Trump Fat Shames His OWN Supporter


Maurice Vega

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  1. By Christmas Trump will have to have a seeing eye dog or a leash on VP Mike Pence to get around ! A case of the blind leading the blind !

  2. One minute the left complains about Trump plays to much golf, then they complain he doesn't exercise enough. Just stupid. I see this channel didn't play the interview from the Trump supporter. So weak.

  3. Yea and the guy turns around and sucks Drumpf's orange mushroom . They are programmed and triggered and its going to get very violent .

  4. You saw what Trump did, that there is exactly how he got elected, that's how he connected to people, just being himself, and he'll win again. They will fall in the fall, remember that

  5. Trump called someone Fat??? The fat bloated ct wears a big coat like Jed Clampett and a big Tie to cover his Elephant guts

  6. "Goes home and his mother says what the hell have you done?"… Something Agolf Twittler heard from his mother all the time no doubt.

  7. The problem is the moral high ground left the building 2016. I get that shaming people is wrong, most of us know that, but Trump really has no leg to stand on when a flood of his own language comes back his way.

  8. Fat shaming coming from a man who has a "fat skin sling" under his chin, yuck! What is that thing? It looks as if he took a big breath if would fill up like a frog! Nasty!

  9. Love Andrew Yang .. Trump would beat him in an eating contest and holding down an hot air balloon .. hahaha .. so true so true.

  10. The story of a Big Fat Orange Lard Ass Moron Clown Idiot and his insults of people who are overweight,now I know this asshole is all talk /walk .WORTHLESS .

  11. That bloated orange pig has absolutely NO right to make fun of anybody's weight. I propose we all mail a bunch of weight-loss pills to the White House and tell him that if he's so offended by fat people he better start taking those pills before looking in the mirror again.

  12. It would be funny,. if it wasn't so frightening, that these people would choose him as a leader. It says everything you need to know about them. They are showing up at these rallies knowing the vitriol he spews.

  13. I have a suggestion: You, the fat guy standing at lecturn. GO HOME AND AT 1600 Pennslyvania Avenue. And take white bread pence with you as he is not wanted either, that includes spineless mcconnell, graham, jordan, etc.

  14. And some of the people behind Trump, laughing etc? They looked overweight as well! Like the blonde middle aged woman who was oh so amused. ?

  15. "Go home and exercise" said the TUB of LARD on the podium.
    Moron Trump who perspires with hamberder oil is afraid
    to look at the mirror.

  16. what I find particularly annoying is that right-wingers constantly whine about biased colleges and leftists not being nice to gay and black republicans, meanwhile Trump kicks anybody he doesn't like out of his rallies and starts insulting someone's appearance when he think that person is a leftist and they have no fucking problem with that. recently they whine 100x more than the SJWs about how everything is biased against them when it is not.

  17. Words from OBESE President Trump ! Is Trump the most out of shape President in USA history ? Look at his golfing pictures . Disgusting .
    Fake hair . Fake suntan . ( The Michelin man President )

  18. The hilarity continues. 2020 Sticks and stones stumping. A fat president fat-shaming a supporter and a dem follows him down the same middle school rabbit hole. It’s embarrassing.

  19. Normally am a black man am to much have brain because you people get brain parse in anything but in Africa black deference with black way some people also no very well but in another continent way is not a Africa continent then believe that all back are the shame which mines wrong show about American government I no much about there government because am be living in advance country way New work who is broadcasting world at age of 20years show I currently about world news and am a 20years I still be in advance continent way news is nothing for who like the way things is going on for world because europe is a country who is colonised be for American no what there calling super power show about American government if Americans need peace for world he get the person way them we elect has a American president ooo but if them won't to terrorised world them also no the can of person then we also has American president show one person among the God farther way there rolling American can't say trump is a badly person because them no him character be for then elected him has a American president because the two party's way there rolling American are working hand to hand the work republicans did remain democratic also continue if reach there time but all what hiding exposed to God if human be don't oòooo that is my own believe ooo

  20. The morbidly obese orange haired slob fat shamed one of his own supporters. Next week, Trump backhanded three year old girl. Then grabbed her @#$&*! Billy Bush returns to interview Trump.

  21. I love it. I'd like to see WAAYYY MORREE smack talk from progressive candidates. Gotta keep this shit on an even keel. Been too much Ying goin around…time to pull out our Yangs

  22. You should scrap these single Trump-does-something-stupid events and just do a weekly round-up of all the events together. Honestly, all you are doing now is inoculating me and probably others against even caring anymore.

  23. Let Yang fat shame him while Bernie and Warren take the high road. Trump deserves to be mocked in the way he mocks others like the man child bully he is, and if it’s Yang who has no chance anyway, fine by me. The dare is brilliant because of course Trump would never do it and then Yang can call him weak and a coward. That fat fuck deserves to be exposed for the fool he is, and laughed at for it. And let’s be real… half of his base at least are probably obese as well. Not laughing at that, but it’s interesting that he dares to mock people like his base and they are too thick to connect the dots that by association, he’s mocking them as well

  24. I don't know if the high moral ground will work. A bully is shocked and loses his power when someone fights back the same way he does. It has to be proportionate of course, for example if he calls you "low energy" answering with "and you're a slob!" wouldn't be recommended. But hey, it seems to me that if you have someone hiting you below the belt, not being able to answer could be perceived by the voter as a sign of weakness. That is what we have come to sad to say. People have become very emotional and vote with their feelings rather than with their brains. Showing how tough you are, telling it like it is, not being afraid of PC, etc. all this have become important ingrediants. Bernie Sanders is one of the only sane politicians left unfortunately, there are people who are following in his foot steps but they lack experience, all the others are there for the money and power game, nothing else…
    If Bernie Sanders is not elected this time, America will remain up shit's creek for a long time to come.

  25. ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ bloody hell. As always Trump lowers the bar…yet again. Unbelievable. ???‍♀️

  26. When are people going learn, orange von tiny hands is a bully. He will attack the ones who appear weak, vulnerable and easy targets. He is a racists but in his mind he attacks only the easy target so the moron does not even realize he is a racists.

  27. Greenland territory of Denmark is almost an empty land with less than
    60,000 people living there. Many laughed when Alaska was bought from
    Russia and Louisiana territory was bought from France. It is serious!

  28. Call them fat, call them stupid, call them names and they will still love him! Because it's a cult. Thats their master.

  29. Who is this Bloated Pear Shaped Orange Bastard calling Fat? Horrible example of a President. Global Genius….

  30. Aren't people bored with the orange moron yet? His pettiness, his hypocrisy, his nastiness, idiocy, childishness and mommy complex? How does anyone find this entertaining?

  31. What I find most irritating is the arrogant, smug look on his face after he does these performances. I do not condone violence, but I would applaud the person who punched him right in that smug face. He is always telling supporters to punch people, I can only imagine how he'd react if he was on the receiving end. Run and hide behind his security detail? Cry?

  32. Disgusting…and the fact that the protester still kissed his ass afterwards- just pathetic, there is no hope for these people, they just love kissing up to their abusers, they're kinda sick

  33. And Yang dude, don't stoop to his level. Trump has degraded and devalued everything about politics, his ugliness is infecting everything

  34. Imagine the guy will have to go to Trumps' rally, maybe rode in a bus or drive a mile, maybe haven't eaten yet, waiting for hours for this rally, only to be fat shamed and thrown out of the rally by the guy he's supporting while being laughed at by the whole people who attend there

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