Trump: Military Was Out of Ammo Until I Got Them Some

Okay, so today I am going to show you an absolutely
outrageous and baseless Donald Trump lie, but I’m going to do something else. I’m going
to show you the Genesis of the lie. I’m going to show you the evolution of the lie, how
it becomes more and more dishonest over time. And we in a sense w to quote Donald Trump,
we’re going to look at the oranges of this lie or as I like to call them the origins
of this lie. So Donald Trump spoke, uh, yesterday, I believe
it was. Maybe it was late on Monday and it was complete diarrhea of the mouth. I mean
just endless lie after lie after lie. I’ll give you the most sort of cartoonish lie first,
which we’ll be focusing on, which is that when Donald Trump became president, the military
was out of ammunition. I know that may come as a surprise to many of you in the audience
who are aware of how much money we spend on the military, but Trump’s claim is the military
had no ammunition when he became president, but he fixed that. Take a look at this. Aye, we all together you. We defeated and
took over 100% of the ISIS caliphate. Everybody said that was going to be an impossible thing
to do. I did it and I did it quickly because we have a great military now. When I took
over our military, we didn’t have ammunition. I was told by a top general, maybe the top
of them all, sir, I’m sorry sir, we don’t have ammunition. I said, I’ll never let another
precedent have that happen to him or her. We didn’t have ammunition. Now we’ve captured
ISIS. We’ve done what we’ve done. We had 50 soldiers in the area you’re talking about. By the way, no one said it would be impossible
to defeat ISIS. That that’s like another lie. When the, uh, when the Obama administration
was getting ready to exit, I said many, many times and so did others that we are sort of
on a trajectory for at least with regard to its territory, the caliphate is some like
to call it of ISIS. We are heading towards the destruction of that. The question will
be how do we deal with radicalized cells that are disconnected, but whether it was Hillary
or Trump, what Trump is talking about, the elimination of the caliphate was likely to
happen either way. I said it, many people said it, but Trump says we had no ammunition
when he became president. He fixed it and now low and behold we have captured ISIS.
We’ll get back to that. That’s the lie. I will show you the evolution of, but a few
other choice lies by Donald Trump from very strange speech. Donald Trump claiming of course
with no evidence that his poll numbers are up 17 points in the last three days. Now when
he says his poll numbers, does he mean hypothetical 2020 polling? Does he mean approval polling?
We never know. And of course the reason we never know is because it is made up. He has
nothing to back this up. It’s obviously untrue. This is a scam and the people are wise to
it. And that’s why my polls went up. I think they said 17 points in the last two or three
days. I’ve never had that one. Yeah, so no, I mean that just, it didn’t happen.
And then here is Donald Trump saying total falsehoods about Adam Schiff. These are even
less coherent. Like these are, it’s more difficult to even understand what allegations Trump
is making here. But they’re all very much untrue. Take a look. Adam Schiff should be investigated for what
he did. He took to the great chamber Congress and he made a speech at his speech was a fraud.
Everything he said was a fraud. He won out as though I wrote it. He defrauded the American
people. He defrauded Congress, he defrauded himself and his family. He made a speech as
the horrible speech. I said, what is this guy? What’s going on here? I think he’s having
some kind of a breakdown because he got up and made a speech. That board no relationship
to what the conversation was. You can tell Trump is kind of making it up
as he goes along, and none of that stuff is true. So let’s go back now to the ammunition
claim. Let’s look at the oranges of this lie. Uh, where did Donald Trump’s lie that the
military was out of ammunition until Trump fixed it come from to begin with? This is
