Trump Clowns Himself With Tweet

>>Donald Trump recently shared a poll that
Breitbart conducted in regard to Americans and how they feel about this impeachment inquiry
into his communication with the Ukrainian president. Now, just keep in mind, Breitbart did this,
so this is a very credible outlet.>>And here’s what the poll looked like. Wow, 97.83% of Americans believe that, yeah,
they stand with Donald Trump on this impeachment issue, the vast majority of Americans, even
Democrats.>>Yeah.>>Even hardcore Democrats, they all support
Trump when it comes to this impeachment inquiry. Only 2% say no.>>All right, guys, keep it up because Breitbart
did an online poll, who cares? That’s Donald Trump retweeting it and saying
thank you, okay? Okay, first of all, there’s some percent of
chance the moron actually believes that’s a real poll.>>So sad.>>So my God, baby, sad, okay? Number two, if you don’t think it’s a real
poll, what are you doing? If I put out a TYT poll saying 97.83% of Americans
support Cenk Uygur, I would only tweet that as a joke, right? Because, yeah, even if the poll was real,
it’s an online poll of our audience. And I don’t think I’d get that high, but still,
right? But it would be tongue in cheek, it would
be funny, right? No, Trump’s like, yeah, that’s right, 97.8%
of America is.>>I’ve seen the polls, and the polls are
very strong. The polls indicate that America, he wouldn’t
use the word indicate, what am I saying?>>Yeah, I mean look, if Obama tweeted a poll,
The Daily Kos, or some liberal thing said Obama did great, and people are like, you
idiot, that’s not a real poll, what are you doing, etc. Well we’ve just gotten used to Trump’s madness. I mean Colbert did a great skit last night. He mentioned that Trump accidentally retweeted
something, a whole account that replaced the word Trump and puts the word shark in it. So, and I had read the tweet and I missed
it, because Trump’s so crazy that I was like, yeah, he’s talking about how the media is
obsessed with being pro sharks. Okay. Cuz he’s in a torrential downpour of insanity.>>Right.>>Right?>>Yeah.>>So, and remember, this is a guy who literally,
this is another tweet he did, where he literally thought that he had better poll numbers than
Abe Lincoln. That’s a shark nursery, Shark Lincoln, okay? There was no polling during Abraham Lincoln’s
time as president, not even close.>>Look, there’s the laughable part of this,
but there’s also the terrifying part, and whenever he puts out this type of ridiculous
propaganda indicating that the vast majority of Americans agree with him on something when
obviously they don’t, it reminds me of Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-un’s father, who claimed
that he bowled perfect games and that he never defecated because he had no anus.>>Yeah.>>That was a real thing. They put that out there.>>So, I mean, speaking of sharks, there is
no jumping the shark with Trump, because he jumped in on day one, right?>>Yeah.>>So the rest has been all shark week, shark
year, shark term, right? But Is there some chance that he will one
day claim not to have an anus?>>Yes.>>But, it’s on the board, it’s on the board.>>Yeah.>>This is the insanity.>>But, I mean, if he doesn’t have an anus,
what was that golden toilet for?>>Yeah, good question. It was to bankrupt Trump Airlines.>>He did. He bankrupted his own airlines cuz he’s like,
we’re gonna put golden toilets in there. People are like,

Maurice Vega

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  1. Even of he does know it is a fake poll, his supporters will believe it and he knows this, he knows his supporters believe everything he says, even when he contradicts himself endlessly

  2. Even most Democrats don't want to impeach Trump because they know it won't pass the Senate where Republicans are the majority, and it will focus everyone's attention on the fact that Congress literally hasn't done anything else with their time other than to try to reverse the 2016 election of a Democratically elected President who's getting things done. So please, by all means…IMPEACH. Lead the charge, Ana.

  3. Ana can be as funny as Cenk at times. "I've seen the polls, aand the polls are very strong" 1:30. Someone should write a book about Trump's ignorance of the English language. He overuses adjectives like "strong" and puts them next to nouns so that the sentences make no sense.

  4. Kim Jong-Il might not have had a anus as he might have had a colostomy bag, which means that he didn't poop out of his anus.

  5. He’s not that stupid to believe it’s a poll that properly represents the whole country. His problem and ours.. is that he’s a corrupt business man doing corrupt business dealings.. so this is just a corrupt sales tactic … The broken system is the problem… he’s a product of a broken system… don’t bank on the impeachment fixing the major problem as a whole .. get out vote for representatives across the entire country that will help us all benefit and sustain ourselves as an entire country.. corporations, families, individuals, Americans as a whole. Leave no one Behind… try an have a good day together

  6. The only people polled were Breitbart glue sniffing groupthinkers and Bonespurs definitely has an anus because his head is constantly up it.

