top seven leaders of India who could change the world every nation needs leadership some leadership is destined to fail and to lead its people into desolation and despair other leadership will guide its people steadily through the walk of life and times good and in times bad but some leadership is entirely different some leadership is larger than life it will lift us up it will inspire us to do great things and it will lead us into an era of new self consciousness on a global scale everybody knows examples of great leaders who not only changed their country but also made a difference for the entire world people like John F Kennedy Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela come to mind in the West we do not tend to realize that India has been the birthplace and in some cases that base camp of extraordinary people who showed great leadership and inspiration that changed the course of history and made a difference for the entire world so therefore I thought it was important to create a video with a ranking of great leaders of India hoping that thousands of people from all over the world will see this and will realize the role that India plays in global leadership in my ranking of the greatest leaders of India I am looking at leadership in a broad sense you don't have to be a prime minister or President of India to be on the list leadership doesn't necessarily need to be seen as political leadership because there is also for example spiritual and inspirational leadership also a leader doesn't need to be alive today to be on the list of greatest Indian leaders who could change the world because of the wisdom of the past still can change the world of the future so keep in mind that this list of greatest leaders of India covers a wide range of the history of India now making a list of the great leaders of India is close to impossible India has seen so many amazing leaders throughout its history but even a video that only scratches the surface of their great accomplishments could take hours I selected my top 7 of great leaders of India seen from my own perspective and I'm very sorry if I did not mention the leaders that you think should be on the list I just had to draw a line somewhere in order to make and finish this video so please let me know if you agree that my top 7 describes great leaders of India and please add more names and descriptions of great Indian leaders in the comments it will help me and my viewers to learn even more about having said all of this here is my top seven of great leaders of India who can change the world number seven Narendra Modi as I'm making this video Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of India and he is very popular among the Indian people most of India loves him except of course for his political competitors but that's only logical but this video is not about politics and I have no intention of either praising or condemning any of the modern-day politicians of India but whether you love him or not Narendra Modi manages to consistently get some of the highest approval rates of any prime minister in the world despite the fact that Modi hasn't been able to keep all of his election promises but as it appears that is not what Modi's leadership is all about Virendra Modi leads India with ambition and a strong belief in the future of his country causing a new self-confident mindset among Indians and that's why miranne remedy deserves a spot in this top seven number six sundar pichai sundar Pichai has not been the prime minister or President of India he has not even been a member of parliament in India that is because sundar Pichai is not a political leader he is a business leader to be more specific sundar Pichai is the worldwide leader of the most powerful company in the world sundar pichai is the CEO Google this puts him in a position to change the way the world experiences the Internet's he can change the way we search for information he can even change the way information is presented and distributed all over the world making him one of the most influential people in the world number five mother Teresa I know this is a controversial entry in this top seven of great leaders of India but maybe that's why it's interesting to mention her of course technically Mother Teresa was not an Indian she was born in Europe in a place that today is part of Macedonia but she spent large parts of her life in India and that most of her work in India eventually she became an Indian citizen mother Teresa was praised admired and even worshipped by millions of people from all over the world during her lifetime she was seen as a true Saint who stood up for the poor and needy in slums all over the world and especially in India but mostly after she passed away other more negative stories and rumors about Mother Teresa popped up in the media which unfortunately made her legacy more controversial marvellous she was a woman who inspired and influenced millions upon millions of people all over the and therefore she is part of this list number four the Marui Gandhi family a list of the greatest leaders of India wouldn't be complete without mentioning the narew Gandhi family they form a political dynasty that has no match in the rest of the world three members of the family have served as Prime Minister of India Java halal Naru Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi several other family members have been part of the Indian Parliament out of the first 60 years of its independence from Britain India was led by a member of the Gandhi family for no less than 40 years their influence on the politics of India is totally predominant and their political influence will remain strong for the decades to come number three Mahatma Gandhi Mahatma Gandhi who by the way is no family member of the maru Gandhi family as mentioned in the fourth spot of this top seven he is the single most important leader of India of the past few centuries Mahatma Gandhi is the sole creator of the Indian independence from Britain and he accomplished this great results by applying wisdom and peace Gandhi is the world's most prominent example of leading a nation without violence and without oppression no leader in the world comes close to him and although Mahatma Gandhi passed away in 1948 his wisdom is still the key to peace and prosperity for the future of the planet now some of you might wonder why Mahatma Gandhi is not in the number one spot of this list of greatest leaders of India hang on I will explain number two the Buddha no Buddha was not a god as many people in the West tend to think the Gautama Buddha or simply the Buddha was a philosopher who lived in ancient India somewhere between the 6th and the 4th century before Christ yes Buddha was a human being who actually existed most schoolers who have studied Buddha agree on that the debate revolves around what Buddha did and did not do in his life the teachings of Buddha have led to what we now call Buddhism Buddhist teachings focus on spreading traditional and religious wisdom that will help people to reach the path of enlightenment even today two and a half thousand years after Buddha's death Buddhism still is the 4th largest religion in the world with over 520 million followers all around the globe making Buddha the most influential Indian in history so what now we have dealt with the number 7 till 2 of the greatest leaders of India and we ended with Buddha but there still is a number one who could be of more importance to India than Buddha number one the number one leader of India who could change the future of the world is you great leaders except that there is a time of conquering and a time of retreat even the greatest leaders in the world know that Sunday their reign will end and another great leader will step up to take his or her place the next great leader who will guide India into the second half of the 21st century and into a new era of self consciousness is already born he or she is among us but we do not know who he or she is right now there is a young man or a young woman perhaps in a small town or village in the Indian countryside or maybe it's a boy or a girl growing up in the bustle of one of the great cities of India who will eventually lead India into the second half of the 21st century that boy or girl will become the first leader of India who will bring Indian astronauts to the moon and maybe to Mars that boy or girl will become the first leader of India who might see India develop into the largest economy in the world for the first time in 250 years that boy or girl might lead India into a position of being the most powerful nation on earth you could be that boy or girl you could be the next leader of because we are living in a new world now a world in which good ideas and good intentions are rewarded a world in which inspiration and wisdom spread and multiply with the speed of your internet connection the world in which leadership is shared and implemented by those who are prepared to step up and take their future and the future of the people around them into their own hands so no matter what your name is no matter where you were born no matter if you're rich or poor believe in yourself believe in the people around you believe in your country and work every day to make the world a better place so that you can become one of the leaders of a new generation do you agree with my list of seven great leaders of India please let me know who are your favorite Indian leaders and put their names and descriptions in the comments please like the video and subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos about India as always thank you very much for watching I cannot thank my viewers enough for the wonderful support and especially all the great people from India who support my videos and my channel thanks again and see you at the next video you

