Trump FURIOUS After Catching Melania Watching CNN

According to new reports, Donald Trump absolutely
flew into a rage recently, when he boarded Air Force One to find that one of the TVs
there was tuned to CNN, and not Fox News. According to the report by the New York Times,
the TV in question happened to be Melania’s television. But rather than flying into a blind rage at
Melania, staff members, in their emails, say that he actually took his rage out on them,
which caused, “A bit of a stir on Air Force One.” According to these employees, they have made
it standard practice to go ahead, and put whatever TV is near Trump on Fox News, but
this happened to be Melania’s TV, she wanted to watch, I don’t know, something that wasn’t
just pro-Trump propaganda for a few minutes, and so she tuned it to CNN. Donald Trump, and they actually mention this
in their article about him, wants to live in his own little world, where nothing that
he does is wrong. And the only world that exists like that is
Fox News. He cannot handle anything outside of that
alternative reality bubble, in which he loves to live. That also helps explain why yesterday, he
kicked a CNN reporter out of the White House, and then they forbade her from coming back,
and covering an event later in the day. They kicked CNN out and said, “You can’t come
back today.” Sarah Huckabee Sanders lied about what actually
happened. All the other reporters in that room denied
what Sarah Huckabee Sanders said had happened, which was that the reporter wouldn’t leave,
she was being rude and unruly. Nobody else in that room saw that. But nonetheless, Donald Trump has a very real
bias, and just downright anger towards CNN. It doesn’t quite make any sense. There’s lots of reasons to hate CNN, you can
hate them for drumming up wars with Iraq and Afghanistan. Right now they’re beating the drums of war
against Russia. Plenty of things to hate that network about,
but their coverage of Donald Trump and the crap that he’s pulling every single day isn’t
one of them. On that particular issue, they’ve been astoundingly
accurate. Not only in exposing what Trump is doing as
President, but also in showing how stupid the people that he has surrounded himself
with, in the White House, truly are. And that’s why Donald Trump hates them, and
that’s why he is furious that his wife had the audacity to watch that network.

Maurice Vega

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  1. CNN actually has Trump supporters on as guests. FOX news accidentally booked a guest that disagreed with them and they just cut her off and shut down the interview….They dont even bother trying to hide it…. "Oh wow, she actually wanted to have a conversation, and not just echo Trump talking points…"

  2. Trumplethinskin has been allowed to live in his own little world of narcissistic delusions his entire life. And with his presidency poking more and more holes in the illusions he's filled his own head with, anything that calls him out on how truly vile he is must feel like lemon juice on open wounds. And having his trophy wife watching CNN as opposed to Faux News, his favorite source of propaganda, must feel ten times worse.

  3. So the moron who is willing to dip his dirty dick into any porn star is pissed because his wife cheated on him with CNN? He needs a Haldol drip now. Sedation is all we can do at this point.

  4. They have separate bedrooms in the white house so what is the big deal if see watches something he hates.

  5. Naaaah , he doesn't like news media at all.
    He into porn , pee pee & angry at Twitter ..
    Grabbing women by their KOCHY's ..
    Cheated on his wife, trying to silence the
    other woman by contract , suing her a
    million dollars
    Oh , GOD…
    😱😂 We all gonna DIE , TWERK NOW DIE
    LETTER .

  6. They should blast CNN into his jail cell in the future… alternating between English (which he barely understands) and Spanish (just to watch his fat head explode)

  7. What kind of world leader sets good example for growing kids, respect towards humanity, & especially show caring love to his wife (a woman): by getting furious for ones choice of their legal rights of freedom. oh yea I forgot that the acts of tyranny & dictatorship rule is above the law of Democracy , which states positively by a Federal Supreme Court Judge: "No one is above the Law." Bottom Line. And this statement was made way before real time as of July 28, 2018.

  8. If this was about anyone else I'd say this is just ridiculous… but this behavior TOTALLY fits Trumps behaviour

  9. YOU PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS. Cant you people see that Trump is winning and winning and winning and keep winning. So why are you prople stick with a loser and go against a winner. What a stupid things to do. Wake up you morons!!!

  10. GOP…Enabling Man Children since 2016! What is worse , the man child or the bitch boys who bow at his feet, probably with their pants down screaming "MERICA". Trump is elephant cancer slowly killing the beast. Donny the Tumor Trump 2020!

  11. Haha she really knows whats going on, thats why he's mad she better watch out she might come up dead mysterious illness is something

  12. I bet Trump hides the remote under his pillow after setting the tv to Fox News … this is assuming they sleep in the same room. 😂😂

  13. Poor bastard. This isn't the 1950's or 1960's. You can't tell women (especially your WIFE) what to do/not to do. Nor should you be able to.

  14. Lol!! The motherfucker needs positive reports about himself like a junkie needs his fix!! He's totally disconnected with reality! A true moron in every sense of the word!!

  15. I’m starting to fear for Melania Trump, honestly. If the anger issues are true with Don, how much of a scandal would it be if the President is an abuser? We could handle him being corrupt and sell out to foreign businesses, but an abuser?! That would shake his presidency to its core 😯


  17. Trump should be furious after catching STDs from these porn stars and playmates, since he was raw dogging all of them.

  18. Her face is so ugly in that picture. Damn. Yikes! Make up caked on, numerous plastic surgeries. 🤕🤒😷🤒🤕🤒😷🤕🤒😷🤒🤕🤕🤒😷

  19. That's because he's got Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder and a number of other psychiatric disorders which equal him being basically a psycho-sociopath, so this should not be a suprise to anyone.

