Trump LASHES OUT At Fox News

>>Donald Trump is lashing out at Fox News
again. Honestly, he has had a series of tweets going
after them. He’s very upset that they had a spokes person
from the DNC on. I’m tired of reading his tweets. Whatever, I don’t care. So, I’m going to go ahead and tell you about
the reaction from Fox, because I think that’s been far more interesting. Now, Trump believes that Fox should be his
news organization, they should be working for him. And if they’re not going to constantly do
positive coverage on him, well, then he’s gonna have to look for a different cable news
channel. He said that. Now, there have been a number of hosts on
Fox who are saying no, we don’t work for you, this is not this is not a cable news channel
specifically to bolster your campaign. You have Brit Hume who said Fox News isn’t
supposed to work for you and then.>>Well look, I know you don’t want to read
this tweet, but this part is relevant because Trump said Fox isn’t working for us anymore. And so that’s why Hume and others are saying,
dude we’re not supposed to work for you. But I like that Brit Hume is like still pretending.>>I know that’s the thing. Like so we’re about to show you video from
various hosts who who think. No no no where we were supposed to call you
out but you guys haven’t been calling him out. You guys have been helping him from the very
beginning. And Guy Benson who’s a contributor on Fox
says, we don’t work for you. Okay now, Neil Cavuto had some strong words
for Trump, and I want to show you that video so let’s take a look.>>First of all, Mr. President, we don’t work
for you. I don’t work for you. My job is to cover you, not fawn over you
or rip you. Just report on you, to call balls and strikes
on you. My job, Mr. President, our job here is to
keep the scores, not settle scores. Now in my case, to report the economic numbers
when they’re good, and when they’re bad. And when the markets are soaring and when
they’re tumbling. When trade talks look like they’re coming
together, and when they look like they’re falling apart. It is called being fair and balanced Mr President. Yet it is fair to say, you’re not a fan, when
that balance includes stuff you don’t like to hear, or facts you don’t like to have questioned. You’re entitled to your point of view Mr.
President, but you’re not entitled to your own set of facts.>>So I think it’s fascinating to see when
Fox News hosts actually turn on Trump, because when children were dying in cages at the border
they didn’t turn on Trump. There were no harsh segments criticizing him
and his policies. There were no harsh segments when Trump was
ripping children away from their parents at the border. Like when it came to lives being lost, Fox
News didn’t turn on him at all. When it came to the possibility of a recession,
all of a sudden there’s some coverage about, we don’t know about this trade war, we don’t
know about this. The economy isn’t looking so good, he needs
to change course. When it comes to their bottom line, and when
it comes to their money, that’s when they’re willing to criticize Donald Trump. So I think that that’s telling, to say the
least, but positioning themselves as like these hard hitting journalists who are willing
to hold Trump accountable for his actions is crazy. That is not what they’ve done.>>Yeah, so two points here. One is he’s accidentally helping Fox News
a lot, because this allows Fox News to go, see we’re fair and balanced. Neil Cavuto literally just said it, and look,
even Trump criticize us so we must be down the middle. In reality, Neil Cavuto is massively conservative. We’ve covered him for years, unfortunately,
here. And so you wanna give him a tiny bit of credit
for calling out Trump 2% of the time?>>No, 0%.>>Right? Yeah so that’s better than Hannity, that’s
better than Lou Dobbs who’s just literally lost his mind. And how’s Lou Dobbs?>>Lou Dobbs thinks it’s okay to run people
over if you disagree with their political protest.>>No, you could watch Lou Dobbs any night,
he’s not talking about business. But if you wanna see someone who belongs in
a mental institution, turn on Lou Dobbs or Jeanine Pirro, okay? So look, the mentally insane are still on
Trump’s side, on Fox News, and yelling it from the rooftops. But the other guys slant the news conservative
anyway, right? And they’re just not total lunatics, on behalf
of every single thing that Donald Trump does. But now, there’s a general perception of,
Fox is being tough on Trump, so I think that helps them. Now, I think it is an accident, and I thought
I was gonna make a brilliant point, but one of you guys beat me to the punch. So I often say as we do the show live after
all the breaks, or as we come in from the breaks, I read a lot of your comments. And we read our member comments first, cuz
they make this show possible. to be one of those members. So G David, VX77 wrote in, in the last break. OMG, I just saw someone suggest that Trump
is going hard against Fox News ahead of him making his own News Network after he leaves
office at some point, we will see but I wouldn’t be surprised. That’s exactly the point I was gonna make. And here I thought I was being really smart. Anyway, look, remember when he thought he
was going to lose, he started talking about Trump TV. And now a little bit about 14 months before
the election when it looks like he’s gonna lose, all of a sudden he’s down 36% in the
polling and he knows the recession is about to come. They’re talking about it internally in all
of his meetings and if a recession hits an election year, good night Irene. All of a sudden he’s like Fox News isn’t working
for us. Fox News is bad. We might need a new outlet, come on. It doesn’t actually take a rocket scientist
to figure that out.>>Trump loves to be on television. That’s his number one passion. He loves attention. He loves being in the media. And so if that happens, it wouldn’t surprise
me. But I do think that at the moment, what’s
driving Trump is his fear and his insecurity. And his honestly, the fact that he’s finally
recognizing that he’s not a popular president. His approval numbers are dismal. They’re terrible. And he’s starting to get a little bit of backlash
from some of his allies because of where the economy is headed. And so, yeah, I just think that this is him
trying to hold on to the infrastructure around him that’s helped him win so far.>>Yeah.>>Do you get what I’m saying? Without Fox News doing his bidding, what is
he gonna do? Who’s gonna cover him in a favorable way?>>No, of course he’s an idiot. That’s why I never thought he was going to
last, because he burns too many bridges. I mean, you burn the Fox News bridge, what
bridge do you have left? So I wanna read you the last part of that
tweet, cuz this was relevant here. The new Fox News is letting millions of great
people down. We have to start looking for a new news outlet
Fox isn’t working for us anymore.>>Yeah. Yeah. That was a-
>>Okay.>>That was a good hint.>>Yes, here comes Trump TV, and here come
Donald Trump realizing that he ain’t gonna make it. By the way, if he thinks he’s gonna get humiliated,
you sure he’s gonna stick around, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.>>You’re going around on national television,
Cenk. You’re very confident. Because I believe in logic, and I’m a man
of my word. And see months left, 14 months left. I have never wavered. Not gonna make it to that.>>You’re crazy.>>Well, here I am.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Laura, Tucker, & Jeanine should just be one one show called "The Suicide Squad". It will air at 3:45 AM with no ads once racism isn't cool anymore.

