Trump meets with the UK prime minister and British business leaders

but certainly there's been a meeting just around the corner from Harrison James's Palace between the Prime Minister the president and some top business leaders from both the US and the UK they'll be back here in Downing Street in just a few minutes time but just to bring you some of the conversation ahead of that Business Roundtable we heard from Teresa may highlighting the depth the scope of the US UK trading relationship is worth around 240 billion dollars last year she pointed out US companies employ around a million people here in the UK and they're saying the other way around with British firms employing around a million on your side of the Atlantic they talked about the need for a bilateral free trade agreement that of course has been incredibly controversial for Teresa May who's failed to get her own brexit deal through Parliament here three times one of the sticking points around that was whether the UK would stay in a European customs union if that was to happen it would be impossible for them to try and forge their own independent trade policy but the trade will be one of the top items on the agenda in talks here in a few moments time with both of them meeting alongside their respective cabinet members and President Trump out that roundtable said you know I think we'll have a very very substantial trade deal it'll be a very fair deal I think it's something we both want to do we're going to get it done he said to Teresa may who's expected to formally resign her post as Prime Minister on Friday I don't know exactly what your timing is but stick around let's do this deal you

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