Trump Bribery Breakdown: Ari Melber Shows Witnesses Turning On Trump | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. Trumpo is vindictive. If he sees the country is turning against his presidency, he will throw the country under the bus. In fact Trumpo has already thrown the country under the bus, but he can do more damage than he has already done. The Republican party has endorsed this perversion in the White House. The Republican party is a criminal enterprise, and is taking the country in the direction of a Russian organized crime run government.

  2. Great! Bribery, finally. Since he probably doesn’t understand what “Quid Pro Quo” means to begin with it, now when he hears “Bribery”, he might say… Oh, so that’s what you meant, yeah, I did that.

  3. I'm from New Zealand and all of us from here can't believe that Trump is still President. How can the USA with all it's intelligent and moral citizens have such a moron as it's president is just mind boggling!!

  4. MSNBC is twisting the truth. Its a nothing burger. witch hunt like Russian collision. MSNBC is becoming a propaganda channel with lies.

  5. What is still missing that will be an amazing story will be Sondland's motive. Sondland got a million bucks from someone somewhere to hand over to Trump to do this. Good guess the other end of Sondland's money trail ends in Russia.

  6. ok so Trump will be impeached and then Hillary who paid a foreign spy to get dirt on Trump and paid 150 million dollars for it then had Comey come out and investigate this phony dozier on Trump and cost Tax payers 32 million dollars over two years and was Hillary's opponent while Obama and Hillary was in office. It was against then Citizen Trump who was running against her and must also be prosecuted and I think The 32 million should be paid back to the tax pool as well. fair is fair.
    Glad to see the criminals taken out of office! Biden did the same thing while he was vice president and backed up by Obama for the quid pro quo to fire the investigator investigating a corrupt business Hunter Biden was getting astronomical money from and Millions under the table as well will also have to be prosecuted. There is real proof there as well. Things are getting better all the time. Thanks for Trying to Impeach Trump! Too bad Trumps son wasn't taking money from Ukraine as well like Biden son. They we would really have something! Glad we are going to hold all the new politicians to these standards! If only we could catch Trump laundering tax money from Ukraine as well. Then we could lock him up for real. Like Biden will most likely be. Poor old fart. Obama told him not to run. He should have listened.
    I think I will vote for Warren because I want a female President and I am poor and I want free stuff! I want to also go back to collage and have my debts paid off. I can't wait! Free health care as well? Wow I can't get any help in the Clinic I go too. Looking good to me! go Warren! I will get the surgeries I need. yay!

  7. but of course it's worse than bribery…it's extortion. bribery is offering something that the other party isn't already entitled to. ukraine was set to get the money and trump withheld it and tried to extort a favor.

  8. Thank you for use the word 'BRIBERY" now MAYBE the Dumpsters can understand what that mean. They think Quid Pro Quo is sushi dish from Japan.

  9. But i don't understand why isn't msn talking about joe Biden and is son where involved in criminal activity in Ukraine i wonder why msn isn't investigateing the crime that we no happen so strange but aneyway i geus thay no whot thay are doing

  10. lol so now Trump bribed Ukraine to help him get re elected? so Ukraine is now colluding with our elections not Russia? The real reason is because when we make deals with other countries and use Americans tax money, we expect something back like making a family member get some of that money back? or getting elected? I am pretty sure Ukriane was a major donor to Hillary Clintons campaign. She took campaign money from a few other countries as well. Let's make a deal. Bill got half a million back for a one hour speaking fee from Russia. Hillary also take speaking fees from foreign countries and they get billions and then donate millions back to the Clinton foundation. everyone is happy but the tax payers. oh wait half the tax payers. they ones that hate Trump for making the other countries pay their fair share are the ones happy to pay higher taxes to fund the rest of the world. Let America crumble while doing it. 65 billion to the middle east to build walls for those countries and they denied Trump 5 billion to protect our boarders. Keep that door way open to the world. Those poor people need American workers to pay for their living after sneaking over our boarders. They also will vote democrat for giving them all that free money since they can't legally work here with out applying for a green card like lawful immigrants do. lol

  11. Ya mulvany isn't trying to protect trump as much as he is himself and gulianis hand GERNADE hasn't gone off yet but it's been tossed into a room filled with crooks

  12. Hehe🤣 watch how this bombshell dies by Monday… new Breaking News on Tuesday….it'll be the one! Don't miss it! Oh wait….didnt we already accuse Trump of that last year? Been so many it's hard to keep it all together.