  2. If she is so tired of reading his tweets then why the hell is she making a show about it? This woman is a lady Gaga wanna be! All these shows on tv and online that devote their entire air time to analyzing every single thing Trump does would be lost if he disappeared forever. Their entire format is based on criticizing the President. Much like people that devoted their entire lives to writing books about the Kennedy Assassination and all sorts of conspiracies. Donald Trump is how they make a living and if there was some idiot President like Biden they would have to actually work harder mentally and do real journalism.

  3. Aww too many fox advertisers are bailing. The bottom line is $ and Ingram, Peirro,Tucker and Hilarity are losing money and Fox is seeing the light. Light green that is.

  4. Sorry Anna, I'm going with Cenk on this one. Trump's done. He knows it. It's only going to get worse and I think if Welsh does enter the race and primaries Trump and they get on stage together, get your popcorn out 'cause Welsh is gonna take Trump to slaughter, and after the slaughter, Trump will find a way to walk away before the elections, especially if Welsh garners any kind of decent polling numbers against Dingle Donnie.

    Cenk for the win….Trump's out before the election.

  5. I just hope everyone who is currently DISGUSTED by the Trump administration will NEVER FORGET the minions who sided with him, the news channels who glorified him, the Republicans who supported and protected him and the Democrats who sided with the Republicans.

    The wealthy psychopaths and swamp creatures should never be trusted, or rewarded, by voters ever again.

