Trump Cuts Off Rudy Giuliani’s Fox News Appearances

A bit of a peek behind the curtain as to what’s
been going on. A great look into the chaos that is taking
place behind the scenes at the white house came to us yesterday in the form of a vanity
fair article by Gabriel Sherman. And one interesting little tidbit is that
Donald Trump has pulled Rudy Giuliani off of Fox news appearances again because they
are so disastrous. This actually is not the first time that this
has happened. You might remember back in March, we did a
story called what happened to Rudy Giuliani because we noticed that after some embarrassing
television appearances by Rudy, he suddenly just wasn’t being interviewed anywhere period. And this lasted for some month. Eventually Rudy resurfaced, but it is now
happening again. Now, the public facing funny part is there’s
old Rudy making a FA, uh, making a fool of himself on television, yet again all the time
he’s contradicting himself. He’s self incriminating. He’s admitting to things that Trump is still
publicly denying. We’ve got to get Rudy off of TV. But then there’s the more sort of serious
behind the scenes piece, which is predictable, which is that people around Donald Trump,
including Jared Cushner, his son in law, and Ivanka Trump, his daughter have been telling
Trump, you’ve got to fire Rudy for the better part of a year according to this report in
vanity fair by Gabriel Sherman. Now, of course, Trump has not fired Rudy,
but there have been questions as to is Rudy still Trump’s lawyer or not? But there’s more and more speculation that
Rudy Giuliani could end up arrested over. The Ukraine fiasco is two of his associates
already have, Trump has stood by Rudy so far, but the pressure has mounted more and more
and now Donald Trump has at least in the immediate told Rudy Giuliani, no more Fox news appearances
for you. This has been corroborated seemingly anyway,
circumstantially by Fox news producers who said to vanity fair, you know, in the last
few days we actually did invite Rudy Giuliani to appear and he turned us down. So it seems as though this is indeed what’s
going on. One Republican is quoted by Gabriel Sherman
in this article as saying, quote Rudy is cut off from Fox news. Now there’s a second layer of funny, and when
you look at what was the last straw or the straw that broke the camel’s back on this,
it is something really, really funny at every appearance. Rudy has been a pathetic joke, but what pushed
Trump over the edge is reportedly when Rudy went on TV on November 23rd and said, I have
an insurance policy against Trump in case he turns on me, that did not go over well. Rudy later tweeted that the, that the comment
was a joke. It was sarcastic. It wasn’t for real, but Trump didn’t like
it. And at that point said no more Fox news for
Rudy Giuliani. So as usual with Trump, it’s, yes, of course
have Rudy do interviews was always a bad idea. Your TV lawyer can’t seem to help but further
incriminate himself and you. But then the acute reason that actually got
Rudy pulled off is less about incriminating Trump, but merely saying something that was
supposedly a joke that Trump didn’t like, which is, Oh, if Trump turns on me, I’ve got
an insurance policy against him. It’s a never ending comedy of errors. It’s a race to the bottom, so to speak, in
political discourse. So now let’s step back for a second. At this point, isn’t it clear that Rudy is
going to eventually be thrown under the bus by Donald Trump? I know that right now it’s a fight. We can’t tell are they going to remain friends
loyal to each other or not? If I were Rudy, I think I’d be realizing at
this point that I might be able to avoid it for a little while, but ultimately this is
going to end poorly with Donald Trump and he’s going to throw me under the bus. Why not go and try to make a deal right now
with prosecutors and with investigators? Give them the goods, spare yourself. What’s so clearly seems to be upcoming? Am I off on this? Let me know what you think. Send me a tweet at Dee Pacman or leave a reply
in a comment. If you’re watching on YouTube, what would
you do if you were in Rudy Giuliani’s shoes right now? Would you just say, I’m going down eventually,
let me make a deal? Or do you try to keep up with the neverending
demands of how you maintain loyalty and a friendly relationship with Donald Trump? Let me know what you think. After the break. We will talk about genius, sort of reverse
psychology by the French president Emmanuel McCrone. We will also, uh, get, uh, to in a very, very
[inaudible] [inaudible] voicemail from a right wing or
which I think you will find both compelling and disturbing all of that coming up, uh,
after this quick break,

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. I would never give any good advice to Rudy allowing for the two friends: Rudy & Donald to sink into prison precipice. Maybe they get to be in the same prison. Their disrespect for the Rule of Law and the Constitution AND Americans is so overwhelming that all I can wish for them that they continue sinking every day "by their own making".

