TRUMP vs. BIDEN! – 2020 Election Prediction (Jul. 2019)

hi guys welcome back to a brand new video today I'm going to be doing my Trump vs. Jill Biden prediction all I'm doing doing an updated prediction the last one I haven't done for a while so here we go we'll get right into this I filled out the states that are gonna be safe we can start on the East Coast go at Maine at large I think that Biden will narrowly hold me at large in the tilt column it's gonna get even closer than it was last time but Trump should take Maine second district safe lot closer to likely than a 15-point margin but it's still gonna be safe for Donald Trump New Hampshire that's also going to Trump in the tilt column this trended hard against the establishment Democrats and the people out there saying Biden appeals more and Hillary to the working-classes ridiculous because Biden supports TPP and those saying Biden appeals more to minorities than Hillary Clinton is also lying because Biden still is defending his past in terms of busing segregation and his experience that he's had with um the criminal justice bill that took place in the early 90s that was lauded by Hillary Clinton and that even she apologized for Biden is still not apologizing for that so he's gonna turn out minorities at a lesser rate and then he's going to get the working class vote against him at a larger rate it's gonna be a big disaster for Democrats I don't care the polls have him up only eight right now that's probably gonna go down to a virtual tie in probably a few months anyways when he keeps getting attacked and if he does manage this week squeak out the nomination he's not even winning the state he was born in in terms of Pennsylvania that's going to Donald Trump by a tilt margin because turnout was up in 2016 over 2012 and the Democrats still lost so even if turnout goes up even more I don't think that's necessarily going to be enough for Joe Biden to be able to win the state I don't think he's gonna energize Democratic voters in Ohio would be likely now Biden decides to pick a VP from Ohio like sherrod Brown he might try that stun it could be a little closer but it's really not that much of difference I mean Paul Ryan didn't win Mitt Romney Wisconsin so I don't think that's necessarily a full-on accurate statement that some people might try to make but I think Virginia would go likely for Biden I think Biden would be a good fit for the establishment up in Virginia North Carolina still go into Trump by a lean margin closer to likely even tilt Georgia by a lean margin as well if not likely probably closer to likely around a four point win it'll get closer than last cycle just because of the the way Atlanta is changing people from the north moving in but at a that could help Trump up here as these places get more conservative now in the state of Florida Donald Trump would win it by a mile in March and will give it to him by Alene margin Texas he'll win by a likely margin I don't trust a poll out there that showed him down to in Texas it's not gonna happen I'm sorry Democrats you're not taking Texas back until maybe 2028 but more than likely Republicans get their act together in the suburbs and you're never taking back Texas at all but we'll have to see what happens in the state of Michigan Trump will probably Biden I mean that's a close one I'll give it to Trump narrowly it's gonna be very close but Wisconsin will lean I think Trump will win Wisconsin by a little bit over two points people are gonna be surprised and Iowa's gonna be likely Minnesota I think it would go for Trump if he's running against Kamala but I think Joe Biden just has enough appeal like he's not fully a disaster for Minnesota I think it would go probably by a lean margin this time around again he is kind of a weirdo and they like those so Nebraska's second that'll go for Trump by a lean margin Colorado will go for Biden by a lean margin probably not likely he's not necessarily libertarian enough neither really as Trump's not that libertarian either but we'll have to see what happens in the Colorado it's gonna be a unique state to watch New Mexico should be a likely margin if Trump has to come down to Texas he's gonna come down to El Paso and that's going to help a lot in this part of New Mexico which may be he doesn't have a lot of voters energized there so we'll have to see what happens in that regard Arizona that'll go for Trump alene a lot of the Boomer DeMars there that might be turned off the Donald Trump might come out for Biden for some reason so it's not gonna be a big win for Trump he won't expand his margin but it'll still hold on though a Biden will narrowly carry Nevada by a tilt probably tilt margin and organs should be likely I think that the Democrats in Oregon are getting fed up at a Republicans are announcing they're expanding their operations and the Trump campaign into Oregon I don't think it's gonna be much but technically he lost it by eleven last time he got more popular across the country Republicans didn't do too bad there in the midterms I think Trump loses it by around eight or nine if he's running against Biden and I don't sorry about California that is definitely a safe state under every single circumstance I can think of but alright guys thanks for watching please like this video and subscribe and hit the bell for notification so you never miss another video follow me on social media and donate to my patreon links in description and before you go be sure to click on the screen for one of my other recent videos you may have missed and thanks again for watching guys Red Eagle out

Maurice Vega

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  1. You are so biased for Republicans! Ive watched many of your election prediction videos. You pick trump to win every time. He barley won the rust belt states in 2016 and cant afford to lose any votes this time around. He betyer hope he retains his full base from 2016 because he not gaining any new voters!

  2. This is all moot because Foot’n Mouth Joe won’t get the DNC nomination. He’ll drop out after the next debate.

  3. Have you taken into account that the Dems have NO viable candidates? A lack of Dem voters is what I predict, giving Trump much higher numbers, due to the lack of turnout from the Dems! I see no "margins", only "landslides"!

  4. Biden will never lose his home state of Pennsylvania! Or Michigan or NH according to him a “Drug Infested Den”. Can’t see them being very happy about that – The election will come down to Wisconsin

  5. New President in 2020,stupid President Trump,make American people be poor, he will not be reelected 2020, Donald Trump has used U.S. bankruptcy laws to restructure debt, 12000 retail store closings in 2019
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  6. I think MI, PA, and NH all go for Biden. That still leaves Trump winning 270-268. Then, I’m telling you, we all need to worry about Maricopa County in AZ harvesting ballots. I think Trump might be ok, but it’s so close in AZ. McSally had to do a “no comment” when asked about Trump’s comments about the 4 ladies of the “squad”. That tells you all you need to know about AZ, it’s basically 50-50.