  6. If Drunkf tried to start a competitor network to Mudrock, it’d be hilarious to watch the feathers and sparks fly between them…

  7. Quick folks! Engage in conversations with your Trumptard friends and relatives. Sincerely ask them whether they think Trump would ever resign before 2020 and ask them what they would think of Trump if he did resign. Don’t counterpoint them, just ask them what they’d think…

  8. Fox is so far beyond CNN and MSNBC. At least fox gives you the news, not just made up negative opinions trying to pass as news.

  9. How can you believe 'logic' dictates anything that happens in Washington? How many centuries of evidence do you need until you realize the people in power are all elitist morons that don't care about making the world a better place? The end of Game of Thrones got one thing right…no one in power ever makes things better. (unless they are smart..and there are zero smart leaders in the US right now..except Bernie)

  10. Cenk said Trump wouldn’t make it to the end of 2018. Now he thinks Trump won’t make it to Election Day. How about you just report the stories and stop making predictions.

  11. FOX simply wants to cover its ass. A downturn in the Dow Jones is not fake news. A war which defeats US puppet forces is not fake news. Trump's favorite Republican losing in a ultra-white Republican district is not because of immigrants and is not fake news.

  12. Eventually Fox is going outsmart Trump. Fox is using Trump…when the moment comes Fox is going to look out for Fox News…when the ship is sinking the rats leave the ship…We have to understand that Trump is not the disease but instead a symptom, symptoms can come and go, the disease is the real problem

  13. Why do you need to go split screen to show stills of trump? More to the point, why are you filling your show out with trump?

    On another note, trump has already mentioned OAN as a valid alternative to Rupert.

  14. @03:38 You [email protected]03:38 _You wanna give him a tiny bit of credit for calling out Trump 2% of the time:

    Fox is not tough on Trump. Don't forget that their 1% varrying degree of "being fair" is calculated and set up when talking to different target audience. Neil Cavuto's target audience like to be told that Fox is "fair & balanced" opposite core Trump voters (the target of other Fox hosts) who don't care whether Fox is balanced or not.

  15. They just know that their loyalty to Trump has tainted their values. So if they get fired, no one else will hire them. The iceberg is ahead, and it's every man for themselves.

  16. Surprised he ain't pulled a Dougie Ford, but you Americans are so self-obsessed, you probably have no clue who is "reigning" over half of Canada's population, do you? Hell, you don't even give a rat's ass about brexit, let alone the rest of the world, except when it slaps your nation in the face.

    PS: I was subscribed. The information seemed to outweigh the over the top delivery. I get being passionate about something. I also get it don't work except on the stupid and easily fooled, usually because they, too, are passionate, and thus, not given to careful consideration.
    I'm not subscribed any longer. I still visit, at least long enough to determine if I'm gonna hear something I don't already know.
    It usually isn't.
    Congrats on making it up another rung on the corporate salmon ladder, though. CNN spots, hmm?
    "Extreme" v "Extreme".
    No such thing as a political left in your country nor mine.

    Not that you give a shit. Cheers.

  17. Two reasons. Number 1. They are losing a ton of advertisers. Number 2. They cannot keep up with his growing pace of lies in order to try and justify then for trumpsters.

  18. If Cenk wore a beach outfit – like Anna's to work – what would people say? Equality means EQUALITY! Please cover up so we can take you SERIOUSLY!

  19. Every advertisement on phox knews is for "my pillow" or catheters. Meaning the majority of their viewers are sleepy and incontinent. ?

  20. Interesting Trump says "Fox isnt woirking for us anymore". In other words hes admitting theyve always been propaganda merchants.

  21. Of coarse Fox will still run lies for Trump 90 odd per cent of the time.
    Its just some times the brain dead journalists or rather propanda merchants that work on it arent bright enough to be able to think up some lies that can cover over for Trump when some of his lies just cant be covered over
    A question that should be put to Fox News liars over and over is how many people in the mass shootings are Fox News responsible for ?
    And you got it spot on they only care when it hits them or their corporate puppetmasters in the pocket

  22. Hey Trump just stick to those 3 idiots on the morning show they are ALL brown noses and no matter what lie or conspiracy theories you say they win spin it to suit you.

