Trump Sees Honor Systems As Something To Exploit: Fahrenthold | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. “In northwest Alaska, kunlangeta "might be applied to a man who, for example, repeatedly lies and cheats and steals things and does not go hunting, and, when the other men are out of the village, takes sexual advantage of many women." The Inuits tacitly assume that kunlangeta is irremediable. And so, according to Murphy, the traditional Inuit approach to such a man was to insist he go hunting, and then, in the absence of witnesses, push him off the edge of the ice.”

    ― Martha Stout, The Sociopath Next Door

  2. MSNBC is so smart. why watch anyone else?
    'Here's Your Electoral Problem, Mr. Trump'

  3. David your a traitor and a coward .and to all you trump haters do your homework TRUMP was not one of the people who wanted to fine people who didn't ha e health insurance your traitors were u brain Dead Aholes

  4. His entire existence is a fraud. He makes money by scamming others to the tune of thousands of lawsuits against his Crime Syndicate.

  5. Nearly all 3rd World countries have leaders who sell their national honours. This is a common practice to make money. Why shouldn’t Trump copy these leaders and make money by selling US national honours ? The US can copy the banana republics. Trump is pretty sharp in noticing this lucrative practice. After all, don’t forget, Trump is a businessman who in his entire life is dedicated to making the fast buck. Don’t knock it , see how far it gets him.

  6. The Supreme Court never should have even taken the two cases regarding Trump's taxes. Both were soundly decided on established law by all of the lower courts. IF the Supreme Court had NOT taken those two cases, then We The People's representatives and law enforcement officers would have Trump's taxes right now! And, this would be over.

  7. LMAO Thanks for helping him win another 4 years in office!!! Speaking on truth and honor, which no dem has had in a long time lol You're all a big joke. Let's talk about all the illegal goings on, on the left now because it far out ways anything from the right. Keep on pushing this crap and all you will do is solidify his win in 2020 and we thank you for that LOL

  8. I hope that both now, and in the future we will look at Jimmy Carter with the respect that he deserves. He was taken down by high interest rates, and a failed DOD mission to rescue the Iran hostages. Yet, no other president has had a more altruistic post office influence as President Carter. Comparing him to the current administration, is a comparison of opposites.

  9. The Pig's supporters are beginning to make me feel like I do now after Christmas dinner, trying to stuff down another slice of pumpkin pie (half a pie) under a pint of whipped cream. I feel like I've eaten too much corruption, just sick to my stomach, actually trying to will myself to digest this disgusting excess when I know that my own will is not really that corrupt. How can all his enablers cover for him. Pardon me, the bathroom calls.

  10. Everyone should come to street, Fight both sides. It is no more political. Its personal now. This matter must be settled.

  11. If tRump has been Charged with fraud."2 counts" He Can Not Be in Public office or shouldn't be allowed to be reelected !!! 👍

  12. To honor someone by taking their word it is far less significant to the fact that he is unfit to understand his job description… which is to honor and uphold the oath he took for office by defending the CONSTITUTION and not defending himself… he cant even do that right himself… Merry Christmas

  13. MSNBC & CNN "paying," as contributors, the same CIA agent's involved in falsifying documents—is a Soviet kind of illegitimacy for a "news" outlet.

  14. Trump is a big problem for the establishment. Neocons, Military industrial complex, corporatists, wacko lefties, pinkos, weirdos et al. Trump is great for normal people! TRUMP 2020!!

  15. This is awful, but it just confirms the sense of who President Trump is. People don't just follow the rules to go along with things. It's also because they often have a sense of ethics, especially when it comes to harming others. President Trump doesn't have that. And there's no way that someone with that deficiency should be running this country. From an economic standpoint, the honor system lessens transaction costs. Through his actions, which President Trump may consider "clever", he's tearing down that system and introducing new monitoring costs into getting things done. Even if you don't believe in ethics, cheating isn't "clever". It's absolutely imbecilic because ultimately you'll probably get caught, no one will want to deal with you after that because your reputation's ruined and you've possibly hiked up the cost of doing deals for everyone else because now they're worried whether you're not the only cheater out there. It has the potential to poison everything. It's in everyone's best interest to abide by honor systems, but all it takes is one jerk (eg, a Donald J Trump) to ruin it. People should be aware and be on their toes going into a deal, but having to go in assuming the other guy is definitely out to screw you over makes things much harder to do. That is the corrosive effect of Donald J Trump.

  16. Word around the campfire is that the Trump re elect fund officers have now seized the RNC organization's entire funding of hundreds of millions flowing on through. Food for thought in light of stiffing disabled vets, and happy holy days to all people's. Tiny Tim an easy mark? Impeached means that you a liar a dirty 🐕. Medals, like I have mean an honor or good deed FYI

  17. Post Modern Neo Marxist Democrat foolishness. Send the bill for this sham impeachment to the DNC along with the Mueller report. Trump 2020.

  18. Dump do not know any thing about 🎖 honor neither his 👪 family.
    Buy it an destroy that is all they know.
    How do we stop them bankrupt don, and his family?

  19. Pence should be ashamed of himself. Why would a man of God ever be with a POS man. HE has sold his soul and got in bed with a lying butt crook.

