Trump on Woman Who Killed Teen: “It Happens”

This is a a sort of, you have to see it to
believe it. Video that is extraordinarily weird. This
horrible thing happened where the wife of an American diplomat named Anne [inaudible]
has been accused of killing a British teenager in a car accident. The teen was on a motorcycle.
It happened near a British military base that’s used by the U S air force. The parents plan
to start a civil action against the woman who is driving the car and the woman immediately
left the country after the incident. Now, as a Diplomat’s wife, she is said to have
diplomatic immunity, but there is a question about that which I’m going to get to a little
bit later. Donald Trump was asked reportedly on a phone call by a British prime minister,
Boris Johnson, about rejecting and [inaudible] immunity so that she would have to go back
to the United Kingdom for, uh, a potentially for a criminal trial. And Donald Trump has
rejected that request. So yesterday he answered questions in front of reporters yesterday
or the day before. He was asked about the entire thing and he
says, listen, we’ve all done it. And the obvious question is, we’ve all done what we’ve all
driven on the wrong side of the road because we’re used to driving in the U S and we were
driving in the UK. We’ve all run someone over with a car and then fled the country claiming
diplomatic immunity. Like what is it that we’ve all done that Donald is talking about?
He brings up the driving on the other side of the road is a difficult as they do in the
U K and that these things can happen and that it’s all, it’s happened to all of us. Take
a listen to this. The woman was driving on the wrong side of
the road and, and that can happen. You know, those are the opposite roads that happens.
I won’t say it ever happened to me, but it did. When you get used to driving on our system
and then you’re all of a sudden in the other system where you’re driving, it happens. You
have to be careful. Very careful. So a young man was killed. The person that was driving
the automobile has diplomatic immunity. We’re going to speak to her very shortly and see
if we can do something where they made it was an accident. It was an act. It was a terrible
accident. I won’t say it ever happened to me, but it
did. Like what? What is he talking about? Did it or didn’t it? I, I truly, I, I’m, I’ve
watched this. It must’ve been 10 times. What is he saying? And even aside from that, the
great empathizer, right? I mean you just, Trump has a way of, when there’s been a tragedy,
his comments just make you feel much better. They make you feel much better about the tragedy.
They make you feel much better about humanity. Yeah. Right now, as far as diplomatic immunity,
I alluded to this earlier, there is a question about the diplomatic immunity that is being
asserted. International lawyer, Mark Stevens is claiming that actually an [inaudible] did
not have diplomatic immunity in the U K because her husband, Jonathan [inaudible] was not
actually on the official diplomatic list. And that by extension, his wife Anne is also
not protected by diplomatic immunity. It’s always a mess. I have no idea what will
ultimately come of this. It’s of course a horrible tragedy and Trump saying we’ve all
done it is about as brutally glib as a response to what is effectively vehicular manslaughter.
So my questions to you are, what the hell is Trump talking about when Trump says we’ve
all done it? What is he saying that we’ve all done when Trump says, I won’t say it ever
happened to me, but it did. What is he saying happened to him? Let me know what you think.
Uh, post a reply. If you’re watching on YouTube, send me a tweet. If you’re on Twitter at D
Pacman, we will take a quick break and be back right after this. I want to talk about
the Ellen George W. Bush thing. I want to talk about Rudy Giuliani going cuckoo for
cocoa puffs during a Fox business interview with Trish Regan and I also have unfortunately
a really kind of depressing voicemail to respond to today, but that may
be, will, will let us discuss an interesting thing, all of that and more coming up right
after this short break

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. Trump: "You have to be careful, very careful [when driving overseas on the left of the road]". Yes, Mr President, but the whole point is that Mrs Sacoolas WAS NOT careful. No-one is saying she killed Harry Dunn deliberately but she should be held responsible for the fatal outcome of her recklessness.

  2. Trump never has any idea what he is talking about and neither does anyone else quite frankly because he is a total waste of space! Trump talks and answers his own questions in his head and thinks he is answering them out loud.

  3. What a crock of shit. I’d been driving for a living in the USA for many years, and I love in Japan today. Guess what?? Driving on the left side of the road from the right side of the car is easy. It’s really no different other than the signs are in Japanese and not in English. It’s not that hard.

  4. I believe trump is talking about driving on wrong side of road in another country. Not the whole killing people part. I live in Australia and would take a few days to adjust to the American system. If I killed someone even by accident I believe I should be held criminally liable. See lotta people here assuming it's about killing people with their car…I know you hate trump passionately but really…that's s stretch from what he means.

