Top 5 Disgusting Facts about McDonald’s

they say you are what you eat but if you eat a lot of Mickey D’s what you’re made of may require a long complicated and kind of scary explanation welcome to it were counting down the top five facts you probably don’t want to know about McDonald’s to be fair the restaurant chain does have some commendable qualities but for the sake of entertainment that’s not what we’re focusing on today there have been plenty of scandals and questionable practices in the history of the mega corporation but we’re gonna keep things simple by focusing on the food the marketing behind it and its impact on the way we eat number five there are 19 ingredients in McDonald’s french fries there’s nothing like the world-famous taste of McDonald’s crispy golden french fries are you looking for a surefire way to stump even the most experienced chef just ask them to make french fries with the caveat that they have to use 19 ingredients not chili fries now fries with gravy not poutine just a plate of plain old french fries that’s how McDonald’s does it in addition to your standard you know potatoes oil and salt McDonald’s trademark french fries also include just to name a few natural beef flavoring sodium acid pyrophosphate to quote maintain color and something called dimethyl poly siloxane but don’t let all those syllables scare you because as grant imahara the Mythbusters will tell you in a certain transparency campaign video it’s just an anti foaming agent there’s something a little suspicious about the way they’re celebrating the fact that their food is made out of food if actor works so well that you’re probably already not ruling are you okay I’m fine it just threw up in my mouth a little bit number four McDonald’s strawberry shake contains everything but strawberries in the interest of fairness let’s first dispel a popular myth about the McDonald’s shake McDonald’s milkshakes are listed simply as shakes on many menus across the world resulting in internet conspiracy theories taking this as proof that don’t contain milk unlike traditional milkshakes McDonald’s shakes do not contain ice and cream but the very first ingredient is still milk however beyond that we’re on shaky ground in the case of strawberry shakes the ingredients list begins a dark descent into the chemical abyss of horror that is food additives do they have crusty partially gelatinous non-dairy gun-based beverages mm-hmm they call them shakes there are a staggering 59 ingredients in a McDonald’s strawberry shake most of which are lumped together under the umbrella ingredient artificial strawberry flavoring like methyl benzoate hydroxy phenol to butanone 10% solution and alcohol and solvent just like mom used to make number three McDonald’s salads might be worse for you than the burgers in McDonald’s we’re tossing salads fresh all day every day you’re on a road trip with friends and out of desperate hunger you pull over to the Mickey D’s your friends all order a Big Mac and fries but you’ve been making an effort to eat healthier so you opt for the salad like a chump well they might market their salads as proof that they can provide nutritious alternatives for the health conscious and some nightmarish twist of logic they’ve managed to make salads that are less healthy than their hamburgers the courage lies with a man who has the guts to say no to a fast-food restaurant and eat a salad instead the Southwest crispy chicken salad contains more fat calories and perhaps worst of all more lettuce than a bacon double cheeseburger the Caesar salad beats out a double Big Mac in calories and fat while delivering less protein and reeking of Caesar salad what’s their secret it’s all in the dressing I mean it’s fresh when you get it it’s fresh form I pop it in my mouth number two its marketing strategies have been called creepy and predatory if you in 1979 McDonald’s Happy Meal is the must-have fast-food kids meal they of course pioneered the Happy Meals now the mighty kids meals also with a little gotta having toys in fact the Happy Meal has actually turned McDonald’s into the largest toy distributor in the world surpassing even Mattel and Hasbro with over 1.5 billion toys distributed and thank you for such a happy email it might seem like a costly giveaway but not when you consider that they aren’t just selling a Happy Meal they’re making lifelong customers out of children from the youngest possible age so even a two and three and for those kids are being lured into them and it’s that brilliant marketing that drew the attention of nutrition watchdog group CSPI who took McDonald’s to court over the way they use their toys to lure children into their business a marketing strategy they referred to as creepy and predatory if you’ve got a thirst for adventure there’s a special place to go McDonald’s number one McDonald’s fees sixty-eight million people a day go ahead and do the math if McDonald’s own estimate of 68 million customers per day is accurate that means they feed one percent of the world’s population daily and considering the official position of any self-respecting medical professional regarding McDonald’s can be summed up as don’t eat that that figure paints a pretty bleak picture of our collective health and nutritional values McDonald’s cultivates dedicated customers young and keeps them coming back as they get older with a versatile an ever-expanding menu of affordable fast food to cater to every choice or trend oh when you put it that way as the McDonald’s training manual proudly states they sell over 75 hamburgers every second sexually I’m not even mad that’s amazing so which of these facts did you find to be the most unsettling enjoying the blockbuster taste of apples and milk has never been this thrilling for more delicious top tens and somewhat unsavory top fives be sure to subscribe to I like my milk dark very dark