  20. Toxic Traitor Trump and Republicans fighting corruption: arsonists posing as firefighters, using Russian gasoline in their firehoses!

  21. ~Sticky-Wicky~
    The web of lies Republicans must weave
    To cover-up their crimes forced to deceive
    The most heinous of all sought to reprieve
    Putin's puppets care not what they achieve
    Make a world where know not what to believe

  22. When’s Rach going to apologize for lying to us for 3 years and then doubling down after the FISA report was released instead of coming clean? She had a lot of us fooled for a while but she is nothing but a propagandist, plain and simple.

  23. Guess it's no surprise, then, that Toxic Traitor Trump hooked up with Les Parnas and Igor Furman's company, Fraud Inc., to cheat at elections again in 2020…

  24. Of course he sees them as something to exploit. He sees EVERYTHING as something to exploit. It also doesn't much help that he has no honor, and as such would have no real understanding of an honor system.

  25. of course trump sees the honor system as something to exploit. let's face it,when it comes to people like trump who have no honor or even a morality fit for a human they will look to exploit whomever and whatever they can for their own benefit…

  26. Liberal media is covering this up, Bill Barr indicts 8, including Mullers top withness

  27. Trump has made much off of knowing how to exploit. I thought this was just common sense. Where there is great wealth , if you look close you will see exploitation, and selfishness

  28. this impeachment is a circus act by both wings its obvious, two wings one bird and if the bird has a name its mockingbird ( ) military-industrial complex runs this country, and when you have control of the resources, well, you get to focus in any story as long as you like, the joke is on the viewers whom i am certain only watch these videos because they are bored to tears whether they admit it or not, see that wasn't so difficult i admitted it for you

  29. Putin Trump Xi are so exaggerated as scoundrels deeply criminal…they cannot stop themselves …they're like a bizarre alien really evil beast , grunting, snorting, really vulgar and disgusting, and the race of normal humanbeings have to get them . And, just to do that you have to have the stomach to get through what they ooze and it's so gross

  30. And I think the moral level of cheating a charity shows what a uniquely unfit ego NUT to IN Power. Of any kind. I am convinced that Evangelicals do not take their role as voters seriously.

  31. think about it, you vote ☑️ and you give your power away ( power you're told by the government you have ) wtf power are they talking about, i dont have any power do you, anyway, if i did have power i turned around and gave it away to someone else who's well known by everyone to be a liar, compare it to learning how to fly a plane, the instructor allows you to think you are controlling the plane's movements with your dummy steering wheel controlling the rudder, it feels like i am flying the plane except when time to land emerges,( wait a minute the ground is coming at me, here you take it, your more of a man than me and i dont care that your a girl, i am not scared to admit it i am petrified though ) in politics that would be when its time to make an actual decision of one sort or another 😀 , in other words, your vote counts as many times as you think it does now, whatever you do don't vote more than once you don't want the surveillance state knocking down your door while you and the kids are sound asleep, heres a song to make this reality somehow go away, ( ) the grand moral illusion, look at this if you dont participate in the fradulent voting scheme it cant affect your life right, well it cant affect your life the same tuberculosis couldnt affect your life in the fifties and cant affect you if you dont live in america other wise i think it will, obviously , its all designed to waste your energy away chasing or being chased by an illusion

  32. Trump is corrupt and illegal dealings, is enough to get him throw out. He had to payout to huge scandals. He is running his business while in office. That’s just what’s out front. I believe he has a plan with Putin. If he don’t then he is under Putin’s thumb.

  33. Maddox, ride on the money that he owes states. If we have to pay our bills, DT has to too. He left a trail of unpaid bills to the US states and he needs to pay his bills to them. It looks like the money laundering is still going on. It's a lot of money going out of the US. It almost looks like DT is bankrupting the US for Putin. FOLLOW THAT MONEY AND GET IT BACK TO US.

  34. So what did he do i dont get it wish there were more specifics. So i can actually research this… anyone else know what i mean?

  35. What I don't understand is that all the info you discuss is in the public domain and Americans (>46%) still support Trump. What does that say to the rest of the world?

  36. Sadly, it's not just Trump who does this sort of thing; it includes many people of privilege and wealth. I believe the people who follow the rules do so because it's the correct thing to do, and therefore, it's a moral decision. The "upper class" cut corners and violate the rules because they can always apologize later if they get caught, and buy their way out of trouble. Down here on the ground, people are issued prison sentences for a lot less. Dump Trump 2020

  37. Traitor-Trump's brain: "Why act like a normal responsible trustworthy human being when I can act like a Republican." #Remove! #voteBlue2020!!

  38. M more S cynical N national B bull C crap. Constant barrage of bull carp. Journalists? Yea right. Believe this I'll sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. David

  39. Impeached President* Trump: "Merry Christmas to my rich buddies (whose god is money) – what you have, I will add more to in order to keep you on-side. Yo-ho-ho." "Merry Christmas to my poor citizens(whose god is mostly God) – what little you have, I will reduce further, but will pretend I am religious in order to keep you on-side. Ha-ha-ha". I feel deeply sorry for those in America who are struggling financially while IP*T and his chums are sitting pretty.

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