Trump fires off on Twitter during holiday vacation

Maurice Vega

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  1. All you Trump haters thank Obama. If Obama would not have made fun of Trump and practically challenged him in public who knows, crazy Clinton may have had a chance without cheating.

  2. Her holding onto them is tyrannical. I give her till the 6th. If she refuses to hand them over, then this is Tyrannical. She is not allowed to just not send them over.

  3. These " news reporters" are so dishonest and super spinners. It's amazing how they cant tell the truth at all and continually avoid truth. I cant wait till trump wins and the Democrat party completely dissolves into the bowels of history……LOL

  4. Hmmm… trump’s mom was a schizophrenic, she was in her 40s, his dad had dementia in his late 50s, Barron is a halfwit who bites people, LOL…Boris trump should watch his filthy mouth, not like he doesn’t slur his idiotic speeches. And he’s autistic, he was in special ed, that’s why he won’t release his transcripts! Fact!!

  5. It has to be the saddest thing that a sitting President would do to a member of the House of Representatives on Christmas.Yes they are on Different sides of the of the Political spectrum. Yes they will shoot barbes at each other. But not on the biggest day for all Christians. Even in the terrible Civil War, the two Armies put down their arms for one day. No not this President, who by the way is no Christen at all, but he sure has them fooled.

  6. In one of rumps tweets he said that "This is a very bad time for the United States Constitution. " This coming from rump when he that said that he thinks the Constitution is a phony. That statement alone should have gotten him impeached.

  7. Also all you morons who still believe after all these years of cnn and the Democrats finding nothing wrong with his presidential, just hated for someone who beat the worst candidate and least respected so called "politician" in history. I hope you enjoy this booming economy, major war free, and constitutionally free country while it lasts. Once AOC and all those crazy people get ahold of power. It's the end of a beautiful, free and prosperous nation. Hello tyrannical, fascist, socialist s%!+ hole that you all voted for. Congratulations.

  8. The fat slob is going to keel over a bucket of KFC before he sees real justice..that might not be the worst thing, right?

  9. Save unique park of lions "Taigan"! Park of animals located in Crimea, current russian territory.Local corrupted government banned access for visitors, hundreds of animals are in real danger!!!

  10. Let's face it Trump and the rest of his crew, mainly family and friends, could quite easily operate the Cirque De La Maison Blanche , via Twitter completely.Abandon the Whitehouse, and offset the costs to assist with the debt ceiling problem.
    And why not open the Whitehouse as a branch of Alibaba, a more productive organization, and the Chinese could put billions and billions and billions, into your coffers. Lol.

  11. Keep tweeting Trump, call the liars out for who they are. Anyone looking to see what Dems are guilty of just look at what they accuse others of. Nuff said

  12. PS to get respect you have to earn it, Trump has no human traits and basic principles that would help him to achieve this respect he is demanding.

  13. You should stay away from white polo shirts make you look bigger than what you are… kind of like the 400-pound guy that you said in New Jersey…

  14. Remember when presidents were the Comforter in Chief. And gave holiday messages of cheer. Not dooky donnie more ugly and hateful tweeting for the cheering deplorables. Christmas and New Year be damned. It's about the emporer and his lack of civility.

  15. the only uncertainty is how the fuck are dems are going to win in 2020
    – joe bide= a joke
    – pete buttlicheck=a joke
    -bernie.. bernie =a joke
    -lizzy w=let me tell yta indian joke..

  16. This kind of media coverage about what tRump does or tweets is what plays into his hands and agenda. CAN'T you media people just ignore his behavior and what the hell he tweets?!!! We DO NOT need a play by play if his insane racist and delusional antics!! Ignore him at LEAST ONCE!! AND see him come unraveled and undone!! You DON'T have to report every single unimportant thing he does!! What! Next you will be reporting about his bowel movements, as to colors and sizes of it!! For an ATTENTION HUNGRY NARCISSIST BULLY, ignoring his insane behaviour is the best cure and remedy! Because he knows you'll jump and report everything crazy thing he tweets keeping him in the spotlight, that's is why HE DOES IT! How pitiful journalistic agenda, nowadays news networks and media has become. Gone are the days of Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, Sam Donaldson, etc. Journalists who above all their networks pressure, CHOSE to uncompromisingly deliver the truth to us in their night news reports!!! Now, it is all about NOT going against the grain, not rocking the boat, and selling out your journalistic souls, all in the name of keeping your lucrative anchors' jobs and becoming biased, partial and sell outs!!!