  13. Did we all not know that the entire universe was created expressly for the benefit of Donald tRump? No? Hm, I wonder how we all missed that fact.

  14. Banks, Financial Institutions and those that back DODD FRANK, Would not see harm of Privacy outing should Transparency of Disclosures by underwriters whom shall See and share rejoice the light of passage

  15. The Biden case is as clear as a pikestaff. But obvious left leaning CNN and MSNBC find no problem with Biden. The story is this has all the Biden case been looked into by who we were never informed ,but a CNN or MSNBC could be depended on to investigate same . No there is clearly nothing there because Biden and his Sun are Democrats . So they are above reproach .

  16. Look America, you got two kinds of people.

    1. Those who say career public servants – Col. Vindman, Fiona Hill, Kurt Volker and Bill Taylor are lying

    2. Those who say the guy who has told 11,000+ lies since taking office is telling the truth

  17. NONE of you have read the TREATY between the U.S. and the Ukraine. So, when I pay for anything in life… whether a cell phone or a car, I'm offering the dealer a bribe to get it? That's how insane the Democrats are. It's not a bribe its the type of aid Obama offered them, but no one said he gave them a bribe… isn't that hilarious?

  18. There was enough quid pro quo to choke a donkey. If Mulvaney and Trump had to take the stand they would be shredded wheat. And this is not just bribery but also extortion. Why are we letting America become Russia junior this is sickening.

  19. Love that you are using the word bribery. Trump is the classic example of a "carpetbagger" and his move to Florida doesn't change it.

  20. Yes! Bribery is the correct terminology. This exactly what the fools (45* and his cabal) were attempting to force Ukraine to play along with their "bribe"!

  21. understandably Mulvaney would say no Bribery because he is a Trumpster but he actually described how they commit the bribery without admitting it. It wasn't until it was put to him that what he just described is called a quid pro quo. So perhaps we could put him half in each camp. Half saying there was no Bribery and the other half explaining what they do… which is bribery.


  23. Left go right ,the right go left , who is in the middle ? LOL
    They are don't regarding to anyone ,like it or not , but exactly they on off line and talk within themselves …

  24. The crime?'s the overwhelming stupidity of such a large section of the population!!..

    "Keep em' afraid..keep em' stupid.. & they're easy to control"..

    We are witnessing the loss of our entire Democracy (to communists!!).. Wake up.

  25. It's so sad that you have to explain this to the Americans people like I use to learn thinks by watching Sesame Street, but I was 3 years old. 😱😱😱🤔🤔🤔

  26. Ari this is for you Gimme a "ho" if you got your funky bus fare
    Ho! ho! ho!
    There's a double dutch bus coming down the street
    Moving pretty fast
    So kinda shuffle your feet
    Get on the bus and pay your fare
    And tell the driver that you're
    Going to a Double Dutch Affair

  27. It is just not the bribery. It is how it was executed. It was a back door contact by a lawyer for Trump, not a chain of command personnel which would include safety measures by the government to insure no corruption or illegal action was taken. So to say what Trump did is wrong, but it is not an impeachable offense is to admit the President or other government officials can make deals with foreign governments with promises of giving US taxpayers money that would only benefit them individually is OK. We don't need to follow checks and balances that are set up to protect the USA from becoming a chaotic form of government.

