Trump impeachment hearing on evidence against the president | ABC News

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  1. Imagine me as President of the United States of America… America, America ?❤??????☝ I'm a beauty ?-ful bird ?. Chicken anyone?

  2. To those comparing this to Clinton I think a couple big differences should be examined.

    1. 20+ years ago America was considerably different, particularly considering sexual impropriety. People today don't care as much about what two consenting adults are doing behind closed doors, back then they did.

    2. What Clinton did was clear and fully exposed plus he lied to the American people under oath. What Trump has done is vastly more complex and I think most people are finding it confusing and boring.

  3. Black racist “professor” (aka complete moron) at Weber university hates white people and “teaches” his racial hatred to his students……

  4. This impeachment inquiry is nothing but a political scheme played and orchastrated by Desperate Democrats. .What a Shame and Disgrace, wasting taxpayers money

  5. Fuuuuuucccccckkkkkk yyyyyooooouuuuuu aaaaaallllllll!!!!

    You must realise that trials take a long time. Months even. So stop complaining. We are going to get a new president and it will all be fine. Look at the future, not at the present.

  6. The hearsay evidence is totally overwhelming. It is also disputed. These people need to go back to school to learn the meaning of the English language.

  7. Hey CNBC: gave a shout out to The President today for another excellent performance of the economy this year! Can't wait till next year I might be living in my own Trump tower!
    LANDSLIDE 2020!

  8. opinion driven trial, hearsay second and third hand information moreover, hurt feelings are going to impeachment a duly elected president? Laughable

  9. I Know so many Liberals that are Voting Trump This year and Are Quiet about it
    for fear of Retards losing it! TRUMP LANDSLIDE 2020 Out with the Corruption and In with WE The PEOPLE!

  10. Trump exposed the traitors and criminals and they are mad. ALL the democrats and about half the republicans are TRAITORS and THIEVES. This "impeachment" has made a JOKE of America. No country on earth can ever take America seriously again.

  11. I wish abc would shut the fuck up. I dont need a play by play or you explaining what i am hearing at the same time your blocking what is being said.

  12. No quid pro quo but.. clear and compelling evidence that the president of the United States committed impeachable offense.. withholding the military aids would suggest quid pro quo in regards to pressuring the Ukraine president to announce investigation the Biden's..

  13. Is this what these people do to justify their tax payer funded salaries?? Just sit there and talk bullshit? All I hear is conjecture. What a joke. These people should all be jailed for treason. Leave Trump alone. He's been the greatest president America has ever had. These people are just pissed cause Trump doesn't fit their agenda.

  14. So Clinton wasn't impeached , Obama wasn't impeached for treasonous laws against us the people…. But bc Trump was curious as he should be , he should be impeached, there was more evidence on Clinton,I want a retrial and to call also another involving Obama and Americans being held with out cause or charged!!!! Let's get to evidence of which wasn't good enough when our president was taking advantage if not bullying lil girls, bill Cosby went to jail,why isn't Clinton there with him? Bc y'all are currupt!!! Very very unjust and you have set the example,be bad bc no one cares , be good and do your job and we'll Lynch you

  15. Our country was founded on the Constitution, guess u forgot that part . Selective memories and policy. Trump we need you , u can get testy however ur consistent and to the point. Please carry on your voters are watching and waiting to vote again

  16. Trump because American Votes have Spoken! We'll still vote for him . All presidents must inquire about all things. Honey this ain't Latin America it's just America.

  17. Escavar is it …… What president hasn't done those things???? Isn't Trump president of America not the stock market??? The rules are a bit different . Dadgum what we have here is failure to communicate!!! He's the president of ur country and he has a right to inquire with or without force about anything,ask Obama,he's the one who said so , just saying what no one else is smart enough to say

  18. you can not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that trump withheld military aid just because he wanted information about biden

  19. Trump! We want our money back, and those attempting to over through our Votes charged with doing so ,it's treasonous!!!!! We want our money back ,Trump I'm asking you to please charge these people, no proof is defimation of character of the Trump Voter! Slander and false accusations,there are laws against waisting time and money this way!!!!!!! Trump Trump Trump! Vote Trump !

  20. Trump we want justice! We have been nice we have been workable we have been patient, we don't mistake your meekness for weekness! We want our money back and charges filed !

