TRUMP vs. BERNIE! – 2020 Election Prediction (Jul. 2019)

hi guys welcome back to a brand new video so today I'm doing my updated prediction of Donald Trump vs. Bernie Sanders and it's been a while since I did my last prediction and a lot has changed and I don't think Bernie's gonna be the nominee at this point a drastic scandal on Biden and Harris would have to take place and besides the DNC is so stacked against him they'll never allow it in the first place but I really do think that they're gonna energize around Warren then I think the DNC is more open to pushing Warren than Sanders so we'll start this map will go actually we'll go east to west here main at-large will still go to Bernie it's trended it's trended red but bernie is from the Northeast he knows the Northeast I do think Trump will carry Maine second district by a likely margin and Sanders will win New Hampshire by a likely margin because they know up in this part of the country they support Bernie if because they have a twin state thing going on with Vermont it's really weird but I definitely think that Sanders would win it would be close I'd be like a 5 to 6 point margin for Bernie I think that's a state Trump wouldn't have to focus on but Pennsylvania it was a state Bernie really struggled in in the primaries I think Trump would take Pennsylvania in the lean column especially because a lot of people don't remember that turnout was up in 2016 over 2012 even in places like Philadelphia and it really just wasn't enough because the roll vote came out for Trump and Bernie really struggled there and the primary didn't drum up support it wasn't like in Michigan in Wisconsin where he did a lot better so I believe that for those reasons Pennsylvania will stay with the president and Ohio would stay with the president likely Virginia would be very close Virginia hates Bernie Sanders I think turnout would be low but I think I think Bernie would take it I think he would take it a little put it in the lean column but it actually could be closer to tilt it's gonna be interesting to see what happens in that state of Virginia but I think North Carolina would go to Trump in the lean if not likely column Bernie is an atheist so I don't either a lot of in the south evangelicals which is also why I think Georgia would not be super contested especially because Bernie has a lot of trouble turning out the black vote and that's what Democrats would have to do to win the states like Georgia and North Carolina so I think Trump will win Georgia by around 5 points which we put it in the likely column Florida would be in the lean column but I think Trump would win it by three to four points he's very disliked in Florida I think he only won like two counties in the in the primary and they were both in the Panhandle so it's really a weak stay a lot of people who even are some Cuban Democrats who still oppose things like socialism and stuff like that Trump improved over Romney with the Cuban margin and I think that the midterms Republicans made even more gains with the Cuban community so I think that Trump would continue those gains in went ahead would help submit Florida in his column Texas would be likely if not safe for Trump again El Paso is where the Democrats extraor the only really Democrat strongholds in Texas and Bernie voted to dump all of Vermont's nuclear waste in El Paso in a poor Hispanic community and I think Trump would really attack Bernie on that I don't think he would let that get away from him and I think that that would be the end of him in terms of wanting to have this pipe dream about Texas which also makes me realize that Arizona probably would go in the likely column for Donald Trump as well it'd probably be five to six points and New Mexico would be likely for Bernie but again it probably be five to six points in his direction I don't think that he would energize the Latino voters that well I think that Bernie pulled well last time because he was suffering from the Kasich effect where you Paul well but that doesn't necessarily mean in a general election you would win by that margin or even win at all trouble with Nebraska second district lean but closer to likely a lot of establishment conservatives there would oppose come out against socialism and Bernie Sanders in Iowa would be likely in terms of Trump's column Minnesota would go for Bernie though in the lean column they really liked him in the primaries but I think Wisconsin even though it was a strong state for Bernie in the primary and stuff like that I think in a general election with Trump's accomplishments and attacking Bernie on his on his ideas Trump's pace is grown in the rural part of the state as well as probably since the election in in the WoW counties in the suburbs of Milwaukee so Wisconsin is definitely a state that I would give to Donald Trump he would win it very Michigan on the other hand I think well Michigan would actually probably go to Bernie Sanders it would go in a tilt margin he would just get the turnout in the college towns up really high and he'd be able to win Michigan Oregon is safe I've talked about it could be a swing state depending on the nominee even though we'll go for the Democrat by over five Bernie did really well in the primary in Oregon he's appeals to a lot of the you know soy infested individuals in Portland he'll get the White Democrat turnout up high in those places to come out for him like he did in the primary so he'll win that state and he'll also in Colorado he I think Bernie does support legalization of weed even though he probably won't do anything about it when he gets there so put that in the lean column it's closer to like leader than Lee and then a tilt by the way but Trump will win Nevada I think Trump will win Nevada by a very narrow margin but I don't think that Bernie Sanders is necessarily the right candidate for Nevada he again he's struggling he's gonna struggle with Latino appeal trying to get them to come out to the to vote especially after what he did with the nuclear waste down in El Paso it's gonna be a big scandal that hasn't really been unearthed yet so Donald Trump leads Bernie Sanders to 96 to 242 again it's possible Trump could win by even a bigger margin than this I'd have to see how the election plays out but for right now this is probably what I would what I would say the margin would be Saul right guys thanks for watching please like this video and subscribe let's get me to 6,000 and hit the bell for notification so you never miss another video follow me on social media and donate to my patreon links in description and before you go be sure to click on the screen for one of my other recent videos you may have missed and thanks again for watching guys Red Eagle out

Maurice Vega

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  1. Bernie is the most dangerous candidate to go up against, it was so back then it still is now. He can beat Trump. Your map isn't realistic.

