Trump repeats controversial 9/11 claim

Maurice Vega

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  1. I wish trump was standing against the deep state like everyone claims but more and more I began to think he’s been compromised

  2. CNN is so fn cucked and corrupt that the entire employ should be executed on live tv for high treason. CNN is the enemy of America.

  3. Theories HAVE to be considered conspiracy, thanks to the coverup of evidence: this stated, I believe the Mossad was likely involved; the U.S. put down the red carpet for them, so it wouldn't be TOTALLY considered an inside job(!) Eventually, we would go on to attack some of the surrounding Muslim countries. Seems convenient for Zionists. Israel seems to have the U.S. by the balls.

  4. Whatever he says is a lie about 911 ,Those poor people jumping out of windows were all disrespected by a pig of a man.No respect, no morals ,no truths to anything he says .well when he dies I will stoop to his level,just long enough to pee on his grave or hotel ,whichever I can get too. F .U you jackass.

  5. Media: Please Report: [Regarding the recent lawsuit brought by against the FBI]:

    Franklin Square & Munson Fire Districts of NYC recently announced their "Resolution" which recognizes the significant and compelling nature of the petition before the US Attorney for the South District of NY which reports un-prosecuted Federal crimes at the World Trade Center on 09/11/01 and calls upon the US Attorney to present that petition to a Grand Jury pursuant to US Const & 18 USC SS 3332(A).

    The "Resolution" of these NYC Fire District Directors finds that overwhelming evidence has been uncovered demonstrating & proving beyond doubt that "pre-planted explosives & incendiaries" caused the destruction of World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2 & 7; not just airplanes & fires — killing the vast majority of the victims who perished that day. Whereas, the victims of 9/11, their families, the people of New York City, and our nation deserve that every crime related to the attacks of September 11, 2001, be investigated to the fullest and that every person who was responsible face justice. Franklin Square & Munson Fire Districts fully support that a Federal grand jury investigate & prosecute every crime related to the attacks of 9/11/01, as well as efforts by other government entities to investigate & uncover the truth surrounding events of that horrible day.

    "We're a tight-knit community and we never forget our fallen brothers and sisters. You better believe that when the entire fire service of New York State is on board (seeking a new 911 investigation), we will be an unstoppable force.”
    — Commissioner Christopher Gioia

    Speaking to those still present after the meeting, Fire Commissioner Gioia made it clear that this was the first step in a long process. Their goal now is to get every fire district in the state (of NEW YORK) to go on record supporting a new 9/11 investigation.

    These Fire District Directors are hosting a meeting in Washington DC this coming September 11, 2019 for every Congressional Member willing to attend. Also present will be the Founding Member; Richard Gage of Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth, also the parents of Bobby McIlvaine – one of the victims on 911. More can be learned about this scheduled meeting and the "Resolution" of these NYC Fire Districts by visiting the website sourced below.

    Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth has filed a lawsuit against the FBI for specific performance between the FBI and the US Congress. Said case is pending and can be read in it's entirely at the following web site.


    It is time to let the Public know that hundreds of responsible & pragmatic Architects, Engineers, Fire Commissioners, Scientists, Universities and thousands of supporters assert that proof exists demonstrating beyond doubt that "pre-planted explosives & incendiaries" brought down WTC Buildings 1, 2 & 7, not just airplanes and resulting fires, and that criminal acts are involved being covered up by the FBI.

    The public deserves to know. It is high time that every news agency get behind this to avoid embarrassment when this news expands to the common knowledge of every citizen with or without the media.

  6. When your that rich and that high up in a building, do these idiots think he wouldnt have either a telescope or high powered binoculars, fuckin dweebs.

  7. CNN There's nothing controversial about saying people were seen jumping from the Twin Towers on 9/11, there's witness testimony and video evidence backing that up Even the emergency crews on site confirmed it as well, Where's the controversy ?

  8. This Is one reason you don't see anymore no one wants to hear the truth.
    9/11-Biggest cover up job in history. my own American country is the biggest liar country in the world.

  9. This Is one reason you don't see anymore no one wants to hear the truth.
    9/11-Biggest cover up job in history. my own American country is the biggest liar country in the world.


