Trump Retreats On Impeachment: Won’t Send Lawyer To Hearing After Complaining Lawyer Wasn’t Included

Maurice Vega

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  1. The name of the video is called,,, The science Agenda to Exterminate Blacks.. on YouTube. And after you watch this video. Go and purchase the book called Medical Apartheid,,, by Harriet A, Washington..when or if you white Americans don't know or want too know what our government is secretly hoping to hide. . And don't be alarmed, white Americans have been lied to by your forefathers. But now the truth is out and everyone in America has had the truth hidden from them to keep us under control, .

  2. anyone who associates with him always ends up in jail. I don't know y they continue 2 work under him if not 4 corruption

  3. It's about the Biden's and the elections. I just think while I was in a hostile war zone and everything was limited our money /supplies was held on the account of digging dirt on a person to win a election.

  4. Blocking people of the cabinet to testify to me that's. Obstruction of justice.Threatning. bullying people for what's if u are not guilty.

  5. Gym Jordan wins the Gold! Gym scored a perfect “10” in the “Heinie-Lick Maneuver” 😂😳😆😎🤣

  6. The most powerful man in the world is a big cry baby. He wants to apply the rules of criminal courts to his case instead of the constitutional process of impeachment? Okay mofo. Let’s do that.

  7. NEWSFLASH! Trump doesn’t want to be accountable to anyone or anything. Guess what? That’s a dictatorship installed by an oligarchy

  8. The Demonrats are the most unethical people on the planet. Impeachment is nothing but a scam. Just like Muellers investigation, nothing burger! Big Joke. You Trump Haters are Insane.

  9. This man needs more than impeachment he needs criminal charges against him he needs to serve time in prison for murders that he committed like I Domino's everything he touched turned to s*** and it caused millions of people to die f*** that m********* he's worse than El Chapo we need to hang this m********* by his head and cut his balls off and hand them to his wife

  10. They're not looking for 'due process' they're just looking for things to complain about. When you don't have the truth behind you… you argue the process.

    trump is as guilty as sin.

  11. Trump's nothing but a winer. Just like the giant Trump baby balloon. Crime me a river.

    Winer occurs either young or elderly individuals.

    Trump's the biggest cry baby.😥😫😫😥

  12. In the first place the Impeachment of Richard Nixon was another set up!! And it was done by people that were payed by the oil cartel that donated money to his Campaign with the idea in mind that if and when he got in office there would be certain considerations and expectations to be given to them in return!! However he had no intentions of doing any of that . So certain people he trusted betrayed him as they were payed to do so ' in case of what happened "
    Happened.And the reason I know the Impeachment was crap because every promise over the years by many president candidates were broken and they weren't Impeached. And if it wasn't for the oil cartels that funded him and the money backing them up he wouldn't have been impeached and the tapes wouldn't have been admissible.

  13. There will no impeachment why can't you all see that. This guy is highly corrupt and his followers love it plus the Senate doesn't have the balls to bite the hand that feeds them. So there will be no impeachment. You all will see. This man is feeding the corrupt politicians with what they worship " power and money".

  14. Honestly we need to impeach the sanates because they keep letting trump dodge court, just impeach this mfr for contempt of court….#an innocent man wouldnt dodge court, only the guilty

  15. Sorry to be the juvenile in the room, but was that a fart noise @ 5:12??? 😂😁👌
    Edit: Is Margaret sending a message in Morse code with her eye blinks or what?! Someone get this poor woman some eye drops 💦
    No, I have nothing of substance to contribute. That is all.
    IM-🍑 THE 🍊

  16. Getting impeached for committing acts that are against the constitution. Bribing foreign government, and withholding aid.
    GOP- don’t let us in for the hearings
    Dem- you can come into the hearing
    GOP- I’m not going in
    GOP- where’s the witness make it public
    Dem- we made it public
    GOP- why they make this public. This a sham
    GOP- they won’t let us present witness or our layers
    Dem- bring lawyers, witness and proof to defense yourself.
    GOP- we are not going. We are not showing up. We are not sending any lawyers, witness or proof.

  17. Republicans should realise that not impeaching Trump means they are giving free reign to do whatever they want in the future, meaning the Constitution no longer has any meaning. If they acquit a criminal, that mean that ANY future POTUS regardless of party can do whatever they want, regardless of any laws.

  18. After three years every one in the world knows that every time Trump opens his hole, lies come out. Why you ask? To benefit himself, or his rich buddies, way past time for a REAL POTUS, the clown show is about done.

  19. There is no doubt whatsoever that Republicans will acquit Trump. Afterall they love traitors and cowards, that's all they know while lining their pockets with cash.

