Trump FURIOUS, Ordered to Turn Over Taxes!

Donald Trump has suffered a major loss and
we’ve taken one giant step towards seeing Donald Trump’s tax return returns. And Donald Trump is furious and he
has ordered, uh, he has been ordered to turn over eight years of his and his company’s
tax returns. And I’ll explain the entire trajectory to you. I’ve told you before, the Manhattan
district attorney is investigating Donald Trump’s company for criminality and requested
a bunch of personal and corporate tax returns. Trump immediately sued to stop the release
of those taxes. A federal judge has now dismissed the lawsuit, meaning that unless Donald Trump
can come up with some new reason, uh, to block the release of those returns to the Manhattan
da, he is going to have to provide them or will he? Right? Because what I mean is the
consequences for Trump so far for just not doing what he’s told when it comes to providing
documents have been zero. But it is a step, a step in the right direction. The argument
that Donald Trump made to prevent the release of these tax returns was that as president,
he is immune, not just from criminal prosecution, which of course he believes, but that’s a
broader question, but that he is immune also from even being criminally investigated, period. Now judge Victor Marrero, [inaudible] Hispanic
guy, Trump might lose it anyway, judge Victor Marrero says that that’s not gonna fly, rejected
the argument altogether and says, Trump’s gotta provide the tax returns. And in the
immediate hours that followed, Donald Trump’s lawyers appealed it and the U S circuit court
has granted Donald Trump a stay saying, okay, if you’re appealing it, we will delay forcing
Trump to provide those tax returns. But this is now one bullet that’s been fired by Trump
and the bullet has missed Trump, of course, furious blaming, radical left Democrats on
Twitter saying quote, the radical left Democrats, capital R capital L naturally have failed
on all fronts. So now they are pushing local New York city and state Democrat prosecutors
to go get president Trump. A thing like this has never happened to any president before,
not even close. So what’s going to happen here? I’m going to give you like the Mo, the
realist assessment of what I think is going to go down. I believe that Donald Trump will use every
single option that he can. He will exhaust every crazy notion to avoid having to provide
these tax returns. And meanwhile he will further the witch hunt narrative like he did on Russia
like he’s doing on Ukraine. There’s a good chance it’s not 100% but there’s a good chance
that at some point a judge will say, listen, legally, you’ve got to provide your tax returns
to investigators. They will then put out, just like the bar letter, just like the truncated
memo about the Ukraine phone call. They will put out some completely edited tax returns
that he will claim our complete records and then investigators and Democrats will correctly
say no, but this is BS. These are completely incomplete. And then Trump will say, look,
I finally give them to you and you still don’t like them. And before you know it, it’ll be
the 2020 election and Donald Trump will win reelection. That that’s a, a combination of realistic
and sort of cynical assessment, which I do happen to think is actually the most likely
assessment of what’s going to go on here. And in the end we will go get back to what
is in Trump’s taxes that he is so desperately and for so many years fought tooth and nail
to prevent their reliefs. And the answer is several things, speculation. But if we wonder,
given what we know about Trump, given what we know about Trump’s ego, given what we know
about Trump’s shady business connections to use a very light term that is probably too
understated, we could learn from Trump’s taxes that he is not nearly as wealthy as he claims
we could learn from Trump’s taxes. I mean, it’s almost guaranteed that he inflates the
values of assets to get loans and that those assets actually aren’t worth that much. And on the taxes, he may even understate the
values of those assets. We may learn the names of the shell companies and all sorts of forensic
accounting leads for more things to look into. We could learn about various types of fraud
because what is on Trump’s taxes may not be in line with other financial disclosures and
loan applications and things that Donald Trump has previously disclosed. There are many possibilities
here, but let me say this because apparently this is totally legal and totally cool to
say. Now, Kurdish hackers, if you’re listening, Icelandic hackers, whoever, if you’re listening,
if you were to find Donald Trump’s taxes, I believe the media would greatly reward you.
Trump said it about Hillary’s emails to Russia can’t be anything wrong with me saying it
to Kurdish hackers and Icelandic hackers about Donald Trump’s taxes. Just saying, I’m guessing
the media would greatly reward you.

