Trump to send Pelosi a letter ‘daring’ her to hold vote on impeachment

Maurice Vega

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  1. Makes me squeal with delight to watch Trump's face contorting in rage and a false sense of indignity. Exactly like Saddam Hussein.

  2. He is not daring her. He is simply stating until there is equal representation on both sides of the aisle – he will not participate. Let the court decide. If it's just kabuki theater — then, the POTUS should continue to refuse to participate.

  3. Trump must push Dems to Impeach him . This lmpeachment lies must be tested and challenged. Trump should not cooperate or give any paper just to provoke the Dems to Impeachment vote. What will happen next will shock America.

  4. If anyone wants to get a good laugh when you are down and out, watch fox news. But don't watch it to long because you will be trapped in an occult just like the Jim Jones story in Waco Texas. Fox news is forcing Donald Trump deplorables to drink the koolaid while laughing at them at the same time. Everyone will have drink the koolaid while Donald Trump watch them. The police will have to get Donald Trump off of the compound just like they had to do Jim Jones. Lol….

  5. The Democratic minions are getting very nervous, been seen a bunch of em on foxnews channels 😡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡👈

  6. Trump has done and said so many things we all no is at least questionable and unethical, if not criminal. But, some of stand by him, using his deflections as talking points to support him.

    I get that some of my peeps are gonna ride and die with trump no matter what he does. But, why not just say that, instead of parroting deflective talking points as some sort of reasoned premises to argue that it's all good. The truth is almost all of those premises when set for anyone but trump wouldn't hold water for my peeps forwarding them on Trump's behalf.

    But, you can say, "I don't care what he does I'm riding with him."

    I live in the SF Bay area of California. There was routine protests and critiques of Obama, particularly over droning of civilians in the middle East, and because he was considered the "deporter in Chief" here. I didn't agree with Obama on mass detentions and deportations, nor with droning. I did not offer Obama administration ridiculous taking points on those issues. All I could do was say, "yeah he did that. But, I don't care. I'm gonna ride with Obama till the end." That's how I felt.

    Because, in the end – those things I didn't like want enough to make me turn on a president that was accomplishing so much. But, I want going to argue that those particular things were good, because they weren't.

    So, to my fam it here arguing how trump is totally innocent and the bad things he does is actually good – you don't have to defend things that actually aren't in line with your sense of morals and ethics. You can just say that those things don't matter to your support of the dude.

  7. Congress doesn't want a deal made with China or any other deals they have to undo and look bad doing it her maybe in 6 years should they have the Presidency.

  8. I would like to know what exactly this great man did to warrant the democrats to harass and bully and intimidate him?
    I would like to know why the democrats aren't in prison for treason.
    Most important, why is Hillary Clinton still running around free?
    Somebody please tell me,because I've just about had it!!!

  9. Trump Administration is lying to Americans an the constitution is being broken.
    Put three people on a committee and they may get something done. Ten people, and it gets harder. Thirty people, and nothing happens. Thirty million, it becomes impossible. That's the effect of mass media – it keeps anything from happening. Mass media swamps diversity. It makes every place the same. Bangkok or Tokyo or London: there's a McDonald's on one corner, a Benneton on another, a Gap across the street. Regional differences vanish. All differences vanish. In a mass-media world, there's less of everything except the top ten books, records, movies, ideas. People worry about losing species diversity in the rain forest. But what about intellectual diversity – our most necessary resource?

  10. ummm Dear America Trump has the power to have Schiff and pelosi put under arrest for perverting the course of justice Pelosi with her friend in the Ukraine Military and Schiff for speaking to the whistleblower and then lying to Congress under oath. But i have Noticed no one wants to bring this up including Fox News

  11. Trump…keep on firing people that dont fit with the machine u creating that will help this country move forward. Beautiful…

  12. If your for impeachment  @Huck Fynn  apparently you don't know psychology. Do you have a wife. Not gf but wife. They nag and nag to no end you get fed up. If it was the 1700 or 1800 thia would be duel worthy. And if they can do this to him hello communism (sorry snow flakes socialism). They can do it to anyone they don't like.. Like a fascist social communist government does and if you don't open your eyes to they don't like him since the day he got in office and promised to find anything to do impeachment you support 3 year olds at wal mart crying for toys.