  17. I like how trump has 64+ million followers on Twitter and can’t break 250,000 retweet’s or likes.. guy needs to stay off Twitter and let Rudy do some more interviews. Where is that clown anyway?

  18. Leftist GOONS do whatever they like
    Star position says President Donald Trump will win again and successfully complete his 2nd term
    Mark and remember these words
    This is my prediction.

  19. Remember when Trump attacked Elijah Cummings and his District, even taking delight when Cummings house was broken into. He is so sick

  20. Vacation? All Trump does is play golf, hold rallies, watch T.V. during 'executive time' and text late-night borderline-insane Twitter comments. When has he done anything deserving a vacation? Plotting to overthrow American democracy doesn't count.

  21. It’s almost unbelievable how the GOP majority in the senate have already decided how they will vote, and That is against the ethics of any jury in a criminal court. The GOP are All SuckUps, and #45 has either filtered money to them in some form, or has photos of some of them with farm animals , either way they Obey their Dictator, the Vice President of Putin DJT…….meanwhile his loyal subjects have blinders on and refuse to look at the danger #45 has put our Democracy and Our Nation In.

  22. First impeached president to win reelection. The Don is setting endless records. Paid 38M in taxes. He has lost more money than you leftist pedo-crats will ever see in your lifetime. Tears in 2020, Rabid Mancow and the Snowflakes Meltdown. lol

  23. He was impeached when Congress so decided. Americans should actually read their own Constitution. They certainly blab about some personal fantasy version of their Constitution enough.

  24. Democrats are communist,With only one purpose.Destroy this free Capitalism country
    Democrats should go to Cuba with Castro family to get free healthcare Hahaha 😂 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  25. "She's stalling to make Trump look bad."
    Who is this Paul Callan guy? Why is he on a panel if 1) he's not paying attention, and 2) he doesn't seem very smart?
    It has been clearly stated that the House needs an agreement on the rules before sending the articles. It is also wise for Pelosi to delay since new evidence is still coming out. The abuse of power article may need to be amended — unless the Senate is willing to let new evidence be introduced during the trial. They should, but they probably won't. Republican Senators see themselves as having only one purpose: obstruct the trial and cover up for Trump.
    They should call for a new oath: "I, …, do solemnly pledge absolute allegiance to our Dear Leader, President Donald J. Trump, and will, to the best of my ability, throughout this trial, protect Him from all allegations against Him."

  26. The impeachment is fake ..Nancy knows the case against Trump is the weakest impeachment in history ..its highly political ….how many more witnesses do they need ..2cd 3rd hand ones ? LOL  and why is the WB in fear of his life? ..they weren't ! what a joke ..wake up !! ..In what  court in this land are you not able to face your accuser ? The democrats with Shifty Schiff are no more than corrupt politicians who do nothing for America …they tread all over  due process traditions  & now want to tell the senate what to do ….Think again  !! ….Tell Nancy to  go home & clean up all those filthy needles & poop & to help the homeless ..that party is dead …Look at that zombie Joe Blow who doesn't know what city he's in half the time …who would vote for any of them ? Democrat policies suck unless you're an illegal alien who wants hard working Americans to pay out of their taxes free everything for you    !! .. Have a happy NY …DT2O2O !!

  27. Fake news CNN using an old clip of Trump Golfing that’s at least 1-2 years old. Nice try, might have fooled your fake viewers, but didn’t fool anyone that has a brain.

  28. That grotesque POS swears that IMPEACHMENT has not bothered him one bit
    But his words away from the lunatic
    MAGAT crowd
    Speaks volumes!
    What a chicken $h!+
    You say you are innocent?
    Prove it!
    You say that you have nothing to hide?
    Prove it!
    You are going to get your big chance to prove that this is a witch hunt..
    But you are a true coward at heart and will bitch and usual…

  29. How does Skeletor Pelosi stalling make President Trump look bad? It’s making her look worse than usual.
    🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸
    She’s going to be sooo bummed when President Trump becomes the first President to have been impeached and then re-elected! I can hardly wait! 😂

  30. Why does this cretin deserve a vacation when he spends the majority of his time tweeting and golfing! Oh, yeah, let's not forget watching Fox News, Fox and Friends ad infinitum! Probably doesn't get out of his jammies until late afternoon! I don't give a rat's arse if he doesn't accepts his monthly salary. A person needs to put in a respectable day's work to be deserving the receiving of a salary. Btw is there any real proof he's not accepting it? If, so, please produce it!

