Trump cites CNN during NRA speech, criticizes Mueller probe

Maurice Vega

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  1. Oh America! You love a showman don't you! Someone who stands up and tells you what you want to hear! You adore someone who self praises to a point of absurdity! You almost worship a man who lies constantly at you! You hail a man who is clearly conning you outrageously! The whole world can, and does see it..Many of you cannot! You choose to believe the 'unbelievable', without question! Because the 'unbelievable' tells you how wonderful you are!..But..The 'unbelievable' see's you as fools and dolts to be exploited, manipulated and used to his own ends! The 'unbelievable' does not care one bit about you, your all just tools, and the 'unbelievable' soaks up your adulation as you inflate his massive ego The 'unbelievable' see's himself as the great dictator..The demagogue to be worshipped by the mass's, as every dictator throughout the ages has done!..By the time you realise the 'unbelievable' is dangerously insane…It will be to late for you America!..A once great nation, gone the way of all great nations throughout history..Destroyed from within!

  2. My God… Prothero was right. They are even chanting it. USA….. USA….. UlceredSsphincter of Arserica.

  3. Yes – if he called for a rally in Washington DC – it will be exactly like Inauguration Day January 2017……. Poorly attended. What a dork!

  4. This man is an exhibitionist, present only to enjoy the applause and admiration. Nothing of substance flows from his bragging.

  5. I understand why americans have the right to bear arms, but is it really necessary? Police are armed and you have a massive military. As soon as the frontier was no more, surely the need to maintain an armed militia was not needed?

  6. "Hmmm….guess the U.S will "never surrender….never….ever..ever..ever…never surrender" That's exactly how my 9 year old talks….lol…..What a fucking embarrassment! Hope you guys are happy trading a one time bonus (The Tax Cuts…Cuts…Cuts Plan…lol….they had to talk him out of naming it that!!…Can you fucking imagine THAT conversation????) for 4 years of this sideshow?? Trudeau may well be a bit of a pansy but at least he can articulate a full sentence….oh…and he has NEVER, to my knowledge anyway, PUSHED another World Leader out of the way to get to the front of the pack for a picture…..G20 anyone!?? This is seriously the BEST show on the internet right now! Like "House of Cards" meets "The Beverley Hillbillies"…ahhhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

  7. Balls to Tell iT like iT is.> And who he"s Fucking with is non of your business cnn.
    Stormy"s job is to get Fucked, whats wrong with that.

  8. All of those cheap, tacky trash in attendance. Sad. Those who have to shop at WalMart. Those who are guilty for owning guns. Shame on you all..

  9. what a fool, so many deaths by guns on his conscience. let's hope this idiot's impeachment comes sooner then later

  10. Here is the Trump administration theme song (sung to the tune of the Beverley Hillbillies!):

    "Come listen to a story 'bout a man named Trump,
    1st day on the job says the White House is a dump,
    Time to make some changes, and man they must be bold,
    So he orders some new curtains and demands they must be gold!
    Tacky that is…gaudy too!"

    The 1st thing that he tries is to implement a ban,
    On all of the bad brown folks from those far off lands,
    But the courts say Mr.President that's not the way it works,
    And once again he comes off just lookin like a jerk!
    Racist too…uninformed!

    The next thing on the agenda is to scrap the A.C.A,
    Anything Obama, well it has to go away,
    But one courageous Senator by the name of John McCain,
    With a simple down turned thumb saved the nation from the pain,
    Hero he is…integrity too!

    Then he fires Comey for attacking Hillary,
    Which was just a bunch of bullshit as anyone can see,
    He then told Lester Holt that it was this Russian thing,
    Now it's all about obstruction and money laundering,
    Oligarchs that is….indictments…guilty pleas!

    This narcissistic fool, well he truly likes to boast,
    Of all administrations by far we've done the most,
    And that may be well and true as many of us see,
    But only if you count all the lies and perjury!

    Thank you…thank you very much!

