Trump 2020 legal adviser rips ‘unconstitutional’ impeachment process

Maurice Vega

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  1. Pelosi better not be spending tax payer money for her so called trips. I cant stand her using Air Force planes for her vacations at Americans expense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. How is Impeachment unconstitutional when it’s part of the constitution!? It’s an investigation while in the house and a trial once it gets to the senate.

  3. Hope Trump wins 2020 election. He makes the world a better place. A liar and racist is good for America. Birds of a feather flock together.

  4. Notice the quotes around unconstitutional. The impeachment process is in the constitution and they are following procedure by the book. Sorry.

  5. Why give any validity to these Soros globalist communists who are trying to overthrow a democratically elected government?


  7. Ed Henry, read the transcripts!! Then ask questions that are pertinent! Why is it that even after transcripts have been released that there is still months and months of spinning?? Goes to show that ANYTHING can be said and spun to the democrat narrative over and over again without repercussion. They can smear in an endless fashion without ever being held accountable. Very Sad!

  8. why the Democrats are overpowered on bypassing the constitution and disrespecting the law?. is in every one under in the same privileges?

  9. Do Nothing Nancy knows its partisan, SHE HELPED SET IT UP THAT WAY, Now she's flip flopping since she now knows its a losing battle, but still pushes forward.

  10. Impeachment is constitutional. According to Lindsey Graham, you don't even need to have committed a crime. So, stop complaining about the process. Donnie boy, you're guilty!

  11. Notice that Nancy Pelosi is not going to be at the impeachment hearing because she's going to be promoting the climate change hoax instead. By the way, instead of warming, we were 6 degree F below average in November here in Springfield, IL.

  12. She is not much of a constitutional attorney. She does not even know how the impeachment process works. This is not a trial. Smh. These people on fox are just betting on their veiwers being ignorant enough to not know how the impeachment process works. They know what they are doing. They know that this is not a trial. It just really irritates me that now that it is their "Republican" president being impeached that the process is unconstitutional but it was perfectly constitutional when they impeached Clinton. Clinton did not sit in on the special counsel's investigation. He did not get to call anyone during this phase of the process. These Republicans have allowed themselves to get brainwashed and now they are doing their best to brainwash the American people. Thats ok though because i believe the majority of Americans are too smart to fall for all of their lies. The GOP is on life support and the American people are going to pull the plug.

  13. The Republican Senate and House has no legality to say, Democratic House is holding Impeachment hearing Unconstitutioally. They themselves set the presidence for Impeachment when Impeaching Clinton. Trump solicited to Russia for E-Mails on Hillary, That was an Infraction of the Constitution, Trump sending Guliani as acting Government Official for The USA was an Infraction, TALK TO RUDY, AMBASSADORS, TALK TO RUDY, PRESIDENT, TALK TO RUDY WHITEHOUSE STAFF, DO ME A FAVOR, PRESIDENT OF UKRAINE, NOT RELEASING FUNDS, TILL AFTER CAUGHT, WAS AN INFRACTION OF THE CONSTITUTION. IMPEACH TRUMP NOW, BY THE CONSTITUTION.

  14. No wonder Trump is so mislead, With advisers like Ms. Ellis. Her argument about representation is bogus. In a court of law , the accused is found guilty if they don't provide a defence. Dah!

  15. America First the rest of the bs crap is just that crap. Voters have voted for America First and the policies and will not be bullied out.

  16. Impeachment should be the same as any judicial proceeding, with due process. Since it is not, there is a flaw in the constitution, that apparently provides for impeachment WITHOUT due process. This should be amended. It will save everyone time, tax payer dollars and headache.

  17. To me, she starts out with very faulty logic and goes on from there. Listen to her first few sentences. They make no sense…. circular logic. Ah well….I guess we mustn’t forget that lawyers are not ‘the law’ and they don’t represent ‘the law’…. an important distinction. As I see it, bottom line… the Republicans got nothin’.

  18. The truth lies with Ukrainian President Zelensky. He has already said Trump did not try to bribe, extort, or quid pro quo him. This was over before it started with the Democrats because there is no crime, no abuse of power, and most of all NO VICTIM…other than the President of a coup attempt. If anyone should be ousted from power it should be Congressional Democrats for their attempt to undermine and overthrow the President. These people are by the very definition…traitors!

  19. Jerry Nadler should be chairman of the "wrecked body committee" I mean he's five feet tall, and five feet round. He is hardly in any position to speak about anything, or chair anything. Until he fixes that personal appearance first!!!

  20. Why do they say democrat’s impeachment? Independents also support it. I am an independent voter, and I see it as legitimate. Most of us view the lack of engagement by the White House as an indicator of guilt. Who see’s house democrats as judge and jury. The senate is the jury, and the Chief Justice is the judge.

  21. If you don't realize that this phase is the investigation phase and in the real world no person accused of a crime gets to have any stake in the investigation itself then you don't wont the truth

  22. There is a constant: pres.Trump is trying to make everybody partisan; if somebody is not at least 1000% loyal to pres.Trump and his view of reality he (or she) had to be a real Trump hater. example "We do not have Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges. What we have is an extraordinary group of dedicated judges doing their level best to do equal right to those appearing before them. That independent judiciary is something we should all be thankful for. " [Chief Justice Mr. Roberts, nov2018]

  23. It 's clear, it isn't a phony witch hunt. Even the ASKING a foreign country for influence on election 2020 is a CRIME, forbidden by US-law. The delivering of the requested item [in case of Quid Pro Quo] is not important at all. There is asked multiple times for interference by Ukraine, by China [what a joke!] and of course Russia. Openly, with rolling camera. That is the truth Reps [and pres.Trump] are trying to falsify or deny or make invisable by dirt, dust and noise.