  31. Despite the Fake News and those retarded haters out there.. 83% of Americans and the World love's  President Trump,  And as an Ex Democrat ( 33 yrs. ) I will Vote for Trump, in 2020 this time around as he gets thing done.. Lip Service Politicians and Fake news need not to apply as those days are over with..

  32. I told you to conquer Europe… because there is no stable alliance with left and right political plague in all houses.

  33. Trump should say that "I am as honest as Greta, believe me folks, there are no more honest people in the Liberals but Greta, she took a break out of honesty".

  34. Ahhh,Just another One of His horrible lies that tells 3000 times a day He is so damn dirtdumb he says on not going to do so in so then an hour later he breaks that oromise,lies to All of Us and starts a teenage kiddy rant on Twitter.Like,Are you kidding Me?Can you inagine Jfk or Other many fone Presidents weve had acting like this human trash?Helllll no!

  35. Awww
    Poor babies!
    Did the big bad orange man hurt your wittle feelings?
    Baby need baba???

    You should go hide in your safe spaces..

  36. ha ha ha ha! You thought your money can censor my Free Speech, think again. Your money ain't enough, you are low energy.

  37. Those Senators that say Pelosi holding back the articles of impeachment are LYING. The longer the wait the more evidence that will come out. Between Giuliani, Trump, and the trail that includes paper and digital, there WILL be more evidence! Not only that, but those Senators know doggone well that they're not going to be able to escape the trial. If there were even a small chance that Trump won't be impeached, even though he already has been, I would say you might have a point but that chance is sailed already.

  38. I wish I got the amount of vacation days Trump does. Expect more – he’ll be Re-elected easily as all the Democratic candidates suck. He won’t be removed from office. Unleashed, he will destroy this country and alienate all our allies, start a war with Iran, bankrupt this country, ensure China is the number one global powerhouse and take rights away from all but the white, straight men. There will be no blue wave, and the Republicans will retain their hold on the Senate and flip a bunch of seats in the House. The US will be no more. Canada has become what the US set out to be. The Constitution will probably be Re-written by McConnell. Our founding fathers would be aghast if they saw what the U.S. has become. Bye America.

  39. hi hi hi hi! Liberals should be bitchslapped all the time to be awake, aware and conscious that they are living in reality, their cuckoo brains are imagining a Socialist utopia.

  40. He needs to have his twitter account suspended it would be great to see his head explode not having a platform to rant and rage with.

  41. Can all of the old assholes go and live together in Anartica or something doesnt matter if you're republican or Democrat theres bitch ass people on both sides lmao all of you can go, tired of the bickering back and forth just to win from different political sides, THIS SHIT IS CHILDISH

  42. So sorry that you can't make me compromise, you showed no mercy since 2012. One lesson I always remember, "destroy any of her evidence (photon energy)", thus, I tried and tried until I am made up today.

  43. Trump is not my enemy, he wasn't a part of the cause of my depression since 2012, I didn't know who I was against to… I chose to fight the depression, so does Trump. Karma is BITCH!

  44. For seven years (2012-2019), I spent the time in understanding myself through the language of science, I can't convince anyone at the place I was staying but destiny weaved its own tales and event that people will look for me and I will meet the person destined to help me test the mandala energy in the laboratory. I was given Rp. 350k to pay for the taxi to go to UNUD-Jimbaran, I printed the mandala and laminated it before going to the laboratory. I spent all the money in the taxi, a short change was enough to take the bus and go home.

  45. Next task is writing the paper, I submitted a draft to various online journal until SciencePG replied with the form to follow through. No one had helped me write the paper, I finished the paper with the third editing. But I didn't have the fund to pay for the publication.

  46. Who told me to write the title of my paper as "Low Dose Gamma Ray Exposure in Mandala"? Second, who told me the photoelectric effect of gamma radiation? NONE AND NOBODY. You don't believe in God so can you say that I am a GENIUS?

  47. When you were immersed in your placebo effect NEW AGE ritual, you hardly gave any credence to my PHOTOELECTRIC EFFECT mandala energy, yet, your Spirit Cooking teacher, Marina Abramovich is gone and I am still here.

  48. You were all laughing at me in the comment section, I was hardened not to be discouraged with your bullying, you said I was spamming the comment section because I was trying TO GET HEARD.

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