  5. Diplomatic Immunity should maybe be reserved for non-violent or low-impact crimes. Theft, drug use, speech related laws. Certainly not in regards to loss of life.

  6. Err, Duh,…
    he means he's committed a crime and ran away as fast as possible to avoid ever taking responsibility for his actions.
    how is that even a question, he has done it on a daily basis for his entire wretched existence

  7. he's saying that it didn't happen to him, but it happened to her/stuff like it happens in general. Honestly, Trump's drug-addled rambling can only be understood by hardcore addicts.

  8. American living in the UK here and no, I haven't done it. Whatever it is. It's not that hard to drive on the correct side of the road?

  9. Trump himself doesn't know what he's talking about, so, for us to suss up what he means is just, so, fruitless…

  10. I believe if you flea a crime scene that immunity is also nullified… I read up on this years ago; don't remember much; but immunity is extremely limited I do remember; it isn't like what you saw in Lethal Weapon.

  11. So his response is basically "shit happens"…and this is one of the least offensive things he has done…

  12. Trump is saying that he has driven on the wrong side of the road while in England! He is saying: “There but for the grace of God go I”. He is saying that it was an accident! He is saying that she is going to be debriefed in the near future and they will decide what needs to be done! David, you should not try so hard to cast shade on the Donald! It makes you look foolish!

  13. Say and think what you will of PAB45, but it actually takes talent + commitment to have the wrong take on almost every issue + subject. Great and unmatched wisdom indeed. 😓

    If the random anecdote was true, obviously Toadstool hadn't been hit by cars, so his limo driver must have hit someone? 🙄 Not so sure he'll have the same POV if a random driver ran over Ivanka. 🤔

  14. Doesn't anybody remember when Trump was asked about fraternizing with Putin because Putin was a killer and Trump's response was who hasn't killed a few people.
    come on people use your brain if you don't remember that one you're just not paying attention.

  15. G'day David and crew. I often watch stories like this on the suggestion of yt. I would also watch the rest of the stories if you included a link to the next story.
    Love what you do. It is very important. I could weep for America and can just hope this is the catastrophe which preceeds change. Good bloody luck from Australia.

  16. What he is saying is that he has caused the deaths of others and it's no big deal. It happens and no one should care.

  17. i despise the guy…, but in honesty i believe what he meant was that people who are used to driving on the right side of the road that have driven in countries where they drive on the left side like the UK, Australia, Japan etc. can get confused easily by the sudden unfamiliar. nuances.
    he just has such a scattered brain that cannot complete sentences coherently, and i think thats why his comment came out ambiguous…
    when i first heard it, i also thought he meant he had also killed someone with a car and it was no big deal.., honestly he might be a stupid F*uck, but he couldn't be that stupid…
    Could he..??????

  18. Only Trump, republicans and evangelicals would say something like that! I mean, look what they're doing to babies at the border! Locking up babies in cages doesn't bother them, why would they care about a teenager?! 20 elementary kids blown away at Sandy Hook and republicans and evangelicals did nothing! Why would they care about some teenager in another country?! And, we see this time and time again from republicans!! How much more proof do people need to see that republicans don't care about the people, the country, democracy, the constitution or the rule of law! They're evil people! They don't belong in this country!

  19. When I was a teen,I hit a pedestrian. I wasn't at fault but it didn't matter. I damn sure stopped and did what I could to keep her safe and comfortable til EMS arrived,kept up with her recovery and fought on her behalf when I found out the police had given her tickets and the insurance company wasn't covering her medical bills. Even at 17,I wanted to do anything and everything in my power to help the girl and her family because I had a responsibility to,not just as a driver but as a human being. I almost took a life. It doesn't matter who is at fault, but if you can help lessen the trauma you have a part in anyway,you should. Accidents happen but when they do,you face them,you don't run from accountability.

  20. He's clearly saying that he has driven on the wrong side of the road in countries where they drive on the left. Well, maybe not "clearly" but you know what I mean. It's still an inappropriate "riff" given the situation, as per his usual. It's also still wrong and, presumably, a violation of traffic laws. The idea that "we do it differently over here" is any kind of defense, not to mention that it's being offered by the POTUS is, well… It's Trump. Classic narcissism.

  21. Hes saying he drove in a foreign country and drove on the wrong side of the road before, or encountered someone who was driving in the wrong lane

  22. Of course it is a tragic accident. A young man lost his life because she was on the wrong side of the road. She didn't do this with intent. It was an accident. That doesn't mean she shouldn't go to trial for causing his death. She doesn't have diplomatic immunity, but even if she did, she still needs to be held accountable, as should anyone else under the same circumstance.

