Trailer: TV news and local politics with Errol Louis

I do this stuff because I love it. You’ve got to make sure that you understand what you’re doing. That you have some sense of why you’re telling the story. And we’re going to cover some topics that I think you’re going to find interesting. We’re going to talk about why people do political journalism and how to succeed in it. There are a lot of interviews that can get a little bit rough. “You don’t have any credibility on how to deal with the violence every other day because you can’t work on even one day. – That’s not true!” It is the first job of local political journalists to try and figure out what is this race really about. “The homeless crisis that is
addressed. That is the priority of any mayor!” I’ve even had guests who will try and goad you. They’ll try and provoke you. “Just turn off the mic.” You can be right and everybody else can be wrong. I also want to explain the underlying logic for those who like to consume political news. Let’s get started.

Maurice Vega

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