Trump Silences Room by Shouting “My Favorite Dictator” to Egyptians

so we’re all very, very familiar with Donald
Trump’s lack of diplomatics skill. But today we have a story that takes this
to a new level that actually seems almost satirical, but in a way it’s a refreshing
sort of reality that tells us something arguably positive about Donald Trump. And since these things are so few and far
between, I do want to pay some special attention to it. You’ll remember that not long ago, the g seven
was held in BIA, Ritz France, and we covered all of the comings and goings. And one of the things that we’re now learning
about are the details of a meeting that Donald Trump was going to have with the Egyptian
President Abdel Fatah LCC, and according to the Wall Street Journal, uh, per multiple
people in the room, Donald Trump arrived looking around for LCC and called out, where’s my
favorite dictator? Which resulted in what was described as stunned
silence in the room. Apparently a joke, one set of reactions was,
it’s not really a joke. Donald Trump loves dictators, or at least
he loves authoritarians. This includes his praise of Kim Jong Goin
or doe one, she Putin, Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin, Solman, Duterte, et cetera. He’s just saying, this guy is my favorite
dictator. I love dictators and this guy’s my favorite
dictator. The argument over whether it is a joke though,
I think is the wrong one. This is an extreme example of a clueless person
not knowing how politics is done yet. It’s more of the same total lack of decorum
and diplomacy that Donald Trump brings to everything that he does because he’s just
ignorant to all of it. But there is a way in which I’m actually relieved
to hear Donald Trump call one of these authoritarians a dictator, even if it’s not literally the
truth, and I’ll explain why in a second. Now on the, on the fact his LCC, a dictator,
he is often called a dictator. He’s certainly an authoritarian. He gives the military unchecked power. He overthrew a democratically elected president
in 2013 in a queue to take power. He’s killed hundreds of protesters. He’s imprisoned tens of thousands of dissidents
of different kinds. There are allegations of torture of disappearing
journalists and activists and allegations of abduction. I mean really just horrible, terrible, terrible
stuff, and he is a violent authoritarian, if not a dictator. Now the reason I find this refreshing in some
way from Donald Trump is Trump’s already thrown decorum out the window. He’s thrown diplomacy out the window. Who Cares about that? This is just one more example and what is
one more instance of that? At this point in time, I am glad that Donald
Trump called something at least by what it might be if it, again, if not literally a
dictator, a dictatorial authoritarian LCC. When it comes to these authoritarian strong
men, I would prefer that Donald Trump call them what they are, or at least something
closer to what they are instead of merely praising them and placating them and working
to please them and complimenting them. He has already done it with LCC back in 2017
he talked about LCCs doing a great job and made all sorts of just completely outrageous
statements that ignore the endless, I mean, just endless human rights abuses that we’ve
seen, uh, there. So is it embarrassing for Donald Trump to
walk into a room and say, where’s my favorite dictator? Of course it’s embarrassing. Is it hilariously an decorous? If that’s a word, of course it is. But evidence that Trump recognizes dictators
for what they are. Authoritarians for what they are is slightly
positive. Is this actual praise of Donald Trump? Big Picture? Of course it’s not, but it arguably in a way,
it actually makes his praise of authoritarian dictatorial types. Even worse, it would be one thing if Trump
doesn’t recognize that that’s what they are and just kind of likes the fact that he sees
them as strong figures, Putin, Duterte, all of them. It’s in a sense worse if he recognizes that
they are dictatorial, dictatorial authoritarians and still praises them, but he’s at least
calling things closer to what they are. So big picture, it’s not like I like Trump
now, but I respect the fact that he actually entered the room and yelled this out, even
if it is completely outrageous, diplomatically, because it confirms that Trump recognizes
these people for what they are, the fact that he likes them, signals of problem with his
moral compass and moral. The moral compass of Trump is what we’ll talk
about next. But in a sense, he is not as disconnected
from reality as maybe we thought at the end of last week. If I’m missing this, if my take on this misses
something else, let me know. But I actually found it refreshing to hear
Donald Trump refer to LCC, at least buy something closer to what he is rather than just a great
leader. The Way Donald Trump refers to most of these,
a dictatorial, dictatorial authoritarians, let me know what you think.