  28. There are four groups of people around Trump, the group that gets fired for tying to tell him he is wrong, the group that quits that know he is wrong and won't be part of it, the group that goes to prison for criminal activity and the group that say you are right and take the money. There is one group that is not around Trump they refuse to work for him in the first place go figure.

  29. I'm waiting for the GOP to trot out the "As we all know, President Trump never keeps his word, so since he didn't plan to go through with it, it's not impeachable" defense.

  30. Many Hats: As a "politician" the act of "quid pro quo" is "bribery". As a "commander", the act of "withholding military aid" is "aiding and abetting the enemy". As the "president", the act of "being guilty" is "abuse of power".

  31. I really do not know Ari, what else do we need to witness before that con-man-der in fraud/lies will be forcefully removed. Maybe that he would actually shoots someone on 5th ave? Very terrifying that he would actually GET away with it.

  32. True or not, whatever dems can cook up to tear the nation apart and unseat Pres Trump. Misdirected zeal, or desperate attempt to avoid arrest?

  33. It’s really hard to believe that the members of the GOP are that corrupt. But all facts point to it.😡😤😡😤

  34. The GOP’s position is: everyone testifying under oath is lying, and, everyone not testifying under oath, is telling the truth.

  35. this is very strange. ukrain is fighting russia..US offers money for arms.trumps tries to blackmail Ukrain before giving the money.Now why is trump not covering putins back? they have been in a love affair since the before the election?

  36. I'm a democrat and I think impeachment is BS.


    Bc 90% of everyone in Congress is a crook. Nancy is worth 100 million dollars and has her children lobbying (changing laws to benefit the most powerful) in Congress. Same as Chuck. Same as Biden and Republicans.

    Although Trump is a crook, in his own way he's honest about his crookedness. Everyone knows who and what he is.

    It's hard taking Democrats serious when speaking of moral high ground when they themselves are steeped in corruption. They've been robbing for decades (WTO, NAFTA, TPP, glass-steagall) in cohort of media conglomerates hiding these facts.

    So spear the American people of empty high sounding rhetoric.

    Shout out to Hunter Biden! I sincerely hope every reformed crackhead gets a 50k a month.

  37. Oversight committee still hasn't been able to get ALL the Mueller report!!!! Barr is holding up!!! Soooo Russia case isn't over…and now Ukgrain!!! 💣⚡😱

  38. Who is running the president's affairs and the government? this old bucket of fried chickens is either tweeting, attending rallies or screaming near a helicopter that he's a perfect,innocent and stable genius.

  39. Ari explains the impeachment case so well and succinct.
    Now, Ari needs to get his explanation to those simple-minded so as to show why they need to come to term that this impeachment process need to run its coast.

  40. Oh, my. Somebody got new animation software, and decided they should get the kinks figured out before this case hits the Senate. 😂

  41. Watergate had a smoking gun….tape recordings sank Nixon….Ukrainian transcripts?? NO I WANT TO HEAR the AUDIO RECORDING of the perfect phone call?

  42. Now it is bribery that is the word of the week for the media? In my world the current talk is seditious conspiracy which includes the media to effect a coup through the impeachment of the the president. In my world this has failed, and most of us can see through what the media is doing now. So Trump was bribing the Ukrainian president so he would investigate the money laundering of the Bidens? What about the US taxpayer money that was funneled into Burisma and laundered out at 83,333. per month through Crackpipe Biden aka Hunter? Do we ignore the REAL crime and focus on this baloney? Are people really this distractable, shallow and ignorant? I don't normally watch the news, I research, this program is propaganda and the sheep who think that Trump is going to be impeached are in for some big surprises

  43. Are, I admire you immensely, I accept your news.. Quid quo pro is Don all the time in many form ,food, gifts, money and much more it covers a wide gamut of actions from the good,the bad, and the ugly… Trump got gifts from Japan and Saudis.. Turkey released the pastor.. It is done all the time…. But for the United States president to lower himself to that level diplomacy is outrageous… There is no doubt he used QQP to get any leverage on Biden…. Trump lucks so much in all facets of the presidency…We are really lucky we have not faced any serious conflicts with Russia or China…

  44. Enough with the Latin. This is extortion. Ukraine is being harmed by Russia.
    Our aid was to help them to remain safe.
    We denied the money that was already promised and they desperately needed for their safety.
    We refused to give the money until the Ukrainian president not only investigated but first publicly announced the investigation against Biden.

