Trump Administration Is Removing Climate Change Research from Government Websites

welcome to the real news network in Baltimore i'm kim brown science particularly climate change science is under attack in the United States as government rolls back regulations to protect our health and environment they are also removing scientific data from public government websites in response scientists are mounting a protest in Washington DC on Earth Day which this year falls on april twenty second and our next guest says that her own citations have been removed by the trump administration joining us today from New York City is Victoria Herman she is the president and managing director of the Arctic Institute where her research focuses on the intersection of both climate change adaptation and human development she's also a National Geographic Explorer she's also a gate scholar at the Scott Polar Research Institute at Cambridge University joining us today from New York Victoria thank you so much for being here thanks for having me so Victoria you also recently wrote an article that was published in The Guardian titled I am an Arctic researcher Donald Trump is deleting my citation so we're going to put a link to your article under the interview but for people who have not yet read it when did you first notice that your citations were disappearing all US government websites so I first got an email from the content manager of our website that some of the length to the national policy for the Arctic and the strategy and follow-up reports had become defunct and so in the aftermath of that via my colleagues quickly home through the internet to try to find archived versions of those important policies now of course there are going to be some deep funds lengths between one administration and the next but what was more concerning is that since then I've gotten a few emails from the content managers that other citations from government sites such as the Department of Energy have also become defunct oh just last week which is what caused me to write the article there was a link to greenhouse gas emissions and energy deposits in the Arctic that had hung defonce and well that can be searched in the Wayback Machine on the internet they're no longer on government sites so what exactly is the effect that you think this is having on your particular brand of expertise when it comes to studying the Arctic what what does this mean what are the consequences for this kind of information being removed from government websites and therefore not making it easily searchable as you said it's not completely disappeared you can find it but it's a little bit more work involved exactly so I think the effects are twofold one is that this information is no longer readily and easily available not just to researchers but also to the general public that are interested in understanding what their northern most citizens are facing and a rapidly changing Arctic and what type of greenhouse gas emissions what type of Energy deposits are up in the day in Alaska agent in general so just that lack of education and an opportunity to be well informed in what's happening in the North for researchers and for interested citizens and a follow-up on that as as researchers most of the government data reports and information that's available are used as baselines for what we can then build off of to ensure that we're filling important research gaps so when you make those more difficult to search or when you have to go through the Wayback Machine to find those things it becomes a little bit more difficult to understand what types of research gaps there are and what as researchers outside of the government we need to be doing to fill those so as you said stuff is changing in the Arctic pretty rapidly due to climate change so talk about the sea levels and the other big areas of concern I'm sure you saw the story that was out within the past week about the huge chunks of ice floating in the North Atlantic shipping channel I believe this was near Newfoundland in the Coast Guard so that they have never seen anything like this so is this also a result of what's happening in the Arctic absolutely so in the Arctic we're seeing temperatures both air and in the sea rising twice as fast as the global average and that means everything for more on certain t2i slows in the shipping lanes and a retreat of sea ice extent and also more extreme storm surges and less ice around the art is on the post to protect them from those intense waves as they roll in so talk to us about what we're currently seeing in the Arctic because residents as you mentioned they're living with these changing conditions and how they might be further impacted by climate change what's the human costs and the human impact on those who live in that region the human cost is huge and the Arctic climate change like I said with warmer sea temperatures we're seeing more extreme fall storms in the Arctic so that means that both slides are seeing bigger and bigger waves which damaged infrastructure people's own school buildings fuel tanks and what you usually protects residents from those storm surges are ice and with warmer temperatures that ice is informing so those ways they're just hitting on to people's homes onto the roads and can and eroding those eroding the shorelines we're also seeing effect on food security so many Arctic communities live subsistence or partially subsistence lifestyle so they will hunt seals walruses whales that's getting a lot more difficult and less predictable as we're being less sea ice to use for those marine mammal hunts changing migration patterns for those animals and people are finding it difficult