Trump Knows Impeachment The First Line Of His Political Obituary Says Reporter | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. I am not on either side. Pure Observation: Trump wanted investigation about Biden. Democrats said that is illegal, but we will investigate you, for wanting to investigate him. What a mess,, now we better understand how the senate in Rome worked, and why Rome fell, and all nations thru history, power hungry politicians… and we are stuck in the middle.

  2. Trump has solidified his place in history, He has CONNED his adoptive political party into seeing the black clouds hanging over his head as being clear and blue skies. The Republican party is so enraged about they couldn't make Obama a one term President.. That they have let real corruption before them be dismissed thru the tint of rose colored glasses.

  3. With the information that will become available after he is no longer occupying the WH the entire world will know just how pathetic an individual he really is.

  4. And hopefully his actual obituary. Which I hope we get to read very soon. 🤞🤞 come on fatal myocardial infarction🤞🤞


  6. Does anyone with half a brain really believe that this is it? He will continue to abuse the oath of office, continue to be corrupt. This is not the end of the orange clown and his circus.

  7. This is pathetic. The democrats have nothing and continue down a path that boldly display this as a political party attack and not justice.

  8. The stock market is FAKE…
    Filled with shell companies to CLEAN black money made from money laundering….
    It's a world wide syndicate too…
    Connected to EPSTEIN PEDOPHILE and Panama and paradise papers link the connections.

  9. So, Trump can ask for clarification about possible corruption by any American citizen overseas so long as it isn't someone running against him?

  10. Considering that the Senate is suppose to be the jury…and they're already telling us that they've made a decision…seems like it's rigged. Just going through the motions doesn't make it any less rigged when thumper keeps having the goper senators come to the whthouse for "planning". That's just BS and they wonder why the American people are moving away from the republican party…maybe because they've done nothing but lie for the past 30 years about how they're concerned about the military and the deficit.

  11. All the morons commenting on this thread are the same morons that told everyone Hillary would win in a landslide in 2016.

  12. The American people aren’t dumb, they see what’s going on here. When Biden fires a prosecuter investigating the company his son works for….he’s working to clean up corruption (assume positive intent). When the fbi and others falsify docs go spy on president trump….just looking out for America (assume positive intent). When trump asks another leader to look into possible abuses of power and election meddling in Ukraine….impeach!!! (Assume negative intent). The list goes on and on, it’s quite simple.

  13. This is only 1 mark on the history of his Presidency. He has so many marks against him. His kids have NOT made it any better either. He will always be remembered as the TRAITOR, LIAR, CHEAT, and SCUM that he truly is

  14. If the whistleblower didn't come forward, we would never have known about this. They would have kept this secret. Even Pompeo, Bolton, and Barr knew about this and they did nothing. God knows what else trump has done that we don't know about.

  15. Yea what did he do??? Please tell me!! Actually he has done nothing even remotely questionable. And the Democrats knows it. It’s hideous. Liberals are so weak have such marginal intelligence they don’t even see what all this means.

  16. Trump hates being seen as a loser for sure. So yeah, it bothers him for now, but when Moscow Mitch acquits him, he'll claim defeat and call it a "Fake impeachment" by the "nasty Dems."

  17. MSNBC watchers it's over 2020 is ours this impeachment was the biggest joke and waste of taxpayers $ no one even watches lmao good luck same people that elected dumblasio in nyc hard working taxpayers are tired of giving hand outs wake up

  18. How can Lev Parnas, working alongside Rudy Giuliani under Trump's orders, receive 1 million dollars from a Russian bank account, on September of 2019, and not raise any eyebrows in Republican political circles.

  19. Morning without Joe is always better.
    MSNBC, please promote Willy Geiss and get rid of blowhard and his always talked over wife Meeka.

  20. My children when they got in trouble would say " but so and so did this or that". And I w?ould say "what about what you did?". So why when they try to defend Trump, they cover by pointing away from themselves. I want to hear them defend Trump not deflect from what he did.

  21. MSNBC is so full of it…

    Hunter Biden was kicked out of the Navy, suffers addiction to crack-cocaine, doesn't speak Ukrainian, doesn't have any experience in management, or gas and oil, and yet received millions of dollars on the board of Burisma. We know now that Burisma is a company that was receiving US aid directly under the control of Joe Biden. Joe Biden publicly bragged about threatening to withhold the aid to Ukraine if they didn't call off the investigation into Burisma. The President in his continued effort to combat political corruption, requests Ukraine look into the reason for the investigation having been dropped, and now they want to impeach him for that?