  11. If CNN had a choice of either telling the truth; Or climbing a tall tree and telling a lie – CNN would choose to climb the tree and tell a lie. When the Intelligence community runs mainstream media – you don't have much of a media.

  12. I'm still upset. On Election Day, I was headed to the Fire Station to cast my vote for Hillary when my car's engine stopped. A bright beam of light shone down on me from above. I was transported into a flying saucer; It was full of aliens smelling of vodka. After probing my anus, they demanded that I vote for Trump. I was scared and agreed to their demand.

  13. Those who know that aluminum airliners CAN NOT glide through structural steel box columns & reinforced concrete without breaking up; Knows an airliner can not fly at 500 mph at sea level; Knows that steel buildings can not drop straight down unless they've been wired up for controlled demolition, etc. IS 100% CORRECT AND NEED NOT APOLOGIZE.

  14. i dont get white liberals, they dont think its an inside job but muslims who were behind this, white liberals play both sides of the coin, white liberals are the real racists.

  15. The source is right here for anyone who wants to see it – showing clear evidence that Israeli operatives had foreknowledge of the events of 9/11 and were celebrating the attack.

    The FOIA Request is right here. Let me know if you have a better source debunking this with evidence, but this is the best evidence I’ve come across.

  16. Tower 7 was first steel skyscraper to collapse from fires in history and continues to be so today…
    Ik people who believe msm love to lash out but isn’t reasonable to be skeptical
    Scientist used to say cigarettes were good for your lungs and people believed it, scientist had special interest in mind it’s not like scientist exist to only serve well-being of the public? Plus if any scientist did state on dissenting opinion about specifically tower 7 their careers would be destroyed so I don’t blame them
    But people love the appeal of authority so who am I to judge…

  17. And just because were saying 9/11 was inside job doesn’t mean Islamic terror isn’t, it definitely is and the hijackers were justified by the quaran, it doesn’t mean the hijackers knew, a lot of this was organized by Saudi’s, the cia, and Mossad. Doesn’t mean America itself is evil or did it, our government has been hijacked and is still

  18. If anyone still believes that it was the Taliban or Bin laden who masterminded 9/11 are what the govt calls the American public. And the American public are suckers. I hate to say I'm part of the American public because the American public are all nobodies w no voice. But if u don't know by now what thousands of us knew in 2012 that Bush, Cheney, Larry Silverstein, and a large number of co-conspiritors, such as powerful computer companies , were the ones who put together 9/11,u will remain the American public. And never have your eyes made open. Bin laden was just a scapegoat.

  19. Glad to see people debating this recently. I'll throw on my tinfoil hat and state a few facts. WTC 7 was a controlled demolition. The lease owner Larry Silverstein admits that on camera. He says something like I was speaking with the fire department and there was already so much loss of life we decided to "pull it". You don't "pull it" the day of. That takes months of planning. The engine found on 5th ave was a Rolls Royce commonly used in a 737 not a 767 so what hit the 2nd tower? Not a 767. Thousands of bone fragments of victims were found on the roof of the Deutch Bank building 250 feet away from the towers. All bone pieces no larger than 1/2 inch. These people were blown apart by explosives. NIST didn't bother to test for explosive material because "they heard no official reports of explosions" yet independent tests of dust around Manhattan found Thermite and Nano-Thermite. The 3 buildings that came down on 9/11 were the only 3 in the history of steel buildings to collapse due to fire. The twin towers burned for 92 days. The longest building fires in history due to so much molten steel underneath. All of the wreckage was immediately hauled off to barges and shipped out of the country before any official investigation was declared. They used 400 flatbed trucks equipped with $1000 gps units installed to track the wreckage. One truck driver took a long lunch and was fired. Bomb sniffing dogs were a regular item in the towers until the 2 weeks leading up to 9/11. Multiple plane highjacking exercises were planned the day of 9/11 for air traffic controllers. The list goes on and on…

  20. Dear Editor,

    For years I never understood the frantic actions of Sandy Berger stealing and destroying archives relating to the Sept 11th,2001 attack on America.

