Trey Gowdy sounds off on Pelosi delaying Senate impeachment

Maurice Vega

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  1. This all comes down to 'are you PRO-America or NOT! And what should we do with Anti-Americans? It takes little thought!
    Trump for 2020 without ANY doubt!!!

  2. maybe they used a impeachment scare to force trump to sign a 1.5 trillion dollar package to prevent another government shutdown

    because it seemed to me that the first government shutdown was what got pelosi all fired up to start a impeachment process in the first place

  3. Could the delay be connected to the fact that they are planning on bringing MORE Impeachment charges to "Build their case" against Trump? They have 2 charges now and are talking about more to "stack the deck"" to bolster their case. They know the 2 current faux charges wont go anywhere in the Senate. The game is to do as much damage as possible to the Trump legacy and ruin his chances of reelection. When Trump leaves office I am sure they will continue to do anything they can to him, lawsuits galore!!

  4. I don't know about YOU, but I'm loving ALL of this! Trump, warts and all is by far, the most American of all the Presidents in our history! C'mon ladies, you know you don't want a leader without BALLS!!! 4 more years of excelling!!! Trump 2020!

  5. The Democrats are crapping on America and Americans. They are flipping the bird to all those who sacrificed for this country.

  6. After our great victory over the left in the U.K i wish all Republicans the very best from England in a Trump Victory in 2020. I will be in the States in June like i was in 2016 and i just loved listening to Liberals cry it's the end of the world if Trump won. LOL. Watch out for our Brexit party 31st January 2020 Fireworks, strippers, beer, burning E.U flags; Life is bloody great!!

  7. The fact that Horowitz, Durham, and Barr don't see eye-to-eye on everything demonstrates how unlike the lockstep, mainstream establishment they are.

  8. Christopher Wray is part of the problem !As for Horowitz investigation . as a analogy ; Horowitz is investigating a tree in the forest , Durham is investigating the whole forest ! Meaning yes Horowitz should not make assumptions given his limited scope !

  9. The Democrats' House Articles of Impeachment are only for optics, with the Democrats hoping that it will entice more people to join the impeachment bandwagon. But polls show that more and more Democrat voters are getting pissed with the Democrats' and Nancy Pelosi's divisive tactics and unproductive hold on power that more of these voters are switching sides and would vote Republican come 2020 elections.

  10. Reason she's delaying the impeachment at a time like this Christmas day is because she's too busy visiting her friends in Hell trying to get some ideas from them.

  11. pelosi questions whether the senate will give trump a fair trial? what she means is if they do not do what she says during her screaming hissy fits then its not fair.

  12. The demonraps are the ones who are meddling with an election—The 2020 Election!!! Impeach Nadler, Schiff, Pelosi, AND Al Green! How does he get away with "I'm Concerned If We Don't Impeach This President, He Will Get Re-Elected"???

  13. This crap (yes crap) gets a lot more views because Trey Gowdy chimes in. That's the only reason I'm here…
    Trey Gowdy, definitely Not crap. ?

  14. It's not about Trump it's about the potential end to America's once iconic democracy, the demonic un democratic Democrat party need to be stopped all America needs to do this Thrump does not appear to be a nice guy, however he was honestly elected and has atempted to keep his promises, you would not have been able to have said either for Hillary.

  15. Did I just hear Trey Gowdy say that you don't want (as a prosecutor) anything out there that will influence your report before it is presented to the public? Did AG Barr not get this memo? Did he not give his opinion of the Mueller Report? Wow! Did Gowdy not share this sentiment with the man he so admires? Huh, well isn't that special?

  16. Republicans should be the only party in our government. Trump should be our ruler till he dies.
    Because that would make America great again, like before the revolution. ?

  17. Alice in Wonderland….someone is on drugs and alcohol!  The characters need to be updated.Palosi can be the queen. Who do you think Schiff , Adler and Muller should play?

  18. Trump could literally take a dump on stage, pick it up and sling it into the crowd and hit a 5 year old in the face blinding it and he’d still have my vote. Why? Because he pisses off SJWs and woketards more than anything else.

  19. Thanks, Trey! Tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may. On the Dem's. Hurry up Hurry up and wait. What! They knew they couldnt win the impeachment. So just keep draging Trump threw the mud. Smear campaign is still effect. George Soros is paying threw the Clinton Fund to hide him from view. Chuck only shows up to the floor of the Senate to look like he's not involved.There all dirty crooks. While their 401K's go threw the roof. They talk about taxing the rich Billionaires. While they never talk about Millionaires. Because thats what they are. Liz and Bernie are multi millionaires. So who is watching who. Lets find out in The Democratic party how rich they really are. Then investigate how they made their money. Shawn

    The House ignored the only grounds for impeachment described in the
    Constitution.  Article II Section 4: “The
    President … shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of,
    Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”  The articles of impeachment do not charge
    President Trump of crimes, only of abuse of power and obstruction of
    congress.  Therefore, the articles of
    impeachment are unconstitutional.  After
    Congress passes a bill, if someone believes it is unconstitutional, they can
    ask the Supreme Court to do a judicial review. 
    It seems to me the Supreme Court could look at the grounds for
    impeachment and make a determination that the impeachment was unconstitutional.

