Trump Admits He Urged Ukraine To Investigate Joe Biden | Deadline | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. I Pray to GOD everyday. That the STAFF of MSNBC and CNN are Held 100% Accountable.
    And YOU are all JAILED, 20 Years for TREASON or HANGED.
    YOU CRIMINALS are Affecting the WORLD I LIVE IN. It is time for JUSTICE and the WORLD is Watching.

  2. I heard that trump was torturing rubber ducky‘s I can’t prove it I didn’t see it but who cares I’m sure he did I’m blowing the whistle #justiceforducky’s


  4. Funny how there is no one to support MSNBC two days later, after the full story dropped. @MSNBC do you get it yet, these people aren't here for you, pandering to them with lies won't make you look good.

  5. How did a no-talent cokehead like Hunter Biden get a no-show $50k a month job on the Board of Ukraine's largest energy company? Weird.

  6. The whistleblower transcripts (deep state dossier) are total bs…lies. The president's call transcript contradicts the whistleblower, aka, deep state dossier.

  7. Ok yall, time for you to go do some research, go and look up treaty doc 106-16. It's a treaty with Ukraine ratified and signed by former president clinton in 1999 ( AND STILL EXISTS ) as a mutual legal assistance in criminal matters between the USA and Ukraine! This Treaty pretty much gives Trump a 100% pass on ANYTHING he asked, the caviat to this is it ALSO gives Hillary Clinton a pass, although she technically wasn't in any seat of government power to do so but whatever, basically this whole Ukraine gate is gonna gaurentee that the left is shooting themselves in the foot if they move for impeachment. Don't do it! Be smart for once!!!

  8. Now that we have seen the complaint it is clear that with Barr, Mulvaney Pence and Pompeo serving the role of loyal supplicants nothin the Dems did would have had any effect. The consequences would have been much worse. What if articles of impeachment were voted when all we knew was what Mueller had written. If and when we learned of this behavior there would be almost nothing that the Dems could do about it as long the GOP and DOJ fortress held firm. Moving forward we should be looking at how to make oversight more robust. Bills to clearly define what subpoenas can be used for and imposing swift and immediate consequences for not complying.

    So many people ignored Trump's contempt for Americans. He asked the President of Mexico to lie about paying for the wall as a political favor. It may need an outside group to research and recommend changes so that we have a much clearer path forward. We;ve spent so much time feeling impotent that we are at risk of forgetting that our real anger at Trump was his inhumane treatment of immigrations, racist hate speech and other actions inconsistent with the values of America. We need to make sure that we don't lose sight of the bigger picture.

  9. This host, a former campaign worker for Mr Bush (the worst president ever) is claiming that Mr Trump asked for an investigation and threatned to withold money unless he got what he ordered is wrong. Read the transcript and read history of Mr Biden. Don't let your opinion be formed by the highly biased MSNBC. Form your own opinion and seek information by sevral sources.

  10. How about a side show scoop? About one month ago. I was urged to play act a mafia boss(I didn't). Now I can see that, it was an attempt to get me to serve as the leader (lord) laying down the path for Trump. The purpose is to cast me as the Lord referenced in this song: I know there is a time offset, they would just claim Trump is psychic and the people will believe it. He's the President after all.

    Furthermore, I was urged, just today, to call out a knockout as I was watching the Trump drama. As if I didn't know that Congress in total doesn't have the votes for removal of Office. The timeline goes, I call the knock-out of Trump then he, 'white powers,' and prevails over me. They will do anything to pin me.

    When I look at you and you say that you are a Sacred Cow I think minx. But if you insist on being a cow there is an album for you:

  11. That conversation was largely about informing the Ukraine president that the self serving US president needs to be compensated first before Ukraine can deal with the United States government

  12. There is no evidence because Biden got the investigator fired. Also, Biden is not Trumps competition at least yet, he is however allowing his non qualified son to reap in millions overseas by using his father's name and then his father's power when he is being investigated.. get smart msnbc, you are the worst media outlet I have ever seen.. such a left narrative. I am ashamed I use to watch these guys pre-trump.

