Total Losers Slam AOC for “Not Denouncing” Baby Eating

so much has happened over the last few days
and one of those things is that a plant from a totally whacked out extremist group called
LA roof pack ask the crazy question at an Alexandria Cossio Cortez town hall. And the whole point of it was to make people
who believe in climate change look crazy and the reactions from the right have been incredibly
laughable, but also almost concerning and how pathological they are. Let me explain it all to you. LaRouche Pak has been around a long time. It’s associated with a guy named Lyndon LaRouche
who died about eight months ago. It’s a wacky group. You can research it. You’ll very quickly figure out how crazy the
group is. They are now a pro Trump group that is skeptical
of climate change. Alexandria Ocozzio Cortez had a town hall
in Queens, New York city, so they thought, let’s send someone there, let’s have them
act crazy and we’ll make people who believe in climate change look really, really bad. So they send in a woman wearing a tee shirt
that says save the planet, eat the children to get up and to ask a question and to say,
Hey, we need to really save the planet. We need to start eating babies. And Alexandria Ocozzio Cortez reacts the way
a normal person would react. When you see someone that could be completely
unstable, you can’t tell. And what you do is you don’t react much at
all in order to avoid further escalating them. Take a look at what went down, including the
question. And AOC is a reaction. Oh, because of the climate crisis, we only
have a few months left. I love that you support the green deal, but
it’s not getting it. You know, getting rid of fossil fuel is not
going to solve the problem fast enough. A Swedish professor saying that, Oh, we can
eat. Yeah, that people, but that’s not fast enough. So I think your next campaign slogan has to
be this. We got to start eating babies. We don’t have enough time. There’s too much seal tool. All of you, you’re, you’re, you know, you’re
a pollutant. Too much seal to we have to start now, please. You are so great. I’m so happy that you are really supported
a new great deal. But it’s not enough. You know, even if he would bomb Russia, we
still have too many people, too much pollution. So we have to get rid off the babies. That’s a big problem. Just stopping. Hey babies aside and now we need to eat the
babies. This is very sous. No, thank you. Thank you. We’ll go ahead. Okay. No, we’ll, we’ll go ahead. No, no, no. Thank you. So I think, um, yeah, no. So one of the things that’s very important
to us is that we need to treat the climate crisis with the urgency that it does present. So as the woman was eventually, I believe
escorted out because people in the room could tell something is clearly wrong with this
person and her presence is making everyone uncomfortable. AOC starts giving some general answer about
climate change and there are Trumpists and right-wingers who have the nerve to say, why
didn’t AOC denounced baby eating? Why didn’t AOC say no, we shouldn’t eat babies
and children are you people this stupid? I mean seriously criticize AOC for policy. Criticize her because you think she’s wrong
about this or that political position. Criticize her for something that makes sense
but she didn’t properly denounce baby eating and answered it as if it were a normal question
this person was eat from now we know it was a plant but from the second she starts talking
it’s either a plant or someone who is so mentally ill that you don’t want to do anything that
could even possibly agitate them. And AOC did exactly the right thing when people
approached me on the subway or wherever and something is very clearly wrong with them
or they are furious and it’s, it just doesn’t make any sense. And you can’t tell is this person dangerous? Is this person mentally ill? I can’t tell. And they spout some government conspiracy
theory. Do you think I respond to them about the specifics
of the conspiracy that they are touting? No, you do what you can to deescalate. And initially it was believed that this was
merely a mentally ill person. It was later found out that it was someone
from LaRouche PAC. They might also be mentally ill. They’ve been doing this, eat the children
thing elsewhere. Uh, there is a picture, there’s actually a
number of pictures of people wearing the exact same tee shirts, canvassing out on the streets. So AOC did the right thing. She handled it correctly, stopped being losers
and go complain about something else. I mean seriously and you know, I don’t know,
sometimes this is concern trolling where the right wingers and the Trump is who are saying,
Oh my goodness, AOC didn’t even have the decency to denounce baby eating. Sometimes they’re not being genuine. It’s concern trolling. They’re pretending to be worried. Could AOC maybe actually be in favor of baby
eating or does AOC may be really think that baby eating is a way to save the planet or
whatever. I actually think that there are some trumpets
that are so diluted and so malignantly disconnected from the realities of how to deal with people
in the real world that they’re not concerned trolling when they say, why didn’t AOC denounced
the baby eating? They are actually so disconnected from reality
that they just see evil. They see wrongdoing, they see misdeeds in
everything, in everything. That some something like a, somebody like
AOC does. And that’s why you can’t convince those people
to change their mind and vote the right way in November of 2020. That is why we have to go around them or through
them, not with them to defeat Donald Trump in November of 2020. It’s sad, but it’s the reality.

