TRUMP vs. YANG! – 2020 Election Prediction (Jul. 2019)

hi guys welcome back to a brand new video I decided to do an updated prediction on my Trump vs. yang I know I did one a long time ago and it doesn't really look like yang is going to be the nominee at this point but you never know assuming he would he would have to broaden his appeal base and definitely win the Iowa and Nevada primaries convincingly which is possible but he still makes a comeback but we're gonna have to see what happens so let's fill out these states we'll go we'll start with the states I think we'll be safe for yang because that usually our battleground people say organ could be decided by under 10 points this cycle which is true but I think yang has appeal there and I also think that New Mexico because yang is going to be able to convert a lot of Trump voters in rural places it won't be a whole lot but it will be enough to make a difference so I do think that New Mexico will go to Andrew yang on the other hand I do think that Texas would be likely I think Trump will win it by roughly around 6 to 7 the the religious values that still exist in Texas are gonna propel Trump over the finish line you could say the same thing with Georgia which will vote for Trump by a lean margin Florida should still go to Trump being as a more appeal to a younger base Florida it's gonna be close but I think Trump will pull it off when it's all said and done he'll probably try to call yang a socialist which he's not necessarily a socialist but that won't bode well for Florida Arizona will go to Trump in the lean column and Maine second District as well but I think yang takes Maine at large likely and New Hampshire likely the thing is as yang has an appeal in these places he will eat into Trump's margins we should be very afraid that about Andrew yang just like we should be afraid about Tulsi Gabbard if you're Trump supporter out there you don't want yang to be the nominee but we'll have to see what happens in terms of Nebraska's second district I feel like that's trended I think that's gonna go to yang and the elite in the tilt column and I think that Iowa is also gonna go to getting in this case Wisconsin will go likely Michigan and Pennsylvania as well as well as Minnesota nor Pennsylvania will will actually lean but because of yang's I believe his energy views are more aligned with the Democratic Party but Ohio should still stay with Trump it will stay with Trump in the lean column North Carolina will stay with Trump in the lean column Nevada and Colorado Nevada would lean to yang Colorado would be likely as well as Virginia and I hate to break it to you guys i Andrew Aang's gonna be Trump let's come to that my relays realization but he won't get through the primary so it's not like something Trump supporters are gonna have to worry much about to happen in 2020 but but yang is just a formidable candidate he has actual reasons for his views on like Democrats he's a full policy platform and I even agree with some of what he has to say in terms of like getting rid of the penny revitalizing the dead moles and stuff like that obviously I would I would vote for Trump / yang but honestly I just can't see Trump beating yang Yang cuz yang has that appeal in these Rust Belt states a lot of Trump supporters they don't hate him I believe his popularity will be higher than Trump's in these Rust Belt states and that will get him to cruise to victory but all right guys thanks for watching please like this video even though even if you disagree and if you're new subscribe let's get me to 6,000 and hit the bell for notification so you never miss another video follow me on social media and donate to the patreon links in description and before you go be sure to click on the screen for one of my other recent videos you may have missed and thanks again for watching guys Red Eagle out

Maurice Vega

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  1. Lil’ Wang Yang, frankly, would get gangbanged by the trump train. But you’re still the best, believe me.

  2. Honestly I asked my parents yesterday (Democrats) and they said they'd rather vote Bernie than Yang bc they think UBI is just crazy but hmmm

  3. Hey man I get you this does create great clickbait for you and natural your goal is to get viewers but let's face if this were true you're basically calling the majority of Americans hopeless and stupid because that's what it would be if a guy like Yang who basically is promoting one huge giant welfare state for everybody I mean he wants to give free money to people for no reason I think American people are smarter than that man and I think you're insulting peoples intelligence.

  4. I like Yang, especielly for a democrat. There is even a small chance that, if he were good at the debates and all, I would MAYBE vote for him.
    But the democrats are too stupid to choose him as a nominee, so basically
    TRUMP 2020

  5. If Andrew Yang wins the nominee, Donald Trump could lose. But the irony here is that while Andrew Yang is the Democrat's strongest card, the Democrats are probably going to reject him.

  6. You gotta make other kinds of videos if you wanna grow your channel and I say that out of love and respect

  7. I’m not a trump supporter at all, I’m a liberal, but I still really enjoy your videos and I think you’re currently the best and most objective political analyst on YouTube. Keep up the good work!👍🏻

  8. Yang is a decent enough canadiate, but I think you’re giving him too much credit. Still, I would love to see him run third party and give it a shot.

  9. America is in a win win situation. Trump wins it's good ( for The next 1 years) Yang wins. He solves The problem in The big pictures and The peoples lifes. Anyaay Yang is not a politicial Trump same before he was wlected, but for The ripple of U.B.I globaly would be healthy. So #Yanggang #Yang2020 .

  10. T.B.H., I truly think that Montana governor Steve Bullock would have the best chance of beating Trump in 2020. He'd have great appeal to not only the working class whites who pretty much decide the election in the rust belt states, but could also have strong enough appeal to cut into the conservative votes, to the many Republicans who may be on the fence about supporting, and giving Trump a second term. He also seems like a decent likable man, especially one who's so highly regarded in such an otherwise mostly deep red state too, who a good part of the nation would like, regardless of their party preferences. He wouldn't necessarily get my vote at first, but maybe if he does get elected one day, and does what I feel is a fine job, while making our nation a better place in the process too.

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