  13. If the call was innocent then why remove it and hide it under another program? What audacity to bring the Ukraine President into this when the man was put on the spot on an already investigated subject that was found to be corrupt free and now have him vouch for the US President questioning. Do you think the man wants bad relations or funding stopped? HE Bagered this man 8 times asking him to reopen and investigate again Hunter Biden .Trump brings up as a hint his help with financial aid with the Ukrainian military. Still , this man has integrity and made no such commitment. He hide this call under another program and with held these funds . He s in search for corruption? Check a mirror. The unkrain President is fair and ethical. Leave him out of it.

  14. Should have happened when it occurred, but better late than never. Then investigate why the US fives billions to other countries while its' citizens don't have healthcare, homes, jobs, etc.

  15. I see there are some very gullible IDIOTS posting hate. You are being lied to. Given time you will find out. You can't even come to terms that the Mueller report cleared President Trump of the Russian allegations. When AG Barrs report comes out. Democrats and FAKE NEWS won't be sble to hide anymore.

  16. The Ukrainian president said that he stayed at a Trump hotel during the telephone call. Trump didn't say anything to the Ukrainian president, like that it is not appropriate. No corruption, my a$$.

  17. The whole story:

  18. I wonder what kind of discount these Trump stooges get on golf memberships and hotel stays at Trump resorts ? Obviously quite a bit given how much brown nosing they are doing.

  19. This is the end of trump now distribute his funds to the American ppl and maybe he can live the rest of his life behind bars

  20. Mike Pompeu,,,,,,why on earth are you standing there grinning,,,,if you were not involved in this crime fest, surely you would be “flipping out” with shock and absolute abhorrence!

  21. Let’s get going speedy fast with this Impeachment! There would be time later to indict him on his many crimes
    For his and his buddies and cronies! Surely there are not timed out!.

  22. The idea that the grifter Trump didn't know what he was doing when working with Russia is ridiculous. No con man is ignorant of what being done.

  23. Like she said, if quid pro quo, huge story, if not, no story… FAKE NEWS! The real story is why pretentiously named Hunter has a high ranking position worth billions in political clout at a Ukrainian energy mega-corp just after he is dishonorably discharged from the Navy Reserves for using cocaine and after a failed sexual relationship with his dead brother's widow. Beau Biden was the real hero. If that's not enough, look at the millions the Biden's made when they sent young Hunter to China a few years back. It should be a LifeTime movie. The hypocrisy to try at all costs to fault our President for the very activities obviously undertaken by the Biden's for their own personal gain here stuns me. They are ruining our country for their profit and the liberal media gluttonously gorges themselves with gullible pie. Pay attention people.

  24. By Mnuchin's reasoning — that Biden's son had substantial business interests at the time with Ukraine, so his father deserves to be investigated — then Trump should be investigated before dealing with Russia, Azerbaiijan, Republic of Georgia, India, Pakistan, China, Scotland, and so on. The EFFECT of VP Biden carrying out US and EU demands for Ukraine to replace their corrupt Prosecutor General (who wasn't even a lawyer) with a new Prosecutor General who didn't take bribes or ignore corruption cases and was actually a licensed attorney would actually make it MORE LIKELY that the company Biden's son worked for WOULD BE INVESTIGATED, NOT LESS LIKELY. The sad fact is that Trump and ALL HIS MINIONS constantly bet that their followers and supporters are ignorant and not capable of even learning how to logically research any subject enough in order to determine facts from fiction and draw logical fact-based conclusions. THAT is the travesty of the Trump Reicht on our country. THAT is NOT changing anytime soon. THAT is STILL a threat to our democracy and any hope for impeaching or ever ousting this Trump dictator or any of his indoctrinated regime.

  25. This whole thing is actually good for Republicans in general.  The gloves are off, and the Dems openly give Biden a pass on Billion dollar level corruption in Ukraine and in China (the latter hasn't even even BEGUN to be addressed.) Biden's OPEN corruption and on camera bragging about using foreign aid money as extortion shows he serves himself, not us… 
    …Read the "horrifying " Trump phone call… 
    Trump only asked for a proper, open investigation, and didn't give a pass to the "connected" like Biden.  The press has openly lied about the transcript content, assuming we don't have the attention span to read 5 pages.
    If asking for a free and open investigation in the Ukraine (where we have no jurisdiction) is a crime, we're done as a nation.  A BILLION dollars disappeared in that deal, and it's our money.  I WANT TO KNOW WHO HAS IT.

