Trump calls out CNN for fake news on arming teachers

Maurice Vega

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  1. Don't blame the kids for being upset, we all are…

    But why aren't they teaching the children why we have rights and what could happen if they are taken away?

    What about the one hundred million kids who died in Wars protecting our rights?

  2. I believe CNN or someone is coaching these kids, just read an article where Trump reached out to one of the shooting victim's, she said she was never so unimpressed with someone in her whole life, what happened to being grateful

  3. Oh for fucks sake trump, change the record will you please! Whilst I certainly don't condone the cowardly act from the school guard, it's a big rich coming from a guy who was too frightened to go in the army he paid someone to say he had bone Spurs on 5 occasions! Sounds to me like a missing back bone problem

  4. CNN is fake they want to eliminate competition real news off internet they are scared you might see the truth and that they are propaganda!!!

  5. For instance, they are always hot and heavy for any wanna be get rich quick politician that proceeds with bankrupting a state.

  6. Devorah Epstein
    9 minutes ago
    It's senseless to listen to the media because their main agenda is for the destruction of the country.

  7. Some teachers DO love their students, and to them teaching is not a job… This is proven by those teachers who, un armed, gave their lives trying to protect their students.. IMAGINE ,that school, that day,, if those teachers had been armed.. The results of the day would have been different.

  8. Did I really get this right? Trump said that the policeman who didn't rush into the school because someone had a semi-automatic weapon spraying bullets every where is a disgrace. But if a policeman shoots an unarmed Black man is perfectly ok. Something is very wrong with picture.

  9. CNN ratings down 30% since last year! We, the people, are done with the nonsense! We still have the power and it’s our job to boycott these leftist scum!!

  10. I remember when CNN ask the audience who won the first presidential debate in 2016 , 18 for Hilary Clinton and only 1 for Trump.Sure they gave all the debate questions to Hilary in advanced and Trump didn't get any.

  11. Lol it's crazy people just eat up his lies. The disarray his administration is in is proof of his incompetence. I mean its okay to learn on the job but don't try to manipulate the American public. Although I can understand why most follow him, they prefer to be blind. I wish people would decide for themselves instead of blindly following every word of an old racist white guy.

  12. Lol, look. Fake news vs fake news. You got cnn, and fox. Clearly the most trustable news outlets out here. That’s like a poor black guy calling another poor black guy a “broke ass nigga”.

  13. We all know that CNN is the top purveyor of fake news. But did you know that the NRA is actually over 5 million individuals? They're experiencing record signups of new members in the wake of the Florida shooting because people see through the MSM BS and know that guns save people and give power to the weak. Join the NRA and preserve our natural right to self-defense for posterity –

  14. What I love about this president is he say's what he believes not what he thinks everyone wants to hear like all the previous presidents in my lifetime. When you can't trust a liberal sheriff voted in by a liberal county (50% liberal and 20% conservative) who's deputy's hide instead of doing their job and saving children. Americans need to protect themselves with arms when the local government can't and refuse to protect them.

  15. ALL the news organizations will report what their management tells them they can, and in a manner that they direct.  This is a natural tendency to protect their advertisers.  That's the way it is.  It is very difficult to learn the truth.  The narrative on this event is that Big Brother will protect us – many people actually buy this.  In the last ten years or so, all but 2% of mass attacks were on soft targets (gun-free zones) – whether it be a gay bar, or the streets of Paris.  Simply put, just properly train the school teachers and educators who WANT to be armed.  And, have all military personnel complete a 3-month stint of duty as school guards.  We go into government buildings (can you say the  U.S.House of Representatives?), airports, concerts, etc.  There are armed guards there.  Why not QUALIFIED guards at schools, too?  Why has this not been proposed?  Why is there no bill being proposed in Congress?

  16. Could CNN please make it a habit to regularly interview evolutionary biologists and climate scientists? That would really mess with the heads of the Evangelical Republican Fake News Freaks?

  17. Out of our teaching population, we have few that can teach. Nah, let's not put them in charge of security. I'd rather have a teacher love to teach my kid , than love my kid. I can love my kid. That is not their job , but maybe they have to love them because they can't teach them, makes it helps them feel good about their vacations and perks. What is wrong with the privatization of security for schools? I'm sure it will cost less than what the govt has planned.

  18. TRUMP 2020
    Keep waiting for CNN to bring on some dead hooker from a Hollywood gutter to blame Trump for something. Oh, wait, they have already done that but seriously, wtf next. Fuck cnn

  19. Is the recent outburst of ‘Fake News’ an attempt by religion to eke out more life in the concept of doubt, doubt that science has proved that a deity only exists within human minds, that there is no ability for it to exist in the physical universe.
    Because religion can not argue directly against science any more, it has in a last ditch attempt to survive, resorted to spreading doubt in all data.

