Trump sings about Mueller Probe and Russian Collusion (Original Song)

And i have to tell you We are trully winning again Our country is winning again And our country is respected again And it’s i say respected Like rarely before I’ve been President for the third amazing
year I hope you enjoy my political career
They say Donald Trump is a russian spy Everybody knows that’s a dirty rotten lie
I don’t like fake news as it really makes me sad
Half of their reports literally drive me mad And the FBI doesn’t trus the President
You are friends with Putin is their strongest argument
Looks like Muller’s team is just people who hate Trump
Look guys can you please stup busting my hump And someday i’ll close the border with Mexico
When none of them can reach the U.S. I’ll say Bingo
The disaster known as Obamacare I will do my best just to repeal this nightmare
So guys all i need is your encouragement Soon you’re gonna see my greates accomplishment Thanks for watching I hope you enjoy this video And if so leave a like And a comment below this song Also subscribe to this channel Because there are a lot of things I’m gonna sing about in the future

Maurice Vega

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  1. Fuck you bro mexico wants to earn money for family medication not to send crime or rape no trump is a dirty little snote and racist hoe

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