Maurice Vega

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  1. They tried to get AOC, she handled it like a pro, so did the constituents. They didn't have nothing to criticize her for, so they are reaching.

  2. You know the craziest thing? This Larouche guy was 100% AGAINST Trump back in the 80s because Trump is a Russian asset! Seriously, you can't make this shit up.

  3. Either mentally ill or just a troll, that woman chose to stand up, open her mouth and show the world how what a fool she is.
    I can't imagine she is employable in any legitimate way.

  4. Wow that's desperate. The right has some seriously disturbed people. They should know by now we prefer our babies Turducken style. Just a baby on it's own is all bland and nasty.

  5. This is a Russian-style confusion tactic that involves pseudo-lying. Hitler used it. You stir people up and confuse them into thinking what is not. You do this by creating a scene that in the blur of people's ignorance looks like what it is not. In this case the excitement of it confuses people , followed by the bogus question insinuating AOC approves of baby eating, merely by posing the question/accusation, makes people have suspicions and false views of AOC. Trump is doing this right now with words such as "corruption" and "fake news". Using deflection and repeating it all the time so people in their haze of self-imposed ignorance think Trump is against corruption, when it is in fact he who is the king of corruption. This is some really serious bullshit that's going down here. This is true Hitler/Goebbels shit.

  6. I love how David advertises. Unfortunately men do not know how to design or wear clothes. These untuck style shirts look way too plain and boring. Plaid is when you don't know how to dress. Just throw on plaid. Button up shirts are totally boring, unless they have style. I hate the toned-down Paul Bunyan look. Guys…I know it's not your fault. You just don't have the gay gene, so you simply are clueless. It is horrifyingly true. Sorry David. You are hot n sexy, but clueless.

  7. Well here's another Channel I have to unsubscribe from. I don't think scribe to anyone who has ulterior motives. Especially money

  8. Not sure if she's crazy, but she is using the plot from a Jonathan Swift satirical essay called A Modern Proposal.

  9. Well, I guess it would have helped us if her parents had adopted her suggested strategy around the time when she was born at least.

  10. Republicans: "Democrats want to eat babies."
    Democrats: "Republicans want to feed them to alligators."
    I favor a compromise, feed the babies to the alligators, then eat the ALLIGATORS.

  11. 911 for psych eval
    Yes, don't escalate. You don't know what will make her worse. She needs to be gently assessed. She may be serious and knife a baby in the grocery store.

    People on the news, on youtube say, speaking about a neighbor or coworker who murdered someone, "Well he always said he was going to kill this person but I never thought he would really do it." Assume they are telling the truth until an expert is involved.

  12. I thought this was about democrats supposedly support Moloch, a baby eating deity… So yeah, there's a narrative about democrats eating children.

  13. "Baby Eating" has its route in literature. "A modest proposal" written by Jonathan Swift is a satirical hyperbole mocking the heartless attitudes towards the poor,

  14. It takes a stupid deluded right winger bitch to stand up in a crowded room and tell people to eat babies.
    The joke's on the disrupter, not AOC.

  15. I too would criticise AOC for her response. She could have explained this shows why America needs their version of the NHS and to increase their provision of mental health services. The people behind this stunt need mental health treatment.

  16. First, Christians were satisfied with simply eating the flesh and drinking the blood of Jesus, then they turned to raping young children and now they have turned to actually eating Babies. Confront them on it and you will know from their reaction that we have a serious problem. Do you know the whereabouts of your Baby? Never let your baby out of your sight.

  17. If she did denounce it they would say she is stupid for saying something so obvious, or that the lady doth protest to o much

  18. Trumpster…why didn’t AOC say get that son of a bitch out of here and tell her supporters to knock the shit out of her

  19. This is actually related to a new favorite talking point by right wing extremists. They have latched on to the green movement to exploit it, to argue that people are the main problem. The main problem being people having lots of kids. It is an opportunity to be racist without easily being called on it, because you are saying nothing of skin color. But of course they know the ones who have most children are not whites.