    Bottom line: If it is Biden, this election is going to be a contested razor thin margin. It might even have to go to SCOTUS as both sides might put up a legal challenge. Luckily, we have a 5-4 edge there.

  7. Creepy Joe is going down because if his sleazy son. I think it might be Kamala/ De Blasio the disaster ticket

  8. I wouldn't say the democrat states are safe under any circumstance exaxtly. What if voter verifications laws pass. The illegals and the dead won't be voting anymore.

  9. Why is California not solidly democratic? He could more easily win Washington state or New Jersey before California. I actually think Republicans could make a play at Washington state with the right message. I think New Jersey could be on the radar too if they wanted it.

  10. Biden would carry Pennsylvania easily because he’s from Scranton and because Delaware bleeds over into the Philadelphia suburbs that Trump would need to win in order to carry the state. He many not win all these counties, but he’d carry enough additional voters there to kill Trump’s chances in PA.

    Everyone writes it off, but I actually think Trump could carry Virginia if he focuses on improving his showing in Northern VA counties and rallies for greater turnout in the rural counties.

    I think the same could be true in Colorado and Nevada. Possibly in Minnesota too. I think his chances of retaining Michigan are slim to none. He also needs to pay more attention to Georgia. That state could easily flip to blue if he’s not careful there.

  11. go prsident trump you are our great prsident . seng the illegas back to there home land we do not want there crap her go our great president we love you.

  12. I really hope you are right about Texas we have a lot of idiots moving here because of our economy bringing all the jobs and businesses here and the fact that Texas is the greatest place on earth but too many of them are bringing their stupidity with them and they don't seem to understand that the reason we have this strong economy and stole those businesses from their states is that we have been a deep red and hardcore conservative state for a long time and democrats haven't had the power to drag us down. It has been hard to get elected as a RINO in parts of Texas for years much less a democrat and the democrats have been pushing illegal immigration hoping that Hispanic demographics would change that but even they tend to vote around 40% republican here. The biggest problem is the transplants from places like Commiefornia and other blue toilets that don't understand a thing about Texas and what it means to be a Texan. We love our independence here we had to fight our own battle for independence aside from the Revolutionary War we were our own country for a short time and we are hard working and hard playing people, we believe in American exceptionalism and Texan exceptionalism and Texas pride is a very real thing I am sure that some other states have pride in their home state but none like Texas. The Texas flag flies everywhere and people fly it proudly the Lone Star or something representing Texas is on just about every home around here it is just normal to us. If the democrats ever took back control of our great state they would be in direct contradiction of everything being Texan stands for they want government up everyone's ass, we are about independence and less regulation, they love taxation, we have no state income tax and are constantly fighting our terrible property tax system, and the biggest thing and quite possibly the most un Texan thing is the anti 2nd amendment vies of the democrat party. Texans have always been known for our love of the 2nd amendment and our freedom to exercise it by not having a bunch of restrictions and even repealing ones we have had but democrats would change all that and that will not go over well in Texas.

  13. I agree with all yur state predictions except Michigan. I think Michigan will go to Biden by a lean to tilt margin because it's the most Democratic of the 3 rust belt state. Other than that spot on!

  14. I want trump to win and I think he will, but taking PA from Biden, where he was born…
    Yeah, dont really think it iw gonna happen tho.
    NH is not gonna flip IMO too.

  15. I think lots of your reasoning are not logically correct. for an example, 'Biden good fit for establishment in Virginia' its not a accurate statement. If you look at demographics, Virginia is becoming more and more with young , college educated votes, any democrat will carry Virginia due to high concentrated Northern Virginia (DC suburbs)- prince William county etc.
    2. if biden the Dems ticket, PA will be in Dems Column, 44000 votes lost largely due to Hillary unpopularity and Dems message never resonated well , and most Bernie fans never voted Hillary. Biden from scranton, PA and very popular, Trump chances are less likely in PA. Biden is popular among Blue color workers and will win back MI and WI. remember 9000 votes separates Hillary/ trump in MI and nearly 20000 in WI. Trumps best path is winning OH and Fl, which is likely with demographics changing. Logic tells CO, NV , NM will stay blue and GA, TX remain Red. History tells OR won't turn red. AZ will be purple and will be tough battle for trump after midterm Dems senate victory with over 55000 votes. and John mccains seat up for grabs in south west as well. So it won't be easy for trump for AZ this time . he narrowly won in 2016 by 3 points when mccain on the senate ticket for 2016. country's demographics changing, especially with increasing number of new naturalized citizens adding to votes tally and most are not favorable for GOP in 10-15years from now, Because GOPs chunk of votes are 65+ older voters category. best bet for GOP to win is turn out of their base in large numbers. way more than last time to reelect trump. we know Dems kinda lazy to vote than GOPs lol,
    lets see after election.

  16. Us American's here in Georgia will vote for our president DONALD J TRUMP #TRUMP #TRUMP2020 #BUILDTHATWALL #fakenewscnn

  17. I saw your thumb nail and why is it that you feel North Carolina red but Georgia as a toss-up cuz I'm pretty sure Georgia will not go Blue without North Carolina or Florida

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