Trump Caught Retaliating Against Witnesses, Puts Himself In More Legal Jeopardy – Political State

Maurice Vega

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  1. Con Man Trump will go to prison one day and all cronies will follow the same path and the Rep. party will be destroyed forever. I wonder when Trump goes to prison will Trump receive the Secret Service Protection while lock that asshole Trump up?

  2. Mueller's job was to investigate, not pass judgement. He did an excellent job of what he was supposed to do.
    Now it's up to others – Congress – to use that information to make the appropriate decision (don't hold your breath on that one, people…).
    My personal opinion: Trump conspired with others to obstruct justice. That definitely fits the definition of a "high crime"…

  3. The cowardly, draft-dodger. must think that he's a tough mobster or something. He sure did look meek and ultra-humble at Helsinki when he was sitting by America's real president…Putin!

  4. Lock them all up, shave Trump The Chumps head, feed them all on paper plates, AND never let Trump The Chump near a tv, a cell phone, &/or Twitter!!!!

  5. Obstruction in broad daylight, & witness tampering. Just like a mafia don. But let's see how tough he is when he's in stir…preferably in population. 😎

  6. The robot voice is annoying. Most won't try to tell you. They will just not subscribe or unsubscribe.

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