Trump: Nancy Pelosi is ‘grossly incompetent’

Maurice Vega

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  1. oooooh poor litle trumpy boy , how much do you pay fox news to have the opportunity to tell so much insane BS ?????? It's time for america to invest in education . I live in europe , and here, most of people call him just the mentally ill crazy clown . And by the way, for all ignorants, socialism has nothing to do with communism .

  2. Leave it to theDemocratic/Communist Party to shoot itself in the foot for the millionth time. These idiots are taking the strategy that President Trump who is a multi-billionaire went to a third rate country like Ukraine looking for a "bribe". What, did some Ukrainian secret spy give Trump a bag with$5000 dollars in it in some dark alley in the middle of the night. How stupidly
    ridiculous. The Democratic/Communist Part is pathetic. Is that all they got? LMFAO.

  3. President Trump can't do it all by himself. We the People have to step up and save this country. Don't hesitate to tell people in public that you really like this President. The Commie MSM has everyone brainwashed that saying you like your President is somehow evil.

  4. TWO witness testify with FIRST HAND TESTIMONY OF TRUMP BRIBERY…and he calls others 'incompetent'. Don the Con, you have been caught red handed, in your own corrupt selfish stupidity

  5. How can you still be On the side of this douchebag. The Wohle world is laughing about your slapstick comedy Show! You Stupid and uninformed fox idiot watcher americans!

  6. Still trying to interfere with the hearings, from behind a curtain, eh? DON if so innocent be a witness in the hearing and release thousands of hidden documents….and witnesses

  7. NERVOUS NANCY – corrupt as they come. Building her wealth as she knows she is out if they lose. AOC will run the party for sure (the dumb bartender who has no clue of what history is) LOL! KAG!

  8. Trump 2020!!!! I will never go back to democrat after all these lunatics ruined the party and made it a far left sham!!! God bless trump and the Republicans for showing the truth. Democrats have done nothing at all for 3 years and get paid for it!!! If i do nothing at work, i get fired!! Boycott and fire these democrats for not doing their jobs!!

  9. Donald Trump is becoming mentally incompetent.
    More and more so every day.
    Eventually, even the Republicans
    will want to remove him from office.


  11. Script – available, declassified.
    Witnesses – unavailable, classified.
    Testifiers – available, ignorant.
    US – appalled.
    Dems – Impeach impeach.

  12. The world is incompetent, the king has won the world,and his name is JESUS CHRIST …you fools can't even get along ,let alone rule the world…DO NOT FORGET!!!!! JESUS HAS WON…. THE FIGHT IS OVER FOOLS. Wakeup,wakeup…we are all SICK AND NEED A DOCTOR…🤗🤗🤗SICK SICK SICK.WARMONGERS IS ALL YAS ARE..solve world hunger and homlessness,try to use your brains on this one🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  13. STOP trying to tell us how to get to mars and start telling us how your going to solve world hunger and homelessness first.
    Remember JESUS HAS WON THE WAR AND THE WORLD🤗🤗🤗WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM???????wakeup your all falling asleep..

  14. Remember to try to use your brains on this world problem, not your so called intellect🤗🤗🤗🤗your not smart,remember,you are not smart..🤗🤗🤗

  15. Mr. Trump, its not because Peloci is grossly incomoetent, but because of the new radical Dems who seized the Democratic party.

  16. Republicans/ Trump Cultists are willing to TRASH a decorated war Vet to protect lying, Draft dodging, Bone Spurs Trump.

    Let that sink in. So much for saying you're "pro-military & Veterans". But I'm glad you dummies are giving us plenty of ammo to use! LMAO

  17. The Trumpublican party (There is no Republican Party anymore) Alt-Right Propaganda Train is chugging along at full speed in these comments. A shitty bread of people to say the least.

  18. I would like an investigation of Paul and Nancy Pelosi's tax returns.
    Since they do business with China and they're worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
    Oh crap I forgot they can't be investigated they're democrats.

  19. America is having so much fun watching you melt down in real-time, bruh, but please slow down and give us a chance to microwave some more popcorn

  20. its almost as good as the scene from Wizard of Oz when they threw water on the witch and she melted….Never thought the witch would be Trump

  21. Cut her a break she has had a rough time this year……… Her adult diapers keep blowing out when she is on the floor……. She took her teeth out to drop them in the cup to give them a soaker and cleaning they jumped out of the glass and flung themselves out of her window, she further has not had consistent quality medications because they were made in china, she had to sign her new health plan so she could read it and there was no way she could have known her doctor would be a practicing veterinarian in Jabuti who does not provide phone in refills rather he will fill medications only at a Doctors appointment plus the same day she was to fly to Jabuti for her appointment the nursing home was serving her favorite cream pudding just before bridge at noon so the whole day was a wash. Besides if you came to work everyday with clothes that smelled like mothballs you would be pissed too.

  22. If she is incompetent….. Then the incompetance of Fox & Trump is Beyond description… Time to face reality ….Sorry

  23. With all due respect Mr. President, she is not doing what she is doing, due to incompetence, she is doing it because she is a sold out traitor to this Republic and she should be summarily hanged dead as the traitor she is.

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