the Genesis of that lie. The evolution of the bogus story. I think you’ll find this
interesting. So of course it’s not true that the year Trump became president, the U S military
was out of ammunition. In 2016, the U S spent more than $600 billion on the military. Much
of that went to ammunition. We had plenty of ammunition already. Although it is true
that Barack Obama had slightly trimmed the amount of military spending in some areas.
Okay. So Donald Trump’s stories started with way back then when I met with general Maddis,
he came to me and he said, we are low on ammo now. We don’t even know if that’s true. Right.
It’s possible that it’s totally made up. It’s possible that nadis went to Trump and said,
listen, we are behind on the accumulation of a certain type of ordinance. It may not
even have been. Again, if it’s true, it may not even have been because Barack Obama wasn’t
spending enough money. It may have been a supply issue. It could have been, who knows?
Right. But it started with Maddis came to me and said, we are low on ammo. Trump has
then exploded the military budget. So it’s probably true that Donald Trump has spent
a lot more money on ammunition. Trump took that story, which may have a kernel of truth
in it or it may not, like we don’t even know. And then expanded the lie to say, well, Maddis
said we have low slash no ammunition. Okay. That was he modify. He always has to go to
the next step. Here’s Trump expanding it too. It wasn’t just low, it was low slash no ammunition. The story for the first time today, a general
came into my office and my first few weeks you remember it was a little dangerous out
there. President Obama left us with a few beauties, right? [inaudible] you said to this general, you better be prepared
because this is looking like it could really be conflict. And he looked at me and he goes,
sir, we have very little ammunition. I said, say it again and I want to tell you the words
very little. He didn’t use because it was less than that and I said, I never want to
see a president in a position like that. Well we may have conflict and a general looks at
him and said, we have very little slash no ammunition. I never want a president of the
United States to be in that position. Okay, so is supposedly saying we are low.
We don’t even know if that’s true. Becomes Maddis said we are low slash out of ammunition.
Okay. This is the first evolution of this lie. Then four days later, Donald Trump upgrades
to, we had no ammunition at all. I’ve rebuilt the military. We’ve, uh, Scott
and I were talking about that we spent one and a half trillion dollars when I came in,
our military was depleted. Frankly, we didn’t have ammunition. Okay. But our military was
in very bad shape and then now in about a one month period,
it all becomes, we had no ammo and I fixed it. I got us ammo. And because of that, I
was able to defeat the caliphate of ISIS in the middle East when again, the kernel of
possible truth is maybe Maddis said we were low, possibly about some particular kind of
ammunition. Unclear if it’s because of anything Barack Obama had done, right. Could have been
a supply issue, could have been anything. And that possible kernel of truth becomes
Trump endlessly repeating that we had no ammunition and he got us ammunition. And that’s the ammunition
that was right, by the way. Ammunition, right? I mean like when an unsophisticated term to
even be using that is the ammunition that got us the defeat of the caliphate of ISIS
in the middle East. Thanks to the great Lord and savior Donald Trump, the Genesis of ally.
Okay. Understand how works. These people will stop at nothing. He will say anything. It
doesn’t matter whether it has a grain of truth, a kernel of truth or not. Question for you,
do you believe that Donald Trump has convinced himself that the latest, most extreme version
of the story is true? Or do you think that Trump knows that he is exaggerating this story,
which possibly is not [inaudible] based in any actual reality? Let me know.
I’m on Instagram at the Pacman. If show is on [email protected]
welcome back