Maurice Vega

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  1. David, you are so negative- making me feel that my vote doesn’t matter – Trump & the Trumpards have the final day- feeling hopeless ?

  2. Love America. Your average Joe gets scrutinized to make any financial decisions like refinancing, business loans and such..then you have the US President hiding personal financial information…lol. It makes the average hard-working Joe feel like a jerk.

  3. Karma really came after him. Here’s the guy who tried to ruin Obama’s administration by claiming he wasn’t even a citizen and who went after Hilary. Show the tax returns if you really have nothing to hide.

  4. I tell you what's never happened before. No president has ever guarded tax returns so fiercely before "not even close".

  5. So say trump a man who speaks of unspoken codes. Look I don't care i'm tired of that has happened. So all I want from you folks is to go out and VOTE in 2020 and get him and those senators that did not do the work taken out of office and hopefully the trails will then begin. You did notice the plural right.

  6. trump is a dirty fighter. He has a reptilian brain – not intelligent – he has a primitive brain. "If" he has a brain at all.

  7. I'm 54 yrs. old and i've always lived by one of my fathers rules,if a cop stops you and you haven't done anything wrong…you have no reason to run.

  8. This is a click bate and I don’t like it
    The title would have been appropriate had the second set of judges did so
    Not cool man

  9. I'm a very cynical person, but even I have to be optimistic that Trump won't get re-elected. He can't be re-elected. If that happens I'm running to the Canadian border to seek political asylum.

  10. No one who is innocent is afraid of being investigated. In fact , they welcome the proof that they have been found innocent. Transparency is not evil men's Forte'. But rather a brick wall that justice hits continually , when seeking truth.. Due process is democracy without violence. Our system works if it's used properly.
    For Athiests the Constitutional law works for them. Where as Christian's have a code of ethics already to live by. Trump is not a Christian. Hitler started the first Baptist Church in Germany. That's how the people let their gaurd down. Look what happened to them ! Separation between church and State , that's the law. Trump keeps waving the Bible around. Our people have been tricked. "We will know them by their fruits." Trumps growing and plucking rotten fruit for us to consume.
    Hitler built the Berlin Wall. Trump wants a moat with snake's and crocadiles in it , on our southern borders. We are not midevil people. He is not our king. Due process must take place. No more brown shirts beating people up. Due process them. We are the modern world. America is white , black ,brown ,and olive skinned people. We are one. We like it ! We are the Americans. We speak many languages. Godspeed America… We pray for the people of the Earth… Not just for ourselves !


  12. Sooner or later Doofus Donald is going to jail. And hopefully prison. The real Americans will not let this go without him paying for it.

  13. If anyone has a brain they would want to see his taxes especially with his relations with Russia. If you were applying for a job and they asked for your taxes to get that job, you would provide them unless they were shady and you would disqualify yourself for the job. America wake up. no taxes no vote.

  14. The "if he's innocent, then…" approach is rather lame because you would protest if law enforcement just walked into your house without a warrant even if you had nothing to hide. Unfortunately for Trump, democratically instituted law enforcement ARE standing at his door with a warrant and his defense is that they're some deep state agents out to get him and we should not let him get away with such a delusion. The issue here isn't if he has something to hide or not. The issue is that the one person who is supposed to be the first and foremost defender of the constitution and the rule of law does everything in his power to errode confidence in the constitution and the rule of law.

  15. Why is this feeling like a million horrible de-ja-vous i.e.heard this before!? Davidyou hit this right on the money, about Thumps counter attacks,it IS SO FRICKIN PREDICTABLE,and that in itself is scary!

  16. That’s definitely what’s about to happen
    Hopefully there is somebody special like mc cain who’s gonna have the pants to step up to what’s right and do something we’ve never seen with all these

  17. They are never going to get them. They may get fake copies but they won't ever get their hands on the real ones SO WHY DO THEY KEEP TRYING? Give it up THE DUMBEST PRESIDENT IN OUR HISTORY IS CONSISTENTLY OUT SMARTING OUR OWN CONGRESS

  18. Hey Trump, if Argentina is good enough for nazis, it ought to be good for you. You will fit right in with your brothers!