  13. Pelosi: what about your son being tied in with Ukraine, why not talk about that, you won't because you are protecting your son and probably yourself if all truth be known. Most Americans know the truth Pelosi, honestly you need to be thrown out of office and put in prison for the rest of the short life you have left. I pray for the Democratic party because this last few years you all have shown the world that you are nothing but spawn of the devil, you can change and turn your life over to God instead of Satan, you might say your a Christian but you can not serve God and Satan, Democrat meaning and please look it up, DEMO =Demon CRAT =POWER Democrat=DEMON POWER…. Like I said you can't serve GOD and SATAN and we all know that evil will be destroyed in the end, God loves us all , he gives us choices and wants us to make correct ones, It's not to late to change . God bless all ……

  14. Nancy wants to do an inquiry, and demand all these conversations & then if she finds something in that, she will hold a vote. So she asking trump to impeach himself? He doesn’t need to give her anything. My god if he has to hand over all the conversations and than these morons leak them to the press. Then the presidency is worthless. He would be incapable of getting anything done. No country would trust to talk to the u.s.

  15. I'm hoping Bernie Sanders can disrupt the filthy Clinton-Biden crew and take over the Democratic party. He's fighting against crooked Hillary-style politics

  16. Know, the Communists represented by Putin's goal of targeting all Democratic Institutions, suppressing them, dissipating them, and "controlling" worldwide opinion as a catalyst for authoritarian/oligarch power is clear and evident. Know that Putin's KGB background and his underlying terror of disempowerment has fostered sabotage of the 2016 and the 2020 American elections has substantiated by the Mueller investigation. Let's get real Americans, the swamp, the deep state includes and is our President! The talking heads that support this President fosters out right propaganda and create an injustice to Democratic Institutions. This is a good old "Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy" KGB operation at its roots. The Democratic Party and others are excellent distractions for authoritarians/oligarchs like Putin and our President Trump!. Wake up Republican Party. Know, that the Ukraine is yet another target of Putin's expect an invasion like Crimea and Georgia!. It's time the Republican Party take charge and spearhead impeachment. Romney has blasted our President for enlisting China to sabotage the Biden campaign!

  17. Why these officials are always intriguing trump…why wont they stop for the good of america…look at other nations now ,they are trying to be super power one…just wait for the next election…. these people should now make good legislations ..detractors ,opposition should move on already ..imagine since trump became a president they keep on intriguing ,find other violations he made other than these russia2,ukraine2..why are these people not tired of doing such thing to this president who really won in the 2016 election…they cannot really accept that this trump guy won in the election……..

  18. You don't HEAR too many legal defenses of the PRESIDENT because there really isn't any good ones, so what we do here is DEFLECTION. Do you really believe that the PRESIDENT has a big interest in Corruption in Ukraine and China and does NOT have an interest in beating BIDEN in 2020? We all know why he wants other countries to Investigate the BIDENS and its certainly NOT out of concern for Corruption taking place there. Ha Ha Ha Ha. Hilarious.

  19. Some of the legislators in the house of congress cannot really sleep that trump is still sitting as the president of u s a……..

