage of trump doesn’t matter to him as long as he’s being talked about. He’d implode if nobody talked about him. Just ignore him until he’s actually being thrown out of the White House.

  31. Trump said when asked about this "I can do what I want" so he is clearly stating he feels he has control of the Senate. Which fits with his mindset that Congress is subservient to him. That it reports to him. That it is accountable to him. This is a matter for grave concern if we don't want to give birth to a dictatorship.

  32. I'm 99% sure you covered this but what work/education were you doing before this? I ask because I dont know what field would be able to answer these questions

  33. David, you keep on forgetting: Republicans need to take this into account, and they are going to be far more likely to vote to convict due to the fact that Trump is unpopular and that they have challengers in this upcoming set of races.

  34. If Trump wants to extend the trial… to drag it out.. He may try to keep everything in the mind and irritate his supporters against the Democrats, in hopes of changing minds. This smoke screen would also be his way of bragging his trial had better ratings from an acting standpoint than the impeachment in the House.

  35. If Democrats are still talking about Ukraine in 6 months they will completely lose the public and hand Trump the election

  36. Trump will be acquitted. That has already been decided by Moscow Mitch and Senate Republicans. The Democrats of course know this. It's what happens after that, that matters.

  37. 300 passengers killed by Russia. They lived for 90 seconds as the plane fell to earth:

  38. Trump will take this senate trial right to the bank, he’s going to milk it like a reality TV show. It’s free publicity, it’s inevitable he’s going to be acquitted in the end and the longer it drags on the worse it makes the Democrats look.

  39. If he isn't impeached, we can expect more scorched earth tactics from him in retaliation. He'd love to remove all animal sanctuaries protective status. Along with being more obvious about his 'love for putin. He never had anything to do with that election. Let's make that 1million kids w/o school lunches.'

  40. As long as Republicans have 51 votes, remember Pence gets to cast the deciding vote if it is a tie, they can do whatever they want to in the trial with 51.

  41. It's a big disappointment that the Dems aren't exposing the total corruption of this Russian piece of shit. They should have charged him with everything corrupt that this Russki puppet has done. He's been a corrupt piece of shit from before his benevolent father had passed. It's a shame that his Mother didn't teach him to be more normal than his corruption has shown. He's going to die alone because he is a despicable human being. Just ask his former wives.

  42. The drawn-out thing is pretty much a given, he wants it to last until after the next election so if he doesn't win, he doesn't get impeached, and if he does win, he'll be strong enough to have any negative results wash off.

  43. David when I read Question Everything post it had 3 replies . I clicked on view replies and it came back with hide replies, I don't understand. Who is stopping me from reading the 3 replies? Tikyra Angelique

  44. One question I have is whether or not a senate trial that is presided over by Chief Justice Roberts can degenerate into the “circus” atmosphere that we saw during parts of the House hearings…an atmosphere almost exclusively created by the GOP and looked on, I’m sure, very favorably by Trump.

  45. Here’s how stupid the Democrats are.

    They are pushing impeachment and trying to get it to the Senate as fast as possible.

    The Republicans hold the Senate and they favor Trump.

    Pushing impeachment by January this gives Trump major power during the trial.
    The Republicans can now subpoena the whistleblower, and Democrats like Schiff.
    They will be forced to answer truthfully and then be forced to either self incriminate, or admit they conspired against the President.

    Had they drawn out impeachment investigations and waited until just before the Summer of 2020, they would have had much more to play with; yet they didn’t.
    In their impatience to say they impeached the President, they have put themselves in a tight position, and any other impeachment charges are going to be seen simply as vindictive and routine.

    It is not very likely the Democrats will retain the house, and may not hold many seats in the Senate.

    After Trump gets re-elected (which he will whether you like it or not) he could become as corrupt as he likes and the Democrats will be at a loss.

  46. 45 Dems and 2 Independents to vote "for" conviction. Actually, that's wrong now. There's at least 1 Dem that's talking about changing his party to Republican right now, and I've heard that there could be at least 2-3 Dems (possibly more, possibly in total) who is talking about voting AGAINST conviction and FOR Trump.

  47. Trump wants something longer than the three day charade at the house of representatives had. He wants to be able to confront his accuser the way all American should be able to do. He wants to do ability to college and witnesses like Joe Biden and Hunter Biden and Adam Schiff for the scandal that’s truly at the heart of this issue. So of course it’s going to be longer it’s not a kangaroo court this is going to be an actual American trial.

  48. Trump could break into any given Republican congressperson's house, brutally rape their entire family and said Congressperson still wouldnt vote to impeach

  49. If trump wants the trial to go longer, all he has to do is release his secret recordings of the calls on the server.

    I guarandamn-tee you that that would extend the trial.

