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Welcome, Today’s important news The State government is taking actions to ban NEET exams Apart from that To prepare the school students for NEET exam The Education Minister K.A. Sengottai has told that a book consisting of 54,000 questions is going to be released Already, in many schools, teacher skips 11th std portions This problem is solved now Now, even 11 th has become public. It’s okay We forgave you for that Now, you will release a book with 54000 questions and we should study that and write NEET exam What justice is in this? You should think a little 10th 11th and 12th everything is public You should think alittle We’ll now look at the public’s opinion Hello! Tell bro New book? Why? For NEET? State government told that NEET is going to be cancelled They haven’t done it They are releasing the book Okay What? 54,000 questions? Are they playing? Did they forget that 11th is public? No we can’t write No Keep the phone We will not write We’ll put up a strike. They are cursing a lot Let’s see If the exam happens Superstar Rajinikanth is talking to leaders of all the political parties Soundarya Rajinikanth announced that she is happy with Rajinikanth’s entry into politics Rajinikanth’s family is happy that he is entering politics Let’s talk with our reporter near Rajinikanth’s house in Poes Garden Hello? Can you hear me? Hey Jagan I am standing near the house of Rajinikanth’s house in Poes garden There is no one here There is no news to say Which party’s flag is hoisted in Rajinikanth’s house? There is no flags in the house just a towel is hanging There is nothing? Look around It will be there There is nothing much here Thank you Thank you Mr.Jagan Continue your work Look around keenly In Chennai, Koyambedu 5 Shiva statues were stolen It is a sad issue The temple management decided to file a complaint to police There is a big twist there A terrific incident happened to the temple management when they went to file a complain to police It came to light that Koyambedu Police Chief officer Sathyaraj was the one who organized this theft He was arrested and given punishment They are trying to get the truth out of him but we are unaware of what is happening inside The keys are in the hands of the thief What is this? The news says that in the milk produced by Reliance, caustic soda and bleaching powder are mixed. To prove that is 100% true Rajendra Balaji has told this in a press meet holding the milk packets in hand Caustic soda is mixed in this Bleaching powder is also mixed in this First to maintain the quality of milk they didn’t mix water, then they started mixing water Since people find out if water is mixed, they mix bleaching powder Removing the fragrance, they mixed the bleaching powder with the milk It is given to us This is a shame People have requested the government to put a fullstops to this issue Is the government going to listen? Just talks Like and Share the video and don’t forget to subscribe to Nettv4U. Bye!

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