  21. Petition to exile those with false alligations against a President, have facts and proof or really move out like u said u would! It's a win win ,I'd think they'd be volunteering from the way I heard it before Trump's Victory

  22. The Repubs seem to conveniently forget that Ukraine corruption is because of Russian occupation essentially since WW2. The last Ukraine President was corrupt and fled to Russia after the winter protests. Manafort worked for him then fled back to the States, and became Trump's campaign manager!!!! Now he is in jail.
    So now there is a reform president Zalinsky. What does Trump do?
    He dismisses an anti corruption Ambassador. He praises a pro Russian corrupt former prosecutor in Ukraine, he withholds aid that Ukraine needs to fend off the Russian military. He fails to invite Zalinsky to the White House as a show of solidarity with Ukraine reform. And so on.

  23. DEMOCRAPS ARE AN EMBARASSMENT TO THIS COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!! You are all delirious and should NOT be in charge of this country OR anything that my family or I are have to tolerate. SHAMEFUL… HOW DO YOU IDIOTS SLEEP AT NIGHT???

  24. Why is the Democrats not held Responsible??? "It is well known now that while Biden was V.P., he strong-armed the then Ukrainian President to fire the prosecutor who was investigating his son within six hours or he wouldn’t get the billion dollars he was promised, “Son of a bitch, he was fired” Biden related recently to reporters and guests recently at a Council of Foreign Relations gathering.  Biden’s son was sitting on the board of Burisma Holdings which is an oil and gas company in Ukraine and getting $85,000 a month even though he had no experience in gas, oil or energy. He was obviously there to sell influence and admitted to an ABC reporter that he had no experience and was probably there because he was Joe Biden’s son. The media from CNN’s Anderson Cooper to the anchors on MSNBC immediately jumped to Biden’s defense and called the claim “unsubstantial.” Unsubstantial ???  We have Biden admitting it on tape stating what he did."
    Here is the video of him admitting a quid pro quo

  25. We are living in the last hour. The Book of Revelation is the future. The Holy Bible, (King James Version KJV). Jesus Christ is the only way to God John 14:6. Jesus Christ deity (He's God) incarnate, Isaiah 9:6, 7. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, one in the same. Repent believe and confess Romans 10: 8-13. Asked Jesus Christ to fill you with his Holy Spirit, (John 3:1-16 ; John 16:7 ; Luke 11:10-13 ; Acts 1:8 ; 2:1-4 ; Chapter 10 ; 19: 1-7 ; gifts of the Holy Spirit, 1st Corinthians 12:1-11. Jesus Christ is the only way to God John 14:6. We must forgive one another sins; because if we don't forgive one another, we will not be forgiven, Matthew 6:13, 14. With love…

  26. Lol what a circus this is. Those career democrat shitheads would MAYBE have more worth than a piece of dog shit if they were flipping burgers at McDonalds.

  27. Castor is a complete idiot he has nothing to work with, as there is literally no evidence or testimony that helps Trump’s case. But he’s proven to be so laughably bad at this, the Resistance is now rooting for him to start speaking and screw things up for the Republicans.

  28. This is the first time in America’s history that an entire political party, the Republicans, needs to hang for treason. Get 79 million nooses ready.

  29. I came to this comments section to get the opinions of a bunch of slackers, bottom-feeders, and societal rejects …. the YouTube audience.

  30. Republicans senators are lying so often it's difficult to listen. Hundreds of lies plain as day. Refuting all the facts put forward by the 13 witnesses.

  31. This is white collars version of SLAKING OFF MmmHmm freaking bullshit slackers ugh? Schiff never turned out because he risks jail time-freaking lying ass!!!

  32. Whether the process was done right or wrong we do know what the President’s actions have been has been wrong and shocking since he announced he was running for President.

  33. Sure seems to be a lot of 'witnesses' to The President's telephone call. How many people were on the listening on a 'tapped' line? What's really going on?

  34. If Trump is going to save his bacon he's going to have to do something spectacular and quick, like freeing the North Korean people.

  35. It’s mind-boggling that this president is allowed to stonewall Congress for so long. And like Nixon, he expects that this singular strategy will ultimately succeed. Has everybody forgotten how precipitously the situation changed for Nixon?

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