  19. This is pathetic, what is 45. He is not human. No human can escape every crime committed. Scarey. It not because he is not guilty.

  20. Good Lord….. They are truly done playing around with him and his bullshit. We are witnessing history here. It's almost exciting.

  21. DP should have exhorted hackers from Greenland and Iraq, along with the Kurds. I don't think the Icelandic people have any particular reason to be annoyed with Trump–yet. (Unless I'm forgetting something, which is entirely possible, given how many fights he pointlessly picks!)

  22. Guaranteed, trump is NOT even a millionaire, leave alone a billionaire!

    Think logically: He ran for office fully knowing that he will be held to account. What he did not realize that all of his crimes will come home to roost!

    Secondly, he was trying to boost his real estate failures. What could be better than establishing long term deals with world leaders? Not just in office but long afterwards!

    Trump ran for office to bail himself out of bankruptcy. He was sinking. He shook hands with the flailing republicans and got himself in the driver's seat.

    Why else would the republicans keep shut, in spite of trump's criminal shenanigans?

    Trump definitely had dirt on them. They needed him. Devils on both sides shook hands to sink their country!

  23. Donald trump is an absolute master of pseudonyms. He played a different person than he actually is all his life. I can’t help but think, if he would put a damn filter in his head and curb his pride, he could have went through a full term as president with people still believing he is a billionaire and his resume would have been cemented in history. He’s been given an opportunity that is 1/1000000000000000 and he just threw in out of the window. What a fuck up.

  24. If Trump is completely innocent like he thinks he is, why would he care to sue? I always paid my taxes every year, if someone claim I didn't & they want to sue me for it, I would say go ahead, cause you won't find anything, plus feel free to waste your time for something that isn't there.

  25. I likes your style laddie, where were you when we needed 60 years ago when was in Vietnam?!? Keep up the good newsing.

  26. Until they take them out of his cold dead hands he will never show them. And his supporters are perfectly fine with him hiding his corruption

  27. Kurdish and Icelandic hackers! Well done on that statement! I've been waiting for someone to utter that line of dialogue against Trump! You should also add to that list the Norwegians, Mexicans, all of Africa, Canadians, French, parents of Goldstar members, Greenlanders, immigrants, Kiwis, the California Air Resource Board, and other people that he has and will continue to offend.

  28. Trump won't resign because he will go to jail as soon as he does. Pence can't provide immunity from state prosecutions.

  29. Theres threats of war everywhere because trump has no diplomatic or intellectual skills. He is divicise and incites violence including civil war. We have a racist tyrant and yet the dems are treating him like any other politician instead of the dangerous traitorous dictator he really is. Trump relies on peoples ignorance and stupidity.

  30. Mr. President, respectfully, I am a Democrat and if you show your taxes, and you have done nothing wrong! You have my vote.

  31. now we get to see how poor he is, the emperor has no clothes, funny this seems to matter to him more than most issues, puerile cunt

  32. Donald Trump will stall anything and everything in his way!!!!!!!!!! He's so full of his ego! He thinks he can do anything and get away with it!!! That is dangerous thinking!!

  33. We could learn that Cult45 and (would link) the majority of the Senate and his Cabinet don't pay taxes, and that a great portion of their income comes from Putin and Saudi Arabia.

  34. The average american can t get away with this lawlessness so how can this creep get away with multiple crimes not to mention his immoral past of being a low class grifter. Get him out and under some jail with his bitch. Bithch mc connel.

  35. Trump's fear about releasing his taxes is beyond stupid and unnecessary. His supporters do not care and more than likely he will be voted in for a second term. Let's be honest, his supporters who believed he was going to drain the swamp, cannot see that he IS the swamp. They do not care.

  36. Packi
    Where do you come up with this sht.
    He has a team of tax lawyers. We within the law and under audit.
    Putts go away

  37. Mazars was ordered to, not Trump, and the accounting firm didn't want to face a criminal obstruction charge to bail Trump's ass out of this one.

  38. The number of retweets and likes on his tweets are dropping every day. Soon he'll only have Russian bots for friends

  39. I sometime like your show David but other times you go completely off the rails. I am thinking specifically about the time you lied about and smeared Andy Ngo in a most dishonest manner. I haven’t seen it but have you ever responded to Sargon of Akkad where he quite convincingly shredded your smears?

