True Patriotism is Fighting Christian Nationalism

welcome to this special edition of FF our EPS ask an atheist on Facebook live I'm Dan Barker I'm Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan and I are co-presidents of the Freedom From Religion Foundation thanks for watching us live for this first time on Wednesday night I'm Andrew Seidel a constitutional attorney here and ffrs director of strategic response asking atheists usually broadcasts on Wednesdays at noon but we adjusted our schedule this week as an experiment to see if this is a more convenient time for viewers and because we have a very interesting topic we're going to be talking about and debunking some of the lies of Christian nationalism including many untruths recently spouted by Arkansas State Senator Jason Roberts if you're watching us live on Facebook you can ask a question in the comments section of FFRF Facebook page or you can send an email to ask an atheist at FFRF dot org after we do a little debunking like Annie Laurie said we will answer your questions or get to your comments and who knows maybe even Jason rapert himself will swing by to learn a thing or two or maybe even to ask a question if you don't know that name lucky you Jason rapert is the Arkansas Arkansas state senator responsible for getting the unconstitutional Ten Commandments monument erected at the State Capitol in Little Rock which FFRF is suing over he is also a preacher he runs the holy ghost ministries holy ghost ministries that sounds exciting Jason rapert has a website called holy ghost ministry and we're not making up that title he features a Bible verse on that website from math you 28:18 where Jesus says all authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth it's scary to have an official of our secular government who thinks that all of us all of our laws fall under the ultimate authority of a first-century self-proclaimed Messiah who thought that he was divine is a Christian nationalist and that's the term for a person who mistakenly believes that the United States is a Christian nation if that person is a public official he or she is likely to use their public office to promote their personal religious views on the rest of us one of Jason rapert favorite things to do is to get on Facebook live from his state office and talk about his god and his religion and that's exactly what Jason rapert did in the run-up to the 4th of July this year he posted a video yeah a raper rant all about the Declaration of Independence about the founders and about how in his America our rights are god-given and he got so very wrong about all that so much wrong and Andrew you were reviewing this rapert rant that he put on Facebook live and you noticed something really interesting about what he was reading that's right rapert is not speaking off the cuff here he's not recalling and retelling these myths on his own he's actually reading directly from a book but it's not a history book he's reading from a Bible the American patriots Bible that's right there is such a thing it actually exists and what a Bible it is we found some of the promo videos for it hello I'm Richard Lee and is my joy to serve as the general editor for the upcoming American patriots Bible scheduled to be released in the spring of 2009 by Thomas Nelson publishers I think that most of our hard-working citizens have a belief in their hearts that the Bible is certainly has in flu many of our founding documents documents such as the Declaration of Independence the Constitution and numbers of others well people can believe whatever they want in their hearts but we skeptics tend to rely on facts and the Bible did not influence the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution the Declaration in fact is an anti biblical document one that says the source of our power comes from the people the consent of the governed not God and which also says that those people have a right to rebel against governments which the Bible actively condemns for instance in Romans 13 so this Patriots Bible was edited by a pastor not by a historian and we have a second clip from another promotion video for this Patriots Bible the American patriots Bible is filled with inspiring stories and historical documentation revealing the overwhelming influence the Bible has had on the fabric of this nation containing every word of the holy scriptures in the New King James Version this exclusive edition recounts the uplifting stories of our founding fathers and American heroes throughout our history these great men and women of God with their deep Christian convictions and biblical principles played a vital role in the creation of our government and its laws so before we dissect all of those myths and misinformation the true patriots are those who uphold the principles in the US Constitution which as you know Dan and Andrew is a godless and entirely secular document with no religion in it except to exclude religion so let's not senator let senator raybert or other Christian nationalists get away with equating patriotism with piety and co-opting our nation for Christian nationalism so I'm wearing red white and blue today so on and so you are a patriot we are the real Patriots of this guy I just want to point out too that in that second clip almost all of it the overwhelming influence the deep Christian convictions and biblical principles is including that last image that we saw of Washington praying in the snow at Valley Forge we know where that story comes from it came from a preacher who was selling a really terrible pamphlet about Washington the same one that gave us the story about Washington not being able to tell a lie yeah which is ironically a lie it's a lie to tell the story that he told a lie so that's the book that American patriots Bible that rapert is reading from on his Facebook ran rapers ramp it's not history it's not scholarly it's a Bible if raper really wanted to understand where our rights come from and wants to correct all the mistakes in this American patriots Bible he actually should read from a different book maybe Andrew from the book that you wrote called the founding myth every one of the falsehoods that