  11. How do we get N.J to issue carry permits!
    Oh yeah,NJ says you have to Demonstrate need to carry,so its like you have to be in an Accident 1st before we give you insurance

  12. This is a Great President ……. This Nation went down hill with 28 years of Bad Leadership. Now, it is time for The U.S. to be Great Again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ……………………………………. Screw ALL Greasy Socialists(and the mules they rode on)

  13. A real dictator speech. And why is congress there for I sort of forgotten cuz they don"t do shit and they should cuz it is their duty and job to do something about this corruption created by this old sick man

  14. 30 million. He took 30 million from the nra. He's the kiss ass in chief America is becoming a disaster. And this jackass is the main reason.

  15. The President should do more than criticize Mueller, he should FIRE HIS ASS!!! Mueller, Rosenstein are shredding the rule of law. While the crimes of the DNC and Clinton are simply overlooked the President, who'se done nothing wrong is accused of everything the Democrats are guilty of. 64 million Americans voted for the President and the DNC , CNN and the left in general want to overturn our votes.
    The President is there because we want him there, and we should be respected just as we had to respected 8 years of Obama's smug lectures. Mr. Trump is a direct result of those 8 years of the left treading upon everything we hold dear. I was wary of the President at first, was he a true conservative or was he just playing the part as the least two presidents before him had. I'm extremely happy with him so far and look forward to the day the witch hunt ends, the DNC and Democrats corruption are exposed for all Americans to see. That is going to be a great day!!!

  16. The ramblings of our pathetic and chief pandering to his base of angry folks who have nothing to do except bitch and moan about Obama.

  17. Get a new act, Trumpy. Learn a few new words. You repeat the same garbage over and over, ad nauseum, in every one of your boring speeches.

  18. Yes!!! JMichaels Physique pissed off all these assholes!! I love Trump!! Millions love him!! And these anti-Trump idiots will still be bitter in their parents' basements. MAGA!

  19. So many butt-hurt CNN supporters.. its great! Sorry folks you still lost, and will keep losing. Night-Night.

  20. This speech is downright frightening. I cannot believe he is president of the USA. He is gaslighting!
    The only thing i agree with him on is illegal immigration.

  21. "I got a hot wife, screw you money and sure as hell screw you job…so, screw you." Trump gonna be Trump. Deal with it, bee-otches. lol

  22. "Take the guns first, go through due process second." -Trump. This man is no friend of 2A rights, and the NRA has sold out the citizens time and time again over the years. This guy is a living and breathing Trojan horse of deceit.

  23. Body Language Analysis No. 4277: Donald Trump's First Person Shooter/Terrorist POV Display at the NRA Convention – Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence

  24. On Fri. U.S. demanded China to stopping funding its own high-tech development, buy 100B U.S. products immediately, report to U.S. once every quarter, if U.S. is not happy, China must make U.S. happy in 15 days, and China cannot complain to WTO. So, this is the "fair trade" Trump means, what a thug!

  25. The idea that more guns prevent deaths are just naiv and wrong,Excluding most suicides, at least 15,549 people were killed by guns in the United States in 2017, according to data collected by Gun Violence Archive (GVA), a nonprofit organization that tracks media and law enforcement reports of shootings.
    The gun homicide rate in England and Wales is about one for every 1 million people, according to the Geneva Declaration of Armed Violence and Development, a multinational organization based in Switzerland.

    In a population of 56 million, that adds up to about 50 to 60 gun killings annually. In the USA, by contrast, there are about 160 times as many gun homicides in a country that is roughly six times larger in population. There were 8,124 gun homicides in 2014, according to the latest FBI figures.
    I come from a country that believe it or not has more guns pr.capita then even the US, and killings by firearms are almost not happen. (Norway). That is because this weapons are hunting weapons and guns linked to the military, but in homes.
    We also talking about culture and awareness here,
    If there is one thing the Europeans will buy in to it will be the naive and primitive ide that more guns sole something.
    The kindergarten thinking behind, " it is not eh guns who kills but the persons who holds them" and stuff like that is just wrong. Statistics shows that. It is like believe in, Oh it is a chocolate cake, because someone smeared chockolate on a camels as.
    The US constitution are from a time when a firearm shot one round bullet and missed most things more than 10 feet away. When America had no law and the forest was full of wild animals and hostile indians.
    Just grow up will you, Americans.

