Trump Tweets Epstein Conspiracy, Gets Confronted by Fox

Well, I don’t want to spend a lot of time
on this follow up to the Jeffrey Epstein, uh, a death, a suicide because there’s so
much to cover. But just as a, as a brief follow up, Donald
Trump retweeted a conspiracy theory about Jeffrey Epstein linking it to the Clintons
from a guy claiming that Jeffrey Epstein had info on Bill Clinton and Epstein was about
to release that Info and now the guy’s dead. I’m showing you a screenshot of this. I’m not going to play the video. I don’t think there would be anything to gain,
so to speak, from playing the video. Trump also retweeted from an account called
BNL live that is literally fake news. I’m using that term the correct way. I’m not using it the way Trump uses it to
describe any news he doesn’t like or that is negative about him. Breaking documents were unsealed yesterday,
revealing that top Democrats, including Bill Clinton, took private trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s,
Pedophilia Island, the president of the United States, either ignoring his own extensive
connections to Jeffrey Epstein or specifically to distract from his own connections to Jeffrey
Epstein. Re tweeting random conspiracy theorists and
fake news websites. Is this the height of desperation to distract? Is this merely the height of idiocy? How are we to interpret this? And of course I already told you the connections
that Epstein had to the Clintons. He had 10 or 100 times the connections to
Trump a even being on video. As I said, as I played for you a couple of
weeks ago, standing there with Jeffrey Epstein of valuating the attractiveness of young girls,
which ones are hot, which ones are not quite as hot. So Trump advisor and all around terrible person. Kellyanne Conway goes on Fox News over the
weekend and good for Fox was actually confronted about Donald Trump re-tweeting this bottom
feeding pond, scum garbage. And here’s how she responded. Why did the president than [inaudible] tweet that Clinton suggestion? I think the president just wants everything
to be investigated as you, as your report or just revealed. And just the day before, there was some unsealed
information implicating some people very high up and I’m not going to repeat their names. You already did that. I’m not saying anything beyond that. And I won’t, but I will say it, Bill, that
there’s always this rush too. We need transparency. We need accountability when it involves, um,
fictional accusations like collusion with Russia to swing an election. This seems to be very concrete in that Jeffrey
Epstein has done some very bad things over a number of years. And so let’s continue to investigate that. I don’t think that somebody, um, crimes in
the accountability for that necessarily parishes with them. We know that the law, the law can allow for
many different investigations. Maybe they are co-conspirators, may be, there
are not. But again, it’s an active investigation. I think everybody should be at least relieved
when an general takes the action swiftly as attorney general bar did yesterday. Okay, let’s, let’s see where this terms by
this death and, and he’s, and let’s see where it goes. It’s really new. This all has within the last 24 to 28 hours
and we should go slow with this. Just back on the retweet quickly, it’s clear
what he was trying to say, wasn’t it? I think the present just wants everything
to be investigated and you know, they’re trying to connect the president to this monster from
years ago where they’re seen dancing at a video versus other people who were actively,
I suppose, flying around with this monster, um, on his island, uh, which was known as
pedophilia island. Perhaps there’s a public interest in knowing
more about that. Her explanation, Trump wants everything investigated
and Russia was a hoax and well maybe there is something there between Epstein and Bill
Clinton. Meanwhile, step back from us for, for just
a second from layer one of, was Epstein more involved with Clinton or more involved with
Trump? I think we know the answer to that. We know about the joint allegations against
Trump and Epstein. By a 13 year old, the Trump justice department
and William Barr are now going to be in charge of the investigation into Epstein. So do you think that that’s going to lead
to anything implicating Trump laughable? Of course it’s not. They control the investigation and Kellyanne
Conway saying, Oh, Trump, Trump wants everything investigated. Well, what about the allegations against Epstein
that relate to Trump? Personally, including Mar-a-lago, including
party set up with dozens of young girls, were the people part, planning the parties, thought
it was going to be some kind of big party. It was just for Epstein and Trump, the allegations
against Epstein and Trump by the same 13 year old girl. Uh, what about investigating that? If Donald Trump really wants everything investigated,
apparently they want everything other than Donald Trump’s many connections to Jeffrey
Epstein investigated. And you know what? They control the Justice Department. They ultimately control the investigation. They have oversight over the bureau of prisons. This is how it works. This is how a swamp filling corrupt cronyism
works. And more than likely, we will not hear anything
else out of the administration that connects Trump to this in any way because they’re now
running the show. Let me know what you think about what happened. Let me know what you think about the Trump
connections. Let me know what you think about what’s going
to happen with investigations going forward. I’m genuinely at a loss. Uh, let me know on Twitter at d pacman. Uh, you can follow the show on Twitter at
David Pakman show and while you’re there, please follow us on twitch, our newest platform, Pakman. I’ll be streaming tomorrow, Tuesday evening
at 6:30 PM eastern time. Hope that you will join me

