Trump vs. Trump: Kurds Edition | The Daily Show

– We do get along
great with the Kurds, we’re trying to help them a lot. The Kurds are very
well-protected, and by the way,
they’re no angels. Don’t forget, that’s
their territory. We have to help them,
I want to help them. These two countries
fight over land, that has nothing to do with us. They fought with us,
they fought with us, they died with us, they died. We lost tens of
thousands of Kurds, died fighting ISIS. We’re not gonna be fighting, we don’t want to fight anyway. I don’t think there’s
any reason to. They died for us and with
us, and for themselves. They’ve got a lot
of sand over there. There’s a lot of sand
that they can play with. We don’t forget, I don’t forget. It’s time for us to come home, we’re not a policing agent. I can tell you,
that I don’t forget. These are great people As I said, they’re not
angels, they’re not angels, if you take a look. (upbeat rock music)

Maurice Vega

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  1. If there ever was a declaration of complete, utter, and total moral bancruptcy, this has to be it. A crying shame.

  2. It’s all about what benefits him in the moment and he knows his supports are too lazy or uninvolved to notice or care. Most the time they don’t even know what he said from my experience….

  3. Why are there not like 1000's of these floating around the internet by now? There's surely enough material to work with..

  4. People who vote for Trump don't care whether or not he's a good person. All they care about is that the economy is doing well. But I'm gonna argue that generally people aren't doing well. I, for instance, get paid way more than the minimum wage and find myself still living paycheck to paycheck. Others I know either have to work overtime or work a 2nd job just to make ends meet. The cost of living is way up, so we're not able to afford much. A good economy doesn't necessarily translate into a good living situation.

  5. "There's a lot of sand over there. Maybe they can play in it." – That there…the President of the United States folks talking about people that helped us defeat ISIS being killed.

  6. This clip of two faced Trump should be shown on every broadcast and cable news channel every few hours for weeks, shared on social media, shown on large, outdoor screens in major cities in the country, and maybe even on the jumbotrons on college and NFL stadia so EVERYONE in this nation see and hear it, even Fox Noise fans.

  7. U don't forget really Trump u? I know u don't forget after using others for your own beneficiary motive and then u left them to perish. Classic Trump moves

  8. For those that don't know, there is a subreddit called TrumpCriticizesTrump on the website Reddit that shows how many things he has said in the past and flip-flopped on it.

  9. I'm not even American but this makes me more classified to talk on the region since you guys don't even point any country on the map. So called kurds are YPG (military) and SDF (political wing) are the Syrian part of PKK terrorist group. Did you even know there was a race called Kurdish before? There are 30m of them in many different countries but 15m of them have been living in Turkey in peace over 100s of years. YPG/SDF cannot represent them! Trump did you a favor to save your fucked up country's dignity by stopping the support to a terrorist group by the reason to fight isis which was created by USA to give Ypg an excuse to occupy the region! I don't like Trump or anything but you guys are more fuck ups!

  10. Not a Republican nor a Trump fan but the indicated contrast isnt there… if you got a view you should learn who the "Kurds" aka YPG are… unlike almost every american who has a view on this topic… Shame Trevor shame..

  11. Turkey fought with america in korea and Resolved the cuban missle crisis by allowing USA to put jupiter missles in their borders. İ think you guys forgot who your real allie is

  12. Pkk/YPG is at the list of terrorist organizations of USA. What the hell are you talking about. Playin games with such an organization, fooling a NATO ally with this crap? USA had an insane policy there…

  13. How is Trump any different from any other president of USA ? Everyone lies and goes to war for making money for the Military Industrial Complex. Everyone of them is very easy to catch lying. It wont change if you vote for anyone else. Atleast Trump is a simple guy, professional politicians are horrible liars, Obama got "noble peace prize" when he was the one who did record breaking bombing.

  14. Trump fans think him contradicting himself is him being a genius.
    I've literally heard some of them say "oh he has two different opinions on everything. He's so smart"

  15. I genuinely don’t know how there is support for this clown. Looking it from international POV it’s an embarrassment

  16. Donald Trump is a criminal who thinks he's above the law. People got murdered and he betrayed our allies. How is he still in the office?

  17. He doesn't sounds Great at all, he is to weak to be the president of USA.
    We Kurdish people perecive Americans as a great Nation and we don't consider this guy one of them!

  18. I won't post anything for or against Trump… why… because there are people seeing the exact opposite of what we are seeing as we um message?

    Why they vote for trump why we are against him…

    The bigger picture is what's dividing us.
    …Search results…
    Stop focusing on The orange distraction beacon.

    That's my opinion anyways

  19. Muricans, get a little education. Look up narcissist personality disorder. Get to know that patient you made President.

  20. Trump sending a very clear message: the US is not to be trusted. Whether it is their betrayal of the Kurds, their reneging on the Paris Climate Agreements, or the Iran Nuclear Deal: the US has become an untrustworthy country.

  21. He’s on this for himself, once we see his taxes we will find out if he didn’t have to run for president like he said because he’s so rich lol.

  22. There's a lot of sand for them to play with?! That was a real thing he really chose to say?! There's. A. Lot. Of. Sand. For. Them. To. Play. With.

  23. Oh my god, I just…I hate this man so fucking much. And I don't hate anyone. Like holy shit, it's fucking palpable. He makes me want to set things on fire with my eyes.

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