Trump Threatens Fox News

>>But there’s no question about it. And I think they’re making a big mistake. So that’s Donald Trump yelling at Fox News. He’s upset that there is two potentially progressive
hosts on the channel and he’s worried about their polls. He thinks he’s the polls are being unfair
to him. He, of course, is a moron that doesn’t understand
what a poll is. But this war between Trump and Fox could be
very interesting, Ana. Yeah, exactly, so let me just be clear that
there are no progressives on Fox. But he doesn’t like the fact that there are
people who are sometimes a little critical of him. Juan Williams and Donna Brazile being the
two individuals in question. Now he went after Juan Williams hard on Twitter,
and also during his little tarmac interview with reporters. Let’s hear what he had to say. I think Fox is making a big mistake, because
I’m the one that calls the shots on the really big debates. I guess we’re probably planning on three of
them. They might not- Well, I’m not happy with Fox. I’m certainly happy, I think Sean Hannity,
and Lou Dobbs, and I think Tucker Carlson, and Laura. Jesse Watters and Jeanine, we have a lot of
great people, even Greg Gutfeld, he wasn’t good to me two years ago. Now he sees all I’ve done, he said would you
rather a great president or a nice guy? I don’t know, I think I’m a nice guy. [LAUGHING] Jesus Christ, okay, so look, he
listed all the people who defend him no matter what he does. And has decided that Fox News is falling apart
because there have been a few cases of either critics going after Trump. Or polls which, by the way, the polls are
answered by people who watch Fox News, right? So the results of the polls he doesn’t like,
which we’ll get to in just a second. But here’s what he said about Juan Williams
via Twitter over the weekend. Juan Williams at Fox News is so pathetic,
and yet when he met me in the Fox Building lobby, he couldn’t have been nicer. As he asked me to take a picture with him,
blah blah blah. Now Juan Williams said no, I asked for a photo
for the security guard who happens to be a fan of his. Whatever, it doesn’t matter, it’s not important. What is important though is that sometimes
there’s a little bit of truth about Trump on Fox. And Juan Williams sometimes shares that truth,
so let’s take a look at what that was. I think most Americans including Democrats
want to confront China on their trade policy. Because clearly what they’ve done in terms
of stealing intellectual property, the uneven playing field for our goods going into China. There’s a need for this, but I think Trump’s
brutish approach is the problem. I mean, it’s not just Democrats who say, hey,
this guy isn’t artful. The Wall Street Journal has said that, he’s
then attacked the Wall Street Journal at a rally this week. God, Trump is so thin-skinned, and it betrays
how weak he is. Because you don’t get that thin-skinned unless
you’re deeply insecure. What did one Juan Williams say, that raging
Progressive on Fox News? He said that the Trump was inartful that’s
what you got all up! So you gonna declare war on Fox News because
somebody called you inartful? And about the polls, I want to go back to
that. First of all, the Fox’s polls are not done
on their website, they’re real polls that just happen to be done by Fox News. I don’t know if they’re shading the polls
at all to be more Right-winged, to get a Right wing result. But if they are it’s not working, because
their polls keep indicating that people hate Donald Trump. Anyway, Trump said, Fox has changed, that
my worst polls have always been from Fox. No, they haven’t. First of all, that’s not true. But second of all, look at his deep-seated
corruption. He assumes if it comes from Fox News, not
that they should, that they’re already fixing the poll, rigging the poll on his behalf. And he’s now wondering why are they rigging
it against me, when they should be rigging it in my favor? Right It never occurs to him that it’s a real
poll where they just asked Americans, and that’s what they actually thought of you. So one of the polls showed that the front-runners
in the Democratic Party all would beat him, if the election were to take place today. You have Joe Biden, 50% versus Donald Trump’s
38%, Bernie Sanders, 48% versus Trump’s 39%. They all beat him, they all kicked his ass,
this is true. They all, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris,
so that’s what he is real senstitive about. But I just want go back to what he said in
that interview with reporters. He’s threatening Fox News, he’s saying, look
I call the shots! So if you don’t give me the coverage that
I want, I can decide not to allow Fox to host any of the general election debates. And that is exactly how access works, Donald
Trump always says the quiet parts loud, that is what he did there. Yes, and often times, the media then bows
their head and says, I’m so sorry. And gives the person in power what they want. It’s not just Trump, it happens all the time. Trump’s just too stupid to not realize that
you’re not supposed to say it in front of a camera.

Maurice Vega

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  1. the fact that fearless democratic leader donna brazile is making regular appearances on FOX makes me laugh pretty hard

  2. wow more of coward cenks half truths and lies.the interview was 8/18.go watch the whole thing yourself.then watch mr reagons who's really behind aoc to get the truth about lying POS cenk

  3. @tyt, I did a poll by text from Franklin Research and their questions were about top Democrats and excluded questions about Bernie Sanders. Like skipped over him completely. I had to tell them he was my 1st choice

  4. How much longer will we have to endure a White House and Republican Senate run by mentally-disturbed little kids? What an infantile, dangerous, destructive and ridiculous leadership we have now.

  5. Trump has gone his whole life being protected by sycophants. He can get people to finance him through bankruptcies but the American public won't do that. That's pretty much the only rule in politics. If the economy fails on your watch, people bail.

    Republicans were trying so hard to distance themselves from George Bush in the 2008 election. If it's the economy that brings him down, then that's what it is. However, we must all remember that Republicans were okay with the election meddling, the racism, the treatment of immigrants, and all of this terrible behavior.

    It's all been brought to you by the Republican party, and in the end it wasn't principles about human rights abuses or the integrity of elections or a journalist being dismembered in Saudi Arabia or a protester getting run over in Charlottesville or a shooting spree in El Paso that caused them to reflect on their support.
    It was the prospect of a slow economy.