  20. So only ROUGHLY about 21.3% of the American population watched "parts" of the impeachment proceedings? Dismal. With as much access to information, as Americans have, we need to do better and have very few excuses. This criminal in the White House needs to be removed and Americans owe it to themselves and each other, to objectively arrive at a conclusion. I am operating under a bias, because I hate Trump and everything he stands for but I respect informed, albeit, incorrect assertions in support of the executive traitor. He is a spineless, parasitic coward that represents everything that is wrong about modern American society.

  21. I'm absolutely mystified and flabbergasted as to why any innocent party would not absolutely JUMP at the chance to exonerate himself in full view of an incredulous public. Time to clear the huge heaping pile of incriminating Administratio evidence of outright corruption and abuse of Office that is naseating under any other President' s legacy of honor and integrity. Time to abort, Donnie, or are you feeling a liddle froggy, Donnie ?

  22. As soon as Hunter Biden takes the stand at the actual impeachment hearing, if there’s ever going to be an official hearing, the Democrats lawyer will make a motion to dismiss the proceeding in order to protect Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Adam Schiff and all their sons and colleagues from exposure to their money laundering and extortion with Ukraine and China. Any attorney looking out for their clients interest would motion to dismiss. No doubt.

  23. All u people are wrong, trump did not commit treason, how can he betray the USA if his allegence was to Russia in the first place?

  24. Ahahaha they think their best defense is to let Jim Jordan take the lead in the President's defense? The guy who covered up sexual abuse at Ohio State? Great strategy, Trump!

  25. We already know all this. It happened in real time on tv Trump interviews before our very eyes. Why are we going over this again?
    Note to Dems: the Republican GOP don't care about the country, constitution or office of the executive branch. They will let Trump do whatever he wants. All the old GOP senators care about is their position of power at all costs. America, as a country, is finished. They argue they don't have an input into the impeachment inquiry and hearings. They are invited. They argue that they can't come because they weren't invited earlier. How stupid are the Dems? The GOP and president Trump doesn't care. He is just stone-walling the process and American democracy is already dead. He is refusing to acknowledge the existance of the congress and the House of Representatives which is a democratically ellected body of government of the people with the same power as the Executive branch. But he doesn't even acknowledge it. Note to the House: Get the military on your side, you're going to need them for the coup that will be required to pull Trump out of the WH when he (and his GOP brain-washed morons) refuse to accept the result of the next election. If that isn't a dictatorship I don't know what is. Civil war is imminent.

  26. There was a time when I looked up to and respected America.. As a young boy I read countless books on your great presidents. Now your president isn't fit to grace a comic book.

  27. Unfair procedure. Republicans should be allowed to call witnesses and cross examine . Trump should have the same rights as he would have in any court in the USA.

  28. Wrongly or rightly people are accused of crimes everyday, however not showing up for trial is not a defence when accused, justice system doesn't work that way, it cannot work that way.

  29. I really believe did Donald Trump should not be impeached it does not make sense

    Based on the evidence presented the thus far

    He should be handcuffed and shot immediately for treason

  30. Trump never sees anything wrong with what he does. He has gotten rid of all the people who could help guide him away from his impulses. The facts are the guy is just to darn dumb to realize right from wrong and was never taught to own up and be responsible.

  31. Trump…Big teeth to bite back…spineless with no backbone..slithering chameleon, sorry with respect to chameleons.

  32. Fake news!!! The same people that think Trumps guilty, Think Hillary Clinton did nothing wrong. Can you say CORRUPTION.

  33. Why waste time on a phony impeachment. Its not going to happen. You libs are a bunch of disillusioned uninformed people. There will be no impeachment. How many times you want it said? You've been living in fantasy land. Trump will be re elected by a wide margin. All REAL polls show this and moodys the most accurate predictor of elections has trump by a landslide. Maybe next time. .lol

  34. What you guys trying to do? Get bunch Democrats, to run our country, there is A Democrat already getting rid of passport

  35. IMO…Donnie was going to keep that $$$ intended for Ukraine and reassign it to building his freakin wall…just my opinion

  36. Jim Jordan the guy that lets sexual abuse going on at Ohio State now is the speaker of Ohio how stupid can Ohioans be to want this guy to represent them I'm so embarrassed to live in Ohio I'm sorry for this guy America but I didn't vote him for him

  37. What facts?haven’t heard any that add up to anything. More of the same old crap. Let’s move on a get something done. He’s not sending lawyers because they won’t let him call witnesses, so what’s the point or even explain what the herring is about, not to mention they scheduled it on the day he’s in another country. Its 3 democrat constitutional lawyers and 1 republican constitutional lawyer. What’s the herring fair reporting, that does not exist today. They would report and mention why they can’t call witnesses, if he’s out of town or not. So thanks for the fake news. Just like 90% of the media.

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