  20. CNN tried to get our President seriously hurt by unfairly demonizing him. These networks are nothing but voices for the warmongering supremacist banking oligarchy who have hijacked many nations! CNN is just as evil as NBC, ABC, and CBS who colluded and covered up the JFK coup d'etat that had significant Khazarian cartel involvement.

  21. Even thought i didn't know that was fake news, r there really fake news stories about people fighting fake news???? Huh?

  22. I can't understand how you even have a show.When this is over and everyone knows how you have been so bad you will not have a show. If i was P Trump i would make sure you never had a chance to do any more fate NEWS. YOU ARE CRAP

  23. Today we had a field trip to CNN, a kid had trump socks, hat, and shirt. The tour guide asked us if we had questions, the kid wearing trump asked how they made the fake news and the tour guide said '' don't ask that kind of questions or u will be escorted out of the building''

  24. Paul Joseph Goebbels = CNN = German propaganda Machine = Fake News. All the same. Propaganda is a criminal offense unless it is in a WAR footing. CNN should be charged with crimes against humanity and burnt to the ground.

  25. We are so sorry again for all involved!

    All can observe early signs much better if all are involved in doing one's local `plan as our plan is working to perfect, as we seek a Global Grant to simplify so all understand and interrelate. Using communities as extended classrooms. Where all prioritize toxic, network, and restore ecological `enhanced sustaining healthy working communities.

    For too long too much aggressive acts. US Gov for one fails to realize we could have peaceful economies vs being puppets to those that want to put fear-based misinformation into all, so as to support the Military Industrial Complex. Which is the largest footprint on the earth/space?

    Especially at this time when the global scientist should be working together to define climate change, prioritizing the Arctic issues leaving negative effects. When yet `Our Children's Trust has to sue the US Gov to have them focus mindfully and resolve ASAP. For they have known for quite a few years of this problem thru UN and many, yet they have not acted.

    Dr.Guy McPherson speaks for many scientists, stating it will take a miracle, yet he still tries w/Jamen Shively at, as they go figure how best to save life on earth, welcoming all to join into the `Social Club at the End of the World, on youtube Hangouts. And we include the whole perspective, as we add simultaneously many projects to resolve the many issues Gov is not doing. And we the people must!

    Our children and ill are not part of anything that is real, rather many lies continue as well only those w/homeschooling gain true nurturing skills, so good parents don't allow others to interfere as they protect them to simply be. As any healthy child knows well, and it is the programming/ill surroundings that fuel these children/people to do what they do.

    Whereas if all joined in to do one's local `plan rethinking/reworking entire biomes w/neighbors, w/agroecological systems, goes far beyond agriculture, ending the toxic GMOs/pesticides/Industrial agriculture that is putting toxins in the food, as well pharmaceuticals and many doctors mismanaging, when yet Traditional Chinese Medicine has answers to break the addiction/heal the damaged organs. And communities can ask for insurance to cover these many alternatives.

    As each local `plan better prepares for natural/human-made disasters. Skilled people/children, observing, as they walk by your sides in communities collaborating/sharing what works as people are properly guided to heal oneself, noticing early signs, addressing early on protected sex, so children are not having children. And hormones are kept in check mindfully as children take part as an equal in one's local `plan. Preparing them to explore and take part in creating a local `plan where ever fortunate to be on earth.

    When yet look at the weapons of war they see/people unable to be treated fairly w/respect as in Pres Trump's way of handling refugees. Our earth/space should be here for all including visitors from afar, as in Dr. Steven Greer brings forth his and many's reality of ET experiences. Yet US Military lies and covers it up along w/may legislators and past Presidents. And I've heard of Pres Trump disclosing all this, but not clear if he has agreed to tell the truth, as many Gov officials have no clue. As Dr. Greer has counseled many. Yet they afraid to tell the truth.

    Showing all how corrupt many on this planet are as Teslas energy along w/ET's for the last 50 some years and Tesla 100 yrs, could of prevented our many issues now if truth was told long ago. And still now can, if Govs/Corps/people would come forward and lead the path so people would realize such truth and good tools to mindfully act ASAP.

    We are an open book, yet many are delusional even as US Gov adds religion when it is against the Constitutions. Only proving that it to needs to be updated, so as to respect all before us that did their best to create it. But I have a feeling they expected us in real time to do the same. Yet look at all the corruption as our Gov is puppets run by outsiders/even MIlitary to profit and gain control as many want to keep people afraid so they want more Military support, not realizing how they lie and manipulate.