Maurice Vega

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  1. This will be gone like Stormy Daniels. It is just too horrendous a scandal that embarrasses everyone on the VIP list.

  2. David. Do NOT USE SUICIDE AS A WORD TO DESCRIBE THIS. No Facts yet are known. Be a proper reporter….Once you start espousing suicide you are truly lost.

  3. Her tone is veeeerryy different from other times. She doesn’t want to “repeat names”? She loves to do that. What a snake!!!

  4. They always accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of. I swear, The Queen and Trump are up to their eyebrows in all of this. If this Epstein thing doesn't show the American people what is REALLY going on in their federal government, then either they don't care or they are truly brain dead. The United States, its President, its Congress, its Supreme Court, and its Justice Department is owned and controlled by the Zionist Jews. They make war against their enemies by deception. Google what Netanyahu said at Fink's Bar in 1990:
    “If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it does not matter what you do, America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”

  5. Well if you don't interpret by the condition he has, narcicisstic personality disorder, then it's not unlikely that he has got his hands in Eppstein's death.

    Because that condition makes you project an awful lot, to an extend that, if you want to know what the Narcissist is up to, listen to what he accuses you of.

  6. Hey HYPOCRITE, Why not discuss Trump barring Epstein years ago from his Clubs for inappropriate conduct with an underaged employee. Why don't you talk about Donald Trump in 2008 being one of the only people who assisted Prosecutors on the Epstein case. Yeah, talk about that. HYPOCRITE

  7. So, if we are running with conspiracy theories – considering Epstein was in a federal prison, and trump has way more to lose when all this comes out – if it ever does, wouldn't it make more sense that trump was somehow involved 🤔🤷🏽‍♂️

  8. Hey David and team, love the show. Could you please do a short bit about the travel warnings other countries started to issue (especially middle East and Japan)? That'd be great. Thanks

  9. Everyone can see what is going on, but the worrying thing is that Trumps supporters think he is smart when he tweets this.

  10. Yes this is the height of distraction. He was far more connected to those scumbags and THAT world. I wonder how long they can continue to gas light.

  11. There’s almost no one who has studied this that would say Clinton has 100x less of a connection to Epstein than Trump. It’s about the same. They’re both disgusting old men. Let’s not white wash Bill’s sexual deviancy

  12. This is purely partisan for Pakman. Why? For fuck's sake, ignore the factional bullshit if you can for once, especially from Trump. We should do as prisoners do and agree to beat pedos to death, legally speaking of course.

  13. there has been plenty of eye witnesses to Bill Clinton on the plane to the island…. first thing I thought waa the Clinton death list just got longer!