  26. Donald , how would having more guns prevented JFK from being murdered?
    And Regan from being shot?
    And John Lennon murdered?
    Stop pandering to the NRA which is a state sponsored terrorist organization.

  27. What a disgusting idiot of a man you have running your country. All past presidents were great men in my eyes diplomatic, intelligent, and a certain air about them that made them presidents. This guy is a cheap lying narcissistic moron and how the hell he became your leader is beyond me. Good luck for the future America.

  28. Another thing, im going to laugh my head of over the next few years watching this fool make the comb over work.

  29. All the dumb liberals on here still don't get it!!! They should move to North Korea…and enjoy!!! I hear the weather's great there!

  30. When he first started, he was at 98% disapproval among the black american population. Now its 78% according to the polls, that's a huge change. I have never expected 22% of blacks to support a Republican in the recent decade.

  31. IF Mueller is leading such a witch hunt, why/how come so much information keeps coming forcing Dump et al to CONTINUE CHANGES their/his stories? REMEMBER- "I have no business w/Russia,"'….I have no contracts w/Russia…" "I have no contact w/Russia'. SAME thing about the money re Stormy affair…he LIES constantly, can't be trusted-HIS doing, IS a Traitor as it will come out. Giuilina spilled the beans on that… lol He's a racketeer/profiteer; period!

  32. Alexander Torshin, one of Putin's bank executives, has an LLC in South Dakota. Torshin is a lifetime NRA member who donated $35,000 to Trump's campaign and $250,000 to his inaugural fund. Since Torshin hosted a delegation of NRA elites in Moscow, shouldn't he be invited to watch HIS president speak at the NRA convention?

  33. Guiliani's law firm set up false business fronts in Amsterdam for laundering Russian money destined for Trump's Russian backed BAYROCK real estate group. Is that why Rudy is so freaked out about shutting down the Meuller investigation? Potential cell mates?

  34. I don't know his personal views or stance on God but from the interviews I seen and speeches I like Trump. I know the creator is changing this world until then dude seem like he winning and uniting. i trust in God process and trump is part of the process.

  35. 547 days in office and Mr Self-centered is still talking about the election. Absurd! What's the point of this diatribe? Who makes fun of someone breaking their leg??? Res Ipsa Loquitor!

  36. GOD BLESS YOU TRUMP!!..GREATEST U.S.PRESIDENT!…WE LOVE YOU TRUMP & MIKE PENCE!!!..N.R.A!! BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD TO HAVE IT AT!.."DALLAS, TEXAS"!..huge u.s military supporters!..marines!! u.s army forever!!!! u.s air force!!! all AMERICAN TROOPS!!..GOD BLESS THE U.S.A!!!!

  37. The intolerant radical Marxist left and fascist globalists are edging us to violence and even Civil War. What stupid pigs these Marxist freaks are. They don't respect democratic elections, practice sedition, call for President Trump's assassination, support Antifa thugs, ban and demonetize free speech, want to abolish the 2nd amendment and they expect patriots to give them guns? Hahahaha! These disgusting and insulting [email protected], enemies of the truth, are completely sick and twisted.

  38. Hahahahaha 🙂 the whole world is laughing its ass off with this orange shitstorm. 🙂 And no, the french citizens will never want normal people to carry guns in public. 🙂

  39. I am a millennial and I am proud to say that I do not have the brain eating disease called liberalism 🙂

  40. just happen to tune in to cnn and woops there it is another round table discussion with four panelist on Stormy Daniels; so Donald Trump had and extra marital affair two hundred years ago. why is this important to me and who the hell cares? cnn and all these other bias news networks are only helping trump's favorable numbers go up' because believe or not people are watching specially independent voters.

  41. America has advanced and developed so much in the last 250 years. Guns to hunt game to survive are days gone by. Guns and holsters are things of the past. It's time to re-write the Constitution. It's outdated and needs to be changed.

  42. Watch out . . . . I heard Donald Trump has filed a petition with the court to change his name to Adolph.

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