Tory MP Phillip Lee defects to Lib Dems midway through Johnson speech

…to reform the World Trade
Organisation and to reach agreement next year to simplify
regulatory barriers. [cheering] Britain is on the verge of
taking back control of our trade policy and restoring
our independent seat in the WTO for the first time in 46 years. Our exports to the United States
[Interruption] I wish my honourable friend all the best. – Order.
– Order.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Self serving Phillip Lee no longer represents the people of Bracknell who voted to leave the EU. Call a by-election now & get rid of him!

  2. People voted to leave. This must be respected. If Parliament get in the way of Boris, he needs to take control for the people's sake.

  3. Phillip Lee quits Tories, leaving the government without a majority ►

  4. So? Lib dems doing better than labour in terms of growth, because no one likes Corbynov. Get rid of Corbynov and labour might just survive.

    Boris pulls off Brexit then he’s guaranteed a GE win by a landslide, but if he doesn’t then he may have to form a coalition with Farage ? and this is why remainers don’t want a GE.

  5. But told the people that voted for him he will do as they wish & leave the EU then did a 360 but hey thats a politician for you !

  6. These are supposed to be highly intelligent human beings, but they make a mockery of themselves and the British public with they way they act

  7. just imagine his party just pulled him back to the tory bench with the force of a few men.

    That's one way to get back the majority

  8. So he represents the people that voted him in parliament as a member of the conservative party. He has taken the decision to change to a different party without the the consultation of the people that voted him in.

  9. The recent spate of cocky Brexiteer comments seems to have dried up. These were often ecstatic over their man now being in charge and how at last we would be free. The shining armour of their bright white knight is looking a bit tarnished today. A crushing defeat, majority gone, an object of scorn and ridicule, job hanging by a thread. Oh dear. How sad.

  10. Must be great for Philips constituents who voted Leave & for a Conservative MP. But regardless of whether you voted Leave or Remain, Labour or Tory, if you change your loyalities after you have been elected you should do the decent thing & put yourself up for reelection to get a mandate for what you have done .Let the people decide. Guess loss of the £70k salary may be a factor when they don't resign !

  11. as much as "usa #1" etc. the uk (and canada) have a much more engaging style of government. edit: i wonder if yall know about the "filibuster" technique.

  12. Any MP that deflects should be made to wait 6 months before joining the opposition parties. And do so without pay. Didn't vote Brexit but I believe the way it's been handle by the MPs is a disgrace. As a remainder I realised we lost and I accept that. So should the opposing MPs

  13. If these MP Comedians want to stay in the EU. Why do we require all these expense fiddling MPs for in our so called Parliament, just a white elephant now called the "House Of Comedy"?????!

  14. The man phillip lee got in on a Tory manifesto promising to deliver brexit with or without a deal this is disgusting just a bunch of rich toffs grandkids looking after grandaddys interests disgusting

  15. A man with honor and love for his country more than for his party and political career. Though I am not british I salute such gentlemen!

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