to make sure that they're getting enough food so discuss how the current administration's rhetoric actions and budget proposals are impacting the ability of scientists to do more important research in the Arctic from a budget perspective the White House proposal has eliminated a number of really importance of programs that support both the research but also helping communities adapt to the changes that we can no longer avoid the sea grant program across the country is really important to understanding just how much these changes are impacting communities everything from shoreline erosion to how mammals are affected that are important for hunting and as that program is supposed to be eliminated all of that research particularly from the University of Alaska would also be eliminated on the adaptation side the proposal for the budget cuts to the Denali Commission which is based in Anchorage and allocate some money for really important nutrient programs really important to relocation infrastructure programs would also be completely eliminated so that means that community is like Shishmaref or new talk would not be able to get the funding they need to relocate awake the coastlines so how will what the government is doing affect our ability to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions in the Arctic so the Arctic is a really big place in in Alaska specifically there are two hundred and eighty remote communities the vast majority of those communities rely entirely on diesel we've been seeing a slow implementation of renewable energy in those communities that not only provide reductions in greenhouse gases but they also provide really important revenue for the communities that pay twice as much as you or I was for fuel sources so with a reduction of money for those communities to implement renewable energy with a reduction for the research and development that goes into creating cold climates full climate renewable energy technology we won't be able to mitigate those greenhouse gases in the Arctic and beyond the Arctic via general rhetoric the budget proposals and the lack of engagement on the international stage by the trumpet administration means that the United States will no longer be a climate leader at least on the national level and of reducing our greenhouse gases in engaging in this really important climate negotiations at the United Nations and really uttering in the rest of the world to follow us as a climate leader to ensure that we're doing as much as we can to reduce global warming Victoria I want to get back to something that you just mentioned about how these current policies or at least the proposed policies by the current administration would make it more challenging for residents in and around the Arctic to to bring in forms of renewable energy because if I understand this correctly about 200 in 80 of the 280 remote villages in Alaska about 200 of those actually rely on diesel fuel and sixty-seven percent of all of these will use in Canada at least occurs in Arctic communities just using that as an example so if it's more of a challenge to bring in renewables then that means that these communities will continue to depend even heavily on diesel fuel is that that sound right absolutely yeah so with a lack of technical assistance with a lack of financial support from not just the federal government but also the state of Alaska as it sees budget shortfalls because of the the low prices of oil there won't be enough support for those renewable energy systems to be deployed in these remote communities which means that they'll continue to rely on diesel fuel that's only barged in or flown in once or twice a year so again pegging that price really high for residents that only have a finite amount of income and not only producing greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to global warming but also produce black carbon which has local health effects particularly among children in remote communities so lastly Victoria what do you think that scientists hope to achieve in Washington on april twenty second and will we ever see anything like this have we ever seen anything like this this mass gathering of climate scientists and scientists at large to march on washington in response to policy changes that they do not support so the march for science not just in washington but i think the last time i checked in 514 other places across the world is an incredible showing for the support of science-based policymaking of informed and robustly funded and publicly available science ms this really is a drive of what scientists and also concerned citizens are marching for to ensure that science continues to be robustly funded by our government to ensure that that public communication engagement and education from science is supported and every way possible so I think that we have not seen as big a showing of the support for science but we have seen many marches in the past for climate change across our country and I think this is just a continuation of that trend of scientists of concerned citizens of champions and our local governments and our communities supporting the need for science for themselves for their neighborhoods for their cities and for the country Victoria Herman is the president and managing director of the Arctic Institute her research focuses on the intersection of climate change adaptation and human development she has a new piece in The Guardian it is titled I am an Arctic researcher Donald Trump is deleting my citations Victoria we really appreciate you taking some time to speak with us today thank you very much thank you so much and thank you for watching the real news network