  23. So let's be clear, Rupert Murdoch owns fox and is dubbed "the king maker", he was instrumental in trumps election and Brexit. There is a pattern that occurs in Australia (Murdochs starting ground and almost all our media is owned by him, seriously tiny regional newspapers for his propaganda machine) starting during the unofficial election campaign and particularly with close polls. Ruperts going to instruct his puppets to play all sides until a picture emerges. If Trump looks to lose the Republican endorsement he is out. He'll play nice for the Democrats but only for a wallstreet lover candidate. America is much more work for the undying ghoul, you guys don't have compulsory voting so he'll play all sides to manipulate for a candidate and victory that benefits him. He'll make his pick when the Republican and Democrat candidates are facing off.

  24. They don't work for Trump. Fox and Trump both work for the rich and powerful. And Trump's just outlived his usefulness.

  25. Republicans and conservatives will ultimately turn on Trump when it is all over. Just like they did George W. Bush. It is coming. tick tick tick tick, tick tick tick tick…

  26. Always a good laugh to be had when FOX fake news hosts try and portray themselves as real news reporters and fair and balanced.

  27. Woodward's book talks about how Trump's campaign was nothing more than an attempt to gain the political gravitas to create "Trump TV" with Roger Ailes and Steve Bannon after the 2016 election.

  28. In all reality it’s just one anchor on Fox News that has “turned on trump” that would be Neil Cavuto. He has expressed disagreement and disapproval of some of trumps actions etc. I don’t think it’s accurate to say that therefore the entire news service has.

  29. Fox News? "Fair" "Balanced"????? I'd sooner believe the Galactic Empire had sent a Star Destroy to Earth and Darth Vader was doing Campaign appearances for Bernie Sanders then I would believe Fox News is Fair and Balanced!

  30. It is pure irony and hypocrisy for Faux News to call their reporting "fair and balanced." This merits a good round of laughing at.

  31. Trump turns on everyone eventually, you can look up his track record. It doesn't matter if you lean left or right, Trump will eventually turn on you. We all know that there's a recession coming.

  32. 1:33 mins in .. so good, it's fukin DELICIOUS!! ? FOX's "job" is to report the score, NOT settle the score!!
    (? i luv it)

  33. What about the gratuitous cheating with gerrymandering, voter suppression and Russian bot farms. Won’t this be enough for tRump to stay the course?

  34. Trump TV will be a 24h livestream from his jail cell, coincidentally preventing any accidentel 'epstiening' along the way… win-win for everyone…!

  35. First of all, Ana really believes that Trump doesn’t believe he’s a popular president? Of course he doesn’t despite his approval rating. He’s popular enough to win presidency (actually electorally but let’s not get into semantics). Sure, Trump has insecurities but he certainly believes that he’s well liked and popular – he’s that delusional. Secondly, I hate people like Cenk that will call an election 14 months out of the way before a Democratic candidate has even been nominated. There is a million things that can happen between today and the election…so for anyone to call the election either way is just being irrational. And Cenk ends up being right, it’s just luck. It’s the equivalent of calling the 2030 NBA championship today…except with the election, there’s more probability on your side since it’s 50-50 if you believe Trump will not win.

  36. It's nice to think we will make it to the next Presidential election. War, economic collapse, food shortages (tariff debacle), massive civil unrest, a collapse of our government – all results of Trump & the fawning parasitic GOP – may come before anything – even T resigning.

  37. Fox be like a withholding sexual partner. “We never agreed to blowjobs every day, Mr. President. Just most days.”

  38. Stop it!
    I hate Fox as much as anyone else. But it did a great thing! Give it credit instead of trying to stick the knife to it on technicalities.
    Fox News did a great favor to all of us!

  39. Trump making his own TV network?!
    I would bet money that he would try to do that! Sadly he is likely to succeed!
    He has an audience….. I can only picture bad things happening if he further controls the direction of the media….

  40. 98% news channels talk pure bs like your doing now news spreads lies hate agendas and devides country and blames the white man and I am not white I am logic

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