rapert made in that video are expose in Andrews new book so rapert is reading from the wrong book and since he is reading from a Bible it should surprise us that he fails to get his facts right let's take a look at just a few of the things he got wrong who do we base our rise upon was it upon our founding fathers no that would have been basing our rights upon individuals over human beings was it upon the Patriots that fought in the Revolutionary War no they were critical to the winning of our independence but it would that's not who we based our rights upon so let me share this with you the first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence sets the stage for the American Revolution and its absolute reliance on the laws of God it's not actually the laws of God that he goes on to quote it's the laws of nature and of nature's God that's what the Declaration of Independence says and what Jefferson was speaking about in that line was natural law of course Jefferson was a deist in the classical sense of the Enlightenment absolutely Christian removed all the supernatural nonsense the Bible including the virgin birth and the resurrection and he was talking about natural law without any of the supernatural god stuff in it there are kind of two views of natural law they're super natural natural law and natural natural law and we know that he was using the latter that he thought that human rights could be derived through reason and logic and we know that because he actually wrote that the consent of the governed yeah and we have a couple other places where Jefferson talked about natural law in 1774 the summary view of the rights of British America he says he talks about deriving the laws of nature that's where our rights come from their rights as derived from the laws of nature and not as a gift of their chief magistrate and then later on and when he was a secretary of state he wrote in 1793 that questions of natural right this is again what he's talking about our Trott our tribal by their conformity with the moral sense and reason of man right that is very clearly rejecting the idea that our rights come from God that they are in any way god-given or divine he could have said from the Bible and from the Bible's God but he said from nature and from nature's God which is a totally different thing exactly and that the rights are discoverable by human reason and I think that answer you can kind of count some of the references to creator in the Declaration of Independence and and say who added them yeah we can we can we can go and well I think we'll do that in just a second but there's one I mean one other thing too that the raper says here which is god-given rights or actually dangerous you know he's pointing out that well your rights can be taken away if they're based on a king or magistrate they can be taken away if they're based on a god because whoever claims to speak for a god then gets to say what your rights are do they can say for instance as raper does later in this video that if you're gay you don't get the right to marry you know and so people who speak for God then can take away your coz if the rights are endowed they could be unand out right and raper says that asked the question on what are the rights based do rights have to be based on anything don't we just own them as human beings and that is exactly what Jefferson was trying to say we have rights by virtue of being human and we dethrone the king that's dethroned the king of heaven or you know this idea that we have a master above us and that we can't act on our own critical faculties and human compassion a male deity to me do a Big Daddy in the sky to tell us what to do much less to run our government and you mentioned the four references in the Declaration and that's what right Ripert is going to talk about next let's take a look so did you see that the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and nature's God demand that was the first mention of God in the Declaration of Independence he was mentioned four times they decided to make four specific references to God and the reason they did that is because they knew that if rights depended upon a king or rights were to be dependent upon a part of a parliamentarian or to be dependent upon a president or any human body that they could just change those rights and take those rights away so well there are four references that's that are very frequently trotted out by Christian nationalism isn't it true that the Declaration of Independence was written to the King of England right it was a document to declare to cut off the bonds to sever the monsters old and the in the king of England was also the head of the church at the time so didn't it kind of make sense in the vernacular of the day to use this kind of language to try to argue with the king who was the head of the church to try to use words he didn't say the biblical god but he was Jefferson and the other writers of the Declaration of Independence we're trying to talk religious talk to this to use a little bit of religious window-dressing that's certainly a possibility but you struck on something there that I think is even more important that's that none of the references in here are Christian or explicitly Christian the laws of nature and of nature's God their creator supreme judge of the world and divine providence the only one of those that's explicitly in the Bible is creator which every religion there got a creator you know and you mentioned where the different of those four come from only the first one of those was put in there by Thomas Jefferson the laws of nature and a majors God their creator was added by Franklin and Adams during the editing process and then the final to divine providence and supreme judge of the world were added by the whole Continental Congress and Jefferson thought that they mangled his declaration he was very unhappy with some of the additions and we actually have a rough draft his rough draft of the Declaration and you can see in there him how they edit this and there is no mention of Christ or Jesus or anything except in the list of crimes and Jefferson takes the quote Christian king to task for being