    Wars must end/weapons of war must end along w/Nuclear use accept some medicine w/no halflife/recyclable. For radiation, even fluoride in public water/lead is out of control and yet Govs can't even rid waste properly, let alone they keep making more weapons w/it. When yet people/children are ill from it. As many are mentally and physically ill, dying prematurely.

    Shame on us all, for contributing unknowingly, when yet humanity has great answers, and each must hold self and others accountable. that has interfered in others ability to simply live, gain one's own sovereignty. As we all can share in solidarity so much more, so our children not only see and feel positive mindful acts, they too create and take part making these changes. For as an earthling all should be free to respect and give/gain, support for all to understand and do one's homework. So as to know each local `plan ecologically being the rule of law. So all respect one's natural enhanced potential working within earth/space systems, not profiting over them. destroying the life that is our true sustaining energy.

    200 species /day are becoming extinct, sure some are natural cycles, but so much more must be listened to by secular science, not religion interfering, that is to be respected as a personal choice. The Trump family could not even respect the Palestinian Nakba, thinking Israel Independence was more important, when yet this is very wrong to not equally give rights to all. As well stop giving so many weapons of war/support to rebels, along w/so many lies as the American people and more globally are paying the price.

    It is time for we the people to use humanity's answers now, and take control of self/heal and realize it is common sense for our children to perceive so much better, yet to be wiped out from few means to center and ground, and now doing one's local `plan can easily co_evolve all of us together. So early signs are learned early on and when mixed signals are observed and one cannot gain one's balance, then ASAP young and old can intervene, as skilled bring them not in jail the way they are, but back as a local mindful participant w/guidance defining what yet to understand!

    Refugees should be mindful local participants and once local `plans are real, each can deal w/early signs and not have to leave, rather gain/give, support w/the global community to hold those accountable, change policies for equality, which UN is not doing! As well gain insight of where best to be appreciated, and what local `plan has space and see how one can explore and have support in place to do exchanges to get all needs met, as well the communities in exchange! For this transformation is felt by all, yet many are in the fog unable, when yet once understand, the disassociated energy will be harnessed and redirected.

    People globally are in groups doing fragments of great work, and they are willing to share what works. For WHO/UN to say 6 billion people are either without clean water or safe sanitation, shows how Govs/us all and themselves are wasting resources, for this to happen so long.

    Humanity has a plan and we aim to share it, so join in! For no more are we interested in being uneducated learning the hard way as these scars continue? We have to make means to awaken to these toxic substances being profited over, as EPA is not responsibly acting to stop it, as well he ongoing fossil fuels/LNG/even large alternative energy grids from interfering. As life is being destroyed, yet we have microcosms within/as well that surround us as we share, that are interdependent on all balancing one's genetic biodiversity to link w/neighbors. Yet look at how habitats are being destroyed! When yet natural building does great work, and add it to agroecological systems and our planet can reverse it's issues as well space, giving more than just a job.

    Rather a means to heal and self-educate, for many are using very little of one's brain, and then add all these local/global issues, and why would anyone be alarmed from so much killing?

    Many are delusional, and the parasites within us, coming thru our gums, as Fritz's work is proving, as he clears out what they leave, gaining better hearing and eyesight/stopping cluster headaches, etc., when yet vets hospital ignores it, keeping many dull, unable to follow thru. As many vets are waiting too long to have such unskilled care, same w/many homeless and frail in every community, as entities are not on the same page and can be. If all come to the table in a simple local natural food-wild fish/animal potluck, live music, and now vent/share skills w/follow up meets, giving each the energy to celebrate such good abilities now to help us become aware to stop all these scars from continuing.. Rather share in solidarity the many options now.

    As well those controlling for power/profits/delusional grandeur, etc. will be welcomed as we say, no thanks, for we have been unaware enough, and now we want to work together in open transparent platforms, globally, as a human family working to save all life that sustains us. And welcome life afar as we continue to explore!

    If children/people realize how important they are in building local community, globally, w/good people walking by your side, doing exchanges to create upon these ideas, then we have a win-win for all, better than ever anticipated! For not all issues ae everyone, and a local `plan rethinking entire biomes w/neighbors, ending false aid from afar, is best to define what is real and how to resolve it, as we network. For no one has to reinvent the wheel, we just want all that is known from existence, to resolve ASAP, so each makes a difference where can!

    Peace is real and tools are here, so please share, kara

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