  24. The White House [or pres.Trump] likes to be the victim, he is not responsible and not accountable for anything at all. It is never his fault or flaw; but all the others ….
    He himself is of course perfect, ultimate stabil, a solid 10.

  25. First of all if PRES TRUMP will cooperate it will be taken that the Committee on this impeachment Inquiry/Hearing, that is illegally and biased in its formation, it will appear that this Unwarranted Claim for IMPEACHMENT process has substance. The PRESIDENT should file a SUIT to end the unfounded accusation and only hearsay and/or fabrication to continue the Democrats SMEAR and DEFAMATION Campaign. And what is now very OBVIOUS and CLEAR is that there is a PLOT, a SEDITIOUS ACT, movement to OUSTER the Duly Elected President, and its a COUP CONSPIRACY, an Act of TREASON and it involves and it connects to illegal Financial gain, bribery, corruption, and disgraced the Americans, the COUNTRY, the Integrity of USA and its Defense is affected with all these Treasonous Conduct Committed by the DNC Members. The Democrat Party Members That has participation, and or the organization itself must be made ACCOUNTABLE and/or LIABLE to the Cost Of Court Hearing And Investigation Expenses And be required/obliged and/or Legally Ordered by the Federal Supreme Court To make Reimbursement for the Financial Loss Incurred and returned to the TAXPAYERs FUND.

  26. Ed Henry. How about we put you on trial for treason with the Democrats rules for the presidents impeachment. Would you be willing to be tried under the newly made up rules.
    We are supposed to be Innocent till proven guilty.
    We all the constitutional right to face our accusers!
    What country do we live in?

  27. Nancy knows what she is doing she is for the people! Fox has ruined Trump along with Rudy Giuliani with all their conspiracy theories it's their fault he's going down!

  28. Poligrip Pelosi is going to Spain while this is happening?? Will she make a play at conducting foreign policy while there or is she just hiding out?

  29. Continued verbal diarrhea. SHould have stopped two years ago.. but no.. America being held hostage by Democrats and their continued wet dream.

  30. 100k children separated from their parents and put in cages. America is an evil nation thanks to Trump and his evil supporters.

  31. Attack the process because you have no legitimate defense. Classic strategy for the guilty. Bottom line is that the only people defending this criminal thug of a president are the brainwashed members of the Cult of Trump and the Republicans in office who despise Trump but know they cannot win without Trump's zombie base. Trump is as crooked as a Clinton and they're having to swallow that pill to keep their seats.

  32. Agreeing to participate in the Impeachment Hearing is agreeing to tried by the Alice in Wonderland Characters; The Queen of Hearts, The Knave of Hearts and the Mad Hatter .

  33. Ed gets schooled again! Great Job Jenna Ellis! Better start doing your homework Ed, you looked a bit under-prepared again, or maybe the person in your ear is supposed to be prepared and they're making you look unprepared. Being a puppet's not easy these days is it Ed.

  34. Penguin Nadler, having a hard time walking let alone thinking!. How he’s going to perform in the impeachment proceedings?. ….Looser!. Trump 2020 !

  35. Pelosi."..flying to spain for a climate change party…" Do nothing leader of the house…nothing….nothing for Americans! Oh but…she loovve those free plane rides!! Didn't Trump shred the Paris climate Accords treaty? Why is pelosi spending taxpayer dollars vacationing in spain?

  36. Trump Is the Founders’ Worst Nightmare
    The very conduct that necessitates presidential impeachment also supplies the means for the demagogue to escape it.

    Donald Trump’s Republican congressional allies are throwing up different defenses against impeachment and hoping that something may sell. They say that he didn’t seek a corrupt political bargain with Ukraine, but that if he did, he failed, and the mere attempt is not impeachable. Or that it is not clear that he did it, because the evidence against him is unreliable “hearsay.”

    Be RAD, Restore American Democracy
    Dump the ?? and his MAGA MAGGOTS..

  37. Nadler is presiding over, "the search for the truth"…really?! You mean, "in search for a crime" because there isn't any evidence of a crime or even a, "abuse of power" or even, "abuse of office" or even, "jaywalking". Tards!

  38. Nancy Pelosi is flying to Spain for a climate change conference? You mean on her broom? Because jets cause pollution, remember Nancy?!

  39. Time to BOYCOTT FOX, until they get rid of people like Chris Wallace and Juan Williams, they are OFF THE RAILS, with Morons like this Anti-American Moron.

  40. Why can’t the regular Democrats (and I mean smart normal people) see through this crap? I know the unhinged far left morons don’t care but I’m surprised regular people are eating this garbage. Trump2020!!

  41. The minute someone says impeachment is unconstitutional they have lost their argument. Impeachment is written into the constitution. They have no argument.

  42. Hmmm unconstitutional eh… That's funny considering a few weeks ago the courts said this is constitutional…. Nadler is not the judge… The American people are

  43. Ed Henry is a dimwit; he is the perfect definition of a "talking head."
    Tip to TV talking heads; your job is to create time filler between the commercials for toilet paper, gold, second mortgages, and mouthwash.

  44. You people are just stupid this president is the biggest crook to ever to be president trying to get an up on election already spent 35 yrs of presidential salary on golf trips an can,t do nothing but lye when his lips move

  45. Hey Henry how about the POTUS isn't going to appear before the kangaroo unconstitutional 'court of opinion' and 'illegal' process because that would be granting it legitimacy on some level??? HUH??? It'd be like a person who has been falsely charged and declared they wanted to plead the fifth so as to afford themselves Constitutional protections being forced to in essence make a statement just by their presence before those attorneys falsely accusing them… That's why Trump is sending his attorney[s] in his place understand??? Goof…

  46. Bill and Hillary Clinton had the courage to stand in front of a committee when they were accused of wrongdoing. Poor trump lacks strength.

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