  14. Kellyanne immediately does a “what about Russian no collusion”.
    Why is Kellyanne in her living room or a green screen living room…

  15. "Mystery Death"? Are you kidding me? Epstein was facing a trial that would expose all the horrible details of his child trafficking, life in prison, getting butt raped. Yeah, he had a great future awaiting him!🙄

  16. How would you know that anyway only if he has first count experience a.
    William Barr is involved he can't investigate it he has to recuse himself he knew Epstein it's like sex offenders investigating themselves

  17. Clinton is a known sexual abuser. He's also been known to take trips on Epstein's pedo jet the "Lolita Express". Let's not pretend like Clinton is innocent

  18. Why aren't Trump and Dershowitz being talked about daily on all the news stations about the accusations of sexual assault levied against them at Epstein"s home? The 13 year old that filed the lawsuit against Trump for rape in 94 is backed by credible witnesses. Why is this being swept under the rug by all the major news outlets and the focus being switched to some conspiracy about the Clintons . Dershowitz has already admitted he was there getting massages but in his own word's"Didn't take his underwear off and therefore couldn't have had sex". What is wrong with this picture?Are there CEO's and others in these huge media/news organisations that are also on Epsteins list of participants that are keeping this out of the news cycle. I have also heard very little about Bill Barr's lifelong connection to the Epstein family and other known facts. Who is hiding what here. This looks like a huge corporate/political cover up from every angle

  19. Trump bringing Clintons into this is simply to muddy the waters and distract… typical Right-wing strategy… It's also been reported that Barr secretly visited Epstein in jail prior to the first incident, the right-wing, Trump aligned New York Post reported this which is very odd given that they usually kiss Trump's ass, this only makes Barr and Trump look highly suspicious… also Barr initially recused then suddenly un-recused himself from the Epstein investigation most likely at Trump's request, something doesn't add up here, I don't trust Donnie Dump as far as I can throw him..

  20. Of course Trump had sex with children. He had sex with his daughter when she was 13. I mean…look at him. Everything in him says he's a child molester.

  21. Ben Sasse released a copy of one of the court documents just released that incriminate Trump in a brutal rape of one of the girls of Epsteins . So what else did Trump do? We know he raped other women . Trump needed Epstein dead and Barrs DOJ were in charge of the prison where Epstein was murdered. Barr and Trump are into this up to their eyeballs . Hope SDNY keeps a finger on those documents.

  22. Isn't that what he said before Muller was givin the investigation about him and his friends."I want a full investigation on his whole life, and the connection to the Clinton's. Watch out tRUMP that investigation might just lead right to you! Lol

  23. The correctional facility is a FEDERAL institution. It falls under the jurisdiction of the DOJ, Which falls under the jurisdiction of the president of the United States.
    The Clintons are nothing more than wealthy celebrities at this point, and no longer have the authority to give orders to a government agency.

  24. Trump is trying to implicate the Clinton's to take the heat off himself…..he is the pervert who partied with epstein and he is as guilty as his wee buddy jeffrey

  25. So let me be clear on this. Trump wants everything investigated but when he himself is under an investigation, then it's a witch hunt. 🤔

  26. Jeff got murdered from everyone in his blackmailing book. Everyone called it saying Jeff is going to get suicided then it happens. But some how this is Trumps fault. People been talking about pedo island for over a decade now and how Bill Clinton been there 26 times so this is nothing new.

  27. KC saids William Barr jump on this Epstein's investigation fast?? Because he is Trump's cleaner/fixer and cover up all evidences lead to Trump while using any evidences that indicate others instead.

  28. I have a question, help me out here. I've read many comments on different sites stating, Jeffrey Epstein isn't dead, he's been taken for plastic surgery to get a complete new identity. I personally think this is ridiculous and untrue. What do you all think?

  29. I'm at a loss as well. Trump has control over the JD, William Barr is in his pocket and he had Epstein moved to this current prison, yet these conspiracy/Right Wing nuts still put this suicide on the Clintons??? Is Trump that weak and powerless the Clinton's were able to have someone murdered under his watch?

  30. Because obviously the appropriate, presidential way to suggest to a concerned nation that "everything should be investigated" is by retweeting random tweets about Bill Clinton. I can't believe even Fox News couldn't think of the right follow up questions for Con-way.