involved in the slave trade of course that got deleted that got deleted so that was yeah but so they could they could but they could have mentioned Christian I mean they they had the ability they thought about it they it was in there and they decided to remove that one River so that was a jab yeah absolutely Christian King yeah it was a jet it was a jabot Christian King and it goes to your point about the declaration one of the audience's being King George a third maybe getting him to stop us so the warning as it is now could have been said by a Hindu monarch or by a Native American chief anybody any region could have used a pagan or Muslim could use those same exact words which which kind of goes against the claim that we're a Christian nation that's yeah I mean the laws of nature and of nature's God that certainly sounds more pagan to me so we do we have another oh yeah we've got we got a quite a few more the laws of nature and nature's God had been defined by historic legal writers such as Sir William Blackstone and others as the laws that God the creator of the universe had established for the governance of people nations and nature Blackstone's commentaries on the law which had become the primary law book of the foul fathers explained the laws of nature as the will of God for man which can be ascertained by people through an examination of God's creation the text of the Bible and to a certain degree instinct or reason and here's what Blackstone stated specifically please share this with your friends because they're gonna want to hear this oh boy I mean so this is he's not actually reading from the Declaration here again he's reading from that Patriots Bible and they're looking at Blackstone who is this legal scholar but we should really look at the declaration itself so let's throw up the first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence because it is all about humanity Bruce do you have that image I think we snapped it from the founding that there it is so when in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth the equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature's God entitle them a decent respect for the opinions of mankind now this is all about humanity and the here and now in this world it is not about God and the supernatural its antithetical and factual we went to the Bible the Bible is all about people being enslaved and enchained obedient to supernatural deity telling them what to do exactly this is all about human rights so but that's why it's called revolution so he quoted Blackstone was Blackstone a highly regarded authority at the time or is he was but that only tells half the story this is what happens when you get your history in your law from a Bible not from Koreans or legal scholars Blackstone was not popular with the founder for all of his ideas in particular he was anti Republican anti republicanism yes not the party and and and Jeffrey yet that there was no party which didn't exist quite yet I mean so for some of his legal ideas yes he was influential but not for his ideas on revolution or republicanism Jefferson blamed him for the quote degeneracy of the legal sciences he had little influence on the founders any ideas again including republicanism self-government and most importantly natural law which is what we're talking about and he was also quoted at the early women's rights advocates a lot about why they shouldn't have rights and I mean the fact that they rejected his ideas about natural law kind of crushes ray PERTs claim here so let's look at number than it was this clip number four already there are some of you that have chosen to reject the freedoms the judeo-christian foundation of the country and I want you to know that none of us are going to settle for that we're gonna stand up for the nation we're going to stand up for the country and it's important why would you be upset when you hear the history of the country you're not going to change the history just because you say over and over again that that's not so that you don't believe it the lack of self-awareness that just kills me so he's trying to say this is a Christian nation founded by God yeah based on judeo-christian based on his miss reading a misunderstanding of the Declaration of Independence and of course we have a godless Constitution as I said entirely secular that should be sinking in some day to mentalists he also perpetuates this idea that I used to preach actually and you hear a lot in the churches that in Christ you have true freedom we have real freedom because we've been set free from the world or the slavery of sin but the Bible is anti freedom the Bible in the New Testament says bring into captivity every thought unto the obedience of Christ and every knee shall bow captivity doesn't sound like freedom to me and in Proverbs lean not on your own understanding but trust in the Lord so in other words turn off your mind you're not free you are a follower even Paul said he was a slave of Christ so he talks about freedom as if that really means something but actually in Christianity they're talking about becoming a slave to a dictator and this is one of the reasons I think declaration is really anti-biblical too but there there are two kind of central principles in the declaration that rapert is really missing here and one is that power is situated in the people and two is that people have the right to rebel against governments and neither of those can be found in the Bible and the exact opposite is preached in the Bible I mean in Romans 13 we already mentioned is this this perfect example the powers on earth are you you probably know better than I the powers on earth are established by God if you rebel against them you're rebelling against God well then in the Old Testament with Korah there actually was a rebellion in the Old Testament when Korah asked a simple question of Moses saying can't God talked to us directly why do you have to talk through you and Aaron and it wasn't even a rebellion it was just a question and so Moses got mad and the earth opened remember that and swallowed up Korah and 250 people and then all the innocent people just happened to be standing nearby