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  1. Dr Ambedkar was, is and will be the greatest leader of India of all time. First search about him thoroughly, thoroughly then again say.

  2. The country needs mentally sound politicians and not highly qualified ones. A highly qualified person can use the qualifications only if he is able to think logically. Now it is seen that most politicians are having some degree of madness. How can we leave the country in the care of a mad person? Qualifications don't necessarily mean that mind is sound. So a mental screening is needed before a public service. Because decision taking and logical speaking is major requirement for a politician. Speaking without any proper information and just blaming EC without any reason are just tantrums. Many senseless speaking nowadays guide us to ensure that mentally sound politicians are the need of the hour.

  3. Sorry, but Narendra Modi IS NOT a great leader! Popular, maybe, but it is sacrilege to call him great. He is a narrow minded fundamentalist, in case the rest of the world hasnt yet noticed.Ridiculous, you might as well put the Donald there!? It makes as much sense!

  4. Very well done, very creative, bringing in the spiritual and philosophical leaders of our country,and the ending it with each Indian youth who can change the face of India with the basic human values that were preached by our spiritual leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Buddha. Thanks

  5. Nehru Gandhi Family are not considered as greatest Indian Leaders by most of the Indians up to 85%

  6. Noooo nehru is not a good man!! He is a fraud, cheat n corrupt n they r not related to any mahatama Gandhi bloodline for god's sake!

  7. I know it is hard / close to impossible to pick just 7 leader ( country like ours has many leaders across spectrum in that matter every citizen has contributed to every country ) who could change India abs world .but you did manage to pick . I don’t want to add or delete any leader from the list . But most important of the video was #1 position you selected . Yes yessssss that no #1 position definitely could change the world ??

  8. India was never conquered by foreigners albeit with the help of Traitors. Traitors are not born. They are actually 'real patriots'. who want to depose a cruel and unjust regime. Akber had none, Aurangzeb had quite a few. He did unite India under one roof but he was ruthless in carrying out his ambition.

  9. I am an Indian. My family history goes back to 1026 AD.
    Sir, with due respect and admiration, you are not ill informed but presumptuous. Indian Leaders who shaped the subcontinent were none of these. Please read history as history.
    Ashoka, Akber, Razia Sultan, Sher Shah, Tegore, Radha Krishan and Nehru …

  10. Naredra Modi is no.1 criminal, liar and looter of India. A person who committed genocide in Gujarat and supporter of Hindutva terrorism against minorities of India. You bloody bastard video maker.

  11. This list have to be updated very soon. Narendra Damodardas Modi will ascend to 3rd or 4th position.

  12. I am Indian but i cant say modi is a great leader for me he is just a worst leader, there are many great leaders much better than modi. Gautam Budha is not Indian he is from Nepal, plz do research before making video

  13. No one matches mother Theresa she did not work for her benefit but dedicated her self for the downtrodden and outcasted.

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