  2. I believe Rudy is too cocky and unsavy to believe Chump will throw him under the bus. Even though he has literally been there watching Chump deny knowing and dumping associate after associate all while making them the fall guy for his crimes.
    Rudy probably does have enough dirt hidden away on Chump to save himself. But will Cump be arrogant enough to risk making Rudy the fall guy that is the question? It is not about loyalty to Trump hell he tried to trick his own elderly father into changing his will leaving everything to him!
    It will come down to how much dirt Rudy has and if Chump believes he is untouchable no matter what evidence Rudy has. Chump has never been held accountable for any of his crimes. So he may just believe Rudys insurance policy holds no real consequences for him. If Chump believes that Rudy is screwed.

  3. I would like to know just what it is that Rudy sees as an upside to being on Trump's side. Surely Rudy has enough money, power and fame. what more can he hope to gain?

  4. I think if I'm Rudy Giuliani I wanna hide myself in a different country never been seen his a loser his a mad man like trump

  5. Rootie Kazooties Ego is too big to back down!

    He's like Ivona, Donnys X Wife
    who would guest her
    if she wasn't Linked to Trumpty Dumpty'!

  6. Tic-Toc. Tic-Toc. The days of freedom to menace and destroy are coming to an end for Don the Con and his simpleton goons, including Bill Barr and Rudy. They will all die in white collar prison, which is far too good for them. Only being thrown into a hole to rot and die inside solitary confinement alone and forgotten would come close to just deserves.

    Of course the Great Cheeto will throw Rudy under the bus. This is a fact of nature no different than "sometimes it rains". The only question is exactly when it will happen. Rudy will sing like a bird, but most of his chatter will be deranged psycho-babble and thus inadmissible as evidence. And keep in mind that none of this will happen until after Dump is out of office, and Democrats still hold majority in the House. It will take a new President to fire AG Barr. And only with him out of the way can actual criminal proceedings begin on Don the Con and his republican-scum enablers.

  7. Rudy Colludy is in Ukraine now meeting with the dodgy ex-prosecutors! This deranged mobster thinks it's apparently okay if he does it in plain sight 😮

  8. Beta male psychopath and congenital liar Dave Pacman is still cashing George Soros paychecks as he illegally and treasonously spins propaganda for the Liberal leftists. Trump is the POTUS. Trump will remain POTUS. Packam is a nobody raised by two nobodies to be nothing. Pay this know nothing weak zoomer no mind

  9. I totally agree it would be too good if Rudy were too get a conscience and came clean. That is the only thing that might salvage somewhat, his legacy…such as it is.

  10. What he SHOULD do will never occur to him.
    He SHOULD do the right thing and come clean about ALL the crimes and criminals, draining the swamp for real. Testify when impeachment moves to the Senate phase (maybe in exchange for some leniency) and regain his previous 9/11 American hero status.
    Never gonna happen though.

  11. Why would he flip on Trump? If he stays in the swamp he will get a pardon…if he turns on trump then the AG William BitchBoi Bar will have him locked up for life, not a hard choice to make.

  12. They are people who have gotten away with so many criminal and unethical behaviors in the past, and they think they will slide by again.

  13. Rudy doesn't need FOX News! Rudy can confess to crimes on any news network. In fact, Rudy doesn't need the media at all, he's got the NYT and WaPo on speed-butt-dial!
    Give him time, Rudy will eventually butt dial a reporter and confess to everything from Trump's bribery to Jimmy Hoffa's murder.

  14. Have any of you clicked on the trump survey above? Aside from how horribly misleading it is, you should take it to mess with his polling.

  15. I agree Rudy Giuliana should simply cut a deal to save his own butt because Donald Trump will turn on him. Problem is I doubt Rudy is intelligent enough to recognize this haha

  16. Trumpovich may be trying to sweep Rudy under the rug in public, but he is still having him do right wing media IN UKRAINE. Rudy's mandate is unchanged.

  17. Think of all the people who have lied, bribed, given false testimony, and broken to many law to count who have been thrown under the bus by ttump. And then Rudy keeps on confessing to the crimes and give evidence on live TV, and this is the one person who ttump stayed loyal to.

  18. Giuliani was speaking the truth when he said he has insurance against trump throwing him under the bus. He probably has documents, phone records, and probably even audio recordings of his phone conversations with trump. trump suspects this which is the only reason he hasn't fired Giuliani yet. When trump finally fires Giuliani, he will do it nicely. trump doesn't want to piss Giuliani off.

  19. I'm sure he feels like he's got a lot more gaff mileage left in him and might as well go for it since it's publicity and he loves the lime light, good of bad.

  20. 🤔If i where in Guliani's shoes?

    I'm picturing myself waking up from a vodka binge, clad in a stained pokemon outfit, wearing strange elven footwear, officiating Rudy's wedding to another cousin.

    I'm going to say "for god sake take em off" !
    With a hatchet if necessary!