    Perhaps the hanging death of Jeffrey Epstein has answered my question.  Apparently both  Epstein and Harvey Weinestine had connections with current and ex Mossad members. Is it  a coincidence that Anthony  Bourdain also  died of hanging after trying to expose a pedophile ring?Robert Maxwell (father of Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s partner in crime) was given a state funeral in Jerusalem after accidentally falling off his yacht – It was attended in mass by the Mossad!  It turns out that Mr.Berger was on the Epstein flight log along with Bill Clinton.Did ISRAEL'S Mossad give Berger an offer he could NOT refuse? We will never know what papers dissapeared. Did Israel need our war against their enemies to buy time? Being the size of NJ I could under stand. And perhaps Berger's despirate botched theft of the archives took care of the "smoking gun"!

  21. I think it’s only fair that before they close down CNN or put them on trial, that the Americans should be allowed to urinate on them and then we can sit and watch them burn in the fire.☠️💩☠️💩☠️💩☠️💩☠️💩

  22. Trump is a Zionist, Chabad lubavitch pedophile, like the last four presidents! Point blank period! Except he thinks he's the son of perdition! We all heard his chosen one declaration, and seen his he's God tweets!

  23. Trump is cooperating with authorities to dismantle the organization involved in the 9/11 black ops and agenda it served. REAL PROOF to this claim now leaked in my profile. Be quick (it's devastating)

  24. Very surprised this video is even still up. These buildings were designed and built to support between 3-5 times their own weight. Building 7 reached free fall acceleration for about 100 ft. NIST wants you to believe that is perfectly normal for a building to collapse into itself at free fall from fire. If you believe this then Isaac Newton must have been a complete idiot.

  25. There were people who lived down the street from me as a kid and on 9/11 having a huge party blowing up fire works on the day of 9/11 attacks… not too long after they moved away. And the ones who hijacked and flew the planes into the buildings trained at am aviation school here in Clearwater florida before in case anyone would ever like that information

  26. 9/11 Was An Inside Job! The Elite Who Run Clinton News Network" Were Behind Those Attacks Which Took Away Our Freedoms! 9/11 Truth #FuckTheNews

    Can’t even believe that anyone would still work for them😂 they’ve become a joke and the laughingstock of America😂
    Sorry but true 🤷‍♀️
    ❤️🇺🇸👍TRUMP👍🇺🇸 2020 🇺🇸MAGA🇺🇸❤️

  28. And the stupid people that are liberal idiots here will say it's too far for Trump to see excuse me have you ever heard of high powered binoculars I mean we saw and used them on pikes Peak when I was a child and we could see for many many many many miles very clearly on a good summer day

  29. He just said today he was watching the tv while it happened. He didn’t say he was watching it from his apartment. He would’ve heard the smashing and boom from the planes. Fucking bullshit

  30. I saw the video myself before it disappeared. I couldn't tell you if they were Arabs (Muslim is not a race), Jews, Afghani, Mexican, Indian, Krapkanistani… whatever. They had brown skin and black hair. The towers were in the distant background.
    They were laughing, joyful, jumping around.
    So there's nothing controversial, nor contravertible about it.
    It happened. It was videoed, and shown.

  31. Why would they destroy their own building
    Why would they kill their own ppl
    Why would they damage the pentagon
    Their not going to destroy their own stuff

  32. He's so full of shit!! He was to busy on the phone to the news stations bragging his building was now the tallest in Manhattan. Fact! His such a lying horrible prick. Impeach him please

  33. Any politician claiming that the official story is the truth will never get my vote and we should endeavor to punish ALL IN ANY OFFICE OF REAL POWER INCLUDING THE RANKING OFFICERS OF THE MILITARY ESPECIALLY THE ONES WHO WERE DECORATED AND PROMOTED FOR STANDING DOWN. they should all be executed unless they reveal everyone involved in the attack to reveal the fullest extent of this crime in which event they shall not be put to death but sentenced to prison without the possibility of parole in the most violent prison in the country not the Martha Stewart type prison for one percenters .


  35. I don’t feel like people still get mad when people are extra careful with immigrants look what immigrants did to us we literally showed them how to use planes and we fed them our food and they crash our people and blow them up like and don’t forget the fourth plane and the fact they were putting chemicals in our mailboxes

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