    I just watched a smaller independent internet news outlet interview a pretty renowned psychiatrist who said that the reason why they have the ability to diagnose him without a personal interview is twofold. First due to the fact that he's basically a liar he would not be truthful in any one-on-one clinical interview so that would be fruitless, and second they've got more than 555 days of him speaking and tweeting to work with.

    The end result was a pretty dire warning that he should be removed from office because he's unable to perform the necessary duties of the office, and soon because the more he feels his true self will be uncovered the more likely it is that he will launch a nuclear attack or further destroy America to feel good about himself. So basically that leaves the entire GOP culpable if they don't remove him, and something horrible happens.

  20. You are lying about this!!! This crap was put out by NYT as a possible slam but NEVER happened. But what to expect from fking liberals

  21. The real tragedy here is that this ISN’T incredible… in every way it’s completely believable; and were Obama the subject of the story then Fox would have busted every gut it has in hollering the story in heavily embroidered terms in every show until some other distortion became more food-worthy for the moron masses that listen to its propaganda poison…
    Only in America could this happen!

  22. Haha yeah right she was watching BBC porn on af1 and clicked back on CNN cuse she got caught🤣🤣🤣

  23. I don't think there has been 1 hour since Trump announced he was running for President that some dem/prog/socialist/donkey hasn't found something to laugh/complain/whine about, concerning Trump. I've not seen anything like it in my 7 decades plus on earth, and I don't think anybody else has either. Just remember Donks, what goes around comes around. We won't forget if we're still here.

  24. And here I was led to believe by "first world leaders" that bullying of the media is a third world stuff done by leaders of third world countries, the more I look at trump the more I can see that he is no different to the leaders of the third world countries, he practices nepotism, he lies, he bullies the press, belittles and berates those perceived to have less power than him, just when I thought America couldn't chose worse leader than Bush Jnr. USA politics are going into medieval mode, a leader who is a straight up cavebeast who grabs women's by pussys, and obviously has no respect for his wife, I could now see clearly, similarities between him and the nigerian leader who recently visited him,

  25. thats the only thing you have. just click bait smear news to divide the country cnn fake news even Iraq war cnn lied about dodging bullets crazy thats the last time i watched cnn

  26. Geriatric husband who pays for sex…….. Gold diggers love a flaccid wrinkled dollar. Bet she thinks bout Obama when smothered by orange guy.

  27. Fuck Trump. Fuck Fox (Fake) news. Fuck the NRA. Fuck Trumptards (His supporters). Fuck the Republican party. Fuck the hypocrites in church. Fuck the Coch bros. Fuck'em all. I hope they all burn in the streets. I'm sick of all of you piece of shit mothers fuckers and I hope you and your families all die of horrible health problems. Since you hated the affordable care act anyways. It would be sweet justice. Fuck you hillbilly farmers too. You have been voting repeatedly for Republicans. Now you get a sweet taste of Justice. I hope you all go under water. Fuck you all!

  28. This is not fake news and this guy along with New York Times were present inside Air Force one😂😂😂😂

  29. This is fake news at its finest LOL they already had Melania on an interview about this and she even said that's never happened she is allowed to watch what she wants when she watches

  30. Don't people realize that the Donald lives by different rules? He's special, because he is his daddy's son. Get it?

  31. Cool, some anonymous reporting that all of the viewers will totally question. You can find compilations of cnn lying, it's not that hard. Just cause media says what you wanna hear doesn't mean they tell the truth, but why listen to me you probably already have me for no reason labeled as a trump supporter just for saying something that you don't like, wether or not I'm right.

  32. Trump will meltdown in public eventually. CNN must stay on him to catch that in real time and show the uglier side of this man. There is an even uglier person that the voters are blocked from seeing. I would hope if he decides to beat this wife the Secret Service may step in.

  33. If Melania Trump watched CNN on Air Force one, its safe to say that she’s watching it whenever her husband is not present. Because she rarely speaks in public, I suspect that most Americans tend to forget that Melania is an immigrant; which means that at some level, the hate that our idiotic president is spewing has to affect her.
    It’s also a safe bet to believe that the disdain that she shows to him in public (the batting away of his hand when he tries to grab hers) mirrors the contempt that Donald Trump expresses to her when they are alone.

    There are those who will gladly sell their souls to get on the Trump train; Ben Carson, Elaine Chao… etc, but Melania did not have a real choice. I’ll concede that Melania’s decision to marry Donald Trump, wasn’t based on his looks, charms, or intellect, he was 60, she was 35 when they tied the knot. I doubt that she would have given him a second thought if he was a high school gym teacher.

    Melania thought she was marrying a billionaire businessman, she didn’t sign up for this shit show. And I’m sure she has watched FOX News enough to know that it’s all bullshit. Yes, there are many reasons to dislike CNN; the fact that they treat the politics that affect our daily lives like reality TV is the reason why I rarely watch it, unless there is some major disaster unfolding. But FOX News is beyond redemption; they feed straight lies to a considerable amount of the US population, and do it with a smile. And those who watch and believe FOX News are not our nation’s best and brightest.

    It turns out that Melania may actually be smarter than that.

  34. CNN could basically play back everything he says, without commentary or any cuts whatsoever, and he would still claim the footage is fake.  Even though there could be 500 smartphone videos in the crowd all showing the same thing, along with ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Fox News, Reuters, C-Span, Al-Jazeera, the AP, etc, etc, etc, he would still claim he never said the things he said.

  35. Hats off for Melania for wanting to see from different angles even if it's against herself. But wow I'm not even surprised anymore by Trump

  36. Meleina Trump should’ve been the president not her stupid husband is an asshole doesn’t pay taxes so why should any other taxpayer United States pay taxes we should stop paying taxes until he pays his taxes and his wife she dump his ugly ass

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