    If the President is impeached, it just degrades the meaning. The Senate has made clear that not only will the President not be removed, but that they will likely acquit the articles of impeachment. Trump's ratings are well higher than they were before his first election, so he will likely be elected a second term.

    Many of the FBI that spied on his campaign will be indicted, I expect a few will cooperate and spill the beans on their direct communications with Obama and Clinton. Joe and Hunter Biden are already under criminal investigation over Ukraine. And Adam Schiff, is soon to be facing criminal charges for spying on fellow congress members. The tables have turned. Buckle up America, things are going to get dramatic.

  22. This is who they are, the filth of man. They are dismantling our Democracy, to hand it back to the 1% owners. You have no power to stop them, they control the senate, the white house and the supreme court. They will do all they want, for their Idol god drumpf will fulfill his destiny. It's called the Last Days and they are the Gentiles.

  23. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty together again.

  24. The republicans are broken in the debates right now. They just keep saying the same things over and over and half of them have fallen asleep.

  25. The House has as much authority as a substitute teacher trying to ground you. Trump will win in a landslide 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  26. If Trump is truly guilty of anything, why has the narrative gone from quid pro qou, to bribery, to extortion, to demanding, to finally arriving at abuse of power?

    Why has the majority after saying they would only proceed with a bipartisan effort, pushed forward?

    Why has the minority been denied a hearing, or the ability to call their own witnesses?

    Why has Trump been denied his 4th 5th and 6th constitutional rights?

    If the Democrats are truly interested in protecting the Constitution, why are they against free speech and the right to bear arms?

  27. Biden and many other corrupted politicians try to sell this country to the highest bidder. Trump is a threat to all of the corrupted. Half these idiots are reciting historical quotes just to appear relevant…SMH! What have these over paid clowns done for you in the past? Nothing! I'm more interested in an investigation on the Bidens. Obama sent billions of dollars to overseas terrorist nations and that isn't above the law? Trump digging up dirt on sellouts is nothing compared to whats been going on behind our backs. These elected members need to focus on working to improve the nation, instead of devoting all their efforts against our elected president!

  28. Mike Pence and his wife, are probably both rubbing their hands. They are secretly going "oh boy oh boy!" at the thought of becoming president and first lady.

  29. BREAKING NEWS; Impeached and Removed President Donald J Trump refuses to leave the White House. Emergency supplies of KFC, McDonalds and Sudafed have been flown in by helicopter, along with every painting of the former president which Trump owns and he is now hanging on the walls of the Oval Office. An eviction order is being drawn up. The ex president has been heard shouting… "I am the chosen ONE, I am the King of the Jews,".

  30. TReRmP TwEnEe TwEnEe! MaGEEERRR!
    That's what you sound like you dumb inbred idiots.
    I hope donny molests all your daughters one day. Oh wait you'd probably love that :p


  32. Impeachment will mean nothing to 2020 voters. Everyone knows its democrat partisanship. Both parties locked in and swing states steadily swinging toward Trump.

  33. Trump isn’t going anywhere. He’s delivered on every campaign promise & that’s why this whole impeachment charade is even a thing. Those crooks who’ve been padding their pockets on the backs of American taxpayers for nearly 30 years are having a tough time getting away with it with Trump in office. Trump doesn’t like or trust most of the media for good reason. The only thing this whole fasciae does is set precedence for the next GOP majority house to impeach a Democratic president who will more likely be deserving of it. Too bad this couldn’t have occurred prior to Obama.

  34. It is just frustrating that the Members don't often offer direct rebuttal to the comments others make. That could help the Democrats expose the silly, shallow arguments and the lies the GOP Members shamefully scream out.

    I was, however, pleasantly surprised to hear the Democratic Rep., Hank Johnson, respond to the puerile, unnecessary personal attacks on Hunter Biden by the GOP Member from Florida, Matt Gaetz, citing Hunter's addiction to or use of Crack Cocaine. It turned out the Florida GOP Rep. himself was no angel, and had been arrested for DUI before. Haha!