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  1. It is not Trump that is attacking real science, it is the IPCC – NOAA corruption of science that is an extension of the Al Gore fraud as depicted in the climate-gate leaks. Climate change does very well without our help. It has been doing it right along. And the autopoietic earth has many feedback mechanisms for tying up extra bits of carbon dioxide. The focus right now, speaking of real science — not our government manipulated fake science — is on two things. One is growing food during the Eddy Grand Solar Minimum and the other is taking the drastic actions required to slow down the Species Mass Extinction. When the frauds couldn't prove warming because it was cooling, they resorted to the nondescript climate change, the IPCC changed it's name, and people with critical thinking skills put their money elsewhere. I don't know what they were paid, but it appears that Real News has bought the MSM line to keep us in the dark. It is hard to believe that actual news agencies could still be confused about this, a decade later.

  2. 1: American (South Latin North); 2: RBS (Russia British Scandinavia); 3: EUROPE AFRICA; 4: AIOP (Arab India Oceania Pacific). 1: American North: Arctic Ocean: 2: RBS (Russia British Scandinavia).

  3. This is also true with coal ash, which is a by product of coal power, and can be not only very toxic but also radioactive…

  4. Gas the jewish trump family, gas the jews of real news. clean these terrorist scum up by exterminating them.
    Babies int he comment section with fake accounts kept your pre teen mouths shut b4 they get wired shut by a doc

  5. Deleting studies won't stop the devastation that we can all see with our own eyes, everything's melting, coral reefs dying, massive destructive storms, droughts worsening, massive flooding, massive wildfires, animals disappearing, fish stocks dwindling, unprecedented heat waves. The age of consequences is at hand. It's not clear whether it's even stoppable. I suspect it's not because of the momentum of such a large system and the obvious depression of the world's scientist's. Time will tell.

  6. Isn't this purge of scientific data all about denying people access to frightening information that might cause mass panic? If people really knew what is happening to our planet, and why it's happening, It's possible that they would turn against their "leaders" and overthrow the wicked men and women who seek short term profits for themselves at the cost of destroying all life on Earth. It's impossible to geoengineer our way out of this mess. That's another inconvenient fact that the greedy power players don't want the public to know. Subterfuge and deliberate deception will not stem the rising tides. Only education and renewable resource development/management can mitigate the man made disasters on our doorsteps. Never let the bastards grind you down. Become a researcher, yourself. Wise up, NOW!

  7. Trump's only GOOD policy left, since climate alarmism is denying scientific reasoning by the Soros crazed MSM , who want to feel GOOD only, liberal alpha-persons, incapable of true analytics and scinence.

    The climate-alarmism resulting in cap&trade, is funded by Soros and friends, to enhance central controll over ec. production worldwide (Globalism). This is an unnecessary tax on economic production and growth, mostly in the 3-rd world. Also the value added tax needs tobe abandonned everywhere, since production capacity limits no longer exists in the medium term (1-2 years) thanks to technological advances: robottics, computers and software do all the work.

    The Truth, the WHOLE truth and nothing but the truth.

    CO2 = GOOD for plantgrowth and so for humans.

  8. Don't put all the blame on the US, since in Europe the large countries are talking a good show but they are letting corporate capitalists continue their fossil fuel ways. Germany, France and Switzerland are driving less electric vehicles than in past years since the big auto makers are pushing their Zombie ICE vehicles.

  9. It is so soothing to my my heart that we have so many well to do people across the world who dedicate themselves to exploring, investigating, studying, informing and implementing to the best of their ability the science and engineering needed to preserve the balance needed to sustain the life that still exist on our planet.
    It is disheartening to know that their is a real force (a political, and economic force) trying with an enormous amount of success to defeat the hope that is still within our reach in protecting our planet, preserving its life forms, and preventing human caused cataclysmic events that have for some time shown its destructive powers.
    I pray to God that we continue to use our God given ability to solve, solvable problems with the science of Love and Care.

  10. "Science doesn't care what you believe". Never so true. Climate change will go on with or without the acceptance of political conservatives. Silver lining: Mar-a-Lago will be under water soon (no offense to innocent residents).

  11. There's nothing left to do, but resist and replace. The republicans are bought by big oil and the dems by bankers. Vote Progressives into congress.

  12. 8:10 … "the U$A will NO LONGER be a climate leader"

    a few more such statements and i will no longer be the invisible green furiously sleeping helium-breathing empress of Betelgeuse 17b nor married to the king of Saba

  13. Hellbent to drive all of us crazy? Not me. I'm ignoring distracter and thief. And MSM. Life is too short. Literally!

  14. The USA doesn't care about anybody. They are one of the biggest reason for climate deterioration. This nation is a joke!

  15. When was the US ever a global leader in regard to climate change or almost any other major ecological issue? lol What Ms. Hemann's saying really is we're going from poor to much worse. More like Nigeria or something, except w/o publicly available data (cuz don't worry all the private companies do their own studies and know the data, but de facto "classify it as a trade secret" the way the CIA would), we'll have little to no idea how much worse it's getting.

  16. thank God someone is finally taking down the climate scam cabal. The biggest threat to human existence is conspiracies to wipe out humans… and that's what climate change policy is poverty for one and all.

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