  21. 3rd pres to be impeached 1st pres to be impeached crimeless as a political stunt.. its funny how they're asking for a 'fair trial' you mean.. you want an unfair one that's on your side because thats the only way you would have a chance, even if the senate was 90% dems i doubt they would sacrifice their integrity on a sham.

  22. I acutally know what you meant by being measured by inches and not yards. This woman was proud of that simple analogy… smh…

  23. Like Pres. Trump in war, don't reveal your plan in advance, for Senate impeachment hearing, like deep state lawyers Lindsey Graham (and Ted Cruz) did.

  24. The Constitution denotatively proscribed no time statute. The Senate must submit for the record their Oath to uphold the Constitution at the very least.

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  26. I for one am SICK of this softball crap from the republicans. Its a political exercise?? B S it is an attempted coup and overthrow of a duly elected president. These left wing scumbags tare traitors. They were looking to install a commie government.

  27. All of the actual footage from the anti Americans concerning this whole anti Trump matter is very helpful so we don't vote for them in any body of government.

  28. They are screaming fair when there was nothing not one single thing fsir about their impeachment. Stupidity can't get any worse. Unfeaken believable. Dong weather to laugh it's so pathetic. These people don't need to resign they need to be fired arrested jailed and never seen or heard from again.

  29. In My sole opinion, the reason all hell legally is not breaking loose against Democrats is due in part that Liberals, Democrats, and the left in general would simply riot, vandalize, and become a greater danger to society than they already are. This has to be done in small controlled and patient pieces and segments to minimize the violent temper tantrum that would arise.

  30. She thinks she’ll lose so calls it unfair and refuses to go through with it unless she gets what she wants. Sounds like quid pro quo to me.

  31. They don’t care about impeaching a president. They’re just trying to destabilize our society and damage our economy. Our enemies are behind all this nonsense. They’re funding the progressive wing if the party and are driving their actions and the narrative. They’re also driving the mainstream media.

  32. Where is the star witnesses??? Ok they had a private vote ? amongst the democrats to impeach trump right , now can’t turn in the articles , what a bunch of nuisances , go Trump!!!!

  33. Let me get this right…. Our president is impeached for committing no crime reported by an anonymous whistleblower after secret hearings and a one party vote. Now they won't turn the charges over for trial. Our country is starting to resemble a third world banana republic.

  34. As a Politically Neutral Person I am ashamed of both of these parties so much 1 sided from both parties Nothing is down the middle ????

  35. Sack of Durban. The whole state of Illinois calls him that. And that is what he made Illinois into. A huge sack of Durban.

  36. Democrats are abusing their corrupt power, call the military and arrest these traitors, in a military tribunal, let's stop the crazyness, we all see that its an attempted coup, we ain't blind,

  37. "This is a political trial not a Judicial Trial". If this was a Judicial trial the whole gang would have been laughed right out of court!

  38. CNN, MSNBC CNBC all are leftist feeding troughs for the stupid and uneducated democrat barking liberal socialist lap dogs.

  39. You democrats are batsht crazy, just go look at protests and other dem campaign videos, your nuts. Vote trump 2020 to keep these dems out and out them where they belong.

  40. Where are democrats being fair with the whole dam thing? They have been very unfair and expect others to do what they won't do themselves. WHY they think American people are stupid? That is the real abuse of power

  41. So long as the Socialists maintain their iron fisted control over coastal and beltway metropolitan areas, they'll be able to block, stifle or even undo anything a Republican President does.

  42. Pelosi nasty 80 year old who hates the president trying to impeach trump before he was ever in office PELOSI is a disgrace to this country

  43. You know Trey Gowdy says that most Americans will get it in my experience they don't unless they are fairly intelligent I've already had to explain how impeachment Works in my children because my ex-fiance has told them that Donald Trump is no longer the president it is a very taxing and exhausting thing to explain to a 12 and a 9 year old the school system has failed more importantly the thing that used to lay down in bed at night with me has failed

  44. Trump, the first President ever to be impeached by DemonRats in the House of Representatives, vindicated by the Senate, and Re-elected by a landslide in 2020.

    Trump 2020 KAG

  45. this whole trumped up and immoral impeachment is proof of one thing —that the secret combinations that the ancient prophets within the Book of Mormon warned us about are alive and driving this whole thing………. " the AWFUL SITUATION " they tried to help us avert is upon us—–and that, being aided and abetted by "false brethren" — bishops and high councilmen in the church of jesus christ of latter day saints

  46. that the secret combinations that the ancient prophets in the book of mormon warned us about are driving this whole thing…….the "awful situation'" they tried to help us avert is upon us—-and that, being aided and abetted by " false brethren" —-some bishops and high councilmen in the church of jesus christ of latter day saints

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