  23. I'll make a wild prediction right now: that diplomat whose wife killed someone, will end up being revealed as donating money to trump and/or a frequent visitor to his properties and/or is somehow involved in covering up one of his endless misdeeds. This man covers for no one or has their back unless he has personally benefited from them in some way. While I'm being slightly facetious here, I'm kinda also serious. This is the world we live in now.

  24. It sounded like he was saying that we've all driven on the wrong side of the road by accident and/or driven on the wrong side of the road in Britain by accident. I question that assertion (especially if he meant "in Britain" since not all US drivers have gone to Britain), and I also feel like he needed to engage in more empathy (what with the entire someone died aspect), but I don't think that was a claim that either he or "everyone" has killed someone by accident.

  25. Trump is just a blatherskite…when he talks it’s elementary school logorrhea. His mind is mush; I’m amazed he can still walk and talk.

  26. I think he was just saying that he accidentally drove on the wrong side of the road, not that he has committed vehicular manslaughter

  27. I think Trump is just saying that in England he drove on the wrong side of the road…which is a bit strange since I didn't know he really drove at all.
    I agree this is not something we've all done, but I don't think there was any more to that statement.

  28. And a child was needlessly killed…yes an accident. BUT WHERE IS THE SYMPATHY FOR THE GRIEVING PARENTS,
    drumpf is a disgusting pig. A perverse pile of dung.

    Get him OUT !!!

  29. I assume he's talking about driving on the wrong side of the road but honestly there's a 50/50 chance he's run someone over and just figures no one will care if he admits it

  30. The Brits just want to question her, as is due process.
    If they are satisfied it was an 'accident', they can carry on
    doing wherever. They have the victim's parents to answer to.
    They aren't trying to throw her in the Clink.

    Ask Doony why he got Canada in a tangle with China by asking
    to have Huiwai CEO arrested & extradited?? Causing great suffering
    for Cdn economy. ↩↩↩↩↩↩↩↩↩↩↩↩↩↩↩↩↩↩↩
    If he doesn't send that woman to UK, Canada shd release the other one.

  31. I don’t know if Trump (you’re president) ever killed anyone, but he just knocked of a ton of my brain 🧠 cells. Damn no sympathy at all for that family

  32. She was driving on the wrong side of the road then fled the country she been living in England for a while so if I come to America i can drive down the road killing your citizens and that's ok is it i hope the parents sue the bitch it seems the USA is turning to shit as far as the law goes

  33. I said yesterday justice doesn't exist anymore. This is another example. Tune in for the next one tomorrow, I guess.

  34. i think it's sadly easy about what he mean, he mean he drove on the wrong side of the road. but lord, he is such an horrible person with such awful speech pattern.

  35. The family just want her to admit she made a mistake resulting in this boys death and allow them to grieve together. The family isn't doesn't want to press charges or trying to get her arrested they just want it on the record with the police that this was an accident that she caused by her mistake.

  36. I used to say "No need to go into speculations about Trump's plans and strategies, the guy is insane."
    then I realized it was more like
    "No need to go into speculations about Trump's plans and strategies, the guy is dumb as a bag of rocks."
    then I realized it was more like
    "No need to go into speculations about Trump's plans and strategies, the guy WAS insane AND dumb as a bag of rocks BUT has now gone senile."

  37. We've all done it before. TF!?!
    Most people already know when you're across the pond in a European country, the roads are reversed. What un the hell is he talking about?

  38. As far as im aware, the police over here in the UK don't use the term accident when referring to a car crash, as that it infers that no one was to blame. That is exactly what Trump is doing here, he is inferring that one is to blame for this situation by playing down the actions of Anne Sacoolas. However, she WAS driving in a dangerously by being on the wrong side of the road, which ultimately resulted in the death of Harry Dunn. If she does come back, hopefully she will be found guilty of death by dangerous driving, which in the UK carries a maximum prison sentence of 14 years (i doubt she would get that, however as she absconded hopefully there will be very little sympathy left for her).

  39. How the hell can the guy in light blue tie be having a little chuckle about what Dump says at 1:44, someone died idiot.

  40. It wasnt just an accident. It wouldve been "just" an accident, had she stopped and immidiately called for help and admitted her mistake. But she didnt. It was a hit and run. She ran down this teenager, Harry, and then took off. The police found her through survaillance video and further investigations, coz this PoS ran down a human being and left him there to die, while she tried to hide from it. That makes it no longer an accident, that makes it a crime.