  7. Of course that idiot thinks it's a real poll.

    He will continue to think he's the bestest and the most popular until the his neck snaps during the hanging.

    We are going to hang him, right?

  8. Trump: "I have a fantastic anus like the world has never seen before, it's so very tremendous your head would spin!"

  9. It wasn't Kim Jong IL who invented the "Hamburder", it was Trump who invented "Double Bread with Meat" lol Trump can also "Bi-Locate" like Kim Jong IL, (be in two places at the same time): Trump can get an erection from Ivanka, AND, hide it from both Melania AND Jared at the same time!! lol

  10. I noticed that the Britebart Poll did not include any undecided numbers. Just straight Yes or No, totaling 100%.

  11. In spite of how Jackson didn’t stop the Civil War, and Fredrick Douglas wouldn’t meet with him, Agent Orange will grab onto any right wing crazy poll that can’t possibly be real, cuz, he really is that stupid. And yet there are still die hard supporters. WTF???

  12. if trump goes to court and has to face a jury of his peers! does that mean with trump, your going have to find jurries from the third grade.

  13. I love it because I was working for Eastern Airlines at the time dumb ass donny thought he was making a fantastic deal on buying the only profitable thing Eastern Airlines had at the time, the shuttle. Ol Frank Lorenzo was probably laughing his ass off running to the bank with his millions thinking to himself what a schmuck trumpelthinskin was for buying it in the first place. Trumpelthinskin stoking his ego once more, of what a great businessman he was. Only to have his dreams dashed because you need more money for an airline than trumpelthinskin had and could not keep it going. Liddle donny gets what he deserves including Impeachment and removal from office.

  14. Trump is about as deep as a puddle..the man is content in his delusions … the Republicans have backed some very dumb people in the past but Trump has taken the cake…he makes Bush Jr look like he was a genius…this whole thing is definitely popcorn worthy news….I’m too young to have seen Nixon crash and burn but old enough to appreciate the sinking ship U.S.S. Trump…how long will it take for it to sink lol.

  15. 96 percent of the polls favor trump? He must have gotten those figures in some sleazy dive riding the pole his self trolling for young stuff.

  16. Wow! Trump has single highhandedly destroyed the Democrats.
    Either he's defeated them politically or they've just collapsed from carrying so much TDS.
    The Democrat Party is successfully transmuting “walk away” to “run for your life” …..

  17. Problem with online polls is that anybody can participate. Multiple times. Regardless if you are a US citizen or not.

  18. Trump isn't going to be removed from office. This is just click bait. I'm surprised that you wasted the 20 million dollars that Katzenberg gave you. Sad.

  19. Internal polling conducted by the Trump administration now shows that the Trump administration is the most accurate polling agency in the history of polling! Tru storie, brah.

  20. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. Breitbart news is nothing but a hate-mongering organization that spews garbage. Of course, Trump would believe their polls.

  22. I got an ad by REPUBLICANS that asked to vote rather Trump was doing a good job yes or no.
    Of course I voted NO. Well it was rigged because after I filled in the info they wanted, including email. I put my email in and I kept getting
    You must use a valid email address!
    So I tried again… Same result.
    Funny thing it was an email sent to me at the address I gave.. ? ? ? ?
    It has happened more than once.
    So I do not believe ANY of Agolfs polls!

  23. He clowns himself every time he opens his gob, it’s just become the norm I’m sick and tired of the young turks mocking him because coming from another country he isn’t funny he’s very dangerous

  24. He make his own poles what a clown put it tweeter because he's an idiot and know 's he can't give speeches and knowh himself the are stupid

  25. A barge just wrecked the Ludlow Bromley yacht club in NKY today. I found a buoy on the river bank friday. I reported as well. It was still there tonight. Polish brass on the Titanic quit literaly. Let the states take care of the water ways they say. Let corporations run the river. It'l be fun they said.

  26. I could believe that Trump doesn't have an anus. It would explain why there's a constant stream of shit coming from his mouth instead.

  27. 97.83% of African Americans stand with Barack Obama. 97.83% of Asian Americans stand with Andrew Yang. 97.83% of Idiots stand with Anus-less Rump.

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