gets swallowed up – it's yeah I mean that's that's kind of a surgical strike isn't it but anybody who even it wasn't even rebelling or revolting he was just asking a simple question the same question that the Protestants asked of the Pope why do we need intermediaries well you know so even in Christianity you have no freedom to rebel it's all top-down whereas our Constitution is bottom-up we the people yeah well and rebellion and revolution by definition are not going to be done or accomplished by Orthodox thinkers it takes heterodox thinkers and there's there's a lot of studies that have shown that you know it is people who are not following the mainstream not going to be religious in this sense that are the ones who end up rebelling and revolting and and pushing progress yeah which suggests that our founders were not bible thumping Christians certainly not like Jason rapert so do we have another crew oh yeah Peter boldly asserted we ought to obey God rather than men that's Acts chapter 5 29 that I've already quoted therefore it is no coincidence that one of the watchwords of the American Revolution was this phrase no king but King Jesus I think that Thomas Paine would be surprised to hear that as paying the deist and who wrote the age of reason and criticized revealed religion absolutely well he got the first two words right no King and we live in a country where there is no King we we proudly fought a rebellious revolutionary Ward to kick out the king the Lord the monarch the sovereign the dictator so that we the people could think for ourselves now somebody like rapert doesn't want to think for himself and he wants to be enslaved to a religion he wants to undo the revolution basically thinks he's a patriot and the Constitution prohibits titles of nobility explicitly and that that there's another thing wrong with that that the idea that that what is a watchword of the revolution that's just completely false a flat-out lie we know that we I kind of did a little research on that today and it traces back to just a fake quote from battle up in Massachusetts but we know that this there's no contemporaneous reporting you know something like 79% of people at the time of the revolution did not even go to church we were the colonies were largely uncharged by the time that our nation was being founded originally many of the colonies were based on various religions and there was a lot of divisive miss but we were largely an unchurched nation including the United States including George Sol the pilgrim who came wasn't a pilgrim he came over on the Mayflower it was a teacher and his wife and two children were found guilty of not attending Wednesday prayer the god the no God gene goes way back yes I mean there were certainly always those rebels but most most Americans were not going to church at the time of the founding of our nation and the adoption of the Constitution and I think that's important to remember and I think we've got one more clip and then we're gonna take some questions and see if Jason rapert is going on with us have you had enough of this here and I see we've been on here long enough to be able to see some folks that are from the liberal left the activists and I hope that you share this with your friends I won every single American citizen to know the truth about the foundation of the country and upon what our founding fathers believed and if you don't believe what our founding fathers believed and you don't believe in the notion of this great American Republic that we've been given then I submit to you that you're on American and of course so many of the prominent founders were deists as Thomas Jefferson was James Madison who wrote the Constitution mostly was the architect of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights was he an American because he wasn't Christian I mean this is ridiculous it is and it's it's so those lack of self-awareness is just so striking there because he's betraying the central principles of the founding and then saying to do so is unamerican I mean if anybody is on American here is absolutely senator Jason rapert but some of the founders believed in God maybe to some degree or other and some of them went to church yes but the principles were yeah I think yes I mean look at even Benjamin Franklin who did want to pray at the Constitutional Convention but no one else wanted to was a deist James Madison Jefferson John Adams and even of them were Bible believing Christians it doesn't prove that they built this nation on judeo-christian principle and it doesn't show that we today have to become carbon copies of their muesli I think we could safely say that none of them thought women should vote maybe Thomas Paine I don't know about Tom's name but none of the founders thought women should have the vote so are we supposed to all go back and adopt those ideas according to Scalia maybe according to maybe Cavanaugh I also want to just say George Washington of course was very unorthodox he didn't take communion so when we're looking at so many of the icons the founding father icons we are looking at Dias or heterodox unorthodox Diaz and so on but you're right if every single one of them had been a devout Christian they still deliberately founded a nation in which there is no God in our government it's a godless Christian they knew that it didn't matter what religion individuals had that our governments should not have a religion well and I just heard that it sounds like senator Jason rapert is watching it so I should probably say again so that he can hear that that I think it is your claims that we are a Christian nation that we are based on judeo-christian principles that are on American and Andrew you were originally gonna call your book on American I always liked that title now it's called the founding myth which is also an excellent title but because that's a word a pejorative that is thrown at free thinkers believers all the time telling us to leave our country and so on but it's the people who want to overthrow our secular principals who are on American yep they're the ones who are betraying or commonplace we should be asking are you now or have you ever been a Christian