Trump: Clinton won’t be difficult to beat (CNN interview with Erin Burnett)

Maurice Vega

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  1. my god.. if this joker becomes the president, than God save the US economy … I hope US doesn't lead to a future like his 4 companies which went bank corrupt…
    PS: I am not from the US however, the world economy these days very much depends upon the USD if that falls… nothing can save the world from the great depression like 1900s πŸ™

  2. Going after Joseph Kony has worked out. Sure, we haven't caught him, but the Lord's Resistance Army has been rendered ineffective.

    Also, killing Bin Laden kind of worked as well.

  3. Trump is a buffoon, but here he's right:
    HRC is risking to lose the election against the republicans. She is the least electable democrat in the race, which should have been a safe win. Purely based on electability, no one should vote for her.

  4. Trump is not humbled at all and its showing. He thinks he's the best thing sing "GOD". I'm still saying Hilary is going to win, she can get the "Minority, Female, and Independent voters that track seems to offend constantly. The Republican party is so desperate to win, that they're throwing support behind a arrogant Billionare. Lol, he's not exactly someone who knows what its like to be "Middle class" or "Poor". I rest my case lmao

  5. Southpark is right, Trump was funny in the beginning but its getting old. Lets just all vote for Sanders now and REALLY make America great again.

  6. I don't live there, but I can see American will probably be swimming in deep shit if this guy wins. Hhahahahahahahahahha

    Look at the way he delivers his speech, every single argument is started with an opinion, few um uh look in the middle, and ended with the same opinion.

    I swear to god, I work hard everyday and when I am exhausted, I am cheered by Trump's videos because those clips are just damn hilarious hahaha

  7. South Park should do an episode of Bernie Sanders playing the Grim Reaper.

    Bernie Sanders is a socialist old troll that should be endorsing depends adult diapers.

    GO TRUMP !!!


  8. She will be easier to beat, because this fence sitter is giving them any more finances(does not suit his personal needs) Really do you think he will have time to look after America with all those factory's he owns in China????not employing us???if they where in Mexico would there be any talk of a wall???I was sent before the age of twenty to fight for Democracy, against the Communist, now are would be Pres. employs them??????????????????????

  9. I think I love watching him because all humans want to see a car crash or a celebrity fail. Donald's ego is a complete, face first cliff dive! The longer he lasts, the more entertaining it gets, like anticipating a bomb going off.

  10. Why would anybody vote for Hillary, why?Β  She is the one that let those 4 Americans die in Bengasi when she knew it was a terrorist attack, she will not keep this country safe at all.Β  She lies constantly.

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