Trump Supporters on Holiday Family Politics

We do, and honestly, thankfully, we are
Trump supporters, all of us, so it’s really enjoyable to talk about it. Oh yeah we do talk about it but it can get pretty heated. To be unfriended by a family member on Facebook, that says a lot. Don’t really talk about politics too much. It’s gotten so divisive that we, people know what everybody’s feelings are and we
just don’t talk about it. There’s a lot of us and we’re very opinionated and
strong willed and we are totally pro-Trump. We don’t have a problem talking
about it because we know that it’s just a conversation. So there’s not that
device, even though there may be difference in opinion. Everybody’s cordial, unlike Washington. I do talk a little bit of politics with my family. We are very more of a conservative family here in West Michigan, and our values actually
run really deep with our own faith here. We don’t really talk a ton of politics
in my family. We all just, like, agree that Trump’s, like, done a lot for us and we
agree that he needs to be reelected in the fall. I mean we all just agree. Well there’s about three of us that are conservative and a couple that are
liberal and we probably won’t talk about it a whole lot. But it all works out. It’ll all work out. You know what, family’s family. We each have our own opinions and what we believe in. So, you just go from there
and keep loving them. You know, I think we’re all really looking forward to this
year. People are saying Merry Christmas again. We’re happy to get, you know, God
back in our families and really let that, the light shine through.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Well its Michigan.. So that says it all. Just wish they all would stay there instead of coming to Florida.. Sick seeing all those retard nasty red hats. Hey Michigan.. America has always been Great.. Its the duh..dumbasses that ruin it..

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