  45. Wow this guy is intense, it is like he is piercing right through you with journalistic high voltage intensity . I am going to go practice my piercing intensity, he is my news hero

  46. LYING MEDIA NEWS !!! The ukranian president said NO THREAT NO PRESSURE. No quid pro quo ! Another waste of tax money like MUELLER REPORT !!!!!

  47. Trump sought a bribe from a foreign power in an extortion plot.
    Trump sought a bribe from a foreign power in an extortion plot.

    Trump sought a bribe from a foreign power in an extortion plot.

  48. Breakdown of Democrats motivation to keep the whistleblowers identity a secret.

    Democrats doesn't want the public to know

    – he worked in Obama’s white house

    – worked with DNC operative

    Alexandra Chalupa in creating Russia collusion

    -John Brennan specifically placed him Trumps white house

    -was fired from National Security Council for leaking classified information to the media

    -Worked or has close ties with with Obama, clapper, Rice, Biden, Brennan, Clinton’s, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer,…

    People deserve to know that information about him to see a very clear possibility that this could very well be political motivated by Democrats to not only unjustly impeach Trump but also screw Biden Chances of winning the primary.
    At least Trump didn't fire this whistleblower unlike Obama who did fire his whistleblower which never got any attention from the mainstream propaganda media.

  49. The Democrats made these closed hearings closed to prevent witness collusion but it also prevented Republicans from claiming the testimony is tainted for that very reason. Now that they testimony is record no one can claim anything contrary. Other reasons for closed hearings were closed was so witnesses could answer questions without having to claim national security issues that might prevent a witness from answering a question during a public hearing and these hearings, unlike what we'll probably see in public hearings, have no circus like properties that Republican committee members have desplied in past public hearings. The Democrats know and have anticipated all the dirty republican tricks and have not left any angle open for exploitation.

  50. Hearing more about biden and comparing the two cases made against both Trump and; Vice President Biden and son Hunter will help Americans get to the bottom of what an actual quid pro quo is. it is imperative to hear from the Bidens to give meaning and context. The Dems have made the claim that President Trump is digging up dirt on the BIDENS and is at the heart of the inquiry. In light of Bidens own undeniable testimony made publicly, the details of what appears to be less than ethical and possible illegal activity should be explored. Rooting out corruption should be a bi-partisan issue. But the corrupt don't want corruption rooted out when it proffers them. Why is it that so many democrats are so scared to bring the Bidens front and center to account for their actions, when Dems incessantly are falsely accusing the duly elected President?

    What are the Bidens hiding? and why are the democrats turning a blind eye to what happened even when they have documented, live, recorded, bragged about video by Joe Biden himself????

    Joe Biden keeps saying no one suggested anything wrong. Some would say that is a lie when many republicans have suggested they see a real problem with what appears to be an actual quid pro quo when defending a President only accused of one…

  51. The Ukraine got the aid 3 weeks before the deadline. Ukraine has not yet started any investigation. No bribery. Aid was never discussed. No bribery. What these officials have as opinions is irrelevant. More FAKE NEWS. Fake news is not outright lies. Those can be seen even by casual viewers. Real fake news is a twist here, a turn there, a bit of out of context that mostly only people that take the time to view all sides and compare it to actual physical evidence. Unfortunately most Americans are too lazy and prefer to be entertained with the mindless droning of TV shows or athletic competition.

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