nationalist yeah that's on America why should we take some questions yes all right let's see we got I wonder I wonder if a senator raper would would like to ask us a question here so let's see our first question comes from Rosa and she says are there any free-thinking coalitions of lawmakers that provide a counterweight to Jason rapert National Association of Christian lawmakers if not how can we encourage them to uphold the separation of States well as you know there's the congressional Fiat caucus newly started a year ago with ten members in the US House found it by Jared Huffman who's received our emperor has no clothes award who's an agnostic but the other nine are just believers and secularism in representing the Constitution and we hope they'll be many more joining them and this is to kind of counteract the Congressional prayer caucus which has caused a lot of trouble they have ceded number of state prayer caucuses and they've also been part of project blitz which is at the state level trying to pass all this Christian nationalism legislation so we need to see freethought caucuses at the state level absolutely I would love to see that and it turns out that Jason rapert is is watching so he says I've never heard more lies and twisting of the truth I think he's referring to his own video the coupe's that we were playing I mean he must have been right in such a brief period of time so yeah that sounds like he's talking about the clips for his video I agree on that he said thank you for spreading my message the great majority of people of the nation are with me on this I don't know that that's true there are Christian nationalism it's a minority it's a minority and it's viewed now by 47% of the country according to morning console view Christian nationalism as a threat a threat to America and I I think it is the greatest it is an existential threat to America I mean they are literally trying to redefine what it is to be an American so that to be an American is to be a Christian and to be a Christian is to be an American and then redefining our law and then what does that say about the rights of non-religious citizens Jewish and American the agnostics the atheists Wiccans pagans in my Americans and my ancestors the Native Americans who were on this continent fifteen thousand years before God gave the copyright to the Ten Commandments to this tribe of Israelites who knew how to have family and culture and love and morality are we not true Americans because we don't subscribe to this minority viewpoint that some middle-eastern implant to this to this continent is somehow the ruling religion of the land well the people should understand that that is the goal of Christian nationalism it is to make Christians a favored protected class and everybody else a sub clan make me and outside absolutely that was one of the goals I'm sorry but that was one of the goals of Adolf Hitler and Nazism yeah you were Lutheran or you were pagan or were you were out well we were gonna kill you so that's a very dangerous road to go down when you start to say some citizens are preferred and others are are undesirable you get persecution you if not actual violence so not not a good way to go so we have another question from Caleb which is one of the ways that we secular Americans can push back against the influence of Christian nationalism and Christian nationalist lawmakers like raper join the Freedom From Religion Foundation though I mean that's one of the one of the I mean we're sitting here we are on the front lines of the fight against Chris nationalism it's what the legal team does day after day and we need not just membership dues but we need people to join their voices we have our voice and it's really to be a larger group the more members you have the more power you have the more you are listened to by legislators and members of Congress so it really every single member we have we value and we need we should be 250,000 not 31,000 although we are are the third largest secular organization in the world so we're proud of that but we do need to be much stronger to counter this din of the Christian nationalists who have the ear of our president and the US Senate at the moment and also join our action alert list you can write letters to your members of Congress you can write letters to public officials who are violating the Constitution by inserting and imposing their private religious views on the rest of the nation absolutely so we have we have another question from Mindy if the founding fathers aggressively fought for liberty in the name of God as rapert is suggesting suggesting why do the framers take exhaustive steps to ensure that our Constitution was godless and then our government was free from religion exactly and I should say if somebody is interested in these topics at the 42nd annual convention of the Freedom From Religion Foundation which is going to be October 18th and 19th here in Madison Wisconsin we have the authors of the godless Constitution the book it's a classic Larry Moore and Lynn accreditors Kramnik and they have a new book that's called now am I gonna get this right godless America it's a I'm not sure I'm doing that title right but they're gonna be talking about their new book in which they are talking about the history of secularism in the United States and also the free thought movement it's a very good book and I think we're in there yes we are yes and we will have you speaking about your book and we have Frederick Clarkson who is the guy the policy researcher who exposed project Blitz he broke the story on that so there'll be other activism and legal people there so we would encourage you to sign up for that conference and get together with more like line minded people and learn more about the real secular roots of the United but to continue with the question that the questioner asked about why did they do that I think it's pretty clear that the founders of our country which was a hundred fifty years after the colonists came the founders of our country had seen and realized the divisive nough sand the fights and the ugliness when you set up a Christian theocracy they were expelling people who didn't have the