  26. Yeah but there was once investigation on Hunter Biden consulting firm behavior that was adruptly stopped by Joe Biden. Joe abused his authority. Joe used VP in a manner which it was not designed for. VP post wasnt designed to be used against foreign nations nor not designed to destroy integrity driven careers to secure lack of integrity careers

    I lost all respect for Joe Biden.

    Now Joe Biden in mode proclaim he was involved in thwart corruption by Ukrain purge its top prosecutor heavy involved in thwart corruption.

    Joe Biden must step down from 2020 run which is equal to impeach him for covering up his son corrupted practices

  27. Why are you leftists more concerned with President Trump wanting the Ukraine president to investigate corruption than the corruption itself? Sounds like someone is afraid that the only way to stop Trump's reelection in 2020 is to pin what Biden did on him. You do realize that this is going to blow up right in your faces don't you? And when the dust finally settles, you will likely see many democratic congresspeople impeached right out of their congressional positions. Indictments of many of these communist traitors will also follow. You can read this and deny it all you like but this is exactly how it's going to go down. Carve this into stone.

  28. Who cares what Claire McCaskill has to say about anything? She was unimpressive in office and she has milquetoast opinions now. Surely the era of weak Democrats is over, let's not listen to the echoes of a sadder time.

  29. Here is Biden admitting to getting the prosecutor investigating the company Bidens son got $50,000 a month from. Biden speaking at 1:20 for those too fragile to watch the whole video.
    Check this out

  30. How about becoming a pro-active patriot … how about actually DOING something that can assist your congressional representatives in recognizing that YOU want him/her to hold this President accountable for his breach of office and IMPEACH and CONVICT him of abuse of Power, campaign finance fraud, and obstruction of justice …

    CALL … WRITE your congressional Rep and DEMAND they take clear and committed action through impeachment and conviction … then once he is no longer in office the Southern District of New York WILL indicf him for all of his tax and finance fraud.

    Don't just wait and use your vote to be your response to his crimes, SUPPORT IMPEACHMENT AND CONVICTIIN PRO-ACTIVELY NOW.

    THEN use your vote to drain the swamp of those in the House of Representatives and the Senate who have been complicit to his crimes by lying and attempting to mislead the citizens because they cowered to a man who would dismantle our Constitution and make himself a dictator. They TOO have deliberately and with vile complicity supported a man who would dismantle the very structures and constructs that ALL countries require in order to establish a truly Democratic Republic – a Constitution of Laws that construct such a free and democratic society,

    We ARE a democratic nation BECAUSE of our Constitutional construct of laws. Without them being faithfully loyally upheld and protected we will, like so many other nations, crumble into fascism and dictatorial nihilism.

    YOU are, right Now, being asked to help protect YOUR country from the greatest threat ANY nation will ever face … and it doesn't come from out there … it isn't Russia or China or any other adversary.

    It comes from within.

    The rot, my fellow citizens, is within the fabric of our elected officials not "out there somewhere".

    IMPEACH … CONVICT … VOTE WITH YOUR CONSCIENCE [NOT with any partisan bias or contempt].

  31. Trump is god if the Rule of Law has nothing on him or is he a Above the Law? Can the President lie? Maybe there is no law against lying … every or most lie.
    1st there is no Law against saying "can you do me a favor" but if he lie to suggest that he is only joking when he said that, then, he might be a Joker but we cannot have a Joker President, can we?

  32. Yeah, there is no evidence of any wrongdoings in the Biden scandal because the media is only talking about what Trump did. I hope some law enforcement agency out there is uncorrupt enough to dig into that further. Trump probably deserves impeachment, but Biden might deserve worse.

  33. Trump needs money too!With all the things we have against him(taxes,property. fraud,making money while in office!!)Plus the price of the lawyers!And his lifestyle! Gambling Casino's,in debt all the time!Swindling people,living over his means!$$$$his whole'life!?

  34. When ever has a US president asked a newly elected foreign president, who was a comedian-actor, without previous public office experience, to “do me a favour “. Whenever has the US ask a client state for a “favour “.

  35. So i also want to know about Biden son’s deal with Ukraine gas company. Biden probably was trying to lay low for these few months lol

  36. Biden admits on camera to paying 1.2 Billion in a shady deal with Ukraine while his son gets 50K a month and Demon Dems move for impeachment on a President that broke no law🤣 The deep state is powerful.