  20. The whole world knows Democrats want President Trump impeached because they know he's going to win in 2020, and they are scared. Us American citizens voted for Trump to be our president and Democrats are trying to take away who we voted for without good reason. Democrats should be punished for all the money they've wasted for the lies they tell and keep telling. President Trump does't have to make up stories like the democrats do, he just tells it like it is….He's the "People's President" and the "People's Choice" **TRUMP♥2020**

  21. "These most deadly adversaries of republican government might naturally have been expected to make their approaches from more than one quarter, but chiefly from the desire in foreign powers to gain an improper ascendant in our councils. How could they better gratify this, than by raising a creature of their own to the chief magistracy of the Union? "

    Federalist Papers #68
    Alexander Hamilton

  22. hey every one leave our best president Trump alone he does very good job , we need him in the white house, No Impeachment, I wii support him again . the USA need Trump, we have a lot works to do, why just one thing impeachment it not help but it will hurt you on election, you hate him , voter hate you , thank you for your channel.

  23. This is a most side splittingly hilarious comedy pastiche, sad only because it's actually real life!! A country voted in a leader who is a failed businessman who won't show his 'beautiful' taxes, a 'stable genius' who won't show any of his 'beautiful qualifications, a draft dodger who now commands the entire military but gets 'beautiful' letters from their sworn enemies, has quid-pro-quo conversations, but won't release ACTUAL transcripts of his 'beautiful' conversations and has all of his party members quaking in their boots, scared to contest anything he does because of his 'beautiful' twitter demeanour. We tune in everyday for the latest instalment of the beautiful disaster. 'The Snake Oil Senate Chronicles'. I've never laughed so much in my life. Beautiful.. Thank you..

  24. When Watergate happened with Nixon, only 19% of the public favored impeachment at the beginning. By the time the investigation wound its way through 71% of the public wanted impeachment.
    In Trump's case 37% wanted impeachment after the Ukraine biz came out. One week later and thanks to Trump's big mouth 55% now want impeachment. Remember we are only in the first week and more evidence is sure to come out involving others and the scale of his operation. The point is the House can file charges when they want but they will file charges that's for sure because his offenses have been blatant

  25. Has anyone noticed that all the stories that are negative about liberals. The comments are disabled. Why is there this kind of bias? But anything about conservatives is wide open for debate. This is very disturbing!

  26. Whoever thought being an American in 2019 would be so horrible and challenging. High dropout rates? High Teen violence & pregnancy rate? School dropouts? Unemployment? Racism?classicism?sexism? Spiritually confused &? Hight Divorce rates ? Really USA 🇺🇸? You should be ashamed to call yourself anytype of American ? Especially Christians who allow America to Act this way instead of speaking out and fighting back ? But i forgot " in God we trust ? Right 😃

  27. Do your jobs. Pls dont make us take it into our hands. It will not be pretty. And we shall not discrimanate as to those whom have sold us out. Pray that GOD comes quickly and pours out his mercy because we shall show none.

  28. The evil and corruption that has permeated throughout the government of our great Republic has to be stopped. Professional politicians have been selling our country out to foreign interests since the end of WW2 and making fortunes while doing so. The Clintons were the very best at making a fortune on pay-for-play policies while in office. The Bidens are almost as good. Pray to God that the righteous will be upheld and the evil doers struck down. Trump is paying a high price for this effort but he seems strong enough to withstand it. Only a man with a strong belief in God and with the knowledge that he is doing the right thing could withstand it. I believe (with the help of God) he will prevail.

    I leave you all with this; "No weapon that is fashioned against you shall succeed, and you shall confute every tongue that rises against you in judgment. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and their vindication from me, declares the Lord.” Isaiah 54:17

  29. Trump against the democrats is like a boxing match when a boxer wins the fight, because his first punch knocks the other boxer out. Satisfying and disappointing at the same time. Satisfying, because we already knew our guy would win. Disappointing, because we wanted to watch our enemy at least attempt to fight before they're destroyed.

  30. Theater! What is the real motivation of the left? What's going on that they are using all this theater as a distraction to detrackt our attention from? I think that once the dust settles the public should demand a clear and thorough investigation into any and all corruption conducted by past administrations effecting us now. And all news in America must be bought back from the monopoly that owns them.

  31. All I know for sure is President Trump has been harassed from day one. Unfortunately, the Marines might have to clean up this mess.

