Trump Jr., Author Of ‘Triggered,’ Gets Booed Off Stage | All In | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. "How many people have you tapped fish." Quote of the night….Is it me or does donnie jr's girlfriend look just like Melania? Calling the trumps a weird family would be an understatement.

  2. Come on. A Trump book review. We all know Trump 1 doesn't know how to read. And Trump 2 doesn't know how to write. His girlfriend sounds like a Crow.



  5. looks like a set up to me.liberal audience told to cheer him when he comes out,then boo him when he starts talking.liberal news media has no not defending him.i never seen him just seems like something liberals would do .

  6. staged the whole thing.they arent fooling anyone.even liberals know that.keep doing what you do to ensure TRUMP victory 2020 hahahahahahaw.M A G A.BABY

  7. Poor little rich boy has to have his girlfriend fight for him. What a baby. (Just like Daddy) the NUT does not fall far from the tree.

  8. Donny Trump : what a insufferable khunt. A coward pretending diplomacy and political acumen AND THAT HORSE OF A WOMAN– FRIGHTENING.

  9. so pathetic the only person she can get to be interested in her is a MARRIED ,daddy's BOY.Better push that book of lies,because its the only gold your going to dig……😁

  10. What the heck does the dating activity of the audience have to do with the booing and rejecting of a stupid "Triggered" book promotion ? Her rhetoric must be the extent of Trump's jr's girlfriend intelligence to yell allegations lacking substance, reason or logic.

  11. This guy is as much an author, as I am an astronaut. Hope the ghost author got paid well.

    Great arguments by your old lady there too, DJTJ. Online dating insults. Really?

  12. fox news is the bubble where trumps are most comfortable, as soon they step out of hannity's zone reality punches them right in the kisser

  13. She seems to know all about online dating. Sit down and shut up fake lady! How old is she? She acts like a child herself.

  14. People need to remember that when an incestuous father targets one child with his sexual violations, it's actually the WHOLE family that is being abused. Don Jr. is a child of incest, emotional, public, ongoing incest and that kind of attack injures and limits the mind, until intervention and healing begin. Instead, the trump children were taught, it was normalized, that when daddy slobbers over their sister, others will smile, nod and shake the perp's hand.

    Yes, they are vile, repulsive, horror-freak shows of humanity BUT compassion dictates that we wish the trumps (AND those who support them) healing.

  15. Trump Jr’s book tour is also a reminder of the right’s limitless hypocrisy. One of the big themes of Triggered is, to quote Trump Jr: “A victimhood complex has taken root in the American left”. But let’s recap the situation shall we? Trump Jr (who describes himself as “hyper-rational” and “stoic”) has just published a book complaining that he is being silenced by the left. He is touring the US talking about how he is being silenced. He has been invited on primetime TV to talk about being silenced. And he is complaining about being silenced to his 4 million followers on Twitter. Maybe I am missing something, but that doesn’t exactly sound like being silenced to me.

    And it is not just Trump Jr who loves to play the victim. A delusional victimhood complex is at the very heart of rightwing ideology. Immigrants are invading and stealing all the jobs. Jews are taking over the world. #MeToo is intent on destroying innocent men’s lives. Gays are destroying family values. The right never see themselves as racists or bigots; they see themselves as victims who are fighting back against the imminent extinction of western civilisation. Forget being stoic or silenced; they are constantly triggered and they never shut up.

  16. His was screwing this broad while he had a decent wife and children at home. Obviously, the moron decided not to do classy this time around. He got himself a gold digger – just like daddy !!

  17. Only thing missing at this shindig is djtj's balls…and oh, yeah…his chin…and his father's support…and his dignity…his morality…credibility…intelligence…ad infinitum…

  18. Could not have happened to a better target, got "TRIGGERED" I guess, man that girl friend is gonna fit right in to that family.

  19. Why is this even News. No wonder Mainstream media is losing ratings and their average viewers are above 60 years old. It's all downhill from here MSNBC, CNN, ABC News and Fox News.

  20. trump jr never earn ANYTHING EVERY thing given to the these Beverly Hillbillies jefro Bodine a six grade education Jed and Grandma Clampet and like ella mae

    pretty with no brains Ivanka Don jr

    Eric we HAVE the Beverly Hillbillies

  21. trump jr never earn ANYTHING EVERY thing given to the these Beverly Hillbillies jefro Bodine a six grade education Jed and Grandma Clampet .no bussiness sense and like ella mae

    pretty with no brains Ivanka Don jr

    Eric we HAVE the Beverly Hillbillies

  22. "But we all fight back and we always win." Hmmm? You didn't win, you lost the popular vote and Russia paid for your electoral votes. Juniors visit to Arlington reminds him of his family sacrifices? Are you F**King serious?

  23. So according to the bint, Guilfoyle, it was a dating forum for sad sacks, not a book club. No wonder Trump Jr was there. I mean, who would want to have a Putin ring-piece like Guilfoyle as a partner?

  24. This what happens when you let ugly mistresses go unchecked, "how many people have you catfished?"

    She is emasculating him and it's hysterical! She tried for a laugh, too bad she IS the joke. 🍸👻

  25. Jr has grown that stupid beard to hide his classic Trump weak chin. All trump’s kids have that same facial characteristic, weak chins and overbites.

  26. Wow! That girlfriend of his! 😖 Why is she making herself so unpopular? Someone ought to remind her that SHE ISN’T HIS WIFE!

  27. Fake News. I never thought I would say this but check out CNN's version of events, it seems more balanced:

  28. DJTjr is just a whiny, wimpy little man-boy who has to shrilly shout over his whorish GF, just to be heard. Shock! Could it just be that no one wants to hear him? Well, yes Wally. It could.

  29. There's no honour among thieves.
    Not a single member of the MAGA cult can trust any other member.
    That's what happens when you build your life around lies.

  30. "Safe space" is only for globalists and communists who don´t want to face reality, or in some cases any other opinion but their own, on anything.

  31. Trump Jr. looks like an undateble dweeb, very homely. If it weren't for his money, I don't think he would do well in the dating market. The whole trump family is homely, even Ivanka. She got a bunch plastic surgeries to change her ugly and plain features.

  32. Lol….
    Not that we're noticing Nazis everywhere….. don't get triggered "centrists!"
    But politically, this is exactly what the Nazis did.
    "We don't act like this to liberals"
    Lol. Yeah. We don't act like that either…. they're conservatives!
    I wonder if any of the "centrists" will mention the far right yet…?
    Sjws are still the worst thing that has ever happened to society!? Really boys, what about this rhetoric? Haha. If we were petty we'd all be saying we told you so!
    extremist far right rising….
    Both sides are bad, I'm a big brain, mehh!

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