  21. "If you were Rudy Giuliani, what would you do?" Hard to answer that because Rudy seems to be operating in some other level of reality. I don't know that it's possible to put yourself in his shoes. On the other hand, Trump can't possibly be keeping him around out of a sense of loyalty because Trump has no sense of loyalty, so maybe Rudy really is poised to expose dirt on Trump. Even if Rudy's borderline delusional now, he can still instinctively draw on what's left of his New York street savvy/sleaze and take Trump down.

  22. The don. Doesn't appreciate jokes since he's the joke .
    Having a sense of humour is
    Incomprehensible for someone that doesn't master the English language.
    Bruno Brizzi Maccaferri.

  23. "What would I do if I were in Rudy Giuliani's shoes" != "What is Rudy likely to do".
    I don't think he's intelligent enough to do the grown-up thing.

  24. Rudy G, throw Trump under the bus, with TRUTH, before you end up under it. You KNOW Trump will eventually throw you. You used to be 'America's Maypr, and we were all proud of you. Make us proud again. Rredeem yourself by telling the truth. You woild be praised for it. No 'half-truths', only 100% honest.

  25. If Rudy can blackmail Trump. How can you rule out that countries like Russia, Turkey, Saudi and now Ukraine can benefit on a Trump second term.

  26. you're absolutely right about rudy going ahead and cover his own ass instead of trump, cause for sure he's going to turn against you.

  27. We don't need to see Giuliani on FOX News. It's too bad Sean Hannity has to be on FOX News misleading the sheepies on how wonderful the USA is faring under Drumpf.

  28. "If I disappear, it will appear immediately along with my RICO chart." — Giuliani
    So you were joking about having an insurance policy, but then you say what your insurance policy is.
    You're not on Faux "News", and yet I haven't seen your RICO chart.
    Seriously, I want to see your RICO chart, and how convoluted and tied-together your list of accomplices and co-conspirators actually is.

  29. To be fair, if my lawyer said “I’ve got insurance in case she turns on me” that would then be my ex-lawyer. This is precisely the opposite of lawyering.

  30. Rudy Giuliani is too FUCKING stupid to do the right thing …he will never give up his Fuhrer until trump throws This WORTHLESS CRAZY SACK OF SHIT UNDER THAT BUS THAT'S GOT RUDY'S NAME ON IT …

  31. Trump is insane it soul crushingly hard to find any kind of job right now. They are lying again about the jobs numbers this country is an insane.

  32. If Trump throws Rudy under the bus I think Rudy could do some damage to Trump. I think he's serious when he says he has "insurance". It might be a little too early yet for such a move but, yes, if I was Rudy I would be seriously considering what deals I could make. And I think he probably is.

  33. Trump will dump Rudy in a heartbeat if he thinks it's in his best interests. He has demonstrated over and over that he has no sense of loyalty even when he sets up the person for criminal conduct.

  34. If I was Rudy my eyes would pop so wide I'd give myself a wedgie!
    Then I'd go to Ukraine to buy some dirt on Biden!

  35. Rudy needs money and he is beginning to figure out he is not going to be able to make anything off Trump. He is waiting for a pay-off, but where it comes from who knows? He is so toxic that nobody will touch him, that's the only reason he has stuck with Trump so far. They will both go down together.

  36. "Run Rudy Run".
    You have nothing more you can do to 'help' Cheeto Face.
    t-RUMP is not only going to throw you under the bus he's going to be in the driver's seat to run you over himself. Beat him to the punch and try to keep yourself out of jail. Get yourself a good lawyer Rudy.

  37. Rudy will before too long be dipped in shit and rolled in pea gravel anyway. Then he will be put in a trash can and kicked down a big hill and fly under a bus. After the time the glued his dick to a doorknob he did take out some insurance so he is most likely ready.

  38. As a former prosecutor, Giuliani should be able to recognize it's time to cut the best deal you can make. But his ego and judgement are impaired by time in Trump's orbit. But Rudy should have known before he accepted his job, with Donald Trump, loyalty is known to only run one way.

  39. Rudy's over in Ukraine digging up "dirt" on Joe Biden for that guy he does and does not work for depending on which day or moment you talk to him and The Boss. Too busy to go on FOX.

  40. A little to late, damage is done. He’s already admitted he was in Ukraine to investigate the Biden’s, at the behest of the state department.


  42. Sorry, Joe!! But, thanks for playing!! You may not be our next POTUS, but you did a great deed in sacrificing yourself to finally bringing this "clown down!" 😍🙏🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸🤣😂🤣 If it werent for you, this b*tch would have never been busted!!😘🙌🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸😁THANK Y❤U!!!

  43. If Rudy turns on Trump, they'll kill him. He's a New Yorker, so is Trump. They know how it would play out. I'm honestly surprised Cohen still lives.

  44. Rudy is continuing Trump's work even in the face of impeachment. They are helplessly hoping to come up with the alleged "dirt" on the Bidens just in time to present their version of evidence at the Senate hearing.

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