Trump talks race, football, foreign policy and more ahead of the Super Bowl

Maurice Vega

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  1. That reporter is dumb and doesn't listen. He said he would leave a small amount of troops at the base there and then asks would he leave troops there haha

  2. " So you gonna trust the intelligence that you receive ? " " i am going to trust the intelligence that I AM (HUGE EGO) putting there".
    Eh super male, i dont know if she is LOIS LANE but you, i am sure that your are not CLARK KENT. SUPER-MALE ?

  3. This is our President! It is hard to believe this is the dumbest person on the entire planet. Every time he is told what someone else criticized him about he says I have a great relationship with him, he says that about everyone I have a great relationship with them and Its a disgrace. What a simpleton. When you look at? This isn't even a sentence.

  4. I was reading the comments and I can't really believe the comments are real. The first bunch I read all were complaining at the bias of the interviewer and not the obvious take away that Trump knows nothing and showed just how stupid he is. This is the kind of blindly following heir leader that lead to WWII.

  5. She wants to strike Iran, but Trump wants to watch and look out for trouble– woow thats news to her! stupid lady twisiting words

  6. This lady conducting interview is clearly biased.. they now want to send militaries to die and spend money but still bombings are around, it's no help…

  7. I'm sure this is a great interview on the behalf of Mr. Trump and I've no clue about majority of Domestic issues within USA, but lying about Syria like that? C'mon..

  8. Jeanie Pirro ex husband and father of her children was convicted of conspiracy and tax evasion over $1 million after the celebration of the silver jubilee of their marriage and she is of Lebanese descent. Both parents are immigrants from Lebanon.

  9. Communist China is whole set of tyranny, any  a mayor can corrupt or graft billions USD.  Rap5 kindergarten young girl, make hundreds or thousands mistress, concubines. Imprison and kil1 dissident.

  10. Looking at these comments I find it hard to believe that adults are typing them. I'm not saying her interview skills are great but many of these commenters seem to disregard his actual responses. The "President" is just as rude and makes up lies in the spot, you can literally see him make up lies. How can you possibly condone this kind of behavior from one person and condemn from another. Also please stop with the name calling it's juvenile.

  11. It’s crazy that Face the Nation can see all these 1000s of comments of people accusing them of bad journalism and being absolutely terrible for the country and they simply don’t care. So so sad, who loves money and power enough to be genuinely evil in the pursuit of it?

  12. Not a Trump supporter, but it is disgusting the way any interviewer is allowed to talk to him whatever way they want. He is the president, he should be treated with that level of respect. They'd bend over to Obama.

  13. He doesnt trust the Senate, because he knows that they have been bought.

    Trum cant be bought. He does the buying.

    Viva DT.

  14. She got emotional and threw professionalism out of the window.
    Her eyes even got teary.

    What a shame

    Viva DT.

  15. That reporter got destroyed haha. You can tell she was getting triggered when Trump had an answer for everything and she looked stupid. Trump is such an awesome president.

  16. I’m glad to see that Trump’s heart is in the right place. Much respect for this man, still staying true to himself amongst all the hate and ridicule. A natural problem solving leader👍thank you for everything President Trump, I apologize for doubting you at certain points in time and I appreciate your honesty.

  17. Trump needs to be careful getting involved in the child trafficking/human trafficking stuff, I'm so glad he's mentioning it but the everyday people will roll their eyes and think he's making it up. Child trafficking/slavery/trafficking of women is a huge problem in the world. And it seems people high up do not want it to stop, look at what happened to Andrew Brietbart when he said John Podesta is one of the biggest child traffickers, and that woman who found out children were being smuggled from Haiti, both ended up dead.

  18. Stupid interviewer. Let the President finish off his sentences. She is not listening but in attack mode.

  19. Everything good for the US, is bad in the Media. This is why this show should be called "Fake the Nation"

  20. American people are sick of democrats especially the past year, they have gone insane. They are all liars. Transparent lack of actions and hypocrisy. I want to hear about good news, I want to hear the successes we have having, and historic progress were making these past 2 years. The democrats make this world a unhappy place to live, like a crybaby kid that didn't get their way so lies and throws a tantrum because their candidate didn't win. ITS TIME to start making laws against fake news journalism, and laws against slandering in the media.

  21. Donald Trump stands his ground like an absolute boss. The longer he is president the better he gets at guiding the country.

  22. Well, Mr. President!
    Iran is not a terrorist nation,
    Iran is a nation surrounded by a dark mafia group for 40 years , which actually was also an western project against Iran devolving , a so called revolution in 1978

  23. Is this so called reporter related to the FORMER DISGRACED director of the CIA? Because she has about as much personality as a sack of wet laundry!

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