  6. Well no matter what these Turkish Islam leaning terrorist sympathisers think trump will be president again in 2020

  7. I guess some staffers at Fox didn't get the memo …. not fawning over " der Fuhrer , ist verboden " and also a big disgrace !!!

  8. Even the slightest bit of criticism would set that man child off. He's a narcissistic sociopath with a broken fragile ego.

  9. When the democrats end their war with working class white men that weren't privileged enough to go to college via their parents; they might have a chance in twenty twenty eight.

  10. I use to watch TYT until Anna started showing how much she is getting rich off of people's fears! I despise Trump and Anna the same!

  11. I love that blunder :"Would you rather have a great President, or a nice guy. I think I'm a nice guy." And he is not a great president.

  12. Trump is attacking is base??? But nope. They will still eat is shit coming out of his ass like zombie puppets.

  13. I wonder what he'll say and do when he lose the election 2020 and how he will handle the legal aftermath.
    If he win again I will go into hibernation for 4 years.

  14. The supposedly "liberal" media edited that threatening line out of every clip I saw shown on TV; I had to come here to see it.
    If the media were truly liberal, and not brainwashed into being terrified of this demagogue, he'd be out of office already.

  15. Trump is extraordinarily stupid which is lucky for the US. Just imagine where the country could be heading if he was smart.

  16. That’s just an empty threat if he doesn’t have his debates at Fox where is he going to go CNN or any other major news network that’s he’s been denigrating and lying about for the past 3 years straight. Good luck getting the debate questions beforehand from one of those networks.

  17. Thank god there is no dumbasses on fox.gotta enough of yall on this channel.real polls like the ones that said he lost the last election.keep trying morons.hes not threating just make up some more bs.this channel is for people with a brain stem only.

  18. If Fox turns on him he will lose definitely in 2020. That's the only station that supports him. Without them he has nothing.

  19. Please improve your reporting. You need to show all 5 major polls when you are reporting.
    Fox is only One poll. Thanks

  20. This is the United States. We, unlike Russia, North Korea and Saudi Arabia are allowed to disagree and have our own opinions and value the freedom of the press. Mr. Trump must not be allowed to take these freedoms that our forefathers fought and died for away from us.

  21. Trump never "threatened" Fox news. He dissed it. Not the same thing. It's the "Progressives" who threaten with physical violence using proxy groups like Antifa or KKK last century. They're tyranny. They're the ones who want to eliminate the First and Second Amendments. They're the ones who spy on their political opponents. The Cat's out of the bag now and there's nothing TYT can do about it.

  22. If you don’t agree with 🍊 tan man, then, YOU’RE FIRED. . . Trump can’t handle the truth or know the truth, because he don’t know how to tell the truth. He said, he could fix this all by himself, so I think he fixed it and will be standing all by himself. You’re going down 45. Can’t wait to see who will step up to that fraud occupying the White House. Everyone should not be afraid of this jerk. United we stand, divided we’ll fall. Orange man first to fall. ASAP in a cell.

  23. vote republican, Putin needs your help in destroying america, trump will throw a party in the white house as he hands over the control of america to putin.

  24. 0:59 I have never gotten used to hearing this criminal’s opinion about what makes him unhappy.

  25. Caveat.Trumo double blind…is trying to SHOW that he is not BIASED but only DERANGED!
    G'DAY from Australia. CHEERS MATE. Keep up the good work.

  26. One thing noones pointed out in the 20 times I've watched this coverage….is it a coincidence that he called all the male FOX pundits by their full name (first and last) but only referred to the female pundits by their first name (Laura and Janine)? I think not…

  27. When Rupert Murdoch gives you political power he can also take it away. Watch out Trump he'll have your moron voters trying to run you over.

  28. I mean I feel for trump.What good is it having your own propaganda station if they aren’t 100% supportive of every single thing you say,do and tweet? We can only hope and pray that fox turns on trump for real.That will naver happen,of course,but it sure needs to happen in order to help save this nation from the crash and burn and sinking so low under trump that we can’t recover.The sad thing is that republicans won’t really like the America they are left with if trump and they succeed in destroying all our institutions and protections they are out to destroy. The unsafe ,unstable,corrupt,polluted authoritariancountry they think they want won’t actually be something they desire.The world where you no longer trust the FBI,police,judges,the intelligence agencies because they are politicized ,with bad air and unsafe water. Unsafe products,food and medicine and no recourse when it goes wrong.They won’t like it if they get what they are determined to get.

  29. How has noone killed this stupid mother fucker? If someone goes around in the real world talking like that they would be dead.

  30. If he actually thinks anyone will stay loyal to him when he stops making money for them he's even stupider if thats possible I can't wait till they all ditch him

  31. FOX News savages couldn't be trusted, Trump tried to be friends with them and look what they have done to them. But now I say it's time for Rupert Murdoch to resign at daybreak, we attack!

  32. We heard all the fake media recession talk when the stock market went down 800 points but now that it's on the rise again, that talk has subsided. Gee, what a surprise. If people had a lick of common sense, they would realize that power brokers force the price down by a selloff and then repurchase the stocks and they go back up and it's how they make big money. When the market goes too high like when it was at 27,500, it's harder to make a killing so they have a major selloff, knowing it's going to go back up.

  33. All the people he named are not journalists or newscasters. They are political entertainment correspondents or opinion hosts. The sad thing tho is many people don't realize the difference and think Fox does objective news and journalism. You will NEVER see anyone from Fox News win the Pulitzer for investigative journalism or hard-hitting reporting.

  34. Did you hear what he said? Would you rather have a great president or a nice guy, I think I'm a nice guy. So, even he doesn't think he's a great president.

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