  50. By all means let's have a longer trial…let's hear the truth from everyone Trump wouldn't let testify in the former hearings! Wouldn't that be fun?

  51. There's a brilliant clip on YouTube of comedian Peter Cook spoofing the trial judge summing up in the case of British Liberal Party leader, Jeremy Thorpe, who paid a hitman to knock off his embarrassing gay lover. (The hitman failed, but shot the guy's dog instead.) Thorpe was guilty as hell but the jury was swayed by the judge's highly partisan smearing of the prosecution witnesses.
    I'm hoping you have a comedian equal to showing the American nation just what a corrupt and biased slimeball McConnell is.

  52. Professors at Harvard & MIT developed a computer platform to analyze media echo systems using very large data analysis.
    Crunching millions of articles, they uncovered why some media viewers are pathologically insulated from reality. 
    The three year study uncovered a deep dis-equilibrium imperiling the nations civic and public life.

    Media on the right, going from Fox & the NY Post, all the way to Breitbart, Right Wing talk shows or conspiracy sights like Info Wars, all have a singular network where the producers filter out anything that doesn't advance their agenda, misinform their viewers & link to each other to promote a corporate political agenda. The viewers on the right are locked into a political propaganda feedback loop.
    The right wing media business model is to sow misinformation, division, hate and fear packaged as ‘news’ to motivate voters to vote against their own interests.

    By contrast on the Left, the study didn’t see anything parallel. The audience has a much more diverse media diet and read much more broadly, largely sticking with media that adheres to the basic principals of journalistic codes of truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability. 
    While Main Stream Media may have a liberal bent, one can still stay informed. 

    Scientific analysis has proven the Right has spun off into a singular media echo system, viewers misled and baited into intentional anger, they dwell in a fact free echo-chamber of disinformation.

    The U.K. banned FOX because their news oversight committee OFCOM, found that 68% of the time, what they say on FOX is “untruthful, pushes own agenda, attempts to mislead people with fiction.”

    Recall if you will, by 2016, FOX and right wing media had convinced enough voters that Obama had the the USA on the threshold of desolation, even though the USA had just experienced 89 straight months of economic growth, a historic high of 80 months consecutive jobs growth, the Stock Market had risen a whopping 235%, unemployment had dropped from 10.6% down to 4.6%, manufacturing & exports achieved all time highs, crime rate was down, deportations of illegal immigrants up, longevity & graduations were never higher, gas prices lowest in 10 years.
    Fact is, Trump inherited a strong economy. 
    Americans in 2016 were the most privileged, living in the most prosperous, secure time in human history and yet right wing media viewers were convinced that America was facing its darkest moment, on the brink of disaster.
    FOX convinced their viewers that Obama, Hillary and in fact, all Democrats are evil, anti Americans, out to ruin the USA.

    The proudly deplorable, misinformed Trump supporters wear their ignorance as a badge of honor. They claim President Trump has turned around the economy and is making America Great Again. And now, Trump has claimed victory.
    What is the score? Trump economy vs Obama Economy.

    US Stock Market:
    Obama market gained 235%. Small Cap funds went up 330%.
    Trumps market is up 34%. Small Caps are up 20%.

    Obama cut unemployment from 10.6% down to 4.6%. 6 points.
    Trump cut unemployment from 4.6% down to 3.6%. 1 point.

    Obama averaged 217,000 jobs per month.
    Trump is averaging 156,000 jobs per month.

    Budget Deficit:
    Obama cut the deficit by 68%.
    Trump doubled the deficit by 100%.

    National Debt:
    Obama increased the national debt by $6.85 trillion. 
    Trump is projected to increase it $10 trillion.

    In essence, since the great recession 2008, Obama carried the football 80 yards, then handed off to Trump at the 20 yard line. Trump is now doing the victory dance in the end zone. "LOOK AT ME" "BEST PRESIDENT EVER!" "BEST ECONOMY EVER!" 
    Right wing media is playing along with the hoax. Fake news as it were.

    Somethings very wrong when a media ecosystem is able to intentionally keep more than a quarter of Americans siloed. 
    A country depends on people who understand the worth and the ways of democracy.
     America is in big trouble.

  53. Maybe this is about misdirection. Trump might agree to resign if he and his business are immune from prosecution. In other words he gets away with all his crimes.

  54. David, why do you think so negative towards the success of getting trump impeached? Try thinking positive for once. I’m at the point of just unsubscribing to your show.

  55. Let him have it!! He makes such poor decisions, this one is one I agree with. Draw it out, let the witnesses speak and reveal again and again who they were working for and the crimes they committed at his behest. Let those damn GOP senators break their oath again and again for the public to see and relive. The man is a criminal and traitor, and should be in jail OR shot.

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