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  1. I always say I love my man Big, tall and super chubby because I'm a chubby chaser. But for fuck's sake, if you wanna get big and chubby at least get big and chubby from food you make yourself. This really doesn't surprise me to hear about McDonald's. The more I hear about McDonald's the more disgusted I am, not that I couldn't get any more disgusted than I already am. I am so glad that things I liked as a kid I'm disgusted about now. My tastebuds have taught me well. I'd puke in my mouth and everywhere else except for the fact that at this point nothing about McDonald's surprises me anymore.

  2. Hell i had eaten at McDonald's alot and had McDonald's at home i dont buy your.lies about McDonald's food i dont believe anything you say about McDonald's i dont believe in it at all.its nothing but.lies what ur saying

  3. Had a Big Mac today and just realised the fat content and now I want to throw up ? tastes good but so bad for you… I don’t eat it often but when I do…… no goood

  4. How is this Bullshit restaurant still in business??
    Stupid people that's how…
    Well I will say…people who eat there should have health problems..

  5. These facts are not accurate. McDonald's isn't a healthy choice but for some reason many myths carry around that McDonald's is way more unhealthy than it actually is and people believe it since they figure that it's probably true due to popular belief of McDonald's


  7. Big Mac’s and Double Quarter Pounder W/ Cheese Please. Oh a 2- Large Fries ? Hell Yeah ❤️?

  8. I stopped eating McDonald's until i watched this video. I know what i am having for lunch today. McDonald's here i come!

  9. When you quote chemical compounds, of course it sounds like your food is made out of the laboratory. Heck, did you know your body is composed of 70% dihydrogen oxide?

  10. Isn't that what all companies do, lure costumers in? What's the point of having a company if you don't lure costumers in? How will it survive?

  11. ???????????????gross wth www I never going to eat there fast food because this. Guy is right and it make you fat

  12. Ohhhh nothing like eating a bunch of cancer and vascular disease inducing pieces of crap that they call food. Oh yeah, fat, sugar, and carcinogens. Tasty.

  13. I'm at McDonald's employee, and I can tell y'all that we are not informed of any of this stuff, lol. We just make it.

  14. I hate McDonald’s and fast food in general it’s disgusting, only fast food I consume once in a blue moon is dunkin hash browns and Pizza Hut only when extremely desperate otherwise I wait until I get home to make food or take a snack with me

  15. I came across an article a few weeks ago suggesting that it's been found that most of the touch screen ordering boards are covered in poo. Like little tiny particles of poo.

  16. my daughter worked at mcdonalds once and she told me that when you hear "our machine is down", it means the employee doesn't know how to work the ice cream machine or doesn't know how to stack ice cream in a cone, so they just tell you the machine is down

  17. Ew! That's so disgusting! I'll never eat McDonald's agheegeiebuebdidnspqphrjrbx x dhdbdjdn

    Sorry, i tried to eat my cellphone

  18. None of these really bother me. What really turns me away from McDonald's is the food is never fresh.
    Burger King and Whataburger are much better.

  19. Wtf most of these are Myths and maybe. Plus i don't think its gross that McDonald's fries contain so many ingredients. Dr pepper has 23. Also its not gross at all it feeds 68 million people a day.

  20. As a worker at McDonald's in the past this is not true this channel is just spreading rumors and lies around this channel need to be shut down THIS CANNEL AINT NOTHING BUT LIES

    Except the 19 ingredient in fries

  21. tastes okay in the first ten seconds..once it gets cold tasteless and cardboard awful…why bother with so much other good food out there.

  22. I just consumed a cheeseburger from SONIC and I just about threw up. Burger from SONIC NOT MCDONALDS

  23. And I will guarantee you the person that did this video probably drink soda drinks Pizza junk food I'm so sure that they're perfect

  24. Yum. I wish I could eat it. Sometime I could ask my mom or dad out to go to McDonald’s, but then again, I might regret going there when I don’t want to, but at least a chance to see what was going on.

  25. Kids who likes this and eats McDonald’s are just pathetic wretches shame on you kids screw you ?

  26. surely theres something more disgusting than this stuff- that the salads are high calorie?? I thought we'd be seeing something about them frying a mouse in a burger or adding dried bat guanao to the shakes!

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