  2. Well you mentioned earlier how Virginia really hates Bernie Sanders and that the black vote will not come out for him like previous Democrats so with that being said as well as the blackface scandal I think Virginia will go to Donald Trump especially since he is approved in Virginia even though that's a state he did not win last time compared to a state that he did win like Michigan that he is horribly approved in


  4. You know, I really think that Bernie had a fairly decent shot of beating Trump in 2016. He still had a strong movement and he had enthusiasm. Had he stood up to Hillary McClinSatan and fought out the nomination, he could at least have made the election more competitive. Now, I don't see him having any chance.

  5. Trump vs Sanders? More like Trump vs Hitler! Hitler was a socialist too! Well he was a nationalist that used socialism…. he actually hated plain socialists

  6. I feel America would be less open to electing a socialist who wants to get rid of private healthcare than this map. I know this scenario was just Bernie vs Trump but if Bernie is nominee I think a moderate would run as a third party and could cost him states like Michigan, Minnesota, Virginia, and Colorado

  7. Bernie is more popular with Latinos than any other group he would win Nevada also WI is going for Bernie you can bet on that

  8. Bernie won't win the nomination, he's a Progressive and the establishment Democrats hate Progressives with a passion. Plus, he doesn't have the same appeal he had in 2016. It's clear he's pandering to the far-left and touting socialism more.

  9. The President will get no less than 330 electors no matter who the Dem is. Your predictions are based on some real flimsy opinions.

  10. Wisconsin and Pennsylvania would likely go for Bernie, he appeals to working class voters in those states. Arizona would be lean Republican, Nevada could go either way and ME-02 would probably go for Bernie. Virginia would be a swing state.

  11. Just to chime in within the 1st two minutes…the Democrats are not going to win Maine or its 'twin' New Hampshire.

  12. I watch this everyday, I don't always agree, but agree more than not, trump 2020. Good stuff, make more.

  13. Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Florida should be pure toss ups. Georgia, Texas, Ohio, and Iowa should be lean red.

  14. I know you hate the Morning Consult (rightly), but I think you should make a video on their "tracking trump" approval map, because it is horrible. In January 2017 they have trumps approval above 50 in states like New York and Illinois… and only -2 in California…
    I assume they only did that to make Trump look like he's been doing horribly throughout his presidency, and the only reason I can see that being accurate is if democrats were just shocked he became president, so were trying to "accept it" (if that makes any sense).

  15. I’m hoping the Democrats nominate a progressive or far left wing democrat which will pave the way for Howard Schultz independent run for president in 2020. #Schultz2020

  16. You keep putting PA in the red column to make the trump numbers look good when we all know trump could run against that soccer player Megan raphine and lose Pennsylvania. We all know trump has about a 5% of getting re elected and that’s why you are putting PA in the red column in all your videos. You want to make it look like trumps chances of getting re elected are high when it’s not. He needs a miracle in Wisconsin and a 270 electoral college win.

  17. Right now you seem like the only political forecast YouTuber that isn't afraid to say the truth: Trump will be President. LTE and PF are like:
    Biden will win Arizona Texas Georgia North Carolina Florida Wisconsin etc. Just pandering to their leftist audience, afraid to tell the truth that trump will win!

  18. You are wrong. El Paso is not the only democrat stronghold. There is Dallas,Austin,San Antonio, and Houston….. cant take you seriously afrer that.

    2020 & 2024 👍
    🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈ONE GREATEST LEADER!!!!

  20. I think VA goes Red in this case. In MI, Bernie won't bring out black voters in droves, so I think Trump still carries it. Either way, great video!

  21. Bernie wins Wi Pa and Nv he has appeal to the white working class and can appeal to latino voters plus he would pull the progressive movement in the rustbelt that went to trump in 2016 plus his disapproval in the rustbelt and the fact The rustbelt went heavily democratic in the 2018 midterms.

  22. First! Hey did you see the news about the leaked internal Dem report that swing moderate voters in Rust belt sates detest AOC, Omar and socialism? All this and they see AOC as the face of the Democratic party

  23. A Sanders and Tulsi ticket would probably help sanders win PA and Nevada, this video was alright , I'm surprised you didn't give Trump NH and Colorado and Minnesota and Virginia and Michigan.

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