Maurice Vega

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  1. Schiff defrauded the American people?? What do you call claiming that Mexico was going to pay for "the wall" or the tax cut was not just for the 1%? ETC., ETC., ETC.

  2. "I play to people's fantasies. I call it truthful hyperbole. It's an innocent form of exaggeration — and a very effective form of promotion." Trump '87

  3. Welp looks like we'll have to add this to the list of insanely moronic things Trump has said.

    Dotards say the darndest things!

  4. Mr. Trump, what you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  5. So he takes the money allocated for military base improvements & yet he provided them with ammunition?

    Why hasn't this raging liar been struck down by lightning yet? ⚡

  6. David, I imagine that what really happened is that old Donald was told by military leadership that they need a larger budget for unit ranges. The military has allocations for training budgets, and they fluctuate. When I was in the military there were times when we didn’t get as much range time because we had to stay within a budget for training ammo and such. But this has no bearing over theater operational budgets. To say he dismantled he caliphate because he was able to free up funds for ammunition, is not unlike claiming that he won the Super Bowl because he was able to get the Patriots more Gatorade at practices. Go Pats.

  7. So, out of the ENTIRE US military, the largest military in the world, funded by roughly half of America’s tax money and spread across the world, there wasn’t a single bullet or other fired projectile that they could use until Trump gave them ammunition?
    That level of bullshit’s so deep, Trump’s going to need ten-foot stilts to keep from wallowing in it; which he unfortunately seems content to do. 💩

  8. Europe had too few Aircraft Carriers – I just built 5 and donated them. I have a large abrain, Im a stable genius.

  9. It would be really funny if it came out that the general was speaking figuratively, trying to impress that we lacked the justification to carry out whatever harebrained scheme Trump was trying to convince him of.
    "Torture everyone! Women, children, whole families! Chase them down through Pakistan or Russia, wherever they may flee. Get real medieval on them. Racks, Judas Cradles, whips, chains. I want 'is is' defeated!"
    "Mister President, we lack the political capital to carry out a plan like that. It would undoubtedly imperil our position on the global stage."
    "What? Say that again."
    "… We lack the… Ammunition to carry out such a plan, Mr. President."
    "What? You don't have bullets? I'll get you bullets! Get out of here, while I get someone in here that can get you some bullets!"


  11. The very idea that the armed forces were out of ammunition is ludicrous in light of our monstrously large military budget. trump is delusional, a liar to the nth degree and his followers are buying his bullshit and swallowing it whole as if it was ice cream.

  12. You know. Trump has the most vacant ludacris language in president history. I dont even think he knows WTH he even talks about. In the end he repeats the samething about 5x to distract people

  13. "I never want to president of the United States to be in that position". Bullshit. If he gets voted out it he would totally sabotage the military and the country for the next president replacing him. It is exactly what he would do.

  14. What's sad to me is that during his KKK rally there were a couple of Hispanic women behind him supporting him… How can they support a man that is so racist and thinks of Hispanic as criminals and rapists low-lifes… Shame on them 😉

  15. Mr. orange trumpffle mushroom has diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the "very large ah-brain". Quick! Get a fire hose up to the Oval Office (his potty chair room) and give him an enema. That should flush him out of the once-upon-a-time White House which he turned into a stinky outhouse.

  16. You can tell, after he tells a lie, he inhales fully through his nose. I would imagine that he has figured out that this will prevent it from growing like Pinocchio.

  17. Ever do coke with a friend and you talk fast about starting businesses or great ideas all high?…. this presidency is that but the coke is endless and it's our government. Lol

  18. I never have thought that it is possible in the US that a criminal and notorious liar is able to stay in the WH for such a long time. In other democratic states he would have been gone already. I don’t get it.

  19. Why can't you liberal snowflakes accept that our loving God sent Trump here to America to not only save America, but to save the world? You are just jealous because he is the smartest president ever, and also because he has more money than anyone. Envy is one of the 7 deadly sins, and you liberal snowflakes have it bad. Repent, then wise up and rejoice that Trump is our present-day Jesus.

    Just kidding. Trump and his supporters are insane.

  20. Doing everything he can to deflect blame from himself all the while refusing to cooperate with the legalities of an impeachment inquiry.
    He is trying to distract while sowing discord among his followers which may very well lead to a lot of violence if Trump is ousted either by impeachment or in 2020.

  21. Trumptards will genuinely believe this.
    Isis is not over, no general talked to him, USA has ammo. Trump's job is to humiliate USA publicly. He's doing a great job.

  22. David, haven’t you mentioned in the past that his favorite number to use when he makes stuff up is 17? “Up 17 points I think….”. This guy is a buffoon

  23. What is it with Trump and orange or oranges?
    Anyway the Trump shouldn't be anywhere near ammunition or foreign leaders or umbrellas

  24. And I'm sure he also said "Come with me if you want to live."
    But it did happen, they did say it went up 17 points. If you understand "they" are the voices in his head.

  25. For those Americans out there who aren't insane right-wingers, are you genuinely scared about any kind of fallout (of any kind) that may significantly impact the welfare of Americans (or people in other countries) at the hands of Trump? Or is it more a matter of just laughing at the general shit-show of politics today and waiting for the comedy to end?

  26. Narcissism, God complex and compulsive lying is a bad combo. Add a few drugs to that brew and everything you say is the truth.

  27. He's describing himself but attributing it to Biden! Listen to him carefully, he tells the truth about himself everytime he's pointing the finger at someone else. And he's playing the "look over here" game. Don't look at my crimes, investigate that guy!

  28. He's become the talkative old man at the coffee shop you think has all his marbles, and then after a minute or so into it, it starts to dawn on you..