  31. If anyone had the reach to get Epstein murdered, its trump and barr, Epstein was in barrs DOJ custody…plus trump was accused of raping a 13 yr old girl at one of Epstein parties..look it up

  32. Trump makes me so dam sick !!! He’s a pathetic excuse for a president & I say this out of respect for Dave because I wanna swear ….. I’m so pist …. that ….sob …. has a lot of 🏀🏈⚾️ pushing blame on Clinton’s what a jerk – he should be running the Country instead of running his big rotten mouth …. I can’t wait to vote !!! F**‼️ I can’t *^*^%> stand that %^*^%#~ ^* *^> * %**++🤬🤬🤬

  33. In a desert political landscape where the status quo reigns supreme at times I feel like I see an oasis but really it’s just a deeper swamp forming than the one it claimed to be replacing. Feel me.

  34. In a desert political landscape where the status quo reigns supreme at times I feel like I see an oasis but really it’s just a deeper swamp forming than the one it claimed to be replacing. Feel me.

  35. Trump’s fall out with Epstein is highly publicized and documented a good time ago.

    Clintons trips on the lolita express are verifiable and numerous.
    Here are the full logs

    I can provide numerous credible sources on the fall out between trump and epstein as well but you can easily find them yourself via google or duckduck

  36. Please always put a warning sign first before you present us Kellyanne Conway. Listening to her can damage your brain permanently.

  37. Definitively . . while Epstein was the main actor in this (real) pedophilia conspiracy, all those important characters are involved from DT to Clinton but one thing is for sure, Cheetah p-dent taking over the investigation sure is a laughable blatant trespass on due process and legality . . one of the main elements involved is now who controls the administration of Justice . . what a great strategy . . put one of his friends as the A.G. and bingo! he´s now in "good hands" . . oh and he says he can "pardon himself" . .ha ha ha what a joke the US has become

  38. It's coming down to facing an armed nation of white supremacists
    w/out a judicial control
    It's gonna be a civil war

  39. Talk to the private jet pilots, I hear the investigation files state Bill and Donald were frequent flyers to the private Island. They were all friends back then, they had so much in common. At this stage I'd be more surprised if he wasn't raping girls.

  40. I think that people like Sarah Huckabee Sanders or Kellyanne Conway always wanted to know just how far they could go, and now Trump gives them the chance to find out.

  41. Trump & Clinton's stupid asses couldn't even get away with cheating on their wives without the world finding out. There is more powerful people than these idiots that could have killed Epstein. Seen where Lewis Kasman ex mobster Top associate to John Gotti Sr said Barr was at MCC 2 weeks ago right before Epstein was found first time in his cell with marks on his neck. Could be all BS but why would he say that?

  42. Trump is a rapist and most likely a pedophile raping underage girls with his friend Epstein and it is still not really investigated if he fucked his own daughter(s).

    This creature is the spawn of Hell and should rot in the worst prison of the USA in solitary confinement.

  43. Has anyone tried the "CNN’s Blame Trump for Everything" drinking game yet ? Every time they say the words "racist", "white supremist", or "unnamed sources", everyone does a shot. You'll be hammered before the next commercial break ! lol

  44. I am going to keep repeating this and I don't care if I sound like a mad women. MENTION to your viewers that Fox have disabled their comments on the Epstein reports!!! They are protecting trump because they KNOW trump is more guilty!!! If this goes unmentioned, I swear to god I give up with Americans! Making this a talking point will get to trump supporters and you are missing a MASSIVE opportunity to wake them up.

  45. If Epstine's apparent suicide happened in Russia..we would suspect Putin and his goons…If in Saudi Arabia..the Prince and his goons…In America?…if your in Trump's KKKlan's the Clintons..If your not…Well let's just say Trump is lucky his Just-ass team is investigating the matter…

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