  40. They aren't asking Trump directly to give them his returns, they are asking his accounting firm, Mazars, to give them up. They may not be willing to go to jail for Trump!

  41. This shit is funny,you couldn’t make it up in your dreams!
    ?..Hmm,hotel building con man,runs in electionwildest just to boost his profile,but his giant ego takes over when the ignorant and uninformed folk,start cheering his BS.
    Now..instead of dropping out,safe in the knowledge,job done,promotional tour a success,..but oh no,that ego just won’t let him do with the help of the Russians,slander and incompetence from law officials,a miracle occurs and he wins!(“top of the world ma”)
    That night, as Donald is celebrating with a Big Mac meal,it finally dawns on him “oh shit what have I done” but then he thought “fuck it” I’ll run it like I run my company!
    I can falsify as much shit as I like..taxes! What taxes! He knew all he would have to do is hand out a few envelopes!(he knew they would come running you see)falling over themselves to be Donald’s man..(it’s why a lot of them got into politics for, the?and don has plenty)Give the 1% a huge tax cut..success.
    One day,while at the wh ,Donald thought to himself,I’ve made all these money grabbing politicians richer,it’s my turn now.
    ?it came to him
    “Wife” get the kid,we’re off to the club! Donald realised,if they come to my place,I’ll make tons of dough!
    And so the “skimming”began.
    He was getting tax payer money flowing into his coffers as well as military money,and the sycophants who turned up at his hotel’s and golf was good,…for awhile.
    You see Donald’s a egotistical maniac,he had gotten away with the Russian investigation,by getting his corrupt AG,to mind fuck the electorate,(?how I don’t know..but hey)so he thought “I can do anything,say anything because I’m the president”
    Now Donald’s not one for taking advice,because he thinks he’s the smartest fucker in the world!!!!..sorry
    One day,Donald decided he would give an interview,some questioned,(not to loudly) if this was wise..but this is The Donald!
    As the interview got underway,things were fine…for awhile,then I
    One or two noticed when it started to go wrong,one even coughed,to try and get his attention,but once don’s on a roll,there’s no stopping him,he saw that as being rude,and sent him packing.
    When asked a question by the journalist on tv if he’d take dirt info from a foreign country,Donald said of course! Why not!?
    Well all hell breaks loose, the…err..err…democrats! That’s it(they hold the power in Congress..I think!?) scream “that’s it,he’s gone to far!
    Donald, emboldened by the lack of morals and yes men around him, Donald thought “fuck you” you ain’t seen nothing yet”
    For unbeknown to many,Donald had embarked on another outrageous plot to try and smear his nearest election rival.
    Now Donald always had soft spot for fools,corrupt people,and broken things!?
    Donald, had tasked a hobbit,who had wandered into the wh one day looking for a job,his name was Giuliani,now this scheming little hobbit was clearly past his sell buy date,but Donald took pity,handed him an envelope,and said “go get them boy”
    Now Donald is a smart guy,not THAT smart but smart enough,a con man.
    one of the reasons Donald moved to his club,was because he could control EVERYTHING
    He knew at the wh,there were eyes and ears his place he could keep an eye on how much money he was making with report’s from his kid’s,and make his deals…simple
    Now as I’ve said donny has a soft spot
    Giuliani,a man who’s possibly suffering some sort of dementia(the man can’t remember what he has said,from one minute to the next)is running around in the Ukraine,digging for dirt,taking instructions from some of the “fools” Donald had put in place, to do his in the Ukraine,diplomats and others were wondering,what the hell is this hobbit doing..but some had figured it out,.ie (texts)? but Rudy was being played! he was getting was from the prosecutor that was made to resign by Biden,and by supported at least six other European countries,who knew this prosecutor was corrupt(fact)
    Now Donald,back at the wh,leaning back in his chair,feet up on the Oval Office desktop,wiping the remnants of his Big Mac meal off his tie,has an idea,now donny(yeah I’m sick of writing his name)can get quite hyper,after his McDs,(you see donny likes a little kool aid in his large coke) he needs to be watched! He’ll start saying crazy shit!…anyway,donny out of the blue says “get me that ukulele fella,or wherever he’s from on the phone,I wanna speak to him” his minions in the room look around at each other,fear in their eyes,wanting to say,”not right now donny,wait till you get home”but they’ve lost their balls,..their self respect,any morals they ever had,(sorry again,I digress)so donnys on the phone to the Ukraine’s leader,and it starts out fine,then it all starts to go wrong,with donny bragging about how great he is,the Ukraine leader got bored,interrupted donny,to ask about the money,now donny doesn’t like to be interrupted when he’s praising himself,and he fly’s into a rage,forgetting people are listening,and before anyone in the room can stop him,he says smugly..yeah we’ve got the money but i want a favour though …””listen here see” in his best gangster voice “we want dirt on Biden see”it would be a shame if that money doesn’t arrive in time”my mate vlad you know” things could get out of hand” his minions all rush him to wrestle the phone away from donny..but it’s to late,the damage is done…
    in his cell at a state penitentiary,donny is laying on his bed,gently crying into his pillow(no people let’s not go there!) even!
    His cell mate leans over from above,and says “shut the fuck up donna”??
    Donna/donny,sits up,drys his eyes and says
    I know,I’ll write a book
    I’ll call it…THE ART OF THE CON
    Well you never know…?