  32. Nancy Pelosi
    To renounce a responsibility or position; generally used to describe the act of a sovereign giving up a throne or an official renouncing the privileges and duties of his or her office; also used to describe a government or official failing to fulfill responsibilities or duties.


  34. They couldn't make the Mueller fiasco last through 2020; so now this steaming pile is their attempt. The Dems couldn't beat Trump in 2016, and Al Green all but admitted they won't be able to do it in 2020. Creepy Uncle Joe is on camera bragging about withholding aid to get the prosecutor fired. That's proof positive that the Dems are accusing Trump of EXACTLY what they are guilty of. Couple that with the blatant attacks on the 2nd amendment, and I think it's obvious the Dems want nothing but absolute power and control over the "smelly Walmart people" they deem us to be. Wake up, America, before it's too late!

  35. Nancy Pelosi: "In the name of the United States Congress, you are under arrest my president.
    President Trump: "Are you threatening me, Madam Speaker?
    Nancy Pelosi: The senate will decide your fate."
    President Trump: "I AM the senate!"
    Nancy Pelosi: "Not yet."
    President Trump: It's treason then."
    [ignites his lightsaber and leaps over his desk to attack]

  36. Nancy Pelosi shows she's absurdly arrogant, and pride goes before a fall. The Democratic Party will fall of its own pride.

  37. sack of Rotton potatoes = 1-Nutty Pelosi, 2-Adam Sh*t, 3-Jerry Nadler, 4-Chuck 'smug' Schumer, 5-Maxine "grouper fish look-alike" Waters, 6-Alexandria 'DEMOCRAT LEADER' Ocasio Cortez, 7- Ilhan Omar, 8- Rashida 'moody' Tlaib…

  38. He should have never allowed Pelosi to run anything. She's a babbling idiot, corrupt as hell. Didn't her family members have some ties to Mexican cartels?

  39. The whistle blower… or the gutless blowhard needs to come forward and introduce themselves. Trump has the right to meet his accuser. Never vote Democrat again ever.

  40. Nancy Pelosi's eyebrows look more and more surprised everyday…. does no one else see how CRAZY she looks?!! … ACTS? She doesn't act like a innocent person does she ?? I mean come on folks

  41. You are kidding me right? Sending a letter daring her? The President does not dare the speaker of the house. This is worse than high school. He still doesnt get that the house is a branch of his administration? This is why President Pelosi will remove and incarcerate trump and pence and restore dignity and class to America while operating within the parameters of the Constitutional oath she swears to. Trump and pence will have plenty of time to figure out what that means.

  42. Benefit the house? All the republicons want is the right to throw up smoke screens and whataboutism. That and cry about 2nd hand knowledge. LittleDick is a crook, a con, a rapist, a racist, a liar, and a traitor. LittleDick for federal prison 2020. He is corrupt and the republicons will pay the price. I'm happy as a clam.😀

  43. FYI: I typed into YouTube "Latest Trump news" and then had to scroll down past 38, not 8, 38 negative stories about President Trump until I reached this one about President Trump complied by FOX News …almost every article above this news story was nothing but Negative Comments, with 80 percent of them roughly under the name MSNBC …it's like watching a Sitcom from the 50's on here, where the actors at the end of the scene would walk up to the camera and say " You know, you'll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent" because Pepsodent sponsored the show. It's as if MSNBC has 51% stock in YouTube !

  44. That eight page letter was sent today to Pelosi saying “we will not comply.”
    I just want to say: YEAH!!!
    It’s about time the Republicans stood their ground!
    This far and NO MORE!!
    TRUMP/PENCE 2020

  45. Democrats are the 21st century's face of domestic terrorism. If a Democrat is speaking they are lying and being paid to do it. Pathetic!

  46. LOL. The letter took over a week to make and still there is not one legal argument in it. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Not a surprise of course. The law is very clear. Trump can be impeached. And he exposed himself 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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