Maurice Vega

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  1. David, he maybe recognising "dictator", I have no respect for him, as he's made it obvious he wants to be a dictator "authoritarian". trump means what he says, that was not a joke!

  2. Cici kills imprisons tortures egypians yet every democartic civilized nation in europe is welcoming him as a guest and now trump calling him his favourite dictator shows how these dictatorships are surviving dispite their entire people hating them yet they can't remove them without a war cause u.s and europe are supporting them

  3. You didn't talk how u.s helped that coup on morsi and they put cici to torture the egyptians why is anyobe surprised by this??

  4. Trump is obviously terrible but I gotta admit, there's something hilarious about picturing him walking into a room full of serious diplomats and shouting "Where's my favorite dictator?" xD Talk about bull in a China shop…

  5. David, Trump is jokingly saying this because he thinks the media is out to get the guy just like he thinks the media is out to get himself. This is not a good sign.

  6. Remember when Obama embarrassed the US on a daily basis?
    …me neither.
    The most unqualified misleading uninformed vile excuse for a president in history.
    Trump is an abomination.

  7. What the HELL is wrong with this man. I can’t believe anyone can be a supporter of him. Children don’t even like him.why does always sit like a APE? Can he not sit up straight? It can’t be heel spurs.

  8. I think one of the problems with people concerning Donald Trump is that they still see him as a tv personality rather then who he is supposed to be which is the PRESIDENT THE UNITED STATES! Everyone forgives his ignorance about everything instead of realizing he is supposed to be representing the best this country can offer. It's sad, very, very sad.

  9. OF COURSE he wasn't joking!!!! He was simply calling a spade a spade. He's not capable of anything as subtle as sarcasm. Refreshingly hilarious!

  10. Why does David always dig for the wrongs of Iron/Man Trump rather the n love his own country and support his and our Bill of rights// He acts like an expert in everything his says and you support him laughing all the way to the bank// Watch Judicial Watch or the John

    Birch society for facts, honesty and the truth that David isn't capable of // ask David if he's a member of the CFR //

  11. This is just another example of how dumb Trump is, he doesn't know he's not supposed to say the quiet part out loud. Kinda like when he's repeatedly said anti-semitic things, not knowing they were anti-simetic. He's just not a very bright guy… But the truth is the US does support dictators and human rights abusers all around the world, so it is refreshing for some one to actually say the truth. There's almost a child-like naivete there, like the child saying the emperor has no clothes, all the adults knew that was quiet part.

  12. Trump doesn’t joke. Trump isn’t funny. Trump isn’t admirable. David, you aren’t serious right? Trump isn’t sane. And Trump isn’t living in reality. He loves dictators. He’s shallow, sick, stupid, and dishonest.

    Don’t fawn over him because he once in a while is truthful. He’s only showing what a sick, nasty monster he is. He’s being truthful by accident. This is the real him and he’s vile.

    Stop with the refreshing stuff. That’s sick and disgusting David. That’s like jumping up and down in happiness because Trump manages not to soil his pants in public. It’s not hilarious. He’s the excrement of Satan. There are things to be happy about somewhere, but none of them are connected to Trump.

  13. Jokingly calling someone a negative word, that holds some truth, is a good way of softly critiquing them. I do this with my friends when appropriate.

  14. The right snappy answer to “Where is my favorite dictator?” is “He’s in Russia”. It would have been awesome if someone had been quick enough on the uptake to say that.

  15. We all know how bad of comedian Trumpty Dumbty is… sucks at making jokes. And yes he is a little wannabe dictator, the flipping moron ??