  29. Why is he still president.. is what I want to know …would you trust him to take care of your newborn? so why in the hell !!!are we letting him still run the country!!! Sometimes I wonder ??if the people that are still supporting him. actually see the stupidity this man says ..but then again ..he is the president ..which makes me believe obviously yes!! it's just their ignorance …and the Hate ..that makes them continue to support him… I've been saying this for the longest time… this is the man.. that was Stone Cold stunner at the WWE wrestling match… how embarrassing is that…ps I have lots of lots of ammunition what makes people believe his theory stupidity

  30. LoL, we never ran out of ammo… That is the lie Maddis, Tillerson, and the rest of Trump's cabinet told him so that Trump wouldn't play war games in the Middle East… SMDH

  31. The military may be out of ammo but if you go to all the homes in the USA you will find enough to blow the world away hundreds of times over!
    No he is asking fo others to be investigated who does he think he is? He is beyond narcism assuming the default mode blame Obama! While taking credit for inheriting a rising economy pick and choosing the bits he wants to feed his narcissistic personality

  32. maybe that's why the Kurds weren't in Normandy during WW2… perhaps they were also out of ammunition…. (that must have been the lowest comment he made of the night)

  33. What an utter joke of a human being your president is,and what a mess his idiocy,ignorance,corruption and moral bankruptcy is starting to make of the world,how on earth America did you make this fucking moron the most powerful man on the planet..?

  34. 'Today I am going to show you an absolutely outrageous & baseless Donald Trump lie.' As opposed to every other day…

  35. 3:31 Did I hear this correctly?

    ' He went out as though I wrote it '
    Meaning, he went out there telling lies as though I wrote it.

    If it's correct what I heard, it really proves this guy is even more of a loose cannon than I already thought. Can't even hide hide is pride of his own lying, like a serial killer wanting to show off. So that right there answers your question David. I think he knows he is lying?

  36. America is not short of ammunition. Just ask all the families of the kids that get killed on a monotonously regular basis.

  37. Since you pointed out his potential drug use, everything this bafoon is saying and doinh seems so logical and clear.

  38. You referred to Donald's rally, that's why he has those rallies-To reiterate his rhetoric and to vent to his supporters.

  39. this man speaks like an autocrat. he needs to be removed immediately. schiff was using parity to explain why what trump did on the phone call was wrong. i watched it. many many many republicans have done the same in his defense. it’s what politicians do including trump constantly. impeach indict.

  40. Lol at around the 6 minute mark it's "nice" to see the crazy looking "Trump supporter" who appears behind him in many videos of his "speeches". It's so bizarre watching her weird smile with her head slightly but clearly nodding in agreement with everything coming out of his mouth true or not…bhaaa creepy sheeple..she is in the red top with the black ball cap

  41. This is a perfect example of how clueless and lacking in imagination Trump is. He has no idea how well funded and looked after the American military is, nor that the vast majority of the money spent on it goes to defence contractors researching weapons no one needs and building tanks and planes no one has requested for wars that will never be fought. Trump listens to the sycophantic toadies around him who are beholden to their donors, constantly whispering to him that the military was drastically underfunded under Obama, sees another opportunity to 'outdo' him, and interprets the toadies' words to imagine that the soldiers are out of ammo, as happens in the movies. You can see his poor addled mind working in real time.

    The main in problem is that in order to grasp Trump's limitations and overall density it is necessary to have a competently functioning mind to start with, one that is capable of tackling abstract concepts and logical ideas. Trump's entire base are incapable of this, being low information and incurious types who derive their intellectual stimulation from Monster Truck rallies and watching reality TV shows where people bid on the contents of abandoned storage units. This does not make them bad people, or worth any less than any of the rest of us, but this lack of intellectual capacity and curiosity, combined with their general distrust of things new and unusual, makes them the perfect supporters of such a nasty simpleton as Trump.

  42. When donald tump ramps up at someone with he this and he that you should put an I infront of it. The only thing donald trump is ultimate in is projection.

  43. Another example of a lie evolving;

    "FBI had an informant inside the Trump campaign"


    "FBI PUT an informant inside the Trump campaign"


    "There was a FBI representative implanted inside the Trump campaign – for political purposes".

    And all this from an op-ed by former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy being quoted as saying; "There is probably no doubt that they had at least one confidential informant in the campaign".

    It has to be pointed out, that quote doesn't actually appear in the article linked as a source of the quote – anywhere.

  44. Trump take a dump and tells us it is ice cream…His followers stand in line behind him with cones in order to show their support.

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