    Of course this is absurd, because people are not interchangeable homogenous quantity. While whites may have fewer kids, we also consume vastly more. Despite all the industry in China, they still only emit half as much CO2 as Americans per capita e.g. The equation gets even worse if you include the emissions from making stuff consumed by westerners.

    It is also part of another right wing talking point, which is to that greens are fundamentally anti-human. Their idea is that there is only a love for the planet and greens don't care about the plight of humans. Which of course is turning things on its head. We want to preserve nature and this planet because it is a nice play for us humans to live. Nature has a value to humans. Turning the earth into a toxic wasteland because one cares more about producing ever more consumer goods is not my idea of "caring about humans."

  20. I remember this in my freshman course in college. A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift in 1729. I did a paper on this satirical essay to Ireland's answer to poverty. It's actually funny but sick. It is sarcasm. The letter gives instructions on how to charge and make money, to making clothes with children. It also gives details on the age of the children etc… Read it.

  21. According to the logic of these idiots, one could also say: President Dumbo never denied that he wanted to destroy the world when he was asked this question.

  22. They did the same trolling about Illan Omar. It's just pathetic how some people think that this is a "got you" moment. As usual, AOC handled it perfectly.

  23. Sound and fury signifying the stupidity of the complainers.
    It troubles me that Americans have trusted Big Brother to the point they have become 'Believers' in Big Brother.

  24. AOC is still trying to get her dignity back after the TSA found a vibrator in her luggage a few years ago. (they thought it was a pipe bomb) Puerto-Rican chicks are so nasty.

  25. Ah! I didn't know LaRouche was dead! Good riddance, his flunkies have been a pain in my butt since college.

  26. The right-wing really is that stupid, believe me, I grew up within a conservative bubble, and they are the easiest people to scam and deceive. Not all of them are like that, but there's a large portion that is, sadly.

  27. The best ever primer on Lyndon LaRouche.

    Oh, and AOC was right not to attack what she thought was a mentally ill woman.

  28. i wonder what she got paid to mess up AOC's conference…., and if i was AOC, i wouldnt spend time on crap like this, and call it for what it is…

  29. suggesting cannibalism….? yea totally mentally ill…, a sane person cant defend such…., but she doesnt seem to be able to see it apparently, however what she says would suspect an underlying dispair, that gives wrong advice usually…

  30. Hey David, climate alarmism IS stupid. AOC just made a statement that the world is coming to an end in a few years because we produce a small amount of a gas that all plant life depends on. If that isn't crazy, it certainly matches Russiagate for straight out paranoia.

  31. Let’s play Trumps game, we need to hire a live plant on Trumps campaigns. We could have a plant saying: “Trump is a great President, the Democrats are always trying to meddle in the this Administration because Democrats believe Trump to take over

  32. Since when did America ran out of food to start eating babies? Btw this has nothing to do with environmental issues it’s a mental health issue……gone are dark ages when the ancient worlds demanded human bodies as food in exchange for favours….

  33. She's part of the LaRouche Movement CULT not a Trump supporter. If you don't have the facts don't report on it. They are not a pro Trump group why do you lie Big D fucking Bullshit artist

  34. Yet noone denounced baby eating. You crucify Trump for not denouncing things he should have. Hypocrisy for everyone

  35. "Our Swedish professors are saying that we can eat the dead people, but that's not fast enough [ . . . ]" — Loony-Toons Plant.
    She needs help, whoever that is.

    "Even if we bomb Russia." — Loony Toons Plant
    Wow, seriously, get her some help.

  36. I just ate baby tonight good freaking lord the y also didn't like her college day dancing. Seriously but whi wata babies?….

  37. She is right. EAT THE BABIES or start ABORTING ALOT OF BLACK ONES. AOC is my hero… we need to FIND ALL THE PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT HAVING BABIES…. THE RIGHT is known for liking babies. LETS MURDER As many as we can. Jews , blacks and lots of those republicans should be aborted so that we can win as the left.

  38. 1) The QAnons say the deep state eat kids as well as have sex w/them, 2) Has no one read A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift? I mean if people read books anymore, this would be so obviously laughable, not a dangerous or ill person. .

  39. "even if we bomb russia"… russia has what… 200 million peole on a landmass 4 times as big as the USA? they are totally filled to the max with babies^^

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