    And, could anyone explain to us why the GOP Members complained about the Chairman's decision to postpone the Votes till this morning, while it was the GOP who had always loudly charged that the Democrats were conducting their investigations behind closed doors? Now, it seems, all of a sudden the GOP wouldn't like the Public to see first-hand how the Members would vote.

    Lastly, I wish the Democrats would amend the Articles of Impeachment to include the specific allegations of attempted Bribery by Trump, since the GOP have been complaining that none of the two Articles the Members were supposed to vote on is mentioned in the Constitution. Obviously, they claim the general term of "Abuse of Presidential Power" does not cover Bribery. So, why can't the Democrats give the GOP what they want, and specify the attempted Bribery as one of the Articles? The GOP better be careful what they wish for.

  35. The Criminal Demoncrats are committing TREASON against America. The person they should have impeached was Islamist Barrack Hussein Obama 😈!!

  36. Do all of you on here that support this farce, think justice won't be served on these rotten, crooked politicians and they'll go unscathed?!!!…I don't think so!!…They have already tried to frame the POTUS of a Russian Hoax that didn't line out for them. I mean get real!!!…This is a Witch Hunt!! They couldn't get him with the made up Steele Dossier, then shifted to obstruction, now this Ukraine Transcript!!… Notice the timing when this shifted to the Ukraine Transcript, yeah right after the Mueller Report. Just because Joe Biden is a political candidate for the presidency, which is a joke does not mean he's above the law. He's also a former VP that is involved with corruption with the company Burisma. How can anyone support this? Do you think it's alright that Joe Biden had a prosecutor fired and held aid for six hours to Ukraine until he was fired?!!…there's your quid pro quo!!!…You're watching the wrong networks!! It's not alright that Hunter Biden was on board of directors of Burisma and funneling money to the US from the Bank of China!! You probably aren't even aware of that. Are you even aware that the CEO of Burisma has been arrested for embezzlement?!!!…yeah the same company that Hunter Biden was on the directors. This sickens me that the media doesn't report facts!! You all are either blind, stupid or just ignorant!! Do your own research, the MSM is lying to you. Rudy Giuliani, Trumps personal lawyer had been investigating this since Trump was accused of Russian Collusion. He had every right to investigate!! By law, when corruption like this ties in with another country, This is not wrong. And the aide they holler that was being held up, Ukraine was a corrupt country and their new president Zelensky ran on cleaning it up. This is why is was delayed, not because Trump wanted an investigation. Burisma was already under investigation and Ukraine knew it linked to the Obama Administration. Yes Obama was involved. Obama isn't going unscathed either, he will be stricken of his presidency, like he should for many acts of treason. The Horowitz investigation may be over for him, but yet open for Barr. You all are plum foolish to sit and listen to this.

  37. If I am still alive, I will rejoice when despot trump is dead; however, his genome must be eradicated from the planet for the cancer that it is.

    Evil, like trump and his supporters, are driven by Satan and Satan’s followers never die, unfortunately.

  38. Oops. You guys blew it again. You lie. You are liars. And you are losing any viewers that you have because you don't tell the news, you only lie to protect those that should be in prison! What losers at ms liar group!

  39. Impeachment might be the first line people read in history about Trump, but there's so much more.

    Lost by 3 million votes…and to a woman
    Smallest Inaugural crowd in history
    Largest budget deficits ever
    Never paid-off the national debt..not one dime of it, but is adding trillions
    Never had a balanced budget
    Not a foot of new border wall ever built
    Colluded with Russia
    Colluded with Ukraine
    Colluded with China
    Failed tariff policy that cost each household $2000 a year
    Didn't lock-up Hillary
    Didn't repeal Obamacare
    Never started TrumpCare
    Most corrupt administration in history
    Laughing stock of other world leaders
    Backed Putin over the USA
    Backed Kim over the USA
    Backed Bone Saw over the USA
    Backed Russia over NATO
    Fawned over Putin while trashing our Allies
    Never released his promised tax returns
    Never shut-down the border
    Never gave that promised 10% middle-class tax cut
    Never got Mexico to pay for the wall
    Bankrupted thousands of Farmers with his tariffs
    Didn't create a single new "clean-coal" job
    Allowed Turkey to slaughter Kurdish Allies for no good reason, and against the advice of ALL military advisors

    One term President
    Impeached by the House

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