  16. Ok I was looking at where you were going with curiosity piqued but distracted by the drums. I'm a guitarist and can't translate my ability to keep the beat into any respectable drumming. I've begun to listen closer to drums lately because some drummers create magic that make songs great. Wondering who you like. Your analysis BTW is spot on as usual.

  17. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi IS INDEED a DICTATOR! And for Donald Dump to show admiration for him, along with Vlad Putin, Kim Jong Un, Rodrigo DuTerte and their ilk, shows Donald Dump in his truest colours. He shows utter disdain and contempt for democratic principles of government.

  18. Oh no Trump, now you got your boss Putin and your little asian missile lover very very angry, expect a very angry letter from Kim within a week and a verbal spanking from Putin you naughty orange daughter humping moron.

  19. This is really stupid, but I'm really looking forward to hear how the Trumpists will defend this, which will likely prove to be even crazier. Great schemes on Fox ahead!

  20. but David you're assuming trump knows what the word "dictator" means, he probably thinks a "dictator" is someone who has sex with potatoes

  21. Trump loves dictators. He wants to be one. It's so obvious. He aspires to them. They are his heroes. He seeks their approval coz they're just like his dad, who didn't pay enough attention to him. Apart from the fact that he has personal business with Saudi and Russia which means he has to keep them happy while he pretends to be president. He loves how Vlad is now the wealthiest man in the world after ripping off his people and Trump believes he can be that too!

  22. How?! How the hell did you guys go from voting in Obama – one of the greatest diplomats and statesmen of any country in my lifetime, at least – to this grotesque and hideously unqualified sack of useless crap?!

  23. David, although on the surface, it’s a reverse win that Trump acknowledges the fact, I think this is far outweighed by the fact that he just took a huge leap as the ‘leader of the free world’ in publicly normalising dictators and their methods.

  24. Is there a chronological list of all the outrageous things Trump has said and done during his campaign and presidency?
    There have to be like a thousand things, it all kinda blends together at this point.

  25. I think he knows what a dictator is, respects them far, far too much and has a catastrophic lack of anything resembling tact

  26. Sisi didn’t stage a coup against “a democratically elected leader”
    There were massive protests against Morsi and there were 22 million people calling for his resignation AFTER he had declared that he was granting himself unlimited powers.
    Very odd for Pakman to be sympathetic toward Morsi who barely won the (fraudulent) elections and then immediately began to dismantle the democracy.

  27. I actually dont see any problem with dictators at face value. Dictators tend to be bad, and abusive but that tendency doesnt make them bad by default. Its open to severe abuse, but so is every other political system. In theory, and political system can be made to work, and work well. In theory. And you wouldnt treat the leaders title with a bad sterotype in such a case I imagine.
    I get that Abdel isnt a dictator officially but functionally is one tho, hence the problem. But it's kind of meh to me. I understand how it came about and I expect people to own up to the reality of what they did to get to where they are.

    I am not sure I would shout that into a room tho. But I hear this situation and im thinking…. If someone walked into the room and said "Theres my favorite president!" about Trump, I would be disgusted. Thats where I would understand stunned silence better. Because what democratic system votes a criminal into office? Apparently ours…

  28. sis hasn't killed hundreds of protester, he has killed thousands. quite likely even over a thousand in one night. that is exactly why trump would like him: he has committed the biggest massacre of protesters since tiananmen square, most of which were muslims, and primarily the muslim brotherhood. anybody who kills thousands of muslims is a good guy in trump's book… no wait, trump doesn't use books. in his very very large abrain that china respects totally.

  29. Trump loves Kim too. I mean… really?! Dude, there would be no fucking difference between saying that and saying Trump and Hitler are besties. Just look up N.Korea.

  30. You're fair in your analysis, David and in the the spirit of the times I think that puts you leagues above the more overtly partisan actors.

  31. But… D… David… Hilary‘s mails… and… and… B…ben..ghazi… and… you.. don‘t like America!

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