  41. Trump is obviously talking about driving on the wrong side of the road. I think you're trying to make more of that statement than isn't already clear. But as other responders (below) have pointed out, Trump desperately needs to be seen in any sort of equitable position, especially if he's the potential victim (in this case, the driver???). But his total narcissism means that in trying to look like a victim he also, potentially, admits to committing crimes.

    The perverse reality is, if he had done the honourable thing and gone in the military during the draft, and then stood 'front and centre' in combat, as he has done so ever since in public life, he could have come out of the Vietnam war a hero (of sorts) and even been worthy of holding government office… Instead, he is a PO[tu]S.

  42. I massively dislike Trump but it's pretty obvious he's talking about driving on the wrong side of the road( we've all done it) for people not used to driving on the opposite side of the road . When he said " I won't say it happened to me but it did " he is an idiot and doesn't know how words work. What he means is " I'd like to say it's never happened to me but it has".
    Let's not make a big deal out of what the moron in chief said. Let's focus on his hideous actions , like not making it easy for the Uk to have the person have there day in court .

  43. This is going to be so bad for us. You can get away with a metric fuckton of stuff under immunity, but you cant do it public. As inconvenient it might be, if its public, if a name is connected to an incident, everyone submits to the consequences. Otherwise it just shines a VERY harsh spotlight on everyone under immunity and you cant get away with anything anymore. Selfish woman, why do you have to make our jobs so much harder? And POTUS protecting her means the carefully maintained status quo of the past decades is over. So looking forward to a 24/7 CIA tail next time I'm stateside. This is so stupid.

  44. why was she allowed to drive? she clearly wasn't qualified to do so over there. i dunno about the diplomatic immunity stuff. maybe it's justified. maybe not. it's just a sad situation, and trump is as heartless as ever.

  45. We've all broken the law. You know, the same argument that #metoo movement says that there's no degrees of guilt in? That actual rape is the SAME as patting a woman on the ass or saying that she has nice breasts. The #metoo movement that democrats/leftists are so behind saying that all crimes (or is it just specific 'types' of crimes) are equal in severity….

  46. Seemed obvious he was talking about driving on the wrong side of the road.
    I would ve shocked if he had a valid DL LOL

  47. You watched this 10 times, and couldn’t figure out that he was talking about driving on the wrong side of the road? I mean to me I don’t see how you could see it any other way, unless you were deliberately trying to imply something else.

    I despise the orange buffoon as much as anyone else, but what he said was quite clear to me.

  48. It happens to all of us means we sometimes forget the left side driving in UK and for a few secounds driving on the right side. Killing someone how ever is a crime, and again, Trump does not care.

  49. Obviously out of his head on drugs he has driven on the wrong side of the road. Didn't kill anyone. Still needs throwing in prison.

  50. to answer your question "what the hell is trump talking about"

    obviously he's just downplaying the situation to make it seem less bad. he may have had a personal experience in this but it's more likely a lie i think, to make it a more relatable experience. also, your bias is showing, david. calm down, listen to his words, he's crazy, but that's no excuse to get worked up. he never said it happens to all of us, david, he said that it HAPPENS, nd i believe he is right on that sliver. it does happen.

    when you get worked up, you make mistakes, and then you report the news incorrectly. calm down, and work through it.

  51. One woman kills a teen
    Liberals go ducking nuts

    Black thugs kill each other by the dozens every weekend.
    Liberals silent

    Don’t cry because Trump is apathetic about one dead kid, as you are about the criminal violence that plagues democratic cities

  52. The idea of diplomatic immunity – which is questionable anyway, in my opinion – was not meant to protect criminals from justice in countries like the UK and US, which are supposed to be allied. The 'special relationship' is again shown to be a relationship of uncritical subservience on the part of the UK, meaning basically that the UK goes to war whenever the US says so. (BTW – It would be hilarious if, post Brexit (whatever 'Brexit' is, and whatever 'post' means here) the US makes it part of a trade deal that the UK drives on the other side of the road, so all those Brexiteers who left the EU because British Values were being undermined would find themselves driving on the same side as Europe!)

  53. I wonder if he would be so dismissive if his precious Ivanka was run over by the wife of a foreign diplomat in the US who then ran home and claimed diplomatic immunity. We knew he was a corrupt sleazebag but this really takes the biscuit.

  54. Once again an American has run home and not facing her responsibility. I remember the American serviceman was protected after causing a terrible accident in the Italian mountains when he flew into the cable at wires. Why are Americans always protected but it is a different story for any other national friends another country?

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