same theology they were splitting into sects and our founders wisely wanted no part of religious divisive 'no sand so they wrote a deliberately godless Constitution and James Madison talked about the torrents of blood that was spilt greatly you know in in the old world and in the new over religious device and that is one of the critical things that we need everybody needs to do is to push back against this narrative against the lies and the myths of Christian nation never let a Christian myth a Christian nationalist myth go uncorrected that is one of my mottos very dangerous all right so Joseph couch who is a great activist from the center of the country says your Action Alerts help people write their officials to decry Christian nationalism do you think do you write thank-you letters for representative supporting the separation of state and church we do do that sometimes yeah when we encourage our members to do so – yeah and encourage them to stand strong as well we should say – I one of my favorite things that I've had happen I've had this happen quite a few times working at FFRF is we will often get complaints from local official officials who need cover who need to blame standing up – yeah people like Jason rapert on an outside group so we'll have state senators and mayor's write to us and say hey this is going on in our area can you write a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation so that we can stop it and I can blame you well it's whistle whistle blows yeah yeah and we are very happy to do that absolutely and we have had our members recently thanked various officials we've had some some big wins where we got a Ten Commandments plaque taken out of a school for example so we have had our members write write individuals because we know that the the pushback will come the blowback will come from the religious right so that's very important is official in your community does something right to thank them well I think that looks like all it looks like there's a few other trolls also on the Facebook page but I think that pretty much does it for our questions and know whether we can answer those trolls no I mean Jason rapert thinks he's flattered which maybe yeah I don't know doesn't seem to be paying too much attention maybe we should send him a copy of my book maybe he learns yeah why don't we do that well that will send chase in the copy so we didn't watch the whole we didn't watch the whole video where I basically I couldn't make it through his entire video we went through this but I think we get the point that people like Rayford and Christian nationalists really don't have a clue about what they're talking about when it comes to the founding of our nation well that's what happens when you read from the Bible well you're gonna sound incoherent if you base your views on the ideas of a bunch of ancient Israelite prophets and priests so unlike the New Testament we're not gonna play the rest of his video because we don't condone eternal punishment but any final thoughts before we close off Andrew here on Christian national yeah the political theology that is Christian nationalism the very identity of the Christian nationalist depends on the myths that rapert spouts so the idea that America was founded as a Christian nation is central to its hold on political power without that historical support their policy justifications crumble without their common well of myths their identity will wither and fade rape arts entire political and ideological reality is incredibly weak and vulnerable because it is based on historical distortions and lies so we have a chance if we can seize it to defeat Christian nationalism and of course it's been around since the founding of our nation there have been people very unhappy with the secular form of our government since we adopted our godless Constitution but why would somebody want to be mean exclusionary and unwelcoming to people just because they don't go to the same church i mean that that question that seems a little unchristian to me well it's a very very it's a very immature morality when you have this fear of eternal punishment and daddys gonna judge you and you know you're not allowed to think for yourself I kind of think people like ray pertinent many of these other Christian nationalists our victims they're victims of this ideology that's pushing this idea that you're no good you're a sinner you're bad you need a father to tell you what to do when tens of millions of Americans are growing up getting beyond the point where we need a daddy well we can think for ourselves to solve the world's problems if you want to know more about why the Christian nationalists are so very very wrong you can read andrew's new book it's called the founding myth contains many more facts and arguments to rebut those dogmatic ideologues you can also read for free FFRF a brochure is America a Christian nation you can find this non tract that's what we call it it's not a tract it's a non track track for non-believers you can find that in other informative references at our website FFRF dot org go to the publication's link and click on brochures so thank you for joining us we also invite you to become a member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation to help us and our very important work to keep state and church separate and to educate the public about the views of non-theist go to FFRF dot org or phone 800 three three five forty twenty-one and slowly and carefully leave your name and your mailing address physical mailing address if you phone after hours that's one eight hundred three forty twenty-one and we mentioned this earlier but one way you can help FFRF is by contacting government officials who violate the law so if you want to receive FFR action 'l FFRF Action Alerts right there on your smart phone text the letters FFRF to five to eight eight six that's FFRF to five to eight eight six data rates may have that so that's going to do it for our experimental evening broadcast we hope you'll join us again next Wednesday back at our regular noon Central time slot for another episode of FFRF ask an atheist

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