  37. Good informative broadcast. Please stay away from the soap opera version that Giuliani and some republicans would like to cast of this issue.

  38. The statue does not protect the President from abuse of power. And to not adhere to the "Rule of Law" mentioned by John Adams in Article VI in the Declaration of Rights leaves Trump open for impeachment proceedings. As far as criminal charges, any staff, including Barr should not be immune from criminal charges.

  39. Wow, you guys made up the entire thing! You lied about everything he said. Trump only said he wanted Ukraine to look into corruption. Corruption should always be investigated! This is why you have lost all credibility. The transcripts prove you made everything up and you have no idea how stupid you look to the rest of the world.

  40. The real story here is the biden video. Msnbc missed it again. What a surprise. Biden got a prosecution stopped in ukraine by getting the prosecutor fired. Thats the real story. Why would anyone believe msnbc after 3 years of a fake russian collusion nothing burger

  41. Is the news or point of view? Investigating corruption isn't wrong. Why is it okay for the Democrats to investigate Trump but Trump and the DOJ can't investigate the Democrats? Seems like a double made up standard.

  42. As such he should. Biden confessed on tape to withholding aid unless they fired a prosecutor who was investigating Biden's son's company. If Trump can be investigated sans evidence as a candidate by the Democrats, then turnabout is fair play. Running for President doesnt give you an automatic pardon of your crimes, even if the opposition is in power.

  43. Everything that happens in this world happens because of shapeshifting reptilian like beings who have been in control of the system for thousands of years and yes trump is one of them.

  44. This is in no way comparable to Watergate…why wont these contributors say that?? Watergate was just a botched break in of the Democratic National Committee offices at the Watergate Hotel….This is Trump colluding with a FOREIGN GOVERNMENT(!!) to influence the 2020 election in his favor!!!

  45. I've read the people have no idea what is going on
    First of all Biden got his junkie son a ghost job .then when investigated ordered the prosecutor fired.fact is bidens kid failed college and the military.yet made millions after being appointed after hearing this disgusting report.and after calling in to talk radio and hearing how they twisted my words.he didn't ask 8 times

  46. Do you Americans.not the pretty young laughing children who are hired along with Uncle Tom Black' people are sick
    What did he do
    Biden flat out said you got6 hours to fire the prosecutor after my people are spent 50 mil …Biden flat said you got 6 hours.where is the news here.this is national enquire

  47. I don't hear an admission there. He tip toes around and right up to it, but never crosses that line. I think he is trying to get the Dems to commit to impeachment hearings so he can keep playing the victim to his base. The hearings will come to nothing, because they don't have any real evidence. Muller report 2.0, trump plays everyone like a violin, again.

  48. Joe Biden PUBLICLY bragged about withholding a billion dollars of aid to Ukraine, unless the investigor looking into his son, was fired.!! And this is how the news spins it! CNN, Washington Post, and others are purposefully, continually, and knowingly spreading half truths to generate hate against the government (Trump) and divide then people. Even 'if' the president asked for an investigation on Joe Biden. So what? Every one else is demanding constant investigations on Trump. The idea that asking Ukraine for an investigation into Joe Biden, when no even knew about it, helped him win an election in USA… is plain stupid. That doesn't even make sense logically. At what point are the news agencies going to be labelled terrorists??? This is insane.


  50. Ummm ya and what's wrong with that? Joe Biden bragged about withholding a billion dollars in aid to get a prosecutor fired that was investigating an energy company that his son sat on the board of, making 50k a month.

  51. More money on another investigation for something the President didnt do. I still haven't seen the page of the transcript that says anything they are saying on air most likely because lies come natural to the left. TRUMP 2020

  52. The USA and Ukraine are in on a treaty where they are allowed to help each other with criminal investigations. Investigating the acts of Biden and his son are totally and fully justifiable.

  53. i gotta hand it to trump, this was by far the wisest thing he has ever done. i've said this many times ''no one who didn't vote for him the first time will vote for him next time''.

  54. I guess papa Joe's $900000 Burisma deal was all on the up and up even though he didn't know his son had his own deal, what BS. Biden is finished

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