  42. sad times in american history… it is like the gambino family suddenly took office and runs the government like a crime family… oh wait… same thing just change the family name to trump.. karma is so sweet tho..

  43. I don't see how this gets stretched out until Nov 2020. New York state courts are not likely to be packed with Trump supporters but will process the appeals efficiently. And I don't see how he can take this to federal courts and eventually the Supreme Court. It's a state matter. The only apparent argument would be that it's unconstitutional for state courts to investigate a sitting president. There's nothing about that in our constitution.

  44. Trump dont want people knowing how much and how often he's paid out to families for molesting / rape of their children..

  45. Trump should've released them to the public like he promised. Literally every other President releases their taxes. There's nothing radical about it. He's gotta be hiding something.

  46. wow its about time the rico act will end the chump aka benedict donald can you say al capone rico was a thinly disguised version of al capone when congress passed the organized crime control act forty years later in 1970 lawmakers cleverly named the central portion of the act the racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations act abbreviated the title of the act is rico hey nancy you got that nancy perry mason would have the chump in jail hey nancy i rest my case nancy you look so tired

  47. It is so blatantly obvious that the reason the orange idiot refuses to show his tax returns is because he has something to hide. No question. He is not being asked to do anything that his predecessors haven't done willingly. His excuses for his refusal are typically child like, I keep expecting him to say the dog ate them along with his homework. He has got his own way for so long and surrounded himself with sycophants that he truly believes that everyone else believes everything he says. Amongst many other things he is clearly a liar and a fraud.

  48. I have about as much sympathy for POTUS Trump as cartoon character Tweedy Bird has for his tormentor Sylvester the Cat "Aaaaw, poo puddy tat!"

  49. I am not a fan of Trump, I didn't vote for him. But he did win the election and I could get behind and support our commander and chief. In reading what's available of the Mueller report, is circumstantial and cannot gather a conviction of guilt in front of Congress or a fed court of law. The Ukraine call itself on "conditional help" makes me sick, withholding financial/military aid from a country being invaded by The WAR CRIMINAL P Poroshenko. A man who bombs civilian neighborhoods and shoots down passenger airliners. Now to abandon the best ally in the middle East other than Israel. Don't know how they're considered a country when they DO NOT fit in the definition of a country. HE has CLEARLY ABUSED the POTUS office and violated the OATH he swore an oath to. Maybe they can rename the federal prison he ends up for tax fraud. TRUMPWORTH has a nice ring to it.

  50. Pushing local NYC and state democratic prosecutors to "go get president trump"

    Why oh why would getting a hold of his taxes 'get' trump? Is that a tacit admission that his taxes are fucked?

  51. Great segment. Yes, indeed, hackers around the world, find the chump's tax returns and the media will reward you. They can hack defense systems all over the world, why can't they find the chump's tax returns. Tax returns truly should be a legal requirement for anyone vying for the Presidency.

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