Trump Again Says Government Should Start Its Own Propaganda Network

Last night, Donald Trump gave a speech at
The Villages in Florida, a bunch of, you know, upper middle class to upper class folks, uh,
down there in Florida. And he suggested that the federal government
needs to start its own propaganda network. Now I’m going to read the exact quotes here
from Donald Trump. Bear with me because it doesn’t make any sense
and it’s difficult to read because he can’t string a sentence together. But these are the exact quotes Donald Trump
said at The Villages in Florida on Thursday evening, October 3rd. Here it is. CNN is a voice that really seems to be a voice
out there and it’s a terrible thing for our country and we ought to start our own network
and put some real news out there. They are so bad for our country. They’re so bad for our country. I go out there and they say, boy, the media
hates your country. And it’s just a shame. It’s just a shame. And we really are. We are looking at that. We should do something about it to put some
really talented people and get a real voice out there. Not a voice that’s fake. That was rough. Honest to God, that was tough to get through
because the president right there in the quote, I just read word for word, I did not screw
any of that up. By the way, those parts where I repeated myself,
it’s cause moron repeated himself, um, wants to create his own media outlet cause he doesn’t
like the other media. And he says CNN as a voice that’s out there
and they seem to be a voice that’s out there, whatever that means. But the rest of it is just gobbledygook. I really, that’s the only way to describe
what the president has said here. There’s a lot of words in there, but he doesn’t
actually say anything. And honestly, if you go back through any Trump’s
speech, any Trump rally, look at the transcripts. That’s what he does. He says a lot of things without actually saying
anything. It’s just random assortment of words. Sometimes loud words, sometimes quieter words,
sometimes words where he looks around like this after sometimes he claps for himself
after these words. But they all mean nothing but the morons,
they mean everything. And I’m sorry, but I’m not going to sugarcoat
it anymore. If you can listen to the garbage that comes
out of his mouth and still say, that’s my guy. You’re a moron. You are sorry. It’s just the hand you’ve been dealt. But back to the media outlet issue, right? Uh, we already have a government funded media
outlet. It’s called voice of America, and voice of
America got on Twitter after the speech to remind Trump that, Hey, we exist. We’re nonpartisan. We’re funded by the federal government. And we’re out there reporting on the news
that’s actually in the white house. But if Trump wants more of a propaganda outlet,
you already have that too. You have Fox news, you have Breitbart, you
have daily color, daily wire, you have all of those sites. Those may not be funded by the federal government,
but they’re doing exactly what you want them to do. They’re out there spreading your propaganda
in lies every single day with the sole purpose of misdirecting the American public. And that’s what Donald Trump wants, because
that’s exactly what propaganda is supposed to do. Convince you of one thing, even though there’s
no evidence to support it, get you to hate good things, but like the bad things, like
hate things like Medicare for all or debt free college, like things like cutting taxes
for the wealthy elite, a part of the country that you will never be a part of, but they
convince you that someday you will. That’s how propaganda works. And Donald Trump wants the federal government
to start sponsoring it, but again, there’s really no need for it. As long as these right wing outlets like Fox
news exist, Republicans will always have a state media propaganda outlet to turn to.

Maurice Vega

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  1. So the Federal government should create its own "news media outlet" and be like Faux News? Instead we, the American People should let this one go and Bullshitticus Trump can go and make his own "fake News Network" and let him blow his own cash on putting out fake news stories that neocons will watch for their daily sessions of bs; oh wait, isn't that why they have Faux News?

  2. Hell, his Administration started this when he was a candidate. He's not a real POTUS so let's ask Congress to pull tha Russia conversations transcripts.

  3. well go ahead Kim trump Un, perhaps you would like former USSR'S Propaganda format Pravda?
    It doesn't matter what you do the entire world knows that you are a feeble minded clown. and not too good clowns like Pennywise but a bad clowns by John Wayne Gacy.

  4. At the villages, he also "joked", again, that he ought to stay in office for a 3rd or even 4th term. It's now a standard "joke" he tells at all of his political rallies.
    I think he lives in terror of the day he leaves office. All of that presidential immunity will be leaving along with him.

  5. There could be bigger implications here. They put together a state station and close the other stations over time and it's hey presto government control media all the way

  6. What Trump meaans when he says "Fake News" is that he doesn't like it when MSM reports the truth that makes him look bad!
    It's that simple!
    Nothing to do with anything but him thinking I need a news outlet on my side that can tell lies and get away with it!

  7. We already have many!! The list starts with the DNC and the RNC and moves right along with the CIA and the NSA……..

  8. It's clearly obvious when Trump actually sticks to a prepared speech because that is when he sounds somewhat intelligent……

  9. What Trump and the Communist Republicans have admitted is that they are incapable of winning a fair and honest election. They have to cheat to win.

  10. Isn't it kind of funny that Trump supporters voted him in to destroy government and I can tell you yet are willing to accept him as a dictator with state-run media collectively all his supporters combined must only have three brain cells

  11. YOU GOOF!
    America ALREADY has a propaganda unit…
    Look up "psychological operations" on wikipedia & you will find all the information on these commands.

  12. The Villages is a senior community that had or still has one of the highest STD rates in the country. Senior swinger community. It’s a fucking shit hole!!!

  13. Yep, Cousins a Real Channel. You have China Propaganda. We are also starting a new social media. Eat It you’re going to watch. Communist China 🇨🇳 Cousins How are you going to explain what you’ve done. Tic Toc Tic Toc. One Week Left.

  14. Another putin idea. trump can't handle truth. voice of america is great with the facts. Trump must still be terrified he isn't going to be reelected. Vote BLUE IN EVERY BOX IN 2020. VOTE BLUE

  15. Dump is just a fat old man blabbering to a crowd of self entitled old people who listen to his crap..He is a wanna be
    Putin of course he dosen,t want CNN to confront him on his lies. America better wake up and see this ass clown for
    what he is.

  16. While you all are taking Trump slightly he is heading to a dictatorship the people needs to put a stop to his action what he said he meant it so we need to take every words seriously,if he is not stop Richard Nixon decide to resigned but Trump will not so only the people can make the change along with the Democrats to keep democracy alive you better start now

  17. Why is trump NOT in jail .hes a traitor and needs to be held accountable for the TREASONOUS acts against AMERICA.

  18. Trump is more Hitlerian than most people even realize. Take any sad example in history where great evil took power and did terrible things, and you will find that evil took power by the blindness of the people. Like pre-hitler Germany, we are being lulled into despotism bit by bit. As long as we tolerate the step by step actions of evil people further into darkness, we are heading toward the same sad end as Nazi Germany or any other nation that ended in great human suffering. As long as we allow Trump and others to normalize radical behaviors and social decay, we are heading toward our own destruction.

  19. Be very careful we have a similar problem here in Ireland. Ireland has a state-run news outlet that acts as state propaganda, called RTÉ (Raidió Teilifís Éireann) in Irish. This is run by the state and funded by taxpayers. There is only one view, and only one side of any story and that must comply with the government view. Recently so many people in Ireland have literally just turned off RTÉ that revenue has dropped by millions and the government is forcing taxpayer to pay more in tax to subsidise the station. We have a far-right wing government FG/FF that get to control the news people get to hear. It is like something out of Orwell’s 1984 but much slicker. Unfortunately, our radio stations and newspapers are even worse as they are mostly controlled by one company Communicorp owned by Denis O’Brien. O’Brien is a billionaire and the biggest backers of the government, and who gets one state contract after another from the government. So, there is no chance of anything resembling real objective news, just more propaganda. We have an unelected leader Leo Varadkar, who has a spin department that’s role is to spin stories and deal with his image (Leo is very image conscious), by the way the Irish taxpayer spends roughly 5 million euro or about $5,489,980 a year on his personal propaganda machine, which is directly connect to RTÉ and Communicorp.  So, there is no chance of anything resembling real objective news, just more propaganda. You have been warned.

  20. Well said Farron, you could have also added the black propaganda/psyops which the CIA has been pumping out since it's inception, apparently working for the US or maybe for the Deep State whatever that spectre really is.

  21. There go's ur expiraments history channel vampires n churches

    1930 HITLER TV T =television V =vaccines

    SOCIAL SECURITY number is to keep track of cia government expiraments the serpent is a sniky snake double agent from the CIA the government wash there hands like pounce pilot n let the CIA wizards tamper with God scriptures

    Election day
    RED caps t RUM p shirts
    Trump camercials I approve of thus NEXT camarcial Isis wite bois with masks n ak47 NEXT camarcial Brazil WROLD CUP where the bunkers are at Rio disinero

    Election day
    RED caps t RUM p shirts u voted for the devil because u FEAL like Satan u all sold

    Who framed Roger rabbit =the CIA

    Hardley Davidson and the hang man

    Molboro up side down =hang em high

    Inlynchment subliminal message MOVIE

    Art of facts concept of reality technology is as old as the UNIVERSE infant of infantry

  22. Awww. Lil' Donnie Thinskin needs a few more yes men and bootlicks. Poor little fella, his feewings mus be hurt weel bad. Mean ole news meanies bein' all honest about him.
    Gotta kiss his booboos and boost his self esteem.

  23. There is a bullshit news show that's totally trump on the cable. Don't know who pays for it. The only thing missing is the seig heil

  24. That’s what he likes to do, he’s bored so he starts a new thing/company and enjoys it for a while and gets his thrills before he bankrupts it or gets tired of it and throws it over the back fence. 🙄

  25. If you actually talk to Trumptards, these morons WANT a Fascist dictatorship. They are anti-democracy, and un-American at their core.

  26. Trump is obviously in the wrong job. He has no concept of the workings of Democracy. He has no concept of the function of government.
    He doesn’t have the ability to think objectively and critically.
    Some would say he’s been promoted above his pay grade.
    The problem is, no matter how many times his advisors sit him down and try to explain issues to him, it’s not going to work.
    He just does not get it and never will because he can’t.

  27. No way in hell that would mean Donald Trump would have control as to what he would want America would hear witch means he would hide an sneak behind doors an not tell us the wrong he is doing like Ukraine the text messages etc basically so he can continue being corrupt without getting caught I would tell Trump to go fucked yourself sorry-ass piece of s***

  28. This is starting to look like the Muller investigation. They need to start locking these subpoena ignoring people up, even  if for a hour until their lawyer shows up. Who cares if it wrong, it's not like the repubs have ignored any laws. Lock them up, lock them up.

  29. Looks like grandpa is talking crazy again, let's nod our heads in agreement with him and then pretend it never happened and it's never brought up again.

  30. Any news he doesn't like is 'fake'. I agree–DJT talks a lot but says nothing. He repeats himself as if that adds emphasis or extra meaning. I also agree that those who continue to support this idiot are morons, blind and deaf, probably stupid, too.

  31. Imagine having to translate trump into another language. I'm a well educated, native speaker and it takes me a few passes to filter to what I think he's maybe trying to day.

  32. He's not only suggesting it. He actually attempted to push a "real news" app along with a Facebook/twitter type app strictly for his followers a few months back. I kept seeing ads for them on YouTube. They both had less than a 2 star rating in the play store and had quite a few scathing reviews from trump supporters who said it was entirely too biased for them. I can't imagine a federal funded state media outlet that's as biased as him would draw an audience outside of the extreme right-wing fans he already has. The extreme right-wing fans alone would drive away any center leaning conservatives, let alone the liberals and independents. It would just be yet another failed venture for trump.

  33. No fascist tendencies here. Nah, none whatsoever. Now put on your red armbands, err, I mean red hats and run to your rabid rallies.

  34. That's exactly what the Nazis did. It's a view that if you control the message and the medium / media it comes through you'll be in charge. A massive machine went into overdrive dishing it out, who said what and who was allowed to receive it. Of course, Fox didn't exist then, and appears to be pulling back from Trump's agenda . There are many channels on here who give him time of day, and a small amount of them would die for him. These are just a few, as most Americans know who they are and what they are, and they're supporters of the Constitution every time, not traitors like Trump.

  35. @ 2:12, the head attitude is 100% out of the book of Benito Mussolini, written 95 years ago. Dropping an empty bomb and posing for it. He's using both of their tactics, Mussolini and Goebbels. The man is more than insane. He is dangerous!

  36. In german they have the word "Worthülse". It means/describes a "meaningless or a thoughtless used word".
    a free translation would be "word shell". Like a shell of a Gun….it looks impressive, but a closer look reveals, that it's empty….harmless, meaningless, weak.

  37. It is pretty funny that Lord Combover wants to have that type of outlet at his disposal. Then, oh shit we get a Democrat in the Oval Office who now has that power. Be careful what you wish for MAGA.

  38. This "QuackAss Man! The government suppose to set the standard on what is right for all Americans. Be the example for the entire world. This DumbAss thinks the world is his!

  39. It's a stark reminder of how little it takes for a democracy to descend to a full-blown authoritarian regime. One very loud and charismatic demagogue who has a strong instinct to exploit people's ugliest grievances and, boom, here it is. Unlike Adolf, this one has Twitter as well.

  40. This whole story Is getting worse by the day and G-d for bid the so called Impeachment fails there will be such a mess in the